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Gentex Announces Ops-Core FAST Helmet System Passes US Government First Article Testing for Higher Level Threat

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

CARBONDALE, PA February 10, 2021 –  Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced that one of its Ops-Core® FAST Helmet Systems passed U.S. Government First Article Testing (FAT), a first for a helmet providing protection against a prevalent higher level threat.

The helmet utilizes the most advanced protective shell ever produced by Gentex, providing a level of protection that could previously only be achieved with the addition of a ballistic applique. The FAST Helmet System features the same total headborne system solutions as the Ops-Core FAST SF Helmet, the preferred helmet of U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), global special operations forces, and elite law enforcement. Maintaining the Ops-Core modular design approach, it is compatible with products including the STEP-IN® Visor, AMP® Communication Headset, and FAST ballistic mandibles.

“For over 75 years, Gentex has built a proud history of protective headborne system innovations and a series of firsts,” said LP Frieder, Chief Executive Officer at Gentex Corporation. “With this significant achievement, we are proud to continue leading the way in ballistic protection solutions.”

Since the introduction of the first aramid-based PASGT helmet in the late 1970s to the first ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) FAST XP helmet in 2008, Gentex has been on the forefront of ballistic innovation for over 50 years. Part of Gentex Corporation’s portfolio for defense, emergency response, and security forces, the focus and dedication of the company’s Ops-Core brand remains the same – protecting elite forces. The modular, scalable, open-architecture design of Ops-Core products allows for seamless integration and true system level performance.

Unity Tactical Launches Modular Attach Rail Kit 2.0

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Unity Tactical is excited to announce the launch of MARK 2.0. The Modular Attach Rail Kit 2.0 replaces the original MARK kit and improves upon the design and manufacture.  It features more compatibility compared to its predecessor. The MARK line of helmet rail mounts for communications headsets is the smallest, lightest, and most modular system for attaching currently fielded headsets to helmets. The MARK 2.0 improves upon the original by expanding the list of helmet rails with which it is compatible.

The Modular Attached Rail Kit (MARK) 2.0 allows the end user to seamlessly integrate their hearing protection and/or integrated communications into their headborne systems and improve the consistent seal of ear protection. The MARK 2.0 is compatible with most major helmet types and the most popular electronic hearing protection.  The MARK 2.0 Kit will work with 3M Peltor™ Headsets right of the package.  If attaching to Sordin/MSA™ style headsets, use the SARA Adapters (sold separately).

The MARK 2.0 Kit comes with all hardware for attachment to Ops-Core ARC™ (and similar) and Team Wendy EXFIL™ Gen 2 and 3 rails.  An M-LOK™ Adapter Kit is sold separately for compatibility with MTEK and Hard Head Veterans brand helmets.  The wider ARC™ backers allow for more compatibility with non-standard ARC-type rails than the previous model.

MARK 2.0 is the lowest profile headset helmet mount on the market.  Rather than using a traditional pop-in/pop-out mechanism, MARK2.0 is simply pulled away from the ears and rotated backwards for stowage.  The aggressive wire forms ensure the strongest ear cup seal when engaged.

Constructed of impact-resistant polymer, the MARK 2.0 is designed for use in the most austere environments.

Available now!

NOD’s Nest by AXL Advanced

Monday, January 18th, 2021

The NOD’s Nest™ is a helmet and night vision storage solution that provides protection for your night vision optics utilizing the shell of your helmet as protective storage space. This eliminates the need for bulky hard-sided cases when traveling, storing, and utilizing your NV and helmet. The NOD’s Nest™ provides a low profile solution that is small enough to be stored in your back pocket when not in use.

The NOD’s Nest™ will secure around any standard-sized ballistic, bump or carbon helmet, including attached helmet-borne communications and signaling equipment.

The internal placard provides secure retention on any binocular or monocular night vision system.

Designed by @NN_Concepts and manufactured by AXL.

Diamond Age Partners with Laura Burgess Marketing

Friday, January 8th, 2021

Leading-edge designers and developers of advanced ballistic materials and products, Diamond Age has signed Laura Burgess Marketing to build market presence.

McKinney, Texas (Jan. 2020) –Diamond Age, a Texas-based, materials science and ballistics specialist company, announce that Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) will be representing their public and media efforts.

Diamond Age is one of the world’s most advanced designers of body armor systems and accessories using innovative design combined with breakthrough research and development and cutting-edge manufacturing processes. In the late summer of 2020, Diamond Age revealed the NeoSteel™ Combat Helmet. The revolutionary tactical-style, modular helmet was comprised of advanced metal alloys, unlike current tactical helmets on the market today. As an evolution in personal protection, the NeoSteel helmet was designed for law enforcement, security, rescue, contractor, and personal defense customers. With best-in-class performance for minimal backface deformation (BFD) and impact trauma, the NeoSteel Helmet is unlike any current polymer-based helmet. Environmentally stable, it will provide users with years of consistent rim-to-rim protection without material degradation that would severely compromise protection performance.

Laura Burgess Marketing will be responsible for informing and educating a discerning public of the new technologies and the multiple benefits offered through Diamond Age’s ballistic products. Besides traditional media relations, LBM will engage customers through social media platforms to provide transparency and conversation about their products to promote customer loyalty and satisfaction.

“In 2020, we worked with LBM to release the NeoSteel Helmet announcement,” Jake Ganor, CEO of Diamond Age, commented. “The results of the initial release and the follow-up release on the NeoSteel Helmet accessories convinced us that LBM had the reach and capabilities we needed to execute a sound marketing strategy.”

“We are thrilled to be working with Diamond Age on a full-time basis,” Laura Burgess, president of LBM, added. “The ballistics market is rapidly changing and we look forward to bringing the most cutting-edge products in that industry to our shooting sports and public safety communities.”

For more information about Diamond Age and its products, visit

Galvion Helmet System Chosen as Next-Generation Protection for German Specialised Forces

Friday, December 11th, 2020

Galvion, a world leader in innovative head protection systems and power management solutions, is pleased to announce that a customized Baltskin® Viper helmet solution has been chosen as the next Specialised Forces Helmet (Helm SpezKr schwer; Specialised Forces are Ranger-type units of the German Army). The program was awarded to Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics GmbH, who will act as the in-country contracting entity for the Galvion helmet, following a full and open competition. The contract encompasses the delivery of up to 20,000 helmets, with an initial order for 5000 helmet systems and helmet refurbishment plan to be executed in-country by Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics, as well as the option for a 2-year contract extension following contract framework completion in 2025.

The bespoke helmet system, developed to the German MoD’s rigorous performance and technical standards, underwent thorough testing and an extensive user evaluation prior to being selected.  The Viper helmet solution will come in a custom German Green colour, and features Galvion’s Modular Suspension System which has been configured to meet a variety of impact standards and mission requirements.  The helmet is lighter, offers better protection and improved integration with Communication Devices and NVGs than the current fielded helmet, and end-user feedback rated the helmet comfortable and high-performing.  Rheinmetall Soldier Electronics will begin delivering the Galvion helmet to the German Specialised Forces in Q2 2021.

“After years of development, we are honoured to have our Viper helmet system chosen by the German Specialised Forces,” commented Alex Hooper, Galvion’s V.P. of Global Business Development. “Our experienced team of engineers and designers worked with the MoD to build a user-centric system that balances protection, integration, durability and optimized fit.  Germany’s exacting technical requirements and broad testing process ensures that their soldiers will be outfitted with a high-performing system that has been tailored to meet their unique mission needs.  Having RSE acting as our contracting entity ensures that the German Bundeswehr will have a premium product with reliable in-country support throughout the life of the program. “

Hooper added: “Galvion has developed a reputation as the leader in NATO next-generation helmet systems, and the awarding of this contract speaks of our commitment to provide bespoke solutions for the modern soldier.”

As well as this latest award, Galvion enjoys an impressive track record of large-scale global sales for protective head systems and soldier power management systems. Other key customers include defence forces from the US, Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Israel, Australia, New Zealand, in addition to many NATO SF unit around the world.

AXL Advanced – RAC Link

Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

The RAC Link allows users to easily attach their currently owned or issued headsets to the innovative Ops-Core AMP Helmet Rail Mount Kit (RAC headset arms).

Compatible with the following headsets:
• Peltor Comtac 3/5
• MSA Sordin, TCI Liberator
• Howard Leights Impact Sport

Acquisition of Team Wendy by Avon Rubber PLC Now Closed

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

$130 million transaction creates global leader in head protection systems for the military and first responder markets

CLEVELAND, OH (Nov. 3, 2020) – Further to the announcement made on Sept. 9, 2020, the acquisition of Team Wendy, LLC (“Team Wendy”) by Avon Rubber p.l.c. (“Avon”) (LON: AVON) is now closed.

Team Wendy, a leading U.S. supplier of exceptional head protection systems for military, law enforcement, search and rescue, and adventure markets, now operates as a subsidiary of Avon Protection from the Company’s current headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Team Wendy continues to be led by its President Jose Rizo-Patron and its six department directors, who all remain in their positions.

Together, Avon Protection and Team Wendy are a global leader in head protection systems for the military and first responder markets, following Avon Protection’s acquisition of 3M’s ballistic protection business and the Ceradyne brand earlier this year.

“Today we start an exciting new chapter for Team Wendy that will usher in new opportunities for our employees, our customers and our business partners,” said Jose Rizo-Patron, president of Team Wendy. “We remain focused on our vision to save lives by providing the best for anyone wearing a helmet.”

“The acquisition of Team Wendy is another important strategic step in the transformation of Avon Rubber into a leading provider of life critical personal protection systems,” said Paul McDonald, chief executive officer of Avon. “Bringing Team Wendy into the same family with our existing Helmets & Armor business establishes Avon Protection as a global leader in military and first responder helmets, with an enhanced and broader product portfolio with stronger capabilities and routes to market.”

Diamond Age NeoSteel Tactical Helmet Accessories Now Available

Thursday, October 15th, 2020

The world’s toughest combat helmet just got even better with the addition of new accessories, and more to come.

McKinney, Texas (October 2020) – Texas-based, materials science and ballistics specialists, Diamond Age, unveiled the next generation steel NeoSteel™ Helmet in August, and now offer the first two helmet accessories, designed specifically for the NeoSteel Helmet.

The NeoSteel Helmet is a modular combat helmet produced using the most technologically advanced metal alloys resulting in a helmet that meets and exceeds VPAM-3 + Special Threats ballistic requirements. The design is based on the combat-proven M1 steel-pot helmet and is the evolutionary descendant featuring all-day comfort, balance, protection, and unlike the current K-pot polymer produced helmets today, will not degrade over time and weaken its protective capabilities.

The first two NeoSteel Helmet accessories available are the Combat Circlet and the Face Protector. The Combat Circlet is the ideal mounting platform for night vision gear (NVGs) and other head-worn accessories. Made from durable, glass-filled polymer and using the most advanced additive manufacturing techniques it is securely mounted to the NeoSteel Helmet by four retention-system holes on the helmet. The NVG bracket requires no additional drilling of holes into the front of the helmet and provides bungee cord ports for stabilization and retention. The M-LOK side rails accept accessories directly and can also be used as a platform for Picatinny adapters. The Combat Circlet’s vertical crest allows for additional stability and more accessory-mounting real estate. Future modules in development for the crest include applique blast protection and an applique ghillie module. The rear of the Combat Circlet features a tie-down bar for additional stability without using a counterweight. The Combat Circlet also allows for direct integration with the NeoSteel Helmet Face Protector.

The NeoSteel Ventail face protector offers the wearer an enhanced protection platform from ballistic threats. It covers the face, side of the head, and a portion of the anterior neck. It mounts easily and quickly to the helmet using the four retention system holes on the shell and protects from blunt impact, blast overpressure, and debris. The Ventail is also fully compatible with most ballistic glasses and offers an unconstrained field-of-view while being lighter in weight and tougher than traditional transparent ballistic visors.

“Unlike the composite helmets on the market today, the NeoSteel Helmet will serve the warfighter or LEO for years to come. Advances in steel technologies now enable a helmet that performs better than Kevlar or polyethylene composite helmets in many respects,” Diamond Age CEO, Jake Ganor, commented. “And a big plus for the wearer is that the helmet shell is largely incapable of deformation, so there’s a greatly reduced risk of behind helmet head trauma.”

For agencies concerned with “behind armor trauma,” in which the LEO or warfighter suffers from neck injuries due to the head acceleration from a ballistic hit, the NeoSteel Helmet spreads the kinetic energy load across the entire padding system protecting from any blunt impact injuries. Only the NeoSteel Helmet gives the wearer edge-to-edge protection with over 110 square inches of solid protection.

Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet is now available in Black, Green, or Tan and in Medium or Large/Extra-Large for an MSRP starting at $195.00. The Combat Circlet is an additional $125.00 and the Ventail face protector is $187. Please allow anywhere from seven to fifteen weeks for helmets with accessories to ship.