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SOF Week 24 – Drifire FR Soft Shell Jacket

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024

Drifire’s FR Soft Shell Jacket is Berry Compliant and made 14 oz. FR DRIFIRE Tri-Laminate with DWR.


Zippered hand warmer pockets

Loop on chest and sleeves for easy attachment of SSI

Stand up fleece lined collar for added protection and warmth

Zipper closure bicep pockets built for large phones and tools

Adjustable wrist tabs to help keep sleeve in place and close off wind and weather

Adjustable drawstring waist for closer fit to keep the cold out

There is also a pant available.

Netherlands’ RIOT Police Unit Equipped with Flame Retardant Uniforms from UF PRO

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (22.03.2024)

UF PRO, a leading name in the tactical clothing industry, unveiled its latest flame retardant uniform designed for the Netherlands’ crowd and riot control operations during a public debut at the event held in Ossendrecht, Netherlands.

Over 3,500 Sets Deployed for Enhanced Operations

In collaboration with Gear Point, UF PRO’s distributor in the Netherlands, the National Police Services Agency (Politiedienstencentrum) has equipped their RIOT Police Unit (Mobiele Eenheid) with these advanced uniforms. The initial deployment plan includes 3,500 uniform sets for deployment in 2024.

Innovative Flame Retardant Uniforms

The newly introduced uniform system features several flame retardant (FR) components, including the Striker X FR Combat Pants, Striker X FR Combat Shirt, Delta Eagle Gen.3. FR Jacket, and Monsoon XT Gen.2 FR Rain Jacket.

Darko Radoš Roth, Sales Manager at UF PRO, expressed enthusiasm about the innovative design, stating:

“UF PRO is setting new standards in the development of crowd and riot control uniform systems with its innovative dual-use design. This design allows for a seamless transition between everyday police work and crowd and riot control without the need for changing clothes.”

Crafted for exceptional flame retardancy and breathability, the uniform systems are tailored to meet the distinct needs of crowd and riot control police units. They offer robust protection against flames and intense heat, prioritising comfort, functionality, and ease of movement.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

UF PRO collaborates with industry leaders W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) and Schoeller Textil AG to ensure the highest quality and innovative flame retardant technology in their garment systems.

The Delta Eagle Jacket and Rain Jacket feature Gore’s innovative flame retardant PYRAD® technology, which effectively reduces heat flow through the fabric and prevents the spread of flames. Additionally, the Rain Jacket offers 100% waterproof capabilities, thanks to the GORE-TEX 3-layer waterproof and breathable laminate.

Schoeller’s pioneering pyroshell technology, found in UF PRO’s Combat Shirts and Pants, revolutionises fire safety. By transforming conventional materials into non-burning layers upon heat exposure, it provides active protection and enhances comfort. Through bonding and mixing processes, Schoeller ensures optimal flame retardancy, shielding wearers from direct flame exposure.

Rigorous Testing

All UF PRO’s FR garment systems undergo rigorous testing, including the Thermo Man test, conducted by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA). This ensures comprehensive evaluation and real-life protection against intense heat and flames. If you’re interested in learning more about the testing process for flame retardant clothing, you can find additional information here.

UF PRO’s collaboration with the Netherlands’ National Police Services Agency (Politiedienstencentrum) signifies a significant advancement in crowd and riot control uniform systems, promoting safer and more comfortable policing.

Carrington Textiles: Exhibiting Stretch Flame Resistant Textile Innovations in the Middle East

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2024

Adlington, United Kingdom: Global manufacturer of flame resistant fabrics, Carrington Textiles, is exhibiting its latest developments in stretch FR and sustainable workwear products, at Intersec in Dubai in January 2024.

The company’s latest innovation, Flametougher 290AS Flex, represents a significant advancement in electrical arc flash protection with a composition of CORDURA® nylon 6,6 to ensure certified strength as well as EOL fibres by XLANCE® for elasticity and comfort. This innovative stretch flame resistant fabric is designed to provide enhanced safety for professionals working in environments where electrical arc flashes pose a significant risk.

Additionally, Carrington Textiles is showcasing a range of new flame resistant products, including Flameflex 300AS, Flametuff Satin 250 AS, as well as Flameshield Satin 425 developed to achieve an impressive class 2 rating for welding protection. These products offer superior protection against flames and heat, ensuring the safety of workers in high-risk industries.

Furthermore, the textile manufacturer is extending its range of lightweight inherent FR fabrics from the Flameban family incorporating Lenzing fibres, an eco-friendly alternative containing a cellulosic base generating moisture management properties. This blend not only enhances comfort but also provides exceptional flame resistance, making it an ideal choice for professionals seeking both protection and comfort.

Continuing Carrington Textiles’ commitment to sustainability, the company is exhibiting at Intersec 2024 its new Tahoe as part of the stretch workwear fabric range containing 29% REPREVE® recycled polyester. Tahoe boasts a remarkable 20% stretch due to the inclusion of 4% EOL fibres by XLANCE®. This eco-friendly workwear textile not only reduces environmental impact but also offers the flexibility and durability needed for demanding work environments. With these innovations, Carrington Textiles continues to prioritise safety, comfort, and sustainability in its product offerings.

Carrington Textiles’ Sales Director, Paul Farrell, says: “Attending Intersec presents an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our extensive range of products in the market, including textiles from our workwear and flame-resistant collections, as well as our NFPA2112 fabrics. Our participation in the event enables us to strengthen existing relationships with customers and partners while also exploring new business prospects in this exciting region.”

To find out more about Carrington Textiles’ new developments, visit their stand at Intersec in the Dubai World Trade Centre, from the 16th until 18th January in hall 7, stand G12, or visit carrington.co.uk.

The LEGEND (All-Weather) Over-the-Calf Compression Merino Wool (FR) Tactical Boot Socks

Friday, November 10th, 2023

We are pleased to launch our newest LEGEND® (All-Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Socks. They are very similar to our very popular mid-Calf (FR) version with the exception that  they are Over-the-Calf (OTC) and are 4” longer than our #1 selling Mid-Calf sock.

The new LEGEND® (All-Weather) OTC Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Socks are the result of the testing, evaluations, collaboration and joint efforts of the LEGEND® Product Development team and the US Military. The end result is an Over-the-Calf sock that meets or exceeds the requirements, set, to become an updated combat boot sock candidate.

The mild graduated compression helps to reduce tired, achy feet.

• High content Merino Wool wrapped in nylon for softness.

• Dense terry cushion on sole of foot, arch and along the entire length of leg.

• Exceptional Mild Graduated Compression (8-15 mm Hg) for reduced Warfighter foot fatigue.

• Exceptional moisture wicking (feet stay dry), odor resistant and temperature regulating.

• Zero-Friction toe (no seam) to help prevent blisters.

• Optimal sizing and fit.

• Extremely durable.

• Certified Flame Resistant (FR).

• Maintains fabric thickness after 50X machine washes under harsh conditions.

• Excellent elastic recovery (they stay-up)

• Perfect for Warm & Cold Weather Conditions

• Visit us at www.Legendcompressiontactical.com

Proudly “Made in USA” ,Berry Amendment Compliant,SKILCRAFT® Program “Supporting Jobs for Blind Workers

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Scrap FR Shirt

Friday, October 27th, 2023

The Scrap FR Shirt stands out not only for its flame-resistant properties but also for its lightweight and breathable design. Made of an advanced aramid blend, it offers full protection against open flames and hot brass while keeping you cool and comfortable. This revolutionary combination makes it perfect for outdoor activities in hot and humid weather conditions. The Scrap FR Shirt features various pockets with breathable mesh for drainage, standard FS IFF Oval Fields, organization features within the pockets, and security straps that keep the sleeves rolled up.

Cut for shooting, moving, and being active, its slightly longer tail aids in protective overlap and concealed carry requirements. Moreover, the Scrap FR Shirt is machine washable and has minimal shrinkage, making it a durable and long-lasting investment for any active individual. This advanced shirt has a zippered front opening reinforced with webbing sewn buttons. Unzip the front and button up for added ventilation. The shirt also has a breathable mesh at the bottom and back of the front pockets, armpits, and across the entire back yoke. These features make this shirt extremely comfortable and highly ventilated in hot and humid conditions.

Visit FirstSpear to find American Made kit and accessories, Built For The X.

Warrior East 23 – EWOC Hood

Thursday, July 6th, 2023

Coming soon from Massif is the EWOC Hood.

Offered in an FR variant which will be made from the same Flame stretch material used in Elements jacket and a non FR-version which incorporates Sargeant Fleece.

The EWOC features a pull back hood and integral balaclava.

Units and agencies can procure products seen at Warrior East by contacting ADS, Inc.

ADS Federal Range Day 23 – Massif Flamestretch Sock System

Thursday, June 8th, 2023

This is the Massif Flamestretch Sock System. Consisting of two socks, the Massif FR sock is worn over a Darn Tough Merino wool micro crew lightweight sock as a liner. The Massif Flamestretch fabric is highly breathable and traps heat to keep your feet warm, while Merino’s properties for moisture management are widely known.

It is currently worn under drysuits in applications where FR is critical.

Approved by NAVAIR

Authorized by the United States Coast Guard

USAF Authorized Safe-To-Fly

Units and agencies can procure products seen at ADS Federal Range Day by contacting ADS, Inc.

Multifunctional Flame Retardant Fabric with Comfort at its Core by Carrington Textiles

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

Adlington, United Kingdom: Flamestat 250, a flame retardant fabric with antistatic properties developed by global manufacturer Carrington Textiles, is a product which main attribute is its lightweight features while maintaining the company’s usual high standard in protection and performance.

At a weight of 250gsm, and with a high cotton content in its composition, Flamestat 250 provides a soft handle for comfort to the wearer, while the polyester in it offers durability and strength.

Regarding the reasons that drove this development, R&D Manager, Kirsty White, explains: “We are able to adapt quickly to market requirements, and as we have been seeing a growing trend for wearer comfort which has transitioned from workwear to flame retardant fabrics, we created Flamestat 250. We also wanted to develop a lighter weight quality to complement our Flamestat 290 without impacting product performance.”

Flamestat 250 is the latest addition to the Flamestat family, industrially launderable and guaranteed to last the lifetime of the garment due to its robust construction. With 75% cotton, 24% polyester and 1% antistatic, this fabric’s flame retardancy is to the standards EN ISO 11612, EN ISO 14116 index 3 and EN ISO 11611; while its antistatic properties are to the EN 1149-3-5 standard.

Available in a range of colours that include high visibility yellow, black and navy, just to name a few, Flamestat 250 also provides electric arc and chemical splash protection to the EN 61482-1-2 and EN 13034 standards respectively.

Flamestat 250 is a perfect flame retardant fabric with antistatic for workwear jackets, trousers and coveralls in industries that require protection against flash fire and electrostatic discharge like electric vehicle manufacturing, oil and gas as well as engineering.

For more information about Flamestat 250, visit the Carrington Textiles’ website.