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MATBOCK Monday: MATBOCK at ADS Warrior West

Monday, April 15th, 2024

MATBOCK will have all their gear on display at Warrior West at the San Diego convention center from 30 April – 1 May.

If you plan to attend, please register here: web.cvent.com/event/7068507a-5410-4bfa-b274-01753778d85f/summary

Please stop by booth N-33 to see all our innovative products.

If you would like to schedule a meeting with MATBOCK, email sales@matbock.com.

The MSV (Modular Scalable Vest) Gen II’s NIJ Level IIIA Counterpart heading to U.S. Air Force

Wednesday, July 12th, 2023

One of the items I ran across during Warrior East was the Gen II Modular Scalable Vest from Custom Armor Group. Unfortunately, as it is part of a current Army program, fielding of this popular armor vest is restricted for those outside of the program of record or for those who are, but want to spend O&M funds to jump in line, like the National Guard.

With long lead-times and high demand for the U.S. Army’s Modular Scalable Vest (MSV Gen II), PEO Soldier has required all purchases for approved MSV Gen II systems flow through their current contract. This has made the lead times of MSV Gen II vests for other branches take much longer than expected.

Custom Armor Group (CAG) and its strategic partners have designed the QR2 which can be seen above to the right of the issue MSV. The QR2 is a high performing armor system with similar user interface, visuals and profile while offering improved delivery times.

The QR2 will be available immediately for those units unable to wait the extended MSV Gen II lead times. 

The CAG QR2 was developed to offer a solution to meet demand and shorten lengthy lead times. This design utilizes manufacturing techniques and advanced materials which allow more efficient manufacturing and supply chain management.

The QR2 utilizes an NIJ 0101.06 (National Institute of Justice) certified, and First Article Tested/Approved package currently fielded by NAVSEA and CNIC. The package was created as an updated version of the former NAVSEA soft armor solution. This NIJ 0101.06 certified ballistic package also offers US Military FRAG protection (like the MSV Gen II) along with special threat protections.  Additionally, the upgraded ballistic offers all these advantages while showing a 25% weight reduction versus former NAVSEA ballistic package.

Other small advances in the QR2 are an improved inner carrier system and additional padding for user comfort. Still, the greatest advantage will be availability.

Samples are shipping to USAF for approval this month, giving USAF units MSV Gen II styling with USAF specifications (USAF currently requires min NIJ 0101.06 IIIA Protection). 

For more info contact sales@customarmorgroup.com

Warrior East 23 – Sof Sole Silicone Waterproofer

Friday, July 7th, 2023

Sof Sole’s heavy duty silicone waterproofer is intended to be used on fabrics without inherent DWR treatment or items where the DWR has worn off.

It can be conveniently used on gear, clothing, tent age and even footwear thanks to the spray can application.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

Warrior East 23 – IR-Tools

Friday, July 7th, 2023

IR.Tools showed us their Thermal Targets. This is the NRA Approved B29 Upright Powered Thermal Target. It relies on rubberized heat technology which provides thermal contrast. It runs for 13 hours on a BA5590 at 10 deg C temperature differential or for 2.5 hours on a BA5590 at 25 deg C temperature differential.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

Warrior East 23 – Mountain Combat Boot from Rocky

Friday, July 7th, 2023

Coming soon from Rocky Boots is the Mountain Combat Boot. Built on the same last as the popular S2V, they feature Super fabric and suede uppers. There is also a rubberized toe cap and heal counter.

The Mountain Combat Boot is trade compliant. To be offered in Oxford, 6” and 8” models in Black and Coyote.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

Warrior East 23 – Towed Jumper Release System

Friday, July 7th, 2023

One of the hazards of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes is that every once in awhile a paratrooper gets stuck, being dragged along with the aircraft by his static line or other piece of equipment. This is referred to as a “towed jumper”. Generally, they attempt to reel the jumper back inside the aircraft with a hydraulic system which I can only imagine feels like being beaten by a pillow case full of doorknobs as you’re smacked against the side of the aircraft and back in through the troop door. An alternative is the cut the jumper away if he is conscious and allow him to manually his reserve parachute.

Now, there’s a twist on that latter course of action which inserts a backup parachute between the aircraft and jumper before cutting his primary static line. The Towed Jumper Release System from Airborne Systems, is a modification of a British system known as the Hung Up Parachutist Release Assembly, or HUPRA.

The system uses a static line to deploy a T11 main canopy over the jumper and he retains access to his chest mounted reserve chute and his main doesn’t deploy but rather remains within its deployment bag on the packtray.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

Warrior East 23 – AirJam from SPO

Friday, July 7th, 2023

The Special Projects Operations AirJam is a vehicle or trailer mounted air refill system for sustained breathing apparatus.

It combines a dive rated compressor, air storage cylinders, and refill controls and can also be used to run pneumatic tools, lift bags, and other air related systems as well as refill cylinders.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

Warrior East 23 – Zenith AeroTech

Friday, July 7th, 2023

I was surprised to learn about Zenith AeroTech which shared a booth with Zenith Firearms. They manufacture tethered aerial systems.

There are two models of tethered drones, the Quad-L can carry up to 8 lbs of payload while the Quad-L will carry a 20 lbs payload aloft. Flight duration is based upon power provided by the ground power unit which also serves as a conduit for the data being collected by the drone. Below you can see the controller.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.