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FirstSpear Friday Focus – Exigent Circumstances Pack

Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Today we are getting a look at a FirstSpear classic, the ECP – Exigent Circumstances Pack.

Originally developed as an assault pack designed to quickly attach to many different platforms with supplied G-Hook straps or utilized as a stand-alone pack with low profile backpack straps. Features a removable beavertail style outer flap that is secured with shock cord and spacious enough to hold a helmet. Inside the flap you will find elastic daisy chain sized to hold flash bang and smoke grenades. Rear most pocket holds an included comfort pad or hydration bladder up to 3 liters as well as optional internal frame. The lightweight yet ultra sturdy construction has become a popular choice for those looking for a 1 day pack as well as gym or work bag.

In-Stock and shipping now in Black, Ranger Green, Coyote, MultiCam, and Manatee Grey. Like most FirstSpear products it is 100% Made in America with USA Materials.

Hill People Gear Connor Backpack V2

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Hill People Gear has released version 2 of its Connor Backpack. The Connor is a daypack sized panel loader with an extremely load capable chassis.

The chassis is the same on the Aston House BC, consisting of a full HDPE framesheet with dual full height aluminum stays. It will also accept either of HPG’s belt offerings. The large main compartment is fully lined with First Spear’s 6/12 fabric for attachment of either Velcro backed or MOLLE organizational pouches. There are an additional 4 pockets on the backpack.

The Connor also has Hypalon compression wings that are laser cut with 2 channels of MOLLE for pouch mounting on either the inside or outside of the wings. Due to it’s panel loading design and compact profile, the Connor is suitable both for urban and backcountry use.


Monday, March 16th, 2020

Happy MATBOCK Monday! This week our focus is on the GRAVEROBBER Series.

The GRAVEROBBER Series includes a combination of various bags and pouches that can be configured for your expeditionary and operational needs. All bags and pouches in the GRAVEROBBER Series are made using MATBOCK’s exclusive Ghost and Ghost Light material, making them the lightest and toughest bags on the market.

GRAVEROBBER Sustainment Kit

The GRAVEROBBER Sustainment Kit is a joint CRO Medical and MATBOCK project to bring a prolonged field care pack to the operational medic. It features the Sustainment bag, 4 x sustainment pouches, 4 x sustainment panels, and the GRAVEROBBER Drug Box.  All made from MATBOCK Ghost and Ghost Light materials.

GRAVEROBBER Technical Mountain Ruck

The Technical Mountain Ruck is a combination of the GRAVEROBBER Assault Medic (GRAM) Kit and the GRAVEROBBER Sustainment Kit. The GRAM easily zips to the outside of the sustainment bag to give the medic everything needed for both assault and prolonged medical operations. Made from MATBOCK’s Ghost and Ghost Light materials for superior water resistance, durability, strength and weight savings.


The GRAVEROBBER Assault Medic bag is the result of years of needed improvement in bags specifically designed for the team medic. CRO brings a multi-mission approach to the design with their well-thought-out adaptability, including a panel insert that converts to a skeleton med panel which can be clipped or slung using the thin padded shoulder straps. Remove to design a custom panel that is interchangeable for different packing requirements, or easily change bags with the versatility of a panel insert.

Lighter Faster Warriors, The MATBOCK™ ethos, is realized by the GRAM.

MATBOCK Ghost® material is used throughout with Tegris reinforcements, giving the inside contents protection to allow for narcotics to be set up using a soft case.

A few of the highlighted features include:
• Jumpable
• Waterproof
• Mounts on ALICE frame
• Hangs in vehicles
• Ultralight 2.9 lbs
• 1.2 lbs skeletonized setup (if you clip it on, less)
• Mitigates shrapnel hazards
• Thinnest med bag ever created

The GRAVEROBBER™ Assault Medic bag is designed to be mounted to an ALICE frame, giving the medic a slim assault bag that can be configured in many ways to enhance medical load carriage. This jumpable, water resistant bag bridges the gap between assault bags and en-route care, due to its expandable design and ability to hang.

This versatile, meticulously designed med bag was created with everyday medic load carriage in mind.


Lightweight ruck designed to carry surgical medical equipment for expeditionary and operational professionals. Available both with and without frame.

The complete kit includes:
• Ventilation Pouch
• Drug Roll
• IV Pouch
• Multifunction Pouch

Click the link below to see our full series!

Brigantes Presents – Brigantes Issue Essentials

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020

Each week we bring you products that should be on all military standard issue kit lists. This week it’s the Deuter Alpine Guide 35+ in Multicam.

The Deuter Alpine Guide 35 in Multicam suits the needs of operators in the mountain environment.

Using the Deuter Alpine, X-Frame back system the pack is one of the most stable and comfortable packs to carry.  The lid is extendable to accommodate expanded loads and allow for ropes or other pieces of hardwear.  In order to maximise functionality it has a long side opening zip, which allows you to access the full body of the pack without disturbing the load under the lid or having to completely empty the pack.

The hip belt is removable and uses the Vari-Flex system, which enables it to move with you when moving thereby improving comfort and performance. A double pull waist belt gives secure adjustment and the sternum strap helps the load to remain in the right place on your shoulders.

The pack comes with a removeable sit mat and is compatible with hydration bladders up to 3 Litres.  The sides of the pack provide ski loops and the front of the pack has points for two ice axes.

Overall this is the pack for mountain operations.  It has long been the go to pack for people working in the mountains and is the only option for the military mountaineer.

The Deuter pack can be delivered to the UK and Europe through our website at

For more information contact [email protected]

For international sales contact [email protected]

Brigantes Presents – Brigantes Issue Essentials

Wednesday, February 12th, 2020

Each week we bring you products that should be on all military standard issue kit lists. This week it’s the Snigel 90L backpack system

Snigeldesign started their first backpacks back in 1977 and was directly aimed at military use.

Rough terrain and hard work required the most reliable and functional of solutions which naturally attracted the military user. Since those humble beginnings Snigeldesign has expanded to bring its innovative and functional approach to a large range of load carriage and protective products.

The 90 Litre Backpack is designed for the needs of forward elements and light role forces out in advance of the main body of troops.  It offers a huge range of options and flexible ways to carry all the mission essential equipment.  The back system provides an ultra-comfortable way to carry large loads for long patrols enabling the user to get where they need to be without compromise and fit to fight.

Enhancements from earlier versions of the 90L backpack:

• The outer pockets are fitted with a zipper instead of a hole band / buckle. Easier and faster to take off and to put them back.

• The hip belt is sewn with edge bands so it keeps the shape better.

• Fixed strap for side stabilization of the hip belt does not get lost and does not break as the rubber cord did.

• Change to a stronger 10 mm zipper from 8 mm

• The openings on the inside compartment in the lid are now both accessible when opening the lid. It is easier to access now

• A hole band at the back of the lid for attaching duffel straps, when the lid is to be used as a small backpack

For more information contact: [email protected]

Or for UK sales: [email protected]

Hill People Gear – Junction Pack

Thursday, February 6th, 2020

Hill People Gear is known for their solid packs built for demanding backcountry users. The new Junction pack departs from this formula a bit. It is named for Grand Junction Colorado where HPG’s retail store stands on historic Main Street. Grand Junction is a crossroads for adventurers and plenty of seasoned travelers stop at the store on their way through town. But it’s also a crossroads for tourists who simply want to day hike the local trails. The Junction Pack is built to meet the needs of these folks.

At 1350ci / 22L, it’s just large enough to carry trail essentials plus the puffy jacket that you should have with you year around in Colorado. Unlike all of the other HPG packs, it has only a minimal compression system consisting of a paracord lace on the back. The lace system can be used to capture small items and also add tension to the oversized angle cut wand pockets. A zippered top pocket is large enough for keys and a cell phone. The single main compartment is accessed through a single top zipper. On the suspension side, there is a zippered water bladder pocket that can also be used to carry just about any 13” display laptop. The pack’s suspension is the same as the smaller Tarahumara backpack — Hill People Gear’s signature yoke style harness and quilted padded back. A pocket frame sheet can optionally be added for increased structure.

Like all Hill People Gear packs, the Junction is designed and tested in the Rocky Mountains and built in the USA by First Spear.

Mystery Ranch Updates Rip Ruck Packs for 2020

Tuesday, February 4th, 2020

During last week’s Outdoor Retailer Snow + Winter Market, Mystery Ranch introduced updated versions of their Rip Ruck Packs. The military pack design cues are obvious. The main feature, the ability to rapidly access the main compartment by “ripping” up on the flap remains, but now the accessory pockets (when present) are easier to access thanks to the Fidlock magnetic buckles which replace the side release on the old model.

Offered in 32, 24 and 15 liter models (top photo to bottom), the packs feature an updated molded foam framesheet.

Another new feature is the large Velcro field on the main flap with the integrated Mystery Ranch logo.

The 15 liter model seen below doesnt have the two external pockets.

Coming later this year from

ORSWM 20 – Mystery Ranch Celebrates 20 Years of Still Crazy and Going Strong

Thursday, January 30th, 2020

This is a big year for Mystery Ranch and they are celebrating at the OR Snow + Winter Market. Naturally, they’ve got beer in the afternoon, but they’re also passing out printed copies of 20th anniversary monograph I wrote for them.

Below is a little taste. If you want to see the whole thing, go here.

The MYSTERY RANCH we know today is the distillation of time and space. It has taken more than 20 years of trial and error to get where it is today, and it couldn’t exist anywhere but Bozeman, Montana. But if you remove the location, the product, and even the people, you are left with a state of mind. Known lovingly as the “Ranch,” it’s developed from beyond just a brand, into a culture forged by shared experiences, bringing together individuals from all over to create something more than just great packs.

As businesses grow, things must change. It’s often hard, but necessary to maintain a functioning company. There’s a general consensus that although change happens, it’s for the best, and new processes and procedures are implemented in a way that everyone can live with.

“We are fucking freaks for Manufacturing.” -Dana Gleason

With a name inspired by a long-forgotten black and white television show, MYSTERY RANCH is nothing without its people. Ultimately, the Ranchers and their disparate backgrounds have come together to embrace the unique culture of MYSTERY RANCH, making it the worldwide success it is today.

It’s been a great 20 years. Here’s to 20 more.