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Sneak Peek – MedSled by Spiritus Systems

Diring SHOT Show, Spiritus Systems showed us something they had developed. Instead of introducing a whole IFAK pouch, they decided to make a new insert for existing pouches like their Medium GP pouch. But they tell us, it can be stored other places like in vehicles.

The construction has a little bit of stretch to keep everything secure inside the pouch and the ripcord can be configured for vertical or horizontal pull.

It was designed to fit most items except for a tourniquet and EMT shears but they’ve found most people keep those handy, outside their IFAKs.

At any rate, it makes a nice tray that holds equipment. It comes with a grid and dot system along with shock cords and tabs to set it up however you want.

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  1. Ray Forest says:

    Really missed out not calling that one The Clutch lol

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