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ePIG Video on NFM’s New Hjelm

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Norway’s NFM released the new Hjelm helmet during last week’s Milipol expo in Paris. My friend Martin Sendlbeck was there and shot this video.

Video production by Stefan Czech.

Former Parent Company of Revision Military Announces Name Change To Galvion

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

MONTREAL, Quebec, Canada (November 26, 2019) – Following the recent announcement of the sale of its protective eyewear business to ASGARD Partners & Co., the remaining Armor, Soldier Power and Electronics, Vehicle Platform Power and Advanced Concept divisions of Revision Military will move forward under the new corporate name GALVION.

“Eyewear was the foundation on which the company was built and early on, the Revision name became synonymous with our world-class military eye protection. Today, the company’s portfolio has grown to encompass a much wider range of active and integrated systems, and strategically, it made sense for the Revision name to stay with the legacy eyewear business,” said CEO, Jonathan Blanshay. “As Galvion, we move forward with a sharpened focus, and a mission to provide solutions that enhance the overall agility and survivability of the modern military and tactical operator. We exist to empower them to meet both the immediate and future challenges they may face,” added Blanshay.

Galvion will continue to design and manufacture protective head and torso products, develop customized power supply and management solutions for both soldier and vehicle, and invest in the development of advanced concept, integrated systems based on human-centered innovation and deep end-user insights. “Our focus is on active, performance-enhancing equipment – making the soldier faster, lighter and more connected than ever before. For Galvion, it will always be about providing the absolute best solutions for operators, with the ultimate goal for protective gear to be the last line of defense, rather than the first,” said Blanshay.

“As a company, our strength has always been the caliber, passion and ingenuity of our people, and as a team, we are incredibly excited to build the Galvion name and brand while continuing to honor our history as a company,” continued Blanshay. Customers, vendors and partners should expect the same dedicated design, engineering, sales and support team at Galvion, along with an energized commitment to exceed expectation and imagination. Additional information regarding name change and conducting business with the new corporate entity will be shared with partners as available.


Milipol 19 – Carapace Helmet Appliqué from SMPP PVT LTD

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

SMPP PVT LTD is an Indian company which has developed a helmet up-armor appliqué for ACH or PASGT shaped helmets. Currently in use on the Hindu Kush region by Indian soldiers who face rifle threats, the design of Carapace is similar to a donut, covering the area most likely to be engaged by a rifle.

Ceramic in nature, it defeats AK47 HSC and M16 SS109 ammunition and weighs 1.25 kg.

Milipol 19 – Schuberth Laser Protection

Thursday, November 21st, 2019

Law Enforcement officers are increasingly coming under attack from lasers, inflicting injuries that many don’t even know they have. Schuberth has developed a laser protective lense cassette that goes ontop of the existing P100N riotcontrol helmet without compromising protection against threats like blunt trauma, penetration, chemicals and fire.

Response time is key with laser threats. Regular laser protection glasses have to be retrieved from a pouch first. The SCHUBERTH solution is ready to be deployed even with gloves hands and will cause no pressure points on the temples.

With lasers being used mostly in the night it is equally important to get the protection out of the way when the threat is gone.

Unlike laser protective glasses it can be used with a respirator and with the helmet’s visor closed or open.


Milipol 19 – Sestan-Busch Helmets

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

An SSD reader asked us to check out the latest upgrades to helmets from Croatian manufacturer Sestan-Busch.

The BK-ACH offers ACH level protection and is available in aramid of PE variants.

They’ve introduced a new visor system which attaches via bolts to the helmet and fits below the NVG shroud.

Milipol 19 – German Aircrew Helmet Study

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

Schuberth is displaying a helmet concept they’ve created in conjunction with an aircrew helmet study they are undertaking for the German military.

The entire concept is modular with the ability to choose different shells for different applications such as frag protection for pilots but more robust ballistic solutions for door gunners.

The rail system is also modular as can be fitted to the different shells.

Additionally, it incorporates a fully adjustable inner lining rather than the custom lining currently in use which is very time consuming to order, manufacture and deliver.

Finally, it features an Integrated CBRN solution which has been adapted from the standard issue protective mask.


Team Wendy Launches Assortment of New Helmet Accessories

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

New accessories allow operators to further scale their helmet system to meet the mission requirement

CLEVELAND, OH (Nov. 19, 2019) – Cleveland-based Team Wendy®, a leading provider of exceptional head protection systems for the military, law enforcement, search and rescue, and adventure sports communities announced today the immediate availability of several brand-new helmet accessories, including:

• EXFIL® Rail 3.0 system for the EXFIL Carbon and EXFIL LTP helmets, available both for new helmet purchases and as a retrofit kit for customers who already have the EXFIL Carbon or EXFIL LTP helmets with the original EXFIL Rail 2.0

• A new helmet cover design with options for all Team Wendy ballistic and bump helmets, including two brand new colors: MultiCam® Alpine and Wolf Gray

Shroud Action Camera Adapter compatible with Wilcox® L4 series and similar helmet shrouds

The new rail system, modified from the EXFIL Ballistic SL, features a built-in Picatinny rail at its front, allowing the operator more efficient use of the accessory rail. Buyers of the EXFIL Carbon or EXFIL LTP will have the choice of either the EXFIL Rail 2.0 or EXFIL Rail 3.0 at time of purchase for no extra charge. Users who want to modify the rail on their existing helmet can purchase the EXFIL Carbon / LTP Rail 3.0 Retrofit Kit for $51.25.

“The EXFIL Rail 3.0 increases the capabilities of the Carbon and LTP by allowing operators to integrate visors, face shields and mandibles, offering additional protection for riot control and vehicular operations,” said Mike Romanchek, director of sales and business development for Team Wendy. “Plus, the retrofit kits allow existing owners of our bump helmets to take advantage of these new accessories.”

A new helmet cover design in six colors is available to fit the EXFIL Carbon, EXFIL LTP, EXFIL Ballistic SL and EXFIL Ballistic with either the EXFIL Rail 2.0 or EXFIL Rail 3.0 systems. The new covers utilize a combination of mesh and Nylon spandex fabrics and feature functional Velcro® loop patches with slots for efficient cable management. The new colors – MultiCam Alpine and Wolf Gray – join a current roster that includes Black, Coyote Brown, MultiCam and Ranger Green. The helmet covers retail for $74.99.

“Our customers know we’re always working to top ourselves,” said Romanchek. “These covers allow operators to better organize the kits they rely on to execute their mission.”

The Shroud Action Camera Adapter allows operators to securely mount an action camera, such as GoPro® and Garmin® models, to the helmet shroud. The adapter requires no tools to install and retails for $25.00.

“Team Wendy is pleased to be able to offer an action camera adapter, especially with GoPro’s discontinuation of its NVG mount,” said Romanchek. “We know those cameras aren’t cheap, and our adapter provides a more secure mount than a hook-and-loop fastener on the helmet crown.”

All items are available on TeamWendy.com with select variations also available on Amazon.

Milipol 19 – Hjelm from NFM

Tuesday, November 19th, 2019

NFM has launched an entirely new helmet at Milipol. Although it incorporates numerous innovations, it remains compatible with common ear pro systems and offers a lightweight NVG Shroud.

Developed in conjunction with Final Forge, the goal was to take as much weight off of the helmet as possible. One of the most pronounched things you will notice about Hjelm is that there are no continuous rails attached to the helmet.

Instead, they’ve introduced an Edgemount Attachment System which allows the user to attach items only where necessary, much like M-LOK does for weapons. In fact, they even have an M-LOK adapter, along with others. The reverse side of the Edgemount Attachment System also offers a guide for rounding cables on the inside of the helmet. The grid-like pattern on the shell is called Helmet Attachment System Pattern and replaces the Velcro used on my other helmets. HASP is lighter than Velcro and won’t wear out from adds ing and removing items. Instead, this web of high strength composites is used as a base to attach accessories, including camouflage materials.

Naturally, they’ve also reduced weight on the shell itself, but you’ll have to contact NFM for exact ballistic capabilities. NFM also improved fit by introducing four different sizes and two different widths to better accommodate different head shapes.

The Skullplate Liner system improves breathability due to its lower profile suspension and also provides better impact protection during rotational impacts thanks to Koroyd’s welded tubes which serve as crumple zones.

The new chinstrap actually buckled at the rear, just above the nape of the neck, on either side of the adjustment dial. This moves buckled away from the chin meaning the helmet can be worn with masks whether the strap is worn on or below the chin.