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S.O.Tech Helmet Scrim

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

The new S.O.Tech Helmet Scrim is part of our new tactical line and can be found in our new 2023 tactical catalog. The Helmet Scrim is made up of laser cut pack cloth, making it lightweight, durable, and simple. It was made to add a layer of texture to help the user blend in with their surroundings and is cut in a way that helps you adjust to your helmet.

Our Helmet Scrim was made to be customizable, elastic draw cord runs all along laser cut holes that are located on the edge of the scrim. Everything is brought together by a cord lock, which helps secure the scrim over the helmet. Included in the kit are 8 ghillie strips that help add more texture to the scrim.


Our Helmet Scrim was made to be customizable, elastic draw cord runs all along laser cut holes that are located on the edge of the scrim. Everything is brought together by a cord lock, which helps secure the scrim over the helmet. Included in the kit are 8 ghillie strips that help add more texture to the scrim.

Kit Includes: Helmet Scrim, Shock Cord Plus Cord Lock, and 8 Ghillie Strips.

DSEI 23 – Gentex Updates FAST Bump Helmet

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Gentex has updated the FAST Bump Helmet. The biggest thing you’ll notice is that it no longer has a molded shroud to accommodate those conducting airborne operations. It has been replaced with the same Lightweight Modular Bungee Shroud as other helmets in the range. It also now features PowerPath ARC Rails which allow the user to route cables behind the rail to keep them out of the way.

Schuberth GmbH Supplies New M100 Ballistic Helmet to Swiss and Romanian Special Forces

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Magdeburg, September 11, 2023 – Head protection specialist SCHUBERTH GmbH from Magdeburg/ Germany has won a tender for ballistic protective helmets from the Romanian Ministry of Defense and a Swiss special forces unit. Both contracts will be delivered via sales partner Alpine Fox in Switzerland and Rotman Industries SRL in Romania before the end of this year.

Milad Youkhanna, Head of the Business Unit Military & Law Enforcement at SCHUBERTH, explains: “We are extremely proud to count the special forces of the Romanian Ministry of Defense and a Swiss police SF unit among our customers. The SCHUBERTH M100 ballistic protective helmet won against an international field of bidders in a call for tenders. In addition to the innovative features and outstanding ballistic protection, the high performance of our product in the maritime environment and the extremely low signature resulting in low detectability by night vision equipment were of particular importance to the Romanian customer. The numerous design and development loops, which were repeatedly tested by members of a wide range of European units, are now showing their value.”


The SCHUBERTH M100 is a modern combat helmet with superior wearing comfort and a high level of ballistic protection. Thanks to its open-architecture rail system and adjustable interior lining, it offers outstanding performance in all scenarios or threat levels. An above- average proportion of common parts across all sizes and optimized serviceability guarantee low life cycle costs and a high level of sustainability.

The advanced helmet shell technology provides a balanced blend of the highest protection and material composition that is not only durable and resistant, but also allows the helmet to be fully repaired. The M100 combines ballistic protection according to NIJ IIIA as well as VPAM 2 (5 cm edge impact) with the demanding impact absorption according to the climbing helmet standard EN 12492, the white-water helmet standard EN 1385, as well as the industrial safety standard EN 397.

Available in High-, Mid- or Fullcut, the M100 is characterized by its cross-manufacturer compatibility with headsets and communication solutions. The patented Ergonomic Headset Loop (EHL), developed specifically for the M100, is a webbing guide with rigidly designed segments that frames the headset, ensuring a perfect fit even during dynamic activities. This is complemented by the also patented Divided Modular Liner (DML), a two-piece headgear ring that not only allows the earpiece to fit perfectly under the helmet, but also enables individually adjusted to the shape of the user’s head.

The Device Connection Interface System (DCIS) of the SCHUBERTH M100 features a rear rail in addition to the side rail pair and a night vision shroud. This open system architecture provides room for capability development that already require compatibility with peripheral devices to be procured in the future. Additionally, a completely new dimension in the integration and management of peripheral devices is made possible by the specially developed SCHUBERTH Extended Connection Devices (ECD). These connections, which are distributed across all interfaces, not only permit a previously unknown level of advanced cable management, but also the integration of additional accessories such as lamps, covers or artificial camouflage elements.

Galvion’s Ongoing NATO and European Successes Trigger Expansion Plans for a European Production Hub in Poland

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Galvion, a world leader in innovative head protection systems and power and data management solutions, has announced the establishment of a European Production Hub in Poland. Driven by Galvion’s ongoing successes in NATO and the wider European regions, the new facility will be based in Gdansk is expected to be operational by Q1 of 2024.

Galvion’s Polish investment plan was announced at a lunchtime VIP briefing in Gdansk on Friday 8th September 2023. This announcement coincides with the DSEI exhibition taking place in London, 12-15 September, where Galvion are exhibiting at booth H4-711.

Following recent consecutive contract awards for key European nations, Galvion is expecting to have close to 1.5 million helmets in service across NATO and other European countries by 2025. Galvion’s new Gdansk facility will initially house helmet finishing and assembly capabilities, in addition to critical support, maintenance, refurbishment, upgrade and training operations. The Gdansk location was chosen following a comprehensive search and assessment period, and the functionality of the facility is expected to expand through 2026 and beyond in order to support Galvion’s full product and solutions portfolio. Galvion’s existing core facilities in Canada and the USA will continue to design, develop, manufacture and service domestic, regional, and key global programs, customers, production and support requirements.

Jonathan Blanshay, Executive Chairman of the Board at Galvion said: “Today’s announcement represents a bold but necessary next step forward for the company. It is indicative of our commitment to delivering value for our global partners and programs, with an emphasis on responsible regional operations, as well as diverse through-life management, service and support opportunities. Getting our best-in-class protective and performance-enhancing equipment out to those who need it is our priority. By expanding our footprint to the European continent, we will be able to sharpen the focus of our manufacturing and support facilities around the world to enhance delivery, responsiveness, and supportability for all of our customers.”

He added, “We have been impressed by the Polish authorities’ receptiveness and assistance in our search, and we would specifically like to thank the office of the Marshal of Pomerania, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, the Pomeranian Development Agency, the Gdansk City Council and the Regional Development Agency, Invest in Pomerania, for their ongoing interest and support.”

Galvion Teams with NP Aerospace and Establishes UK Helmet Production Hub

Thursday, August 31st, 2023

Galvion, a world leader in the design and manufacture of military head protection systems and intelligent power and data management solutions, is pleased to announce that it has established a strategic partnership with the UK-based global Defence composites company, NP Aerospace. The relationship is announced as the first batch of NP produced product is accepted and ready to deliver, and marks NP Aerospace becoming a key helmet production partner. NP Aerospace is manufacturing Galvion’s proprietary helmet designs to stringent production specifications and delivering to Galvion’s local UK and continental European customer base.

This new long-term, mutually exclusive partnership will initially focus on the delivery of Galvion’s Cobra® Plus helmets into the UK MoD’s VIRTUS programme. Since contract award in 2015, Galvion has produced and delivered over 200,000 helmet systems to the UK’s VIRTUS programme. NP Aerospace, already a long-standing and trusted supplier of the UK MoD, brings decades of advanced composite material and armour system manufacturing expertise to the venture, ensuring a continuity of production excellence for Galvion’s customers.

With validations, compliance assurance, tools, and technology transfer complete, NP Aerospace has concluded the Low-Rate Initial Production (LRIP) phase and will deliver the first production batch, marking the transition to full operating capability of the new production facility. The on-shore UK production collaboration will shorten supply chains, improve responsiveness, and provide a platform for future support and sustainment, enhancing the UK’s VIRTUS programme customer journey. In addition, this move to regionalization fully aligns with the UK customer’s Land Industrial Strategy (LIS) and places Galvion in a strong position to continue to export to and support yet more European and wider regional customers.

James Kempston, CEO at NP Aerospace said: “NP Aerospace has a strong capability in delivering high volume military helmet programmes. We have delivered 625,000 helmets to UK MoD since the mid-1990s, and we are a long-term trusted supplier on multiple UK DE&S equipment programmes. We are honoured to be partnering with Galvion to continue the legacy of excellence with the UK-manufactured VIRTUS Cobra Plus Helmet and look forward to the opportunities that this relationship presents for the future.”

Jonathan Blanshay, Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Galvion said: “We are firmly committed to providing best-in-class product and service to our global customer network. The UK’s MoD is an exceedingly high priority for Galvion, and we believe this new alliance represents a win-win for all parties. I’d like to thank all partners involved for working together to benefit our joint customer”. He added: “With everything going on in the world today, regional partnering and collaboration is part of a wider strategic initiative to establish onshore and localized production to enhance delivery, flexibility, responsiveness, and supportability for our customers around the world.”

Princeton Tec Introduces New Addition to Switch Product Line

Thursday, August 24th, 2023

Pennsauken, NJ  – Founded in 1975, Princeton Tec has been a leader in the lighting and outdoor space, providing trusted illumination products to everyone from the outdoor enthusiast to the world’s most elite special forces.  Today, nearly 50 years later, Princeton Tec is excited to announce the newest addition to the fan-favorite MPLS (Modular Personal Lighting System) family, with the Switch RGB.

For those requiring special light, the Switch RGB is feature-rich, extremely lightweight, and offers unmatched versatility. Now equipped with two light models: IR + RGB or White + RGB Ultrabright LEDs, users can now determine which version best matches their specific needs. The White+ RGB version starts in the users’ selected color LED, with low or high, and then the user presses and holds the button to get to the White LED. 

The RGB is a single LED, where users can program which colored LED light will default to when colored LED mode is selected. The IR version starts in IR mode, and users press and hold to get into the color mode. There are two levels of intensity of IR light, and only one intensity level of the colored light (high).

Designed to mount to various helmet rail systems, with the versatility of the MPLS mounting options, the Switch RGB MPLS can be secured to virtually any kit configuration.  Smart and tough, the lights feature the flexi-neck design, allowing the user to direct light where it’s need, regardless of the angle of the point of origin. The flex boom and housing design feature an improved design to make the Switch even more durable. With ease-of-use was kept top-of-mind, the white mode requires a two-second button press to be turned on to avoid accidental activation. Users can set and change the order in which the colored LED’s appear upon activation, for a truly customized performance.

“Princeton Tec provides the best lighting solutions, tailored to our customers’ needs,” said Princeton Tec Vice President, Dave Cozzone.  “As an American manufacturer, we take pride in delivering top-quality lighting products and meeting the needs of our war fighters who continue to put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedoms.”

Princeton Tec has built a reputation by manufacturing proven, essential lighting solutions used by military, law enforcement, first responders, outdoor enthusiasts, and other self-reliant individuals.

Switch IR + RGB:

Power                    10 Lumens

Lamp                      1 IR LED

                                1 Red / Green / Blue Ultrabright LED

Burn Time             35 hours

Batteries                2 2016 Coin Cells

Weight                   17g

Waterproof           IPX4 Water Resistant

Switch White + RGB:

Power                    10 Lumens

Lamp                      1 Spot White LED

                                1 Red / Green / Blue Ultrabright LED

Burn Time             35 hours

Batteries                2 2016 Coin Cells

Weight                   17g

Waterproof           IPX4 Water Resistant

For more information about Princeton Tec, please visit:

SCUBAPRO – New Odin Helmet Mask Strap for Team Wendy SAR Helmet

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2023

SCUBAPRO has been working closely with the Search and Rescue (SAR) community to help with the development of a new Odin Helmet Mask strap. SCUBAPRO has the Odin Helmet mask strap which allows you to attach any SCUBAPRO mask that works with the comfort strap to an Ops Core, Team Wendy exfil, Galvion helmet rails, and even the Ops Core Skull mounted system. Essentially, for anytime you must wear a helmet and a dive mask at the same time. When using a diver propulsion vehicle (DPV), the Patriot3 Jet boots, or over the beach (OTB), any time it’s a good idea to wear a helmet.

With the updated TW Odin strap you can now attach your SCUBAPRO mask to the Team Wendy SAR helmet. Allow for ease of use when using a mask with a helmet. It is made for SCUBAPRO by S&S Precision and is in the process of being added to the US Navy SAR State of the Art Catalog (SOA). This will allow all Navy SAR swimmer to use it, with any SCABAPRO Mask that works with the comfort straps.

Both Odin straps now have a new mask clip which allows the strap that attaches to the mask, to be pulled tighter with one hand.

Part number for the Odin strap (older model) that works with Ops Core, Team Wendy Exfil and Galvion helmets.

New Odin strap TW for the Team Wendy SAR helmet

Parashooter Gear – NOD Lock

Sunday, July 23rd, 2023

The NOD Lock is a simple, quick attach, non-breakaway NVG lanyard. Using a laser cut piece of 500D laminate, the NOD Lock attaches to the front bolt on either side of your helmet.

They chose to use a buckle as a means to attach/detach the lanyard because it is easy to manipulate while wearing your helmet, with gloves on and in the dark. The simple “no sew” construction also means it is about half the price of comparable lanyards.