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Battlefield Technology Focus: Featuring OKSI, KAGWERKS, Firebird Electro-Optics & ONYX Industries

During SHOT Show 2024, leading tech experts curated a parlor space to showcase pushing the boundaries of innovation with elite technologies. They all share the same goal; to bring the warfighter technical solutions required to overcome challenges faced on the ever-evolving battlefield.

Let’s cover down on Tech:

OKSI – Their Autonomous Precisions Weapon Systems includes Passive Ranging, Sentry Remote Weapon System, EO/IR Seeker for APKWS, and an 81mm Precision Guidance Kit. Additionally, they have Unmanned Autonomous Systems & Networks portfolio, which includes Autonomous Vehicle Kits, GPS-denied Navigation, Coordinated Drone Teaming & Swarming, and ATD/ATR.

KÄGWERKS – Their chest mounted radio systems featuring Silvus Technologies MN MiMo tech was on display, along with the Dock Ultra body worn compute system. The system enables operators to do real time processing of map data, image recognition, along with other AI/ML capabilities.

Firebird Electro-Optics – Their weapon mounted and handheld LED & LEP illuminators, along with their MAID MFAL dual beam single aperture laser, focusable VCSEL illuminator was on display. They also showcased their SWIR and LWIR solutions, with active and passive range finding and designation.

Onyx Industries – The Sentry Remote Weapon System was on display in the parlor and show floor in partnership with Persistent Systems, LLC, showcasing its multifunctional ATD/ATR human in the loop capabilities, in both its kinetic and ISR variants, ready to be deployed in overwatch or terrain denial positions.

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  1. DSM says:

    Definitely getting Aliens vibes from the sentry weapon system.

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