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ADS Europe Warfighter 2021

Wednesday, September 8th, 2021

The ADS Europe Warfighter is a one-day event held in Germany to provide a forum for the U.S. DoD Warfighter to interact with the world’s leading defense manufacturers. Today’s battlefield is changing rapidly and staying in front of the latest technologies, equipment and acquisition strategies is a daunting task. The ADS Europe Warfighter Expo will help bridge the acquisition gap and allow for direct communication with manufacturers who create innovative solutions for today’s threats and tomorrow’s challenges.



Held at the Marriott Heidelberg, November 04, 2021 from 09:00 – 14:00 CT.

Register here.

Europe Warfighter 2021 is not open to the general public.

Warrior East 21 – Tomahawk Robotics

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Tomahawk Robotics displayed several technologies at Warrior East but the one that caught my eye is the Grip S20 Controller. It is based around the Samsung Galaxy S20 End User Device and offers controls for unmanned systems. This protective case also incorporates an integral USB hub.

Another item is the Mimic Spatial Controller which is a tactile trigger-style device many in EOD prefer to use. It is Intra Soldier Wireless compatible and provides haptic feedback of payload control.

Additionally, Tomahawk Robotics offers the MXC Family of Micro Datalinks which can be had as a stand-alone battery powered model or a more streamlined version which uses radio battery juice. With this datalink, the user can not only receive ISR feeds but also retransmit them to others in their network.

Units and agencies can procure Tomahawk Robotics products shown during Warrior East by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Warrior East 21 – Wing P4.7 SOF MOD Upgrade

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Wing Group showed us their Wing P4.7 SOF MOD Upgrade which is an aftermarket inflatable rigid floor and keel for existing Combat Rubber Raiding Craft boats fielded across the force.

The main principle of the SOF upgrade are the drop stitch floor and drop stitch i-keel. These are inflated to 12PSI, as opposed to the standard inflation pressure of 4.5PSI. The drop stitch threads allow them to build beams and structures as opposed to round tubes. They can incorporate this into the boat to improve, ride, handling and performance of the standard craft.

The drop stitch deck and keel also offer a 50lb weight savings over a conventional deck. This lighter weight craft has inherent shock mitigation qualities that reduce impact of the craft, thereby reducing user fatigue while underway. The improved keel shape also allows the craft to better cut through the water improving the ride and allowing for better turning at both high speeds and slow close quarter maneuvers.

The second part of this upgrade is the addition of tracking strakes. These strakes  act like chines on a conventional hull craft, drastically improving the maneuverability of the craft.

There is also the option of connecting it all with a rapid inflation system to inflate everything from a SCUBA bottle. 

This SOF upgrade kit can be applied to any P4.7 craft in the field. Customers can order a P4.7 with all of these upgrades, or they can have these upgrades done to their existing P4.7s.

However, Wing’s new DBATS (Drop-Stitch Boat Advanced Tactical System) incorporates an actual hull made of drop stitch. Testing has shown a 50% reduction in vertical accelerations in heavy sea states over current inflatable craft. It can also plane quicker with heavier loads and allows users to operate in seastates where they’ve not been able to in the past.

Above you can see the hull of a DBATS.

Units and agencies can procure Wing Group products by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Warrior East 21 – SIG SAUER MHX

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

When the Army selected the SIG P320 as their new Modular Handgun System, they truly adopted a modular system. The serialized part is the Fire Control Unit and everything else can be swapped out. Already, several organizations have considered ways to use this modularity, like Air Force Office of Special Investigations which wants a sub-compact carry pistol.

At Warrior East, SIG displayed a simple brown box which, when opened, contained the parts needed to convert a standard MHS M18 into an “MHX”, based on SIG’s X-Carry configuration. This kit is based on the OSI requirement for an M18 Gun Conversion Kit, but the reality is that there is a wide variety of OEM and after market parts and accessories which will work with the P320 platform to make it more effective for certain applications. For instance, you’ll note that while MHS is Coyote on color, OSI desires a Black pistol, to blend in better with their plain clothes, law enforcement role.

Expect more organizations to swap parts on their MHS as they complete fielding and units become more comfortable with the platform and what it can do.

Units and agencies can procure SIG products shown during Warrior East by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Warrior East 21 – FalCom GN Headset

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

FalCom GN finds its roots in hearing aids. Their goal is to provide noise protection, while giving 360 degree sound identification and integration with military radio technology. Based on the demonstration I participated in during the show, they’ve done it. In addition to being able to identify the location of stationary noises both in compass direction and height, the system can assign different radios to appear to sit in certain quadrants relative to the wearer. For example, the air net could sound like it’s up and to the left while the command push is down and to the right. What’s more, certain channels can be prioritized over others so that the priority will be heard while other nets are lowered in volume so they don’t talk over one another.

One of their design cues is the shape of the human ear which they mimic with the location and shape of their microphone at the side of the ear cup. This also helps mitigate noise from wind. The OTE2000, seen here, has an IP67 rating and is powered by the radio it is attached to.

They also provide in the ear headsets as well as control units.

Units and agencies can procure FalCom GN gear by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Warrior East 21 – Momentous Supplements

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Amp Human recently merged with Momentous, adding supplements to the offering of PR lotion.

As military and law enforcement begin to treat their personnel as athletes, there is an interest in modeling collegiate and pro sports physical training regimens. This includes nutrition.

Used by world-class athletes, Momentous supplements are clean and don’t contain additives which are prohibited for use by athletic organizations such as NSF.

Units and agencies can procure Amp Human products by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Warrior East 21 – Hippo Multipower Polaris MRZR 5kW 24V Exportable Power Generator Upgrade Kit

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

The Hippo Multipower Polaris MRZR 5kW 24V Exportable Power Generator Upgrade Kit was designed in conjunction with Galvion and incorporates a couple of their technologies like their Squad Power Management and a battery. Passengers can connect to vehicle power while in transit and simultaneously top off their radio batteries.

Created with input from USSOCOM’s Family of Special Operations Vehicle program, the heart of this system is a 3-stage generator that puts out up to 5kW @ 24 vac in power running off the power plant of the MRZR.

At only 70 lbs, the generator fits below the payload area of the vehicle leaving OEM specifications of the area unchanged.

Units and agencies can procure Hippo Multipower systems by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Warrior East 21 – Velocity Systems Stealth Trauma Aid Minimalist Pack

Wednesday, August 4th, 2021

Velocity Systems’ new STAMP (Stealth Trauma Aid Minimalist Pack) is designed as a concealable medical kit worn at the small of the back.

With either inside or outside waistband wear, it carries Hemostatic Gauze, Chest Seal, Gloves, and CAT Tourniquet. Available both with med kit or just the pouch.

Units and agencies can procure Velocity Systems products shown during Warrior East by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.