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Milipol 23 – GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric

GORE-TEX Professional continues to develop their Stretch Fabric Technology and this prototype garment caught my eye.

GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric Technology which retains the water and wind proof breathable characteristics of Gore’s ePTFe material but adds the ability to stretch. The jacket design is not new to snowboarders but it improves the ability to access the inside of the jacket in case of injury, particularly when wearing armor. With access zippers on either side, it’s also easier to vent if needed. It’s an innovation worth taking a look at.

4 Responses to “Milipol 23 – GORE-TEX Stretch Fabric”

  1. lpnam9114 says:

    Shirt is vertical and pants are half horizontal and vertical multicam print. One of the more interesting prototype that I have seen.

    • Strike-Hold says:

      Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that…

    • fmm says:

      Would a mixture of vertical and horizontal mitigate any advantage one may have over the other is the user’s various positions? Something to be investigated in the unending quest to find the best came pattern, or the one type fits all theory.

  2. FormerSOWT says:

    Anyone know what kind of boots are on the mannequin?