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MARSOC Multi-Purpose Canine Handlers Conduct Desert Training

Wednesday, November 15th, 2023

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. – Instructors with Marine Forces Special Operations Command recently hosted the final phase of training for prospective Marines working toward becoming multi-purpose canine handlers for the command, Oct. 1-20, 2023.

The course, which is also used as continuing education training for senior MPCs and handlers, encompasses all aspects of requisite skills that a special operations capability specialist needs to be successful while attached to a Marine Special Operations Company. Everything from tactical movements to engaging enemy combatants is done with the canines right by the side of their handlers.

The portion of the course known as the desert package culminates all of the training the handlers and canines had been through while also shifting the environment to one that is unfamiliar.

“We have individually done all of the things we are being asked to do here,” said a student handler. “The change in environment, to something you just won’t see in North Carolina, challenges us to put it all together and really make sure we understand our dog and their personality.”

MPCs and handlers within MARSOC have a high bar to achieve. In addition to being the only special operations component that uses subject matter experts in canine handling to work on the teams, the canines themselves have more asked of them than normal.

“MARSOC really sets itself apart because we train to proficiency in all three facets of canine work,” said a senior MPC handler. “all of our dogs are capable of apprehension, or bites, explosive detection, and tracking, requiring a higher level of training”

To be able to accommodate the heightened requirements for the MPCs, the handlers are trained differently as well.

“Our handlers are not just handlers, they are trained to be trainers,” an MPC handler added. “There is a level of knowledge that goes beyond just working with the dog. Our handlers are capable of going to a partner nation and training their dogs and handlers to proficiency as well.”

Upon successful completion of the training pipeline, both students and canines are fully certified to be a working MPC team. Those teams then continue preparations to join a company and eventually deploy alongside critical skills operators and special operations officers on a team.

The multi-purpose canine handler pipeline is open to those within the 5800 military police occupational field. Interested Marines should reach out to a MARSOC recruiter to learn more about the opportunity.

Story by Cpl Henry Rodriguez II 

Marine Forces, Special Operations Command

High Proof Media Company Launches IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign for Groundbreaking Documentary Series: ‘The War Dog’s Story: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless’

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

October 2, 2023 – Many war stories have been told over the years, but rarely are those stories about man’s best friend, the military working dog. After speaking with many retired dog handlers, it became clear to us that the story of the working dog needed to be told. We started production on The War Dog’s Story back in July of 2022, and after 60 hours of filming, 39 interviews, 5 states around the country, and the potential for a 20-episode series, we need your help to cross the finish line.

For many months, we have worked on trying to get a major network to pick up the War Dog’s Story documentary. From the feedback that we received, the feelings were the same – there was no interest in war stories or the dogs in them. We decided to move forward on our own in order to get the War Dog’s Story completed and so we are now excited to announce our official crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo to honor these stories, and the dogs and people in them.

With the funds that we are able to secure, we will be completing the last of the interviews needed. How many episodes will go into the series ultimately depends on how much we’re able to raise with the crowdfunding campaign. Once the edit is complete, we’ll be submitting the documentary series to a distributor we have worked with previously. Other shows that we have produced have streamed on Amazon Prime, Tubi, and many other services in the past so we’re quite confident that The War Dog’s Story will end up on numerous streaming platforms as well.

Please help us spread the word to everyone you know about our crowdfunding campaign, which launches on October 2nd. Every like, share and contribution will help us cross the finish line. People can donate to the project via the IndieGoGo page or directly on the War Dog’s Story web site with our PayPal and credit card options. From the start, these stories that are being told are what matter the most to us and we could really use your help in letting everyone know about the campaign, the film and of course, the war dogs. 

Thank you,

Bri Coelho

Executive Producer, The War Dogs Story

High Proof Media Company

Where people can donate:

• IndieGoGo Site: igg.me/at/thewardogsstory

• War Dog’s Story Site: www.wardogseries.com

• PayPal: www.paypal.com/paypalme/highproofmedia

Social Media Platforms:

• Facebook: www.facebook.com/highproofmediacompany

•Instagram: www.instagram.com/highproofmediacompany

• Twitter:  twitter.com/@highproof_media

• YouTube: www.youtube.com/@HighProofMedia

• IMDB: www.imdb.com/title/tt29168674

5.11 Tactical Introduces Mission Ready Dog and AROS K9 Collections

Friday, September 15th, 2023

Designed for active and working dogs, the collections feature versatile lines of K9 products
COSTA MESA, Calif. (September 14, 2023) – 5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, has announced the release of its new Mission Ready™ Dog and AROS K9 Collections. Designed for active and working dogs, and their handlers, these all-new collections feature harnesses, leashes and collars that prioritize functionality, durability and comfort.

“We have a goal to offer dependable gear that our customers can trust for all aspects and missions in their lives and that lives up to our Purpose-Built Gear™ motto,” said 5.11’s CEO, Francisco J. Morales. “That goal, in addition to customer requests and feedback, led to the design of these new products that customers can depend on when they’re joined by their K9s, whether that’s for a weekend adventure or an active patrol.”

The Mission Ready™ Dog Collection was created with active dogs in mind and is highlighted by the Mission Ready™ Dog Harness ($45). Built with lightweight 330D nylon, a padded chest panel and adjustable straps, it was designed to offer comfort for any dog. Meanwhile, a low profile quick-release buckle, dual V-ring attachment points, a grab handle and a MOLLE loop panel offer added convenience for users.

Mission Ready™ Dog Harness
Dog owners seeking a dependable collar can look to the Mission Ready™ Dog Collar ($20). It’s constructed with nylon webbing, a low-profile Duraflex® side release buckle and an aluminum V-ring for leash attachment that combines to offer long-lasting reliability.

The Mission Ready™ Dog Collection is rounded out by two great leashes. The Mission Ready™ Modular Dog Leash ($35) is built with 1” Nylon webbing and a tubular webbing bungee system with a metal swivel hook for added flexibility and up to 7 feet of length. It can be used in handheld or waistband configurations with a padded handle and side release buckle that attaches to an accessory loop.

The Mission Ready™ Dog Leash ($30) offers 5 feet of 1” Nylon webbing with a metal swivel hook for attachment. A padded neoprene handle, accessory loop and secondary handle are incorporated to create added comfort and capabilities.

The AROS K9 Collection was built with input from professional K9 handlers to ensure functionality and reliability in even the most demanding situations. The AROS K9 Harness ($150) features a low-profile and minimalistic design that allows a free range of motion for K9s while the padded chest panel and adjustable straps distribute weight evenly to reduce strain and provide a comfortable, secure fit. Durability is ensured by nylon webbing with reinforced construction, a metal V-ring and an AustriAlpin COBRA® buckle. Additional features include a lay-flat grab handle for maximum control and a removable loop ID panel.

Mission Ready™ Dog Leash, AROS K9 Harness and AROS K9 Collar 1.0
In addition to a harness, the AROS K9 Collection offers the AROS K9 Collar 1.0” ($70) and the AROS K9 Collar 1.5” ($80). Both options feature rugged construction with durable nylon webbing and reinforced stitching and AustriAlpin COBRA® buckles. The AROS K9 Collar 1.0 offers a D-ring attachment point while the AROS K9 Collar 1.5 includes a metal V-ring for attachment. Additionally, the AROS K9 Collar 1.5 is designed with a lay-flat grab handle for maximum control from a minimal profile.

To learn more about the Mission Ready™ Dog and AROS K9 Collections or to shop its offering, visit www.511tactical.com.

Creomagic to Provide Advanced Live Video and Communication Solution for Tier-1 Military K9 Unit

Monday, August 21st, 2023

Ness Ziona, Israel – August 21st, 2023 – Creomagic Ltd., a pioneering communications manufacturer based in Israel, has been awarded a significant contract by an undisclosed Tier-1 defense customer to provide lightweight tactical video and communication kits tailored for K9 operations. The contract is estimated at hundreds of units worth several millions of US Dollars.

K9 operational dog and its human handler – Illustration (Credit: Israel Defense Forces)

Creomagic will showcase its communication technology portfolio, including its newly released CreoHub HP man-portable radio, at the upcoming Defence & Security Equipment International (DSEI) exhibition in London, UK (September 12 to 15, 2023; booth H1-116).

CreoHub personal kit with wearable video camera and tactical computer

The new K9 systems will enable live video and voice transmission from K9 dogs to their human handlers and team leaders, ensuring uninterrupted near-real-time footage and voice in hostage release situations, search and rescue missions and other complex operational scenarios.

The contract is a result of a competitive test campaign conducted in various operational settings, ranging from private houses and public buildings to city markets, forestry, basements, and mountainous areas. Throughout these tests, Creomagic’s communication systems demonstrated law latency video transmission, telemetry and voice commands.

“K9 dogs play an invaluable role in military, law enforcement, and rescue units worldwide, often operating in environments that are inaccessible to human operators” noted Alex Shapochnik, CEO of Creomagic. “During these missions, our communication systems need to meet not only the highest performance requirements but also to provide comfort and ergonomic functionality for the dogs. Most importantly, we are proud to help our customers save lives”.

Complete Parachute Solutions – K9 Jump Mannequin

Thursday, August 3rd, 2023

One of the things you learn is that rehearsals are critical to mission success. That’s why parachutists jump regularly and divers make scheduled dives.

The use of K9s for search, scouting and attack purposes means that they’ve got to get to the fight just like their handlers and sometimes that means an MFF insertion. But, to make sure that the handler and K9 survive the jump, it’s imperative to train. It’s also much lower risk for the handler if the actual dog isn’t on training jumps.

Complete Parachute Solutions has developed a K9 jump mannequin to prepare handler parachutists for jumps with their K9 companion. Use of a mannequin doesn’t expose the K9’s limbs to high altitude cold or injury during landings.

The mannequin simulates the size and build of a Malinois Or Shepherd in the “crouch” Or down position. It weighs At 62 lbs (28 kg) and features a permanently affixed K9 harness. The harness is also available separately.


Aspetto x Gunner Kennel Tactical Crossover

Monday, July 24th, 2023

From Tech to Tactical, Aspetto’s capabilities are endless. The Information Technology Services and Tactical Solutions provider is expanding upon their partnership with Gunner Kennels. The technical properties of the known hunting brand will push the capabilities of global K9 handlers and their MWD wingmen, with all necessary protection.

Among other K9 offerings, Aspetto can outfit entire K9 teams with every solution necessary – the proverbial “one-stop-shop”.

The double-walled GUNNER Kennel line boasts the highest crash-test safety rating of any other kennel. The GUNNER testimonials prove their passengers’ survival rate; with customizable sizes, your K9 can be guaranteed a good fit. In addition, the accessories assure the utmost comfort for your dog. You can add a bar-mount fan, water dish, bite guards, weather shields, and different comfort pads based on what you need. Getting a laser-engraved nameplate for your dog is the cherry on top.

Aspetto wants you and your wingman to be as comfortable and safe as possible. See for yourself and the nearly 40,000 products available to your unit as they align with the best brands out there; all at Aspetto’s GSA Catalog!

Project K9 Hero Blackjack Run

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023

As anyone who has deployed or served as a first responder knows, these Dogs don’t get the recognition they deserve after serving in combat zones or in their communities. The Slaughter Pen Virginia Chapter of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club is supporting K-9 Dax, formerly from the 1st Ranger Battalion as our goal. These K-9s have saved the lives of America’s Elite Warriors and First Responders.

Please help save theirs.

The points of contact for this efforts are:

Doc Kip at email [email protected], phone (912) 655-9569 or Robo at phone (706) 429-6104.

Pepper’s Donation Drop – 2022 Toy Drive

Sunday, November 13th, 2022

You may recognize Pepper and her handler Justin Melnick from the hit CBS series “SEAL Team”. Pepper is raising funds for working K9s via Military Working Dog Team Support Association, Inc an all-volunteer 501(c)3 charity.

Here’s Pepper’s pitch….”If you donate $18 to MWDTSA, you will be purchasing the ‘Magnum Black Stars and Stripes’ rope toy from USA-K9 by SodaPup pictured on the right. It’s made from extra sturdy rubber so teeth like mine can’t bite through it. As an added bonus, from November 1 through December 15, 2022, USA-K9 by SodaPup will match your tax-deductible donation with TWO additional toys. That’s right, you’re purchasing three toys for the price of one. Thank you!”

Once the fundraising drive is over, MWDTSA will send the toys to working dogs.

Donate here.