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Platatac Aviator Helmet Bag Now Available in ERDL

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

Made out of 500 denier nylon and lined with polyester 3D air mesh which offers a layer of padding against damage to your gear. Dual carry handles and an adjustable shoulder strap mean you can have your hands free to carry extra gear to your aircraft.

The three external pockets can easily store all the equipment you may require while in flight, including NVG’s, spare batteries, documentation/publications/maps, cold weather gear and more. Dual zippers on each pocket for convenience, plus clips to compress the bag further for secure storage while not in use.

If ERDL isn’t your bag, there are five other colors to choose from.

Gentex Corporation Announces Delivery Order for U.S Army Next Generation Integrated Head Protection System (NG IHPS) Helmet Program Agreement to Supply Helmets under the NG – IHPS Helmet Program

Monday, February 19th, 2024

CARBONDALE, PA, February 19th, 2024– Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today that it has received its first delivery order to supply NG-IHPS helmets to the U.S. Army under the Next Generation Integrated Head Protection System Program.

“Gentex is proud of its near 130-year tradition of providing the best made products to the men and women of the American Military”, said Tom Short, Vice President for Ground Systems. “The NG-IHPS helmet system is just one example of the cutting-edge ballistic technology that Gentex consistently brings to the fight.”  

PEO Soldier Equips First Unit with the Army’s Next-Generation Combat Helmet

Friday, February 16th, 2024

WASHINGTON – On Feb. 12, 2024, PEO Soldier fielded the Next-Generation Integrated Head Protection System to approximately 2,000 Soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, marking the first-unit-equipped milestone in enhancing Soldier protection.

The NG-IHPS is the Army’s newest combat helmet, replacing the previously fielded Integrated Head Protection System, the Advanced Combat Helmet, and the Enhanced Combat Helmet. The combat-ready NG-IHPS consists of a retention system, suspension system, helmet cover and a night vision device bracket that is able to integrate a mandible protector, hearing protection, communications and heads-up displays like the Integrated Visual Augmentation System and the Enhanced Night Vision Goggle-Binocular.

“This fielding marks significant progress for Soldier protective equipment as it equips Soldiers with protection against relevant battlefield threats, and the innovative helmet design is a purpose-built platform for integration now, and with future Soldier-enabling devices,” said Lt. Col. Ken Elgort, product manager for Soldier Protective Equipment.

The NG-IHPS, which will be fielded to the close-combat force, interfaces with the next generation of night vision devices, while the mandible protector mounts onto the front of the NG-IHPS for additional protection. The mandible protector is fielded to 6% of the force operating in a mounted configuration.

“The NG-IHPS provides increased ballistic and fragmentation protection while reducing the weight required to previously reach this protection level by 40%,” said Maj. Matthew Nulk, assistant program manager of the Head Protection Team. “This is world-leading rifle threat protection we’re providing to our Soldiers.”

According to Alex de Groot, lead engineer for the Head Protection Team, “The boltless retention system and night vision device bracket mount on without compromising the helmet’s structural integrity, thus increasing protection.”

PEO Soldier will equip the 2nd and 3rd Brigade Combat Teams, 82nd Airborne Division, this quarter and will complete fielding to all close-combat force units over the next three years.

Program Executive Office Soldier is responsible for the rapid prototyping, procurement and fielding of equipment for Soldiers. NG-IHPS is part of the Soldier Survivability portfolio, the largest portfolio within PEO Soldier. The NG-IHPS is one part of the Soldier Protection System, which also includes the Modular Scalable Vest, the Ballistic Combat Shirt, the Blast Pelvic Protector and the Vital Torso Protection hard armor plates.

By U.S. Army Public Affairs

The photo is an Army photo of an IHPS, but not from this fielding.

Gentex Corporation Announces Agreement to Supply Helmets and Headborne System Accessories to New Zealand Defence Force

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024

CARBONDALE, PA, February 6th, 2024– Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today, that it has agreed to supply Ops-Core FAST Ballistic headborne systems, accessories and supporting spare parts to the New Zealand Defence Force in a multi-year program.

Through our Australian and New Zealand distribution partner Spearpoint Solutions & Technology Pty Ltd, Gentex Corporation will supply the FAST SF Helmet System, AMP Communications System and associated accessories and spare parts to the New Zealand Defence Force Soldier Personal Protective Equipment Program, primed by Australian Defence Apparel – New Zealand.

“The decision by the New Zealand Defence Force demonstrates the superior performance of the Ops-Core range of headborne systems and reinforces the commitment of the New Zealand Defence Force to equip its personnel with the utmost in integrated helmet systems” said Tom Short, Vice President of Sales for Gentex. “Through Spearpoint Solutions & Technology, our partner in Australia and New Zealand, the agreement to supply New Zealand’s front-line troops will ensure they are well equipped for all current and future operations.”

Andrew Jiear, CEO of Spearpoint, said “Spearpoint is pleased to be working with our established partners to deliver world-class solutions from Gentex, to New Zealand’s Soldier Protective Equipment Program through Australian Defence Apparel – New Zealand. This is a comprehensive solution that we are actively seeking to replicate for other militaries in the Region going forward.”

Gentex Corporation Announces Development Program for Accessory Providers for Ops-Core RAILINK Power and Data ARC Rail System

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

Integrated Headborne Platform unveils program for development partners.

CARBONDALE, PA, January 30, 2024 – Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today that it is launching a development partner program for accessory providers for its patented RAILINK system.  

Participants meeting the requirements to enroll in the program will gain access to a royalty-free license to the Interface Control Documents needed to integrate electronic accessories into the RAILINK system.

“RAILINK is capable of powering and integrating a broad range of sensors and information gathering devices” said Rafe Bennett, Vice President of Product Management at Gentex Corporation, “By implementing the development partner program we are able to offer access to RAILINK’s extensive patent portfolio and our ICD on a royalty-free basis to selected companies, enabling them to develop their own interoperable accessories for the RAILINK system. Our intent is to harness ideas from industry and utilizing RAILINK’s capability, rapidly expand the ecosystem of available accessories. This will result in enhancements in the system’s overall capabilities for the end user.”

To learn more about becoming a RAILINK Development Partner and sign up for future RAILINK announcements click

Galvion PDxT Integrated Helmet System: Accelerated Iterative Design & Direct User Collaboration

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2024

Understanding the operational needs of diverse end-user groups and developing unique solutions for specific customer requirements are critical to overall industry advancements.  This case study showcases Galvion’s commitment to user-centric design, illustrating how a specific solution meets the needs of the operational challenges.

Galvion’s Integrated Helmet System (IHS) is a customized solution to meet the unique operational requirements of the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC).  Developed over multiple years under the scope of an Other Transaction Agreement (OTA) with Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC), Galvion collaborated closely with Marines to incorporate real-time feedback throughout the iterative development cycle, resulting in a purpose-built helmet system that provides an integrated head protection platform for the Marines.  

Galvion’s IHS is built on the foundation of its PDxT™ helmet, combining an ACH front shape for ease-of-integration with existing accessories and a ridged-back design that provides structural stability and additional coverage.  Galvion designed, built and tested prototypes demonstrating technical capabilities and integration with current USMC equipment including communication devices and visual augmentation systems, and has delivered over 1000 systems across two configurations to meet the Marine Corps requirements.

– ‘Block 0’ Baseline System:  PDxT™ helmet featuring NVD shroud with stabilization bumpers, IHS rails with NVG clips and O2 attachments, NVG bungees, External Loop Pattern, Battery Retention Straps, the latest APEX™ liner system, and a customized helmet cover with cable management.

– ‘Block 1’ Integrated System:  built off Block 0, with the addition of the E.D.G™ scalable power pack, single and dual cables to power SBNVG & SBNVG with E-Coti, Integrated Strobe, Task Light and optional HED.

The development of this helmet system marks a critical step forward in military head system equipment integration.

Evolution through Iterative Development

The development process for this system highlights the Marine Corps Systems Command’s commitment to engaging with industry in order to find the best solution for Marines.  The MCSC organized multiple Limited User Evaluations (LUE) and Ballistic Testing events and supported a dozen additional Galvion internal LUE sessions.  This direct collaboration is a fundamental pillar of Galvion’s design approach: using rapid prototyping capabilities in conjunction with direct USMC input to foster a fast-paced design-build-assess cycle. This mechanism ensured the system’s maturation responded directly to specific operational needs, resulting in innovative features and upgrades.

One of the critical priorities discovered during feedback sessions was the need for superior stability.  Marines voiced a willingness to trade comfort for stability and effectiveness, scoring NVG stability as essential.  Galvion’s Engineering and Human Factors teams used an iterative design process to adjust Galvion’s APEX suspension & retention system in order to ensure unmatched stability without compromising comfort, including a more robust fitband dial for easy adjustment even when wearing gloves, an improved harness camlock for quick adjustment, and a re-designed nape pad.

Galvion’s commitment to cultivating a close relationship with end-users and maintaining a continuous feedback loop instilled a sense of ownership amongst USMC users over the final product.  Kevin Gonzalez, Senior Business Development Manager, and a former Marine, acknowledged this, stating, “Many leaders and end-users throughout the IHS evaluation process directly stated how they have witnessed Galvion’s dedication and desire to provide the best possible system to the men and women of the USMC. This is a reflection of listening to the end-user and rapidly implementing changes that enhance their mobility, survivability, and lethality on the battlefield.”  

The spiral improvements made through intensive user feedback cycles benefit end-users beyond the Marines. Galvion will be releasing updates to its APEX™ liner driven by the USMC trials.  The E.D.G™ (Energy Data Grid) scalable power system will be available for Galvion’s Batlskin Caiman® helmet, introducing the transition from ‘helmet’ to ‘integrated helmet system’ to a wider global customer base.

Galvion’s USMC PDxT™ head systems and Caiman® with E.D.G™ system will be on display at Shot Show 2024 – Booth #32003 

Team Wendy to Unveil New Products at 2024 SHOT Show

Thursday, January 18th, 2024


Team Wendy®, a leading global provider of exceptional head protection systems, announced it will showcase several new products at this year’s SHOT Show being held in Las Vegas, January 23-26, at the Venetian Expo and Caesars Forum. The new product lineup includes a rifle rated helmet, a non-ballistic nape guard and various new face shields designed to protect first responders during riots and other disturbances. 

A prototype of the new rifle rated helmet, the Team Wendy RIFLETECH™, will be on display for preview purposes and is not yet available for purchase. The helmet meets the NIJ IIIA (according to NIJ STD 0106.01/108.01) standard for ballistic performance, with the added ability of stopping higher velocity threats. The helmet is expected to launch the summer of 2024.

The new Team Wendy non-ballistic nape guard features an ergonomic design, flame retardant material and intuitive helmet installation.

Three new tactical face shields will also be on display at the show:

The Team Wendy IIIA rated ballistic face shield offers superior anti-scratch capabilities and fog protection in addition to premium optical clarity. This ballistic rated face shield is compatible with the new Team Wendy EPIC™ ballistic range of helmets and both Team Wendy EXFIL® ballistic helmets.

The Team Wendy EPIC riot laser face shield and the Team Wendy EXFIL riot face shield, both designed for durability, provide optimal protection and are available with a liquid seal option. The EPIC riot laser face shield also delivers FT-2 laser protection.  

The Team Wendy non-ballistic nape guard and the three new face shields will be available for purchase through distribution after the show. Interested parties should contact [email protected] to be connected to the appropriate regional sales manager. 

Visit Ops-Core at SHOT Show

Thursday, January 18th, 2024