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Enforce Tac 19 – HK 433 Ver 5

Heckler & Koch displayed the latest version of the HK 433 Carbine during Enforce Tac. Chambered in 5.56mm, this model incorporates an 11″ barrel and features H&K’s RAL8000 coloration.

They have submitted the HK 433 as well as a variant of the HK 416 for the Bundeswehr’s competition for a new rifle to replace the G36. Take a look at the version we wrote about one year ago here, and you will notice a few, slight variations.

For instance, the charging handle has been moved slightly to the rear and is now reversible from left to right.

Above are two closeups of the back up front sight and below are two of the rear.

The HK 433 combines operating controls from both M16 and G36 families.

You can see it is equipped with the H&K 30 round polymer magazine. It features a window with orange round indicator on the spring.

-Eric Graves

21 Responses to “Enforce Tac 19 – HK 433 Ver 5”

  1. Marcus says:

    The only item I find somewhat of a kludge is the mag release. It always seems like a lot of unnecessary manipulation to get there. But that’s probably just me. Otherwise it’s a pretty thoughtful engineering.

    • DSM says:

      The prototypes had an AR or G36 style lower but since this marketed towards German customers they loves their paddle releases.

  2. Jon C. says:

    Only HK would put Keymod where important stuff goes and use M-LOk as cooling slots LOL

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    Am I imagining things, or is the pistol grip different too?

    • Zach says:

      Yes it is, as is the extended piece on the stock cheak weld area that makes me the most happy, since there is easily a 5% chance it will be available in the US.

  4. Hubb says:

    Side. Charging. Handle. Why?

    • Adun says:

      Because it is easier to use without getting off of the weapon as much? Easier to grab in general?

    • LCSO264 says:

      it is non-reciprocating, like the MP5 charging handle

  5. b_A says:

    It looks good.
    The thing is, some details seem to just be there to look good and not for function.

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      Yup.A bit disappointing for a German firearm. That rear sight looks a bit big as well.

  6. Kirk says:

    It does look sexy…

    But, am I the only person looking at that rifle, and thinking “Well, first HK copies and re-interprets the AR-15, and now they’ve done the MagPul Masada…”? ‘Cos, I’m sure getting some serious MagPul vibes off that thing, along with the magazines.

    • DSM says:

      Not unlike the MSBS as well I suppose. Imitation and flattery I guess.
      The Masada/ACR always seemed to me to be a bulky weapon. The layout of it was great (until they jacked it up by moving the charging handle to the “HK position” in my humble opinion, among other things) but the execution fell short. I can’t tell just by photographs if this suffers similar issues but it’d seem maybe not.

    • Zach says:

      The basic Masada took its looks from the G36 heavily, so it would make sense that a weapon based on the G36 and 416 would look similar to it as well.

  7. M6 says:

    Funny, on the HK website they’re still showing the version (V1?) that looks like HK’s attempt at an FB MSBS clone…

    It seems SoldierSystems is a better source of info on the HK-433 than the manufacture’s website or social media pages .

    • Sommerbiwak says:

      H&K website never was that wuick and never showed all variants actually offered. Just look at all the G36 variants actually used with different H&K delivered acessories that you do not find on the webiste.

  8. R711 says:

    It looks like the XM-8 and a M-4 had a love child

  9. Stephen says:

    i guess the grip angles were an after thought… Looks to be removable but still a sad attempt forsure… H&K mantra, let’s redo everything and make it proprietary, because yah, that makes sense only from a monetary standpoint… h-key or whatever?? come on guys i love the creativity but seriously this does a diservice to you and end users as well at the end of the day, forcing a customer to get everything from you? hmmm monetary driven platform of the future!