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Heckler & Koch – MR308 A6

Debuting at last week’s Enforce Tac in Germany, the HK MR308 A6 is the latest iteration of their 417 platform.

Offered in .308, it offers a two stage match trigger and a 16.75″ barrel. The rifle also features H&K’s latest color craze, Sniper Grey which featured heavy on the offerings in the booth. The handguard has MLOK at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock and there’s a full-length Picatinny Rail along the top of the receiver which also runs the length of the handguard and has 20 MOA inclination.

As you can see, the MR308 A6 features a very short, 45 deg throw from safe to the semi-auto, fire position. You’ll also note HK’s polymer magazine which was first seen during Enforce Tac in 2019. This .308 version of the magazine is offered in 10 or 20 round capacity and is DPMS pattern. The collapsible stock is adjustable comb as well as length of pull and the pistol grip has three, swappable, palm swells.

Unfortunately, the only example out front in their booth was under glass so the images aren’t as crisp as I’d like. Consequently, I’ve scanned the sales sheet and included the images.

6 Responses to “Heckler & Koch – MR308 A6”

  1. mudd says:

    HK puts a side charger on it.. enabling a more useful stock to be afixed..and then adds a completely useless cheek riser that has no hope of achieving proper eye relief. Typical euro engineering solution sans connectivity to competent end users

  2. Hater and Komplain says:

    Never to been seen in the US.

  3. EST1959 says:

    Of course there is no availability in the USA information from HK.

    • Lcso264 says:

      Take it up with your congressman and the German Gov.

      This was specifically the result of a gov. Contract in Europe, which is their (HK’s) business model weather you like it or not.

      Or cry about it and how they hate you. They’re simply complying with the rules set out by the gov’s of both countries and following their business model

  4. Pooze says:

    308 and a 16.75″ barrel, not for me. No on the 13″ barrel. Give me the 20″ barrel (if the choice was mine). However, its no loss that it isn’t available state side in my opinion. Plenty of other platforms that can do the work with similar ergonomics.

  5. Lcso26 says:

    Take it up with your congressman and the German government.

    Their business model is to sell to mil/gov, that is what they do, in-part due to politics in the EU.

    It is likely as difficult to get US manufactured firearms in Germany, again due to German law and US export restrictions