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Leading global designer and manufacturer of outdoor gear announces agreement to acquire high-performance backpack company

January 31, 2024 08:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

AUSTIN, Texas–YETI Holdings, Inc. (“YETI”) (NYSE: YETI), a leading premium outdoor brand, today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire MYSTERY RANCH, a premier designer and manufacturer of durable load-bearing backpacks, bags, and pack accessories.

“MYSTERY RANCH packs have earned a global reputation within the most demanding communities by building load-bearing equipment that delivers in the harshest environments. Their ethos, passion and people not only align with the YETI team, but also connect well with our commitment to innovation and our customers,” said Matt Reintjes, President & CEO at YETI. “Their communities, ambassadors and obsession with quality make it a natural fit with YETI.”

Founded in 2006, the original YETI cooler was born out of frustration and passion. YETI has since grown into an industry innovator of premium outdoor gear designed for the hardcore outdoor adventurer, outside enthusiast and everyone in between. Like YETI, MYSTERY RANCH products have been built with durability and performance in mind for over two decades whether for use on the fire line, backcountry or in your everyday adventure.

“YETI’s passion for innovation and the outdoors aligns closely with our founding vision,” said Dana Gleason, Co-Founder of MYSTERY RANCH. “Renée Sippel-Baker, my co-founder, and I know they are a perfect partner to build upon our long history of making the best load-bearing equipment in the world for the most extreme users as well as the everyday mission.”

MYSTERY RANCH and the team will continue to operate out of Bozeman and will work with YETI over the next several months to integrate teams and functions.

For more information about YETI or MYSTERY RANCH, visit yeti.com or mysteryranch.com.

19 Responses to “YETI Acquires MYSTERY RANCH”

  1. Timmy says:

    Is Spiritus Systems next?

  2. Geoff says:

    RTIC going to start making knock off tri-zips now? Lol

    • Anti-gun Yeti says:

      The real question is how anti-NRA is MR now that they’ve been bought by an anti-NRA, anti-gun industry company?

      Pepperidge Farm remembers 2018 very well

      • Ben says:

        I remember Yeti and NRA calling each other liars about how that actually went down, and Yeti seeming a lot more credible at the end of it. Yeti still supports plenty of hunting orgs and media.

    • Egg D Roll says:

      Geoff where ya Been?…. MR collaboration with camelbak 17+ years ago on a tri-zip derivative as well as other platforms

      • Geoff says:

        Collab for sure with camelbak. Was referring to RTIC copying Yeti and all that drama.

        • Joey says:

          Wasn’t RTIC started by the former guy who started yeti? He didn’t like how yeti was over priced when he sold yeti off? I don’t know if that is true. But I know the first generation cups and coolers work better than the yeti cups and coolers of now!

  3. NTX says:

    I did not expect that one coming.

  4. YT says:

    I suspect that we’ll see a massive mark up on the price of packs.

  5. Ray says:

    I guess YETI made MR an offer they couldn’t refuse…Not sure how I feel about this but we’ll see how it shakes out…Could we see YETI coolers becoming the official cooler supplier or Program of Record to USSOCOM?

    • Joey says:

      We would use the yeti coolers to airdrop beer to our soldiers in the field. We even wrote a TM on how to secure everything and pack it so the beer doesn’t explode upon impact.

      • Joey says:

        Also MR has a bag with camelback it’s called the lynchpin. I have one and it was amazing in Afghanistan then I got the tactiplan and a trizip and never stopped using all three.

  6. justabloke says:

    Good for Heavy D Dana and partners, a reward at the end of the road and well-deserved for company (and ruck) longevity at the very least….though always heavy AF. RIP Mystery Ranch USA. You can join your ArcTeryx, Suunto, etc. brothers and fill the China-made big box sporting goods/REI warehouses from coast to coast.

  7. Kris says:

    I don’t see this as a good thing.

  8. plong says:

    Here’s me wondering what Dana’s next company will be named… 😉

  9. def says:

    Definitely not excited.

  10. william says:

    eberlestock 😉

  11. feroz says:

    What’s the story behind this sellout to a company offering a $400 cast iron pan in their catalogue? I’m certainly not looking forward to a another yuppie tactical brand.

    • Lasse says:

      The President of MR was tasked with finding a buyer. Dana probably wants to fully retire.

      “During my tenure I was tasked with finding the right partner to bring Mystery Ranch to the next level, and we found that in Yeti,” Kutches said. “I have been inspired by Yeti’s ambitions for growth and immediately recognized a number of similarities between our two companies – from customers to product philosophy, broader company goals and core values.”

      Kutches was the president of MR until yesterday.