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ePIG Video on NFM’s New Hjelm

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Norway’s NFM released the new Hjelm helmet during last week’s Milipol expo in Paris. My friend Martin Sendlbeck was there and shot this video.

Video production by Stefan Czech.

Milipol 19 – Tardigrade Tactical’s Quantum Duty & Gunfighter Belt

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Denmark’s Tardigrade Tactical released their new Quantum Duty & Gunfighter Belt during Milipol.

The problem with so many belts for law enforcement officers is that in order to remain rigid, they end up being thick. Tardigarde’s solution is to incorporate three compartments in the belt which accept rigid polymer inserts to stiffen the belt. In this way, the user can stiffen the left and right front area for load carriage but leave the rear flexible for comfort, or stiffen the areas as needed.

When the inserts are removed, the belt can be folded for transportation or storage which has attracted shooting sports enthusiasts.

Additionally, the belt is cut on a curve to make it more comfortable.

Velcro lined, the Quantum Duty & Gunfighter Belt interfaces with many inner pant belts like Tardigrade’s own Low Profile Laminate Belt.

Finally, the belt is compatible with 50mm pouches and is PALS compatible.

Tardigrade Tactical exhibited in the Unit-Z booth.

Milipol 19 – New From AKU

Monday, November 25th, 2019

Italian shoe maker Aku showed a couple of new styles at Milipol 2019.

Up first are the Pilgrim TSC GTX and DS. The difference between the two versions is that one is lined with Gore-Tex Extended Comfort and the DS is not. Production versions have eyelets rather than D-ring lacing at the top.

Both feature waterproof suede and AIR8000 uppers along with the Vivram Curcuma anti-static nitrile outsole. UK size range is 3-14.

Next is the Climatica LE Mid which is a law enforcement version of the popular outdoor shoe, the Climatica.

These feature Gore-Tex Surround technology which offers breathability, even in the plantar area. The outsole incorporates a ventilation grid which allows sweat to escape.

Milipol 19 – JinTeng Manufacturing

Saturday, November 23rd, 2019

Is this trench coat cool or what? Milipol was filled with manufacturers of the world’s uniform. Companies like JinTeng Manufacturing showed off their wares.

Milipol 19 – Taiga Reinforcement Hat SF

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

I really dig the Reinforcement Hat SF from Taiga. It’s fleece lined and has a short brim which can be flipped up out of the way, if need be. Available in Green, MultiCam and Snow Camo.

Milipol 19 – Carapace Helmet Appliqué from SMPP PVT LTD

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

SMPP PVT LTD is an Indian company which has developed a helmet up-armor appliqué for ACH or PASGT shaped helmets. Currently in use on the Hindu Kush region by Indian soldiers who face rifle threats, the design of Carapace is similar to a donut, covering the area most likely to be engaged by a rifle.

Ceramic in nature, it defeats AK47 HSC and M16 SS109 ammunition and weighs 1.25 kg.

Milipol 19 – Wild Goose Tactical Hauler from Marom Dolphin

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Israeli manufacturer Marom Dolphin is well known for load carriage solutions. They’ve taken the concept one step further by introducing the Wild Goose Tactical Hauler.

Available in 2 and 4 wheeled models, the Wild Goose Tactical Hauler features a quiet, electric motor to assist with moving heavy loads over uneven terrain. Each hub has its own motor and features hill descent control. The 2 wheel variant will carry up to 120 kg and the 4 wheel model up to 240 kg.

Milipol 19 – Crispi SWAT PRO GTX

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

Italian boot maker Crispi is very popular with European LE. Their SWAT PRO GTX caught my eye as a possible solution for those looking for a GSG-9 replacement.

The full grain leather construction is paired with a Gore-Tex liner. Additionally, there is a hard ankle protective insert. Finally, the outsole is oil resistant, non-slip.