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Griffin Armament – BUSHWHACKER 46 (gen 2) Universal Suppressor

Tuesday, June 30th, 2020

The Griffin team is proud to introduce the new Bushwhacker® 46 (gen 2) universal suppressor.  Many consumers are looking for a multi-function tool for a first suppressor.  The ability to use the product across pistols, rifles, and other firearms has been the major focus on product development in this market category.  Griffin recently re-designed the fan favorite Bushwhacker® 46 to be lighter, shorter, more durable, higher performance, and even more versatile.

“It’s a long list of upgrades, but they are real.” Said Austin Green, primary owner and lead engineer at Griffin. “The most notable improvements to the unit are the integration of a new baffle system that I have been working on for quite some time, and the Universal QD Piston System. Both of these improvements mark notable intellectual property improvements to the suppressor space, and I’m happy that we can provide them to our customers.”

The Bushwhacker now comes in shorter at 7.75”, lighter in all configurations, and boasts sound performance numbers 5-7db lower across calibers. The new silencer swaps titanium baffles for H900 heat treated 17-4 stainless steel ECO-FLOW™ baffles, which improve flow through the system, decrease back pressure, and drop sound pressure levels substantially.  The switch to stainless steel baffles also means better durability, and longer service life.  The patented Ratchet-Lok™ end cap system is unchanged from the previous version, allowing users to fully disassemble their suppressor for cleaning and maintenance.  The new gen 2 units are able to accommodate the new Universal QD Piston System, which is going to be released in more detail shortly.  

This system allows rapid and secure attachment to tilt barrel pistols by way of a 3 position QD interface. Users can select one of three, 120-degree separated attachment positions.  There are no false positives in the system like prior art examples of QD mechanisms of years past. There is also a taper in front of the device that interacts with and locks the suppressor (piston) in place ensuring that possible baffle strikes and end cap strikes, common to pistol suppressors are nearly eliminated. Griffin is also releasing a 1.375×24” A2 adapter alongside the Bushwhacker® 46, further showcasing its versatility for the AR community.

MSRP :  $999.00

The Bushwhacker® 46 is currently shipping nationwide to all Griffin Armament dealers and wholesalers.  For more information visit

CCI’s Newest Clean-22 Option is Optimized for Suppressed Firearms and Packed in Convenient Cartons

Friday, June 26th, 2020

LEWISTON, Idaho – June 24, 2020 – CCI Ammunition is proud to announce new Clean-22 Suppressor 22 LR rounds, packaged in CCI’s new easy-to-pour, bulk-pack cartons. Shipments of this new product have begun to arrive at dealers.

This new ammunition uses an advanced polymer bullet coating to reduce lead fouling inside a suppressor by up to 60 percent. The exclusive feature allows much easier suppressor cleaning and maintenance, as well as excellent accuracy. With dependable CCI priming and consistent propellant, the loads cycle reliably through any suppressed firearm.

“Clean-22 ammunition provides an advantage because its polymer coating replaces the wax that is traditionally applied to 22 LR ammunition,” said CCI Rimfire Product Manager Dan Compton. “The goal of traditional wax is to protect the barrel of the gun from buildup of lead or copper created as bullets pass through it. But this wax does not totally encapsulate the bullet, so metal and wax deposits eventually build up and the gun needs to be cleaned. However, because the Clean-22 polymer coating completely encapsulates the bullet, it does a better job protecting the barrel from dirt and buildup than wax. The cleaner results are quite impressive.” 

• Black polymer bullet coating reduces lead fouling in suppressors up to 60 percent
• Ballistically optimized 40-grain lead round nose bullet
• Reliable function in semi-automatic firearms
• Extremely reliable CCI priming and brass case

OSS Suppressors Open New Online Store

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

MILLCREEK UT June 9, 2020 — OSS Suppressors LLC has opened a new online store offering direct to consumers select non-NFA muzzle devices and OSS swag.

“Our new online store has been launched to provide additional convenience to our customers who wish to buy OSS’s patented Torque Lock® flash hiders and muzzle brakes in a range of calibers and thread patterns that may not be in stock at their local dealer,” said John Spurrier, CEO. “Online pricing for muzzle devices is the same as in-store.”

And now OSS customers and fans can get kitted out with a growing line of high-quality branded swag including Next Level™ t-shirts and Ouray™ hats.

The new store is stocked with a range of creative t-shirts designs, hats and patches. “Customers and fans have been asking for OSS swag, and we’re excited to finally be able to offer them the gear they’ve been looking for,” added Mr. Spurrier, “Some popular items may sell out quickly, so we’ve already re-ordered to meet the expected demand.”

For all orders under $100 shipping is a flat fee of $7.50, and free for all orders over $100.

Click here to start shopping now

OSS Partners with Barrett on DoD 6mm ARC Program

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

Millcreek UT – OSS Suppressors LLC is proud to have partnered with Barrett Firearms Manufacturing on their United States Department of Defense contract for the 6mm ARC program.

OSS provided a variant of the HX-QD 762 suppressor – with OSS’s patented and proven Flow-Through® technology – that combined with Barrett’s proven REC7 DI gas gun and Hornady® Manufacturing’s potent 6mm ARC cartridge, delivers a consistently accurate and easy to shoot system.

“OSS is honored to participate with and support the Barrett and Hornady program teams and their successful ARC submission,” said John Spurrier, OSS Chief Executive Officer.  

SilencerCo Now Shipping the Salvo in an 8” Configuration

Thursday, June 4th, 2020

West Valley City, UT – The Salvo was the first modular and hearing safe shotgun silencer on the market. The Salvo is now shipping in an 8” configuration. The Salvo is available in 8” and 12” offerings, allowing the end user to customize the Salvo for shooting sports, hunting and home defense.

The Salvo was designed with the various shotgun shooting applications in mind and the desire to reduce not just the sound, but the felt recoil as well. The modular design enables the shooter to add or remove sections to balance the length, weight and sound suppression. Most shotgun shooters utilize a bead or raised sights, the asymmetrical design places the baffle stack beneath the bore to avoid obstructing the shooter’s line of sight or causing the shooter to adjust or modify the sights. The Salvo traps and contains muzzle gas, reducing the felt recoil.

When introduced, this suppressor was offered in the 12” configuration with the ability to adjust the length down to 10”, 8” or 6”. The majority of Salvo shooters utilize the 8” configuration so we are now offering the 8” configuration at a lower price point.

This shotgun suppressor attaches via a choke mount to most commercially available 12-gauge shotguns with barrels threaded for choke systems. This suppressor is rated for wadded-2 3?4” shells in a 10” or longer barrel and wadded-3” shells in a 16” or longer barrel, including buckshot and slugs. The 8” configuration is hearing safe and noticeably reduces the felt recoil.

The user can adjust the length of the Salvo using rod kits.  Rod kits can be purchased to shorten the 12” to 10”, 8” or 6”, you can also shorten the 8” to 6”. 

This product comes with a breech plug and an Echo Spanner Wrench.  Choke mounts and rod kits are sold separately.   Choke mounts are available in improved cylinder, modified, improved modified and full.  The Salvo has an MSRP of $749.  For more information on this model click here.

First time buyer?  Check out our SuppressedEd Easyguide.

The SureFire SOCOM50-SPS

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Fountain Valley, CA—SureFire, LLC, manufacturer of the world’s finest—and most innovative—illumination tools and tactical products, is proud to announce the SOCOM50-SPS suppressor. This innovative suppressor tames the violent recoil, flash and sound of.50-cal precision rifles resulting in immense tactical and health benefits for the shooter.

The SOCOM50-SPS utilizes an integrated muzzle brake which decreases recoil by 66% to greatly reduce impact on the shooter and allow faster follow-up shots. This reduction in recoil occurs all while maintaining muzzle flash reduction by an amazing 99% to conceal the shooter’s location.

The violence of the .50-caliber rifle platform isn’t confined forward of the muzzle. Blast overpressure and acoustic exposure from unsuppressed .50-cal rifles have a substantial negative impact on the end user. Recent testing by the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has shown the SOCOM50-SPS to virtually eliminate blast overpressure. Additionally, the sound from unsuppressed .50-cal rifles is typically so high that most hearing protection does not provide enough noise reduction to sufficiently protect the shooter from hearing damage. The SureFire SOCOM50-SPS reduces sound at the shooter’s ear by approximately 30 dB, preserving the shooters hearing, aiding their ability to communicate, and increasing their operational performance overall.

The SOCOM50-SPS suppressor mounts to rifles via the SureFire muzzle brake. Together they provide rock-solid attachment in seconds with extremely minimal and consistent point-of-aim/point-of-impact shift for supreme accuracy. Compatible muzzle brakes include the SFMB-TAC50, SFMB-HT1 and SFMB-M107.

Learn more at:

Caveat Emptor – Counterfeit Dead Air Silencers Flash Hiders

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Dead Air Silencers has issued the following warning:

ATTENTION: There is a resurrection of counterfeit Dead Air muzzle devices on the market claiming to work with the Sandman family and KeyMo compatible silencers. These muzzle devices are NOT licensed or tested by Dead Air Armament and may cause injury or death if used with Dead Air products. Plus, if you use them you’ll lose the awesome warranty we have. The connection between the muzzle device and KeyMo is a hypercritical component, for both efficiency and safety. Because of this, there’s a lot that goes into vetting a third party manufacturer. As of right now, the ONLY licensed third party manufacturers of Dead Air muzzle devices are:

• Sons of Liberty


• Lantac

• Forward Controls Design

Run away from all others.

SureFire 5.56 Suppressor Selection with Barry Dueck

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

SureFire’s Barry Dueck discusses their various 5.56mm Suppressor offerings.