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SOFIC 22 – CORE Survival

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Designed specifically for use with the Gentex RAILINK the HEL-STAR Rail Strobe comes in pairs which are intended to be mounted at Node 2 on the RAILINK. This placement moves the strobe off of the top of the helmet, yet allows for full visibility of the strobe.

The HEL-STAR Rail Strobe offers dim and bright power visible light along with an IR function.

I spoke with Jamey Caldwell of 1MinuteOut and he pointed out several features. This overt/covert rail mounted marker offers weight reduction through the elimination of redundant batteries and increases mobility due to its low profile footprint. Jamey has been using this system for over a year and explained that the slick design makes it easier to maneuver in confined spaces.

Gentex Corporation Previews Advanced Concept for Ops-Core RAILINK System

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Integrated Headborne Platform to support elite military and law enforcement

CARBONDALE, PA, MAY 16, 2022 – Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today a preview of its advanced concept for Ops-Core® ARC rails for FAST® helmet systems, the Ops-Core RAILINK® power and data system. This patented, first-of-its-kind, fully integrated, in-rail solution simplifies the life of the user, enabling multiple helmet-mounted systems from a single, centralized power source.

With RAILINK, Gentex Corporation unveils a highly integrated, versatile, open architecture, scalable ecosystem for current and future headborne systems. This new family of products enables rapid and effective integration of technological advancements in personal protection and situational awareness. The RAILINK platform facilitates integration of a broad range of sensors, displays, augmented reality capability, and wireless functionality on the headborne system to improve protection and lethality without impacting the effectiveness of the user or increasing their burden. Gentex is currently collaborating with Princeton Tec, SureFire and CORE Survival, and looks forward to working with future innovation partners on expanding the sensory, accessory and capabilities of RAILINK.

RAILINK is powered by a central helmet power center, feeding power to, and sharing data between, an array of smart nodes and a VAS/NVG interface that allows the user to operate a wide variety of sensor systems. With power and data being run through smart nodes, external cabling is eliminated, simplifying helmet set up, streamlining snag hazards, improving power management efficiency, optimizing open data sharing protocol and clearing ARC rail space for future technology insertion.

“RAILINK is designed to anticipate future technological advancement,” said L.P. Frieder III, president and chief executive officer at Gentex Corporation, “This is an excellent example of how collaboration with customers and industry partners can accelerate the introduction of innovative solutions. We’re excited to see where this platform can go.”

RAILINK will be available for sale late in fourth quarter 2022 and production deliveries to our lead US customer will begin in December 2022.

MDM 22 – Gentex USMC Integrated Helmet System Candidate

Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Gentex is displaying their candidate for the Marine Corps’ Integrated Helmet System program.

A true system, they offer a scalable approach with a high cut ECH level protection helmet but at 12% lighter than the current helmet. To this bolt-less shell is added ARC rails and modular bungee shroud. It will also accommodate AMP headset with rail arms.

This baseline configuration can be further upgraded to the RAILINK, a powered system we’ll discuss in-depth during next week’s SOFIC.

Currently under evaluation by the USMC.

UNITY Tactical Announces the MARK 2.0 AMP kiT

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

UNITY Tactical’s MARK 2.0 is known for being the lowest profile headset helmet mount on the market and continues to gain in popularity for its rotational stowage.

The MARK 2.0 AMP™ kit is designed to work exclusively with the Ops-Core AMP™ headset.  It is available in two configurations.  Full kits come complete with OEM Ops-Core AMP™ Cradle Clamp assemblies and are ready to rapidly attach to headsets out of the box.  The MARK Only kit does not come with the OEM Cradle Clamp assembly and relies on end-users to supply their own Ops-Core AMP™ Cradle Clamps.

The MARK 2.0 AMP™ offers another option for mounting the popular Ops-Core AMP™ headset to helmets.  It attaches at the traditional 12 o’clock position and allows for broader helmet acceptance of AMP™ headsets.  The OEM helmet mount attaches from the rear of the rail.  If a helmet does not have a rear rail, the MARK 2.0 AMP™ will still allow users to attach to helmets.

PLEASE NOTE: The wire forms for the AMP™ version are different than the legacy wire forms.  Legacy MARK 2.0 wire forms are incompatible with the AMP™ Cradle Clamps due to length and crimp direction.

The MARK 2.0 Kit comes with all hardware for attachment to Team Wendy EXFIL™ Gen 2 and 3 rails and Ops-Core ARC™ (and similar). An M-LOK™ Adapter Kit is sold separately for compatibility with MTEK and Hard Head Veterans brand helmets. 

Contact [email protected] for more info.

Nick’s Night Vision – “Daniel Goon” Helmet Cover

Friday, March 4th, 2022

The other day we shared a photo of a glorious Coonskin Helmet Cover. Turns out, it was made by Nick’s Night Vision.

Yes, they’re expensive, but these “Daniel Goon” covers are also made of a genuine raccoon pelt specifically for high cut helmets.

Enforce Tac 22 – Schuberth B.Ko.S. Concept Helmet

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Schuberth gave us a closer look at the B.Ko.S. concept (Ballistisches Kopfschutz System/ ballistic head protection system) helmet they unveiled at Enforce Tac.

Developed in anticipation of an upcoming Bundeswehr tender for a new helmet, it incorporates several new features not found on the currently issued helmet including side rails, clips to attach accessories and a rear rail for battery packs.

Although they developed an entirely new liner system to accommodate more head types along with hearing protection, we didn’t get a chance to check it out yet as they await award of patents. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take a look at that soon.

And Now For Something You’ll Really Like

Monday, February 28th, 2022

Just goes to show how innovative the concept of personal camouflage can be.

Sneak Peek – ProApto Ghillie Helmet Cover

Sunday, February 27th, 2022

Coming soon, the ProApto Ghillie Helmet Cover is adjustable to fit most helmets, IR compliant and you can attach vegetation to it.