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Unity Tactical – FAST OMNI Magnifier Mount

Unity Tactical is proud to announce the upcoming FAST OMNI Magnifier Mount.  Available March 15th.  The Fast OMNI Magnifier Mount has the same feature set as other Magnifier mounts in the Unity Tactical lineup, with a ton of capability.  The FAST OMNI features the revolutionary flip-to-center configuration, as well as QD capability.

The FAST OMNI Magnifier Mount is compatible with a multitude of Magnifiers from multiple manufacturers.  


EOTech                 G30, G23, G33, G43, G45

Vortex                  VMX-3T, Micro 3X, Micro 6X

Trijicon                 3X MAG-C

Sig Sauer              Juliet 3X, Juliet 4X, Juliet Micro 3X

The Unity Tactical FAST OMNI Magnifier Mount will be available March 15th in Black and FDE.

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