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Warrior East 21 – Ex-Power 2000 Multi-Fuel Generator

Wednesday, July 28th, 2021

The Ex-Power 2000 is from Novatio Engineering and only sold to the US military.

Based on a Honda Eu2200i generator, this multi fuel model will burn JP-8, F24, MOGAS and DF-2 emergency fuel. They’ve also integrated a BB2590 with weather shroud into the system.

It offers 4.2 hours at 1250W and 5.6 hours at 1000W.

Units and agencies can procure Novatio Engineering products shown during Warrior East by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Lincad Appoints Eltron Technologies as North American Sales Agent

Friday, June 4th, 2021

Lincad is pleased to announce that it has appointed Eltron Technologies to assist with business growth  across the USA and Canada.

Focused on the defense and industrial OEM market segments, Eltron Technologies is a manufacturer’s representative partner with agents operating across the whole of North America.

Eltron Technologies will be focused on securing new customers for Lincad’s latest range of batteries and chargers suitable for a range of military applications and other applications that require military grade performance. Eltron Technologies will also be promoting Lincad’s bespoke design and manufacturing service.

Eltron Technologies has been operating since 1984 and supports several international clients in North American defence and industrial markets.

Peter Slade, Joint Managing Director at Lincad, said:

“We see opportunities in the USA and Canada for Lincad’s latest battery and charger solutions. Whilst we have previously had sales in North America, Eltron Technologies will allow Lincad to grow its business footprint within those territories. They have many years of experience working with similar clients and we’re excited to be working in partnership for the benefit of both companies.”

Joe Jevelle, Director at Eltron Technologies, added:

“Eltron Technologies is grateful for the opportunity to be selected as Lincad’s North America sales team promoting their military and industrial high-end battery and charger solutions.  We look forward to building their brand within our defense and industrial communities. Thanks Lincad for the confidence you place in our abilities as your newly chosen partner.”

Inventus Power Awarded Nine-year, $1.25 billion Contract to Supply Conformal Wearable Batteries to the U.S. Army

Thursday, June 3rd, 2021

Inventus Power, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced battery systems for military, medical, commercial, and industrial markets today announced it has been awarded a $1.25 billion contract to supply Conformal Wearable Batteries to the U.S. Army over a nine-year period.

The United States Department of Defense released this contract information on its website on May 12, 2021.

Inventus Power, the inventor and current producer of warfighter wearable power, has been working closely with the U.S. Army for over a decade. In 2010, Inventus Power invented the Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB) for the U.S. Army, and since then, has delivered over 100,000 CWBs for its Nett Warrior Program and Small Unit Power programs as the sole source supplier.

Inventus Power’s CWB 150 (14.8V; 152Wh) is a safe, flexible, and wearable power source designed to increase the mission effectiveness of the warfighter. It is the only fielded and proven battery that meets 100% of the U.S. Army’s requirements and exceeds the MIL-PRF-32383/4A specification in several areas critical to warfighter safety and mission accomplishment. Its anti-ballistic and antipropagation technologies make it one of the most advanced battery systems in the industry.

“We take pride in our long-standing partnership with the U.S. Army and our commitment to supply them with the most advanced centrally-powered source available – CWBs,” stated Mark Fiedler, Program Executive and Vice President of Government Programs and Support (GPS) at Inventus Power. “We are proud of this opportunity to continue to support our U.S. Military during its modernization effort. Our CWB is a proven product that meets the power, performance, and safety needs of today’s soldiers while reducing their overall weight burden.”

Technological advances have equipped today’s soldiers with more portable electrical systems than ever before. As their power needs continue to grow, future advancements in wearable power will need to offer higher energy density without increasing a soldier’s weight load or risk in battle.

“Inventus Power practices a process of continuous improvement for all our products and our CWB continues to evolve to meet the central power source requirements for warfighters,” stated Ilyas Ayub, Executive Vice President of Global Product Development at Inventus Power. “With our deep-rooted history of designing safe, innovative, and reliable power solutions for mission-critical applications, we are confident in our ability to design and develop more advanced, next-generation CWBs to meet the increasing energy needs of the modern soldier.”

Desert Fox 6L Overland Gas Bag

Sunday, May 9th, 2021

Designed as an alternative to Jerry cans, these fuel bags are flexible and come with a fuel spout which stores inside a dust-proof integrated pouch.

Also available in 3 and 20 Liter sizes. Get yours here.

Galvion Delivers First Silent Watch Battery Packs (SWBP) for Use in Canada’s LRSS LAV 6.0 Program

Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Galvion is pleased to announce the first delivery of our Symbasys Swatpack™ modular battery systems to General Dynamic Land Systems-Canada for use in the Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) Reconnaissance Surveillance System (LRSS). The LRSS LAV 6.0 will replace the Coyote LAV vehicle providing the Canadian Army with state-of-the art technology for advanced target detection, recognition and identification.

The Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) 6.0 with state-of-the-art surveillance system. Photo courtesy of General Dynamic Land Systems-Canada.

Galvion’s Silent Watch battery solution consists of ten (10) Li-Ion Swatpack™ 160Ah/4KWh battery modules in a custom-designed ballistic enclosure which is mounted on the LAV 6.0. The 40Kwh system will provide the power to run the mounted surveillance system including cameras, thermal imagers, laser range finders, and other on-board electronic equipment. The robust bespoke solution can power these demanding electronics over extended periods of time, in all conditions, with no thermal or aural signature, preserving the batteries for engine starting.

Galvion’s Silent Watch Battery Pack (SWBP), containing ten (10) Symbasys SwatPack™ modules, will be mounted on the Canadian Army’s LAV LRSS military vehicles. The 40Kwh system will provide the power to run the mounted surveillance systems with no sound or thermal signature. The image on the left illustrates the system in custom enclosure, and image on the right is a top-down view.

“Our experience integrating Li-Ion batteries into military applications, and our long-standing partnership with Kokam, a world leader in lithium-ion cell manufacturing, were key in successfully engineering the optimum balance of technology, performance and safety required to meet all of the operational needs for this program,” said Peter Rafferty, Galvion’s V.P. of Platform Power. “Many years of development and a rigorous qualification program carried out over the past two years culminate in Galvion being able to deliver a unique set of capabilities for the LRSS LAV 6.0 program.”

Galvion looks forward to delivering the balance SWBP systems to GDLS Canada and is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking program for the Canadian Army.

Xentris Wireless Announces Expansion of its Manufacturing Operations

Thursday, March 25th, 2021

ADDISON, Ill., March 24, 2021 — Xentris Wireless announces the strategic expansion of its current manufacturing capabilities at its headquarters in Addison, Illinois to support the production of its EXO Charge line. Last year, Xentris Wireless expanded its capabilities to include ruggedized charging and power solutions for the Warfighter by leveraging its knowledge of rapid consumer product development in conjunction with newly acquired knowledge of military power solutions.

“To further support our latest military product division, EXO Charge, we are proud to expand our manufacturing operations. With this addition, we now support all aspects of our product development process – designing, engineering, testing and manufacturing – under one roof,” states David Bailey, President & Chief Executive Officer.

Construction is currently underway and will incorporate new state-of-the-art automated equipment and testing to allow manufacturing to be the most efficient. The main production area is scheduled for completion during the second quarter of 2021. The development and expansion of this area will be an ongoing effort throughout the year.

“Our mission is to deliver the absolute best charging solutions that improve the agility of the modern Warfighter making them faster, lighter and more lethal. With all product development functions along with our manufacturing and distribution center in one location, it will enable us to execute product development and delivery much faster,” states Mike Stein, Vice President of Military & Government Services.

With nearly 30 years of experience, Xentris Wireless has built a reputation as a reliable partner in designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality, innovative wireless accessories supplying a full line of products to a wide range of customers and top wireless companies – including the largest wireless carriers, retailers and dealer agents.

Fort Bragg Warfighter 21 – Universal Battery Charger Lite from Thales

Friday, March 12th, 2021

Compact (2.3” x 6” x 3.5”) and lightweight (1.4lbs), the Universal Battery Charger Lite offers two cable-free charging port for each of the following batteries: BB-2590, AN/PRC-148 or AN/PRC-152, CWB and USB devices. There is also a High Power Inductive pad for cell phones as well as two input DC ports. Additionally, it includes a 6.5W aux DC port compatible with the Dell laptop AC adapter.

The UBC-L allows power harvesting from one battery type to another as well as collection from solar panels and car batteries. Three batteries and two USB devices can be simultaneously charged. Typical battery charging is 2.5 hours.

Displays charging power, state of charge and state of health.

Units and agencies can procure Thales comminication gear by contacting Atlantic Diving Supply.

Improving Military Electronic Devices with WattUp RF Wireless Charging Technology

Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Photo: U.S. Army. Use of this image is for informational purposes only – the appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

As military forces become more technologically enabled, optimizing the size, weight and power requirements (SWAPO) for tactical electronic devices continues to provide opportunities for improvement. WattUp wireless charging is one innovative technology that program offices could implement to enhance battery and device designs.

WattUp is an embedded charging technology which eliminates the dependence on charging cables, open ports or battery doors that reduce the physical integrity and ruggedness of a device. This delivers the dual benefit of reducing the complexity of product design – which can lower both manufacturing and build of materials (BOM) costs – as well as increase a device’s durability and dependability.

WattUp uses radio frequency (RF) technology to establish a link between a transmitter and a receiver, sending power via antennas. It does not use magnetic coils, which require precise alignment or physical contact with the device for charging to take place. This new technology enables both at-contact and over-the-air wireless charging. WattUp also offers improvements in the orientation, placement and interference issues that can occur with coil-based charging. Support for different sized and shaped devices, along with foreign object detection and enhanced thermal performance round out the benefits of WattUp wireless charging from Energous.

WattUp® Mid Field and Far Field Transmitters sense and communicate to authorized receiver devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), but do not interfere with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, as a different frequency band is used for the transmission of power. WattUp is also software-controlled, intelligently determining which devices receive power, when and in what priority. A WattUp transmitter can also charge several devices simultaneously, contributing to a complete wireless power ecosystem with interoperability across multiple receivers and transmitters. If there are no WattUp-enabled devices within range, the WattUp transmitter becomes idle so no power is wasted.

The WattUp receiver ASIC is a microchip embedded within the circuit board of the device that converts the transmitter’s radio waves into DC power to charge the device’s battery. WattUp receiver technology can be scaled to fit a variety of different electronic devices, including very small systems as small as in-ear communications and hearing protection.

The WattUp technology is FCC-approved for power to be transmitted at near field (0 – 5mm distance) and through the air at mid field ranges (up to 1m distance) – with distances of up to 5 meters being in the works.

Finally, the WattUp ecosystem features secure, cloud-based, management software, which enables users to track and manage multiple WattUp-enabled devices within a single environment. Users can set priorities and other alerts to maintain oversight of the health and power consumption of their devices and batteries – and get advance notice when they need recharging.

Military units need to have confidence in their equipment and the assurance that it will perform effectively when needed. Dead or defective batteries can be as unwelcome as non-serviceable weapon. With no need to manually check batteries or to physically connect devices to chargers, WattUp RF wireless charging technology gives leaders and soldiers the confidence that their batteries and devices will be charged and ready when needed.

To find out more about how WattUp® RF wireless charging technology can be applied to military applications, visit, or contact us at [email protected].