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Hill People Gear – Decker Pack System Expanded

Friday, February 26th, 2021

First released in 2019, Hill People Gear’s Decker Pack System Initially consisted of Decker Pocket, Decker Frame and Prairie Belt.

The Decker Frame shares the same frame and suspension elements as the Ute Pack.

The design of the Decker Frame allows it to accept any other pack bags which will fit within its compression straps which cradle the bag. In this photo, you can also see the hypalon capture flap that wraps around the bottom of a load and creates a shelf which is ideal for carrying out game meat from the backcountry or awkward loads.

Now they’ve added three new interchangeable packbag options, increasing the versatility of the system.

Decker Packbag – Small

The small Decker Packbag is 45L / 2500ci and shares the same dimensions as the Decker Pocket. It is a stripped down version of the pocket that does away with the buckles and the sewn-in hypalon center yoke. The Small Decker Packbag is offered in 500d Cordura and a lightweight sil-nylon. This pack size is meant for day hikes/hunts, but can be used for summer overnights if packed accordingly.

Decker Packbag – Medium

The medium Decker Packbag is a slick version of the Ute pack with a 60L / 3600ci capacity. It will be available in March in 500d Cordura and a lightweight sil-nylon. This is a good all-around option that can handle summer multiday trips, winter overnights, or be compressed down to a large day-pack.

Decker Packbag – Large

At 100 L / 6000 ci the large Decker Packbag is the largest packbag designed to be used with the Decker Frame. It shares the same Dimensions as the qui-Ya pack. This will handle winter multi-day trips but can still be compressed down to a fairly small size. Combine this with the small sil-nylon packbag so you can ditch the larger bag when you get to camp and run the small bag on your day hikes/hunts. It is available in 500d Cordura and a lightweight sil-nylon.

Heads Up – Hill People Gear to Release Limited Run of Umlindi Packs in MultiCam Black

Friday, February 19th, 2021

Available Monday 2/22 @ 10am MST, a limited run of Umlindi packs in MultiCam Black.

Project 7 Armor – Integrated Load Bearing Assault Pack

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Constructed of Blue Force Gear Ultracomp and 500D Cordura, the Integrated Load Bearing Assault Pack features three compartments and ample PALS compatible real estate.

-External 8”x9.5” front pocket with a large mesh pouch, pen holders, elastic straps, and open top pouches ideal for medical supplies or admin use.
-External 9.5”x14.75”, zippered and padded, electronics pocket built to hold your electronic devices.
-Large, 11”x16.5” internal compartment lined with webless MOLLE/PALS, allowing for securing/isolating fragile or volatile cargo.

Additionally, the pack can be attached directly to armor thanks to the removable shoulder straps. There’s also a magnetic sternum strap.

Offered in OD, Black and MultiCam.

The In And Out Jacket from MAN x Mystery Ranch

Sunday, February 7th, 2021

From the front it looks like a mild mannered techie outdoor jacket, but when you flip it around, the In and Out Jacket reveals its secret alter ego.

Designed by Junya Watanabe for his MAN clothing line, the jacket integrates a Mystery Ranch In And Out daypack which is the carryon pack I use while traveling.

Get yours here. It’s a steal at $2010.

Sneak Peek – USMC Pack Shoulder Harness to ALICE Frame Conversion Kit from OV Innovations

Thursday, February 4th, 2021

Coming soon from OV Innovations, the USMC Pack Shoulder Harness to ALICE frame conversion kit allows a FILBE pack and harness to run on a standard ALICE frame.

The TT Load Carrier and Packsack from Tasmanian Tiger Make Awkward Loads Easy to Carry

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2021

Designed for items too large, awkward, or heavy to fit into traditional backpacks, the TT Load Carrier and TT Load Carrier Packsack allows the wearer to carry loads up to 110 lbs. easily.

Miramar, Fla. (February 2021) – Tasmanian Tiger®, a tactical nylon line of products distributed exclusively for the US market by Proforce Equipment, Inc., introduce a unique system for operators, professionals, and outdoorsmen and women to carry gear into the field that would not ordinarily fit into a traditional backpack. The TT Load Carrier and TT Load Carrier Packsack make easy work of awkward items and can make carrying loads up to 110 lbs. much less stressful.

The TT Load Carrier uses the V2-System, a size-adjustable carrying system for medium to heavy loads allowing for easy adjustment to maximize ergonomic benefits based on the load size (up to 110 lbs./50kg comfortably). The aluminum welded outer frame maintains sturdy and strong support with four diagonal crossbars. The integrated stand lets the wearer disengage the carrier and set it down, keeping the gear in place. The system is lightweight at 95 oz./2.7kg and features padded shoulder straps, an adjustable belt, and performance 420 HD nylon for years of exceptional wear.

The TT Load Carrier Packsack (sold separately), is designed to specifically fit the TT Load Carrier by attaching to the frame; it converts the system to a full-size external frame pack. It has an 80 liter/4,882 cubic inch capacity and weighs 30 ounces/850 grams with dimensions of 26”x13”x10”/66cmx34cmx25cm for carrying ample amounts of gear. Made from durable 420 HD nylon, the Packsack can be folded and tied to the TT Load Carrier for when its needed. With large pockets on each side and the front, the Packsack can be confidently stuffed to carry gear in any environmental condition and even features a snow guard with two drawstrings under the lid for severe weather.

The TT Load Carrier and TT Packsack are both available in Olive only and the MSRP of the Load Carrier is $239.00 while the Packsack is $89.95. Available at a dealer near you.

All sales inquiries can be directed to [email protected].

5.11 Announces New Products for 2021

Monday, February 1st, 2021

Irvine, Calif. (February 1, 2021) – 5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built gear, has revealed new packs, apparel, footwear and accessories to be launched in Spring and Fall 2021. The 2021 product line includes all-new items along with updates to previous product offerings for outdoor adventurers and tactical enthusiasts alike.

5.11’s brand mantra, Always Be Ready, has never been more relevant than it is today. In 2021, 5.11 supports this core message with products that enhance customers’ ability to stay healthy, prepared and self-reliant. 5.11’s most robust product offering across categories in years, the RUSH 2.0 collection provides users with versatility and functionality on the go, the A/T Series offers professionals a durable and highly technical support for all day performance and comfort, the PT-R series gives end users an opportunity to stay physically fit in any environment, and the covert Norris Low-Top Sneakers gives daily wearers the protection of a combat boot in a street shoe. Preparedness is the first priority, and 5.11’s new products for 2021 were engineered to get customers there.

“Our end-users depend on 5.11 products and gear to ensure they can live the mantra of Always Be Ready,” said 5.11’s CEO, Francisco Morales. “That fact is a guiding principle as we work to design, develop and introduce new items into our offering. From public safety professionals, operators, and outdoor enthusiasts, we spend years fine-tuning products to meet their needs. We couldn’t be more excited for the new gear we are bringing to market in 2021.”

“This year we are expanding the 5.11 product range to offer something for multiple aspects of life,” added Matt Page, Vice President, Global Product for 5.11. “We want to ensure our customers have 5.11 products to help them feel prepared and to perform their best, whether they’re on duty, at work, training or active in the outdoors. In order to meet that goal, we’ve extended or updated many existing product lines with some exciting new products and categories.”

After years of in-field testing and end-user feedback, the iconic 5.11 RUSH Series Backpacks, featuring 5.11’s signature Center Line™ design – originally launched in 2007 with over 1 million sales since that time – is being reintroduced this Spring with the RUSH 2.0 Series. The new RUSH 2.0 Series is continuing to offer customer-favorite features such as durable 1050D-nylon construction, MOLLE platforms and multiple gear loops for ultimate customization, while introducing all-new aspects including a padded laptop compartment and a hidden concealed-carry compartment. Further updates include revised interior organization; a relocated hydration port; a larger fleece-lined eyewear and media pocket, and new color options. Capacities: RUSH12™ 2.0 (24 liters) (MSRP $109.99), RUSH24™ 2.0 (37 liters) (MSRP $139.99) and RUSH72™ 2.0 (55 liters) (MSRP $189.99). Also available in Multicam®.

5.11 RUSH 2.0 Backpacks
Designed utilizing four guiding pillars of durability, accessibility, functionality and versatility, the new Daily Deploy 48 Pack is a versatile pack offering 39-liter capacity and design features appealing for an application from every-day civilian use to professionals requiring their essential gear organized and accessible. A side brief opening offers full access to a loop lined main compartment and secondary compartment, while a dedicated rear compartment perfectly houses a laptop or hydration system. RUSH Tier compatible with front and side MOLLE webbing, this pack is as versatile as they come and will be available come Spring (MSRP: $159.99). For those that need the versatility of a tactical pack but in a discrete look, the new 32-liter COVRT18 2.0 provides everything from concealed-carry and flex cuff storage to a TSA checkpoint friendly laptop compartment and tuckable logos for the ultimate covert solution. (MSRP: $139.99)

To complement its enhanced line of packs, 5.11 has partnered with Hydrapak® to produce an ultra-durable, 3-liter hydration system with a fixed center baffle for a slim profile. The new WTS and WTS Wide 3L Hydration Systems (MSRP: $44.99) work in conjunction with 5.11’s convertible hydration carriers. The Convertible Hydration Carrier (MSRP $54.99) converts from a backpack to a MOLLE pouch and attaches to a plate carrier/vest via the PC Convertible Hydration Carrier (MSRP: $59.99).

5.11 Hydration System
A whole new category of innovative training gear will be introduced from 5.11 this summer with the Physical Training-Ready (PT-R) Line. The PT-R Weight Kit 50 and PT-R Weight Kit 100 provide the customer a creative and portable solution to training when weights or other gym equipment is not available. The kits include two heavy-duty liner bags that can be filled with sand or other weighted material. The liners can be used as stand-alone weight bags or placed in the larger weight bag for weighted bag training. The liner bags and weight bags feature reinforced, non-slip grip handles to ensure durability and continued use. The PT-R Weight 50 Kit (MSRP: $149.99) holds approximately 25lbs of sand in each liner bag (50lbstotal) and the PT-R Weight 100 Kit (MSRP: $169.99) holds 50lbs of sand in each liner bag (100lbs total). When not filled with sand the bags can be packed into luggage and brought to any destination.

5.11 PT-R Collection
Further additions to 5.11’s training gear include the TacTec® Trainer Weight Vest (MSRP: $139.99) and the TacTec® Weight Plate Sandbag (MSRP: $54.99) Inspired by the Tactec® Plate Carrier, the Tactec® Trainer Weight Vest is a low profile, lightweight and comfortable vest with adjustable stretch cummerbunds, front/ rear MOLLE and is compatible with Rogue® weight plates and the TacTec® Weight Plate Sandbag – a heavy-duty and adjustable bag that can be filled with sand or other weighted materials and secured in the vest allowing the customer to train anywhere.

The new inner/outer 1.75” Maverick Battle Belt features an ergonomic curve for maximum comfort and 5.11’s proprietary TAC-LAM® high strength laminate on top of a dual nylon webbing. 1” and ½” laser-cut weaving opportunities ensure effortless arrangement of your duty and training gear complete with a COBRA® buckle. Available in the fall. (MSRP $149.99)

Another product implanting a unique, innovative and convertible theme is the ABR Plate Carrier (MSRP: $159.99). Covertly stored in a briefcase when not in use, the convertible plate carrier features laser-cut and web MOLLE, an admin pocket, adjustable shoulder straps and quick release waist straps.

5.11 A/T 8 HD
The All Terrain Load Assistance System (A.T.L.A.S.) Footwear collection that was launched in 2020 – and that quickly became a customer favorite – is being enhanced and expanded in 2021 as the A/T Series Featuring 5.11’s A.T.L.A.S. Technology. The A/T 6 Non-Zip Boot (MSRP: $154.99) and A/T 6 Side Zip Boot (MSRP: $154.99) feature 5.11’s Echo (high rebound) and Force (high impact) foam midsole with the A.T.L.A.S. plate for turning and stability control while carrying additional weight, the A/T 8 HD (MSRP: $179.99) offers the full benefits of A.T.L.A.S. technology along with a new heat deflecting leather and internal reflective strobel sock to reduce heat from the ground. The result is a boot that can provide comfort and stability for all-day duty.

The stylish, do-it-all line of Norris Sneakers is also expanding in 2021 with a Low-Top Norris Sneaker (MSRP: $94.99) this Fall. The same functionality and durability of the original High-Top Norris Sneaker will be available in 2 new colors including black/gum and dark coyote. The High-Top Norris is also getting an update this year with new colorways –coyote, storm, multicam, dark navy, black/woodlands camo, and black/white (MSRP: $99.99).

5.11 Low-Top Norris Sneaker

Durable and functional apparel has been a staple of 5.11 since day one. 2021 will see new additions in all apparel categories for both men and women. The new men’s Ridge Pant is constructed with a Flex-Tac polyester/cotton canvas and DWR treated for ultimate durability. Hidden pockets, low-profile cargo pockets, articulated knees and an updated fit add functionality to this stylish and durable pant. It doesn’t get much more versatile than the men’s Decoy Pant and its ability to easily be converted from pants to shorts and back. Add in eight pockets, including concealed cargo pockets, yoke utility pockets and more, along with 50+ UPF protection and a DWR finish, this is one piece of clothing that can do it all. For the bolder men of the world, the ultra-durable Commando Kilt featuring a DWR treated polyester/cotton ripstop fabric will be offered in Multicam this Spring. (MSRP: Ridge Pant $84.99, Decoy Pant $84.99, Commando Kilt in Multicam $94.99).

5.11 Men’s Ridge Pant
The Shella Pant is a new offering in the women’s pant line. It features a straight fit and clean look while offering functionality for in-field and recreational use with low profile pockets, a DWR finish, and a polyester/elastane, 4-way stretch Enduro-Flex™ fabric. Women looking for a comfortable pant that can withstand the rigors of a hard workout will enjoy the Kaia Tight. It offers 5.11’s reflective heat transfer, moisture wicking, anti-odor technology, and flat-locked seams for added comfort. Dual side pockets and a hidden interior waistband pocket allows wearers to comfortably carry valuables. (MSRP: Shella Pant: $74.99, Kaia Tight $64.99).

5.11 Women’s Shella Pant
The men’s apparel line also added shorts for the Spring with the Defender Flex Range Short (MSRP: $64.99), the Trail Short (MSRP: $74.99) and the Icon Short (MSRP: $74.99). The Defender Flex is designed to hold up to consistent wear, tear and humidity with strategically placed reinforcements in high-stress areas and stretch fabrics. Meanwhile the Trail Short is finished with a quick-dry, DWR finish that makes them an amphibian type short great for both on the land and in the water. The tough and popular Icon line is expanding to offer an Icon Short built to withstand long durations of outdoor use and abuse. It features a durable Teflon finish on a stretch fabric and enough pockets to haul gear for any mission or adventure.

5.11 Men’s Wanderer Shirt
For tops, 5.11 listened to customer’s request to offer Marksman Short Sleeve – after the long sleeve iteration became a favorite. The Marksman Short Sleeve offers 50+ UPF protection, a stylish button-up look, moisture wicking properties, underarm mesh gussets and two chest pockets to create a clean and comfortable shirt for any occasion. (MSRP: $54.99) 5.11 is excited to expand their Vent-Tac™ technology offering with two new novelty prints in the 99 Cans of Beer Short Sleeve Shirt and the Wanderer Short Sleeve Shirt (MSRP: $64.99, $64.99)

Functionality, comfort and style are key elements for the new women’s tops of 2021. The Tessa Full Zip (MSRP: $ 74.99) and Tessa 1/4 Zip (MSRP: $74.99) utilize a fitted cut and strong styling accents with a polyester/elastane jersey fabric that wicks moisture and prevents odors. The women’s Nora Short follows suit with a comfortable and durable 98% cotton, 2% elastane stretch twill blend. Additional features of the Nora Short include dual back utility pockets with endure-flex pocketing and a comfort stretch waistband (MSRP $54.99).

5.11 Women’s Tessa ¼ Zip
For customers who desire to Always Be Ready in any and all conditions, 5.11 is introducing the Atmosphere Regulator System, a full, multi-layer clothing system designed for anything nature dishes out. The system starts with the Tropos Base Layer Tight (MSRP: $47.99) and Tropos Base Layer Top (MSRP: $47.99) that feature graphene yarn and flatlock seams for moisture wicking performance and comfort. Next the Stratos 1/4 Zip (MSRP: $69.99) is an all-season pullover with moisture-wicking and anti-odor capabilities, brushed tricot-lined inner collar and raglan sleeves for a versatile layer that provides a full range of motion. The Mesos Tech Fleece (MSRP: $94.99) full-zip jacket is made with anti-piling microfleece and strategically place N6-nylon overlays for extra durability. The Exos Rainshell (MSRP: $129.99) offers 20k-waterproof and 10k-breathable protection and comfort that is fully seamed-sealed to withstand any storm. Finally, the Atmos Warming Jacket (MSRP: $179.99) is parka designed to provide ultimate warmth is extremely low temperatures with polyester PrimaLoft insulation, a slotted button-front placket with webbing attachment, internal sleeve gaiters and under-arm zippers for venting when it’s doing its job too well.

Customers looking for everyday carry tools will be happy to see new many new items from 5.11 that are keychain or micro hardpoint carabiner compatible. The EDT Hex comes with four tip fastening options including a Phillips and slotted screwdriver tips for everyday tasks and T6 and T8 Torx heads, ideal for knife tune ups, optics, and electronic devices (MSRP: $16.99). The EDT Pry features a pry tip that doubles as a flat-head screwdriver, a ¼-inch driver that works with standard hex bits, as well as a bottle opener (MSRP: $14.99). The EDT Rescue includes a carbide tip that can shatter tempered automotive glass, a web cutter that makes quick work of a stuck seat belt, and an oxygen key should you need it (MSRP: $14.99).

5.11 EDC K-USB Flashlight and EDT Pry
When it comes to EDC, knives embody “everyday” more than any other tool. The minimalist Base 1SF knife is a quick-access keychain edged tool. It features a 1.5-inch sheepsfoot blade constructed from 8CR13MOV stainless steel. With a one-handed thumb stud opening and frame lock, this tool can handle everyday tasks directly from your pocket. Measuring less than 4 inches when opened, it folds down to an easily carried 2.365 inches. Practicality simplified for on-the-go. Includes a split ring and micro Hardpoint carabiner for multiple connection options. (MSRP: $16.99)

The EDC K-USB Flashlight keeps 150 lumens at the ready with its keychain-carry design. With a body constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum and IP54 dust and water-resistant rating, it will withstand the daily beating of keychain carry. A battery status LED in the switch reminds users when actively recharging and fully charged. (MSRP: $32.99)

5.11 GTI Capsule
5.11 is thrilled to announce new products in collaboration with special forces veteran and leader in the tactical cutlery industry, Justin Gingrich, who pioneered the modern tactical tomahawk and has developed some of the most sought-after tactical knife and tomahawk designs. Gingrich teamed with 5.11 to design the Peacemaker CFA with a heat-treated steel blade and pick head with full-tang steel construction that’s perfect for heavy field use. Best of all, the Peacemaker CFA swings with the accuracy and feel of a hammer. Its skeletonized frame reduces the weight (1 lb., 12.2 oz), which helps make short work bigger tasks. A textured handle, finished with a tactical pummel tip, provides a sure grip in wet and freezing conditions. It includes a protective sheath and four position belt/MOLLE clip with a 3” capacity. (MSRP: $149.99)

Gingrich also led the design of the CFK 7 Peacemaker (MSRP: $129.99). Thanks to the heat-treated steel blade and full-tang steel construction, the CFK 7 Peacemaker can handle tough jobs that lesser knives can’t touch. Blade perforations reduce weight to help make short work of cutting, batoning, and carving. The textured handle, finished with a tactical pummel tip, provides a sure grip in wet and freezing conditions. It also includes a protective sheath with updated two position 3-inch belt/MOLLE clips.

3M Carbon Black Embellishment for 5.11
5.11 is excited to announce the option for 3M™ Carbon Black embellishment now available through the 5.11 Custom Shop in Manteca, CA. This patented reflective film has a high level of durability while still maintaining flexibility which makes this glass bead technology a perfect candidate for application to uniform and outerwear alike. Officer Safety is the primary intent of this product giving off-angle brightness in low-light situations, however, remaining a muted appearance during daylight conditions. Unlike other treatments, 3M™ Carbon Black will not lose the dark coloration or reflective properties while still maintaining a peak performance for the life of the product. Capability for embellishment is near limitless from custom agency or standardized law enforcement callout. Additional recommendations are to include piping around sleeves and stripes down pant and pocket to allow more points of viability.

“Every new product from 5.11 is designed with a purpose and introduced to meet the needs of our end-users,” said 5.11 Chief Marketing Officer, Debra Radcliff. “At 5.11, we work closely with leading experts, professionals, and enthusiasts to offer gear capable of meeting or exceeding the high standards of our customers. Many of these new items are several years in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited to add them to our assortment.”

Learn more about 5.11’s best-selling gear and accessories at Find a full list of 5.11 company-owned retail stores at

5.11 Tactical Updates Rush Pack Series

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

Earlier this month 5.11 Tactical released an update to their flagship pack, the Rush series, introducing the new 2.0 configuration. Their tag line, “a million missions and counting,” shows how ubiquitous this pack has become and how welcome these changes will be to their users.

Recently, we spoke with Sharon Park, the Senior Category Manager for Gear at 5.11 Tactical where she oversees Load Bearing, Tools and EDC accessories. The Rush 2.0 series is right in her wheelhouse and she told us of her job, “I love gear.” After taking a look at what they’ve done, the results back up her claim.

For the update, Park’s marching orders were straight forward, keep the appearance familiar, add features, but maintain the price. A simple, yet challenging, list of demands.

5.11 Tactical endeavors to offer value to their customers, balancing quality and affordability. They seem to be doing a good job, considering how much 5.11 gear you see out in the field. Not only is it standard issue for agency after agency, but end users gravitate 5.11’s way and it was those same end users Park’s team listened to for this project.

Offered in three sizes, 5.11 Tactical sees the Rush series as their ultimate every day pack. According to Park it offers, “modularity and versatility to our duty customers as well as the tactical enthusiast, student and outdoor adventurer.” That’s a lot of different user groups to satisfy.

They keep a running list of customer wish lists for all of their products and referenced the Rush list before they commenced on the upgrades.

Available in 12, 24, 72 and 100 sizes, the numerical naming convention equates to hours rather than size in liters. However, the 2.0 upgrades were only applied to the three smaller sizes of the Rush as the 100 is a more recent design. The mid-sized Rush24 is the most popular in the lineup, offering 37 liters of load carriage space whereas the Rush12 comes in at 24 liters and the Rush72 at 75 liters. The line is rounded out with the Rush100 which i mentioned earlier and it’s much more like a traditional hiking pack with 60 liters of carrying capacity.

The packs have always featured quick access to the contents, and the upgrades, which have been classified by the design team as major and minor, concentrate on access to gear.

On the major side, they’ve added a padded laptop compartment which was their most requested feature addition. They also added a concealed carry compartment similar to the one on the MOAB 6 and 10 sling packs, and enlarged the eyewear pouch within the top zippered pouch.

Minor improvements include an updated admin pocket, relocated hydration port and they’ve also revised the interior organization.

As far as construction, the 2.0 models continue to be made from 5.11’s proprietary 1050D nylon along with YKK zippers.

They also kept their basic colors and added a couple of new ones, Kangaroo which replaces Sandstone and Ranger Green which replaces Tac OD. These color changes also cane from that end user wish list. Overall, pack color choices vary slightly by size model, but yes, MultiCam is an option.

Speaking of overall appearance, she also told us an interesting item we’d never heard before. The Rush pack series features the “5.11 signature centerline design” which they have registered as trade dress. There are loads of knock-off packs on the market and the Rush is no stranger to being copied. One of the ways you can tell a genuine 5.11 Tactical pack is by that seam flap that resembles a vertical line down the center of the pack.

The Rush 2.0 series is available now at