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B&T USA Suppressor Update

Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

During SHOT Show, I caught up on the latest suppressor news from B&T USA.

The big news is that they have introduced Hub Adapters to allow their suppressors to work with different manufacturers’ muzzle devices.

Available Hub Adapters:

-Rotex SF

-NATO A2 birdcage

-Two direct mount options, 1/2x 28 & 5/8 x 24.

A Hub Adapter ships with all of B&T’s Mainline Suppressor offerings.

Both the Slim Line Reduced Back pressure and Rotex suppressors are available in 718 Inconel or Titanium with the Ti version 100% Ti to include the hub. To give you an idea of the weight savings of Ti over Inconel, a 7.62 suppressor weights 6.9 oz in Ti while it comes in at 11 oz in Inconel.

On a final note, B&T’s machine gun suppressors are now 3D printed and all of the suppressors are now available globally.


SilencerCo Releases Three New Suppressors at SHOT Show 2024

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

January 23, 2024 — West Valley City, UT — SilencerCo is excited to release three new suppressors at SHOT Show this year. The Spectre 9, Velos 5.56 K and Velos LBP 7.62 will all be on display at SilencerCo’s SHOT Show booth (#10560) . These suppressors are a direct result of numerous customer requests. They will all be available to purchase on silencerco.com and through retailers in early February. 

The Spectre 9 is the next evolution in SilencerCo’s collection of titanium suppressors. It’s completely constructed from titanium and designed for pistol and subgun platforms. The Spectre 9 is compatible with 9mm and subsonic 300 BLK. It’s extremely lightweight at only 3.9 ounces with no mounts. It offers competitive sound performance for suppressors in its size category. It’s also full-auto rated, and one of the few suppressors that can run on a full-auto Glock. 

The Velos 5.56 K and Velos LBP 7.62 are variations of SilencerCo’s first low back pressure silencer, the Velos 5.56 LBP. The Velos K is a shorter version of the original Velos at just 4.76 inches. It still provides the shooter with the benefits of reduced gas, but in a compact and maneuverable package. The Velos 7.62 will accommodate calibers up to .300 RUM for compatibility with more host firearms. 

“When we saw the customer excitement surrounding our recently released Scythe-Ti and Velos LBP 5.56, we knew we needed to expand these product lines,” said SilencerCo VP of Marketing, Mike Aland. “The Spectre 9, Velos 5.56 K, and Velos LBP 7.62 are all part of our efforts to create premium suppressors that are exactly what the customer is asking for.” 

Product Specifications

Spectre 9 

• Completely constructed out of titanium 

• Ultra-lightweight & compact for minimal impact

• Rated for 9MM & 300 BLK Subsonic calibers 

• Weighs 3.9 oz. (without mounts)

• Measures 4.76” in length (without mounts)

• Pairs with Alpha accessories & mounting systems 

• Full-auto rated & one of the few that can run on full-auto Glocks

• MSRP of $879

Velos 5.56 K

• Rated for .223 REM/5.56 NATO 

• 1.227” shorter than Velos LBP 5.56, measuring at 4.76” (without mounts)

• 2.85 oz. lighter than Velos LBP 5.56, weighing 12.4 oz. (without mounts) 

• Low back pressure technology reduces gas blowback. 

• MSRP of $1,164

Velos LBP 7.62

• Rated for calibers ranging from .223 REM/5.56 NATA to .300 RUM 

• Low back pressure technology reduces gas blowback. 

• Weighs 16.5 oz. 

• Measures 6.4” in length 

• MSRP of $1,294

To learn more about these new suppressors visit www.silencerco.com.

KGM Technologies Welcomes Firearms Industry Veterans Bill Bracken and Sean Murphy

Friday, January 19th, 2024

Peachtree Corners, GA — January 18, 2024 — KGM Technologies is excited to announce the addition of two accomplished sales and marketing professionals to the team. Bill Bracken joins as the Director of Government Business Development, while Sean Murphy takes on the role of Director of Sales & Marketing. Both hires bring extensive expertise in the firearms industry, further reinforcing KGM Technologies’ commitment to innovation, excellence, and growth.

Bill Bracken is a seasoned business development professional with a deep understanding of government business and international nuances and opportunities. His fifteen years of experience in sales and business development, combined with his passion for products, make him a valuable addition to KGM Technologies. As Director of Government Business Development, Bill will play a pivotal role in identifying and cultivating new business opportunities and partnerships as well as developing government business.

Sean Murphy brings over twelve years of experience in sales, marketing, and training within the firearms and outdoor industry. He has a proven track record of building brand awareness, fostering strong customer relationships, and successful product development and marketing. As Director of Sales & Marketing at KGM Technologies, Sean will lead the company’s initiatives to expand its presence and reach within the marketplace.

Both Bill Bracken and Sean Murphy will work closely with KGM Technologies’ Founder, Kyle Grob, to drive the company’s vision forward. Kyle Grob stated, “We are thrilled to have Sean and Bill join our team. Their wealth of experience and deep industry knowledge will be instrumental in achieving our growth objectives and delivering exceptional products to our customers.”

For more information about KGM Technologies, please visit www.kgm-tech.com.

Visit the KGM Technologies booth at SHOT Show, Booth 74320.

B&T USA Expands Production of APC9K SD2 US Army Submission

Friday, January 19th, 2024

Tampa, Florida–B&T USA, a leading manufacturer of firearms and suppressors, is pleased to announce that it has expanded production of its 9mm APC9K SD2 models complete with the company’s scalable suppressor system. This variant was submitted for consideration during the United States Army Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) trials as a demonstration of technology, with the Army ultimately awarding that contract to B&T USA for its APC9K SMG.

“To win a U.S. Government contract, you must submit a product that as closely meets the defined specifications as possible. That’s not necessarily what you think the end user needs, but when we’re developing platforms like this, we want to be two steps ahead of the game,” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing, B&T USA. “In other words, we want to build firearms that won’t be obsolete in a year—or three years, or even 10. Without a doubt, that’s a challenge in the technologically advanced landscape of modern battlefields and urban law enforcement, but when the U.S. Army sees what you’ve done and acknowledges you gave them more than they asked for—much more—you’ve succeeded in fielding a firearm that has market longevity.

“Initially introduced in a very limited production run to service the SCW contract, the demand for the APC9K SD2 from other market segments has been unprecedented,” continued Mudgett. “What our customer want, our customers get, and we’re excited to be ramping up our production numbers in 2024.”

At less than 15 inches in overall length, the APC9K SD2 is the shortest integrally suppressed submachine gun available on the market today (a semi-automatic version is also available to both consumer and professional markets). With a 3-inch ported barrel and an over-the-barrel suppressor design that is fully contained within the short, M-Lok-compatible SD handguard, this weapon is optimized for low-visibility carriage and discreet deployment, delivering exceptional accuracy, controllability and ergonomics. Should the user require the utmost in suppression in lieu of compactness, a second-stage suppressor can be threaded onto the first, providing APC9 SD Compact-level (mid-length) decibel reduction.


KGM Technologies Secures Licensing and Production Agreement for Fischer Development Suppressors

Friday, January 19th, 2024

Peachtree Corners, GA, January 18, 2024 – KGM Technologies, a leading manufacturer of firearms suppressors, is thrilled to announce a strategic licensing and production agreement with Fischer Development for their cutting-edge suppressors. This collaboration allows KGM’s expertise in manufacturing to bring Fischer Development’s innovative products to the US market.

Kyle Grob, Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for KGM Technologies, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to join forces with Fischer Development to bring their state-of-the-art suppressors to a broader audience. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing the latest advancements in firearm technology to our customers.”

The process of initiating production of Fischer Development suppressors under the KGM brand is already in progress, with a targeted production-ready status expected by summer 2024, if not sooner. Fischer Development will also be rebranded as FD Suppressors as an evolutionary step of the company.

“We believe that this licensing and production agreement will offer a unique capability for firearm enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Fischer Development suppressors have brought intrigue to consumers and end-users alike, and we are proud to be at the forefront of introducing these products to the market,” added Kyle Grob.

Visit the KGM Technologies booth at SHOT Show, Booth 74320.

For further information or inquiries, please contact FD Suppressors at [email protected] or visit the website at: www.fd-suppressors.com

For additional information about KGM Technologies, visit the website at: www.kgm-tech.com

Sneak Peek – Raptor Tactical Suppressor Covers

Wednesday, December 27th, 2023

Raptor Tactical is working on suppressor covers.

B&T RBS50 Suppressor for Barrett M107A1

Thursday, December 21st, 2023

As seen at Milipol Paris, the new B&T RBS50 QDB for Barrett M107A1.


Caliber .50BMG

Length: 449mm

Length added beyond muzzle break: 347mm

Diameter: 69mm

Weight: 2.8kg

Material: Inconel+Thermax

Silencer Central and Federal Ammunition Join Forces to Announce the BANISH Speed K

Monday, December 18th, 2023

Sioux Falls, South Dakota – December 18, 2023 – Silencer Central, America’s largest silencer dealer, is thrilled to announce the release of the highly anticipated BANISH® Speed K. Available to the professional market as well as civilian, the BANISH® Speed K is a revolutionary suppressor intended to address the unmet needs of law enforcement agents.

Designed and optimized in partnership with Federal Ammunition, the BANISH® Speed K is a 5.56 suppressor offering unmatched performance and versatility. With its innovative features, this suppressor is set to revolutionize the shooting experience for enthusiasts across the country.

“With the release of the BANISH Speed K, we are excited to bring professional-grade suppressor technology to the civilian market,” said Brandon Maddox, CEO of Silencer Central. “This collaboration with Federal Ammunition has allowed us to create a suppressor that exceeds expectations in terms of performance, durability, and ease of use.”

“Our goal at Federal is to continually improve the shooting experience,” said Federal’s CEO and President Jason Vanderbrink.  “As an ammunition company driven by innovation, partnering with Silencer Central to engineer the BANISH Speed K continues our legacy of collaborating with industry partners to provide law enforcement, hunters, and shooters the best products while on duty, at the bench, or in the field.”

The BANISH Speed K is constructed using cutting-edge technology to ensure incredible durability and longevity. It features an industry standard hub that allows for direct thread or muzzle brake mounts along with any compatible QD mounting system. 

Additional benefits include:

• Internal design that supports higher efficiency and improved sound reduction

• Controlled Flow TechnologyTM mitigates back pressure

• Straight venting allows for ease of cleaning, further supporting the longevity

• 4” length provides increased maneuverability

• Duty Temperature ControlTM technology maintains lower internal temperatures compared to competitors.

BANISH Speed K Specifications:

• Caliber: 5.56

• Material: Inconel 718

• Diameter: 2”

• Length: 4”

• Weight: 14.1 oz

• Mount: Industry standard hub

• MSRP: $1,199

The BANISH Speed K will be available in December with a limited run online at www.SilencerCentral.com/Speed-K or by calling 888-781-8778. Following this, a full product launch and announcement will take place at SHOT Show 2024 in collaboration with Federal Ammunition.