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Viktos – Taculus MX Chest Rig

Sunday, February 18th, 2024

SHOT Show was the first time I had run across Viktos’ new Taculus MX Chest Rig.

It integrates three single magazine rifle pockets which will accommodate AR15, AR10, and AK magazines. There’s also a removable pistol mag insert for 9mm magazines.

The zippered belly pouch integrates two tourniquet loops underneath.

Additionally, the rig offers laser cut PALS compatible slots along the magazine pockets as well as under the removable ID panel on the belly pouch.

The Taculus features an adjustable/removable 4-point padded harness with magnetic quick-release buckles.

It will also accept Premier Body Armor’s Level IIIA Insert.

Offered in Black, Coyote, Greyman, Ranger Green, MultiCam and MultiCam Black. The solid colors are made from 1000D Kodra while the MultiCam variants are a 500D nylon construction.

Battlefield Technology Focus: Featuring OKSI, KAGWERKS, Firebird Electro-Optics & ONYX Industries

Friday, February 9th, 2024

During SHOT Show 2024, leading tech experts curated a parlor space to showcase pushing the boundaries of innovation with elite technologies. They all share the same goal; to bring the warfighter technical solutions required to overcome challenges faced on the ever-evolving battlefield.

Let’s cover down on Tech:

OKSI – Their Autonomous Precisions Weapon Systems includes Passive Ranging, Sentry Remote Weapon System, EO/IR Seeker for APKWS, and an 81mm Precision Guidance Kit. Additionally, they have Unmanned Autonomous Systems & Networks portfolio, which includes Autonomous Vehicle Kits, GPS-denied Navigation, Coordinated Drone Teaming & Swarming, and ATD/ATR.

KÄGWERKS – Their chest mounted radio systems featuring Silvus Technologies MN MiMo tech was on display, along with the Dock Ultra body worn compute system. The system enables operators to do real time processing of map data, image recognition, along with other AI/ML capabilities.

Firebird Electro-Optics – Their weapon mounted and handheld LED & LEP illuminators, along with their MAID MFAL dual beam single aperture laser, focusable VCSEL illuminator was on display. They also showcased their SWIR and LWIR solutions, with active and passive range finding and designation.

Onyx Industries – The Sentry Remote Weapon System was on display in the parlor and show floor in partnership with Persistent Systems, LLC, showcasing its multifunctional ATD/ATR human in the loop capabilities, in both its kinetic and ISR variants, ready to be deployed in overwatch or terrain denial positions.

B&T USA Suppressor Update

Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

During SHOT Show, I caught up on the latest suppressor news from B&T USA.

The big news is that they have introduced Hub Adapters to allow their suppressors to work with different manufacturers’ muzzle devices.

Available Hub Adapters:

-Rotex SF

-NATO A2 birdcage

-Two direct mount options, 1/2x 28 & 5/8 x 24.

A Hub Adapter ships with all of B&T’s Mainline Suppressor offerings.

Both the Slim Line Reduced Back pressure and Rotex suppressors are available in 718 Inconel or Titanium with the Ti version 100% Ti to include the hub. To give you an idea of the weight savings of Ti over Inconel, a 7.62 suppressor weights 6.9 oz in Ti while it comes in at 11 oz in Inconel.

On a final note, B&T’s machine gun suppressors are now 3D printed and all of the suppressors are now available globally.

Sneak Peek – MedSled by Spiritus Systems

Monday, February 5th, 2024

Diring SHOT Show, Spiritus Systems showed us something they had developed. Instead of introducing a whole IFAK pouch, they decided to make a new insert for existing pouches like their Medium GP pouch. But they tell us, it can be stored other places like in vehicles.

The construction has a little bit of stretch to keep everything secure inside the pouch and the ripcord can be configured for vertical or horizontal pull.

It was designed to fit most items except for a tourniquet and EMT shears but they’ve found most people keep those handy, outside their IFAKs.

At any rate, it makes a nice tray that holds equipment. It comes with a grid and dot system along with shock cords and tabs to set it up however you want.

Streamlight SpeedLocker

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

Although it’s been around for awhile, SHOT Show was the first time I had run across the SpeedLocker from Streamlight. It’s a low cost, simple-to-use, pistol locker which can be chained to a static point for additional security. Access is via a mechanical keypad with one-handed access and no batteries required.

Designed to fit up to a G19-sized handgun and spare magazine, the interior padded for transport.

Tactical Distributors – MTHD Altitude Merino Base Layer

Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

In this post about TD’s MTHD Altitude Merino Base Layer Hoody and Pants, you’re also getting a sneak peek of an upcoming reversible insulated jacket which is a collaboration with Q. The jacket will feature Qi’s Bandit or Madala camo patterns.

The mannequin on the right is outfitted with the MTHD Altitude base layers.

The fabric is Merino wool, combined with a durable polyester yarn to create a hybrid grid fleece base layer with that can be worn next to skin or as a second layer.

Offered in Black and Canteen, sizes Small – 3XLarge.

Now, get 15% off when you buy the set.

Meet The Geissele Fighting Weapon

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024

One of the many cool firearms behind the closed doors in the Geissele Automatics booth at SHOT was the Geissele Fighting Weapon or GFW.

Although this example is chambered for 5.56 NATO, a 300 BLK version is also available. It fires at 800-850 RPM suppressed and 700 rpm unsuppressed.

Two things stand out with this gun. First, the two stage stock which offers a full length cheekweld and does not impinge on the controls when fully collapsed.

Second, despite its 8″ barrel, it requires no booster like a Krinkov.

Stroup Knives x Ferro Concepts Collaboration Knife

Monday, January 29th, 2024

This collaboration between Stroup Knives and Ferro Concepts debuted at SHOT Show.

It features G10 scales with one side Black and the other OD along with a full tang blade made from 1095 carbon steel, rock tumbled and acid etched with both company’s logos.