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Enforce Tac 23 – Völkl Overboot

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Compatible with a wide variety of footwear, the Völkl Overboot features a Sympatex waterproof breathable membrane combines with a durable Cordura shell and double zipper opening to facilitate opening.

Enforce Tac 23 – Range Extended Electrical Quad

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

REEQ is a diesel hybrid, scalable, modular platform which can be configured in a variety of ways including Side by Side or Quad bike setup.

REEQ can be manned or unmanned, remote or autonomous.

It was designed using COTS components which are easily obtainable on the market.

REEQ offers 50km range with up to 1000km using a range extender and a top speed of 85km/h.

Here it is set up to run a small, mobile command post.

Enforce Tac 23 – Arktis

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

The UK-based company Arktis is introducing Wolf Grey and Ranger Green to their line later this year.

Seen here is the B474 Vulcan jacket which was introduced last year. Named after the famed V-series bomber, it features Primaloft insulation

Enforce Tac – MLV Tactical

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

Denmark’s MLV Tactical gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming hot weather uniform.

The uniform is manufactured from a highly breathable and quick drying lightweight nylon.

The jacket incorporates a ventilation panel.

The trousers feature reinforced knees (which will be color matched to MultiCam during production) and insect netting at the bottom hem.

Enforce Tac 23 – Trivium Head Protection System by Hexonia

Thursday, March 9th, 2023

German company Hexonia was recently purchased by Norway-based NFM. They displayed quite a few technologies from both companies but what caught my eye was the new Trivium Head Protection System which was recently adopted by the German Bundeswehr’s Kommando Spezialkräfte (KSK). While Trivium is new, it finds its roots in the IdZ (Infanterist der Zukunft) helmet and is designed and manufactured in Germany.

The Trivium helmet system for the KSK comes in a hard case and includes nearly 20 components.

Ballistically the base helmet meets VPAM 3 25mm and boasts a V50 around 750 mps and will sustain 9mm on top with no deformation. The rifle appliqué dampens 7.63×39 mild steel core residual energy to 10 jule. Additionally, there are removable ballistic ear shields which are 50% lighter than precious versions and allow use of the side rails when attached.

The system includes two visors and a mandible.

The system includes both a ballistic helmet as well as a carbon bump helmet. Both helmets meet the EC mountaineering standard. The ballistic version is offered in Full Cut, Half Cut, High Cut and Super High Cut variants.

The suspension will look very familiar.

Enforce Tac 23 – British Tactical x Flimmuur Tactical MagPI Line

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Horizon Laminate is a collaboration between British Tactical and Flimmuur Tactical. Patented, it’s seen here in the construction of British Tactical’s MagPI line of pouches.

They’ve managed to save weight by transitioning from a Kydex retention system to using Curv as a stiffener which facilitates retention. Curv is lighter and easier to cut meaning it can be scored and folded in order to created strong shapes.

Enforce Tac 23 – Templar’s Gear

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Poland’s Templar’s Gear showed off their new Dump Bag Inter.

With a simple tug of the strap, it is open and ready to use.

It takes up less space on the belt and is PALS compatible to accept pouches on the outside.

Enforce Tac 23 – Profile Equipment

Wednesday, March 8th, 2023

Profile Equipment is a Dutch company which offers a variety of Israeli technology like the TrekAce, a wearable command and control device which provides haptic feedback to the wearer which means less time staring at the screen of an EUD.