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USAF Approves XGO FR Base Layer systems as Safe to Fly

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021

Southern Pines, NC – April 7, 2021. The program office for the US Air Force recently announced the Approved Safe to Fly items for the specific fabrics and garments identified for the updated USAF No Melt No Drip and FR Underlayer Product List. Selected products on this list have a 3-year certification period.

The fabrics and garments manufactured by your XGO, have been certified as Flame Resistant (FR) products which meet the FR test including No Melt No Drip (NMND) requirements. These certified fabrics and garments are for use as under layers to wear with AF FR Uniforms.

Approved Items list to include:

These certifications constitutes XGO’s guarantee to USAF customers that our quality process will ensure the product will repeatedly pass ASTM D 6413 Vertical flame Test with NMND requirement, meet Berry Amendment compliance, and other program specific requirements.

Products can be purchased either directly from XGO at  or through one of our dealer or distribution partners.  Additionally, the products are found at Equipment Base Supply Centers supply shops, AAFES, and through DLA.

A list of our entire product line can be found at

Please contact our customer service at [email protected] or [email protected] to find the best supplier for your needs.

ADS Inc Hurlburt Warfighter – 2 March 2021

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

We are one week out from the ADS Hurlburt Warfighter, to be held 2 March at the Soundside Club.

There will be 35 vendors on site to show you the latest gear. One of the products attendees should check out is the Drifire FR Softshell Jacket.

This FR jacket combines a moisture wicking fleece lining with a wind stopping breathable membrane which also offers rain resistance. It also offers chest and bicep pockets on each side as well as dual pen slots at each cuff.

If you can’t make it to the Hurlburt Warfighter but want more info on the Drifire FR Softshell Jacket, hit up Atlantic Diving Supply.

Kitanica Fire Retardant Apron

Monday, November 2nd, 2020

The Kitanica Fire Retardant Apron is 100% U.S. MADE and constructed of a 6.5 oz. 60/40 Kevlar/Nomex ripstop fabric, sewn with Nomex thread and has features that include: chest pocket with thermometer/pen tube, Velcro loop patch on the bib, left and right hanging utensil/tool loops (dual) and 2 large front pockets. It is designed for the shop, the kitchen, and the grill. It has an adjustable neck strap with a pass through for the loose end and extra long waist ties that can be cut to length, but are also designed with the ability to tie off in the front. The Apron is also specifically designed to be worn folded over without the top half of the bib showing below the hem.

Offered in Black.

Wild Things FR Cold Weather Clothing with GORE PYRAD

Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

Wild Things has earned a reputation for tough, lightweight technical outerwear, fire resistant flightline approved layers, alpine-style backpacks, durable haul–bags, and innovative tactical and military clothing.

Our fire resistant cold weather layers have an incredible comfort range and incorporate FR with the outstanding performance in cold weather expected from Wild Things and Gore. These layers are currently in the field with every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and often tailored for mission-specific goals.

Using GORE® PYRAD® flame retardant fabric – a self-extinguishing technology that provides durable protection against flash fire exposure while remaining highly breathable, water resistant, and windproof – Wild Things meets and exceeds cold, wet, and FR clothing requirements.

Contact Wild Things today: we’re here to help you choose the right layers to meet your needs and your budget – from base layers to FR high loft – we can handle whatever weather Mother Nature throws your way. Fear No Element™.

Featured FR Layers:
Hard Shell Jacket FR-GT
Rescue Jacket FR-GT
Low Loft Jacket FR-G
Low Loft Pant FR-G
Hard Shell Pant FR-GT
Knuckle Roaster FR

Wild Things FR Clothing Flyer Download:

Wild Things Wednesday – Hard Shell Jacket FR-GT

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

The Wild Things Hard Shell Jacket FR-GT is designed for maximum movement capability. Fitted and cut for agility, this stowable-hood jacket follows the contours of the body for comfort and performance.

Gore’s 2-Layer construction combines durably waterproof, windproof, and breathable GORE® Military fabric with flame resistant PYRAD® – a revolutionary, self-extinguishing technology that provides protection against arc flash and flash fire exposure.

Contact Wild Things today: we’re here to help you choose the right layers to meet your needs and your budget – from base layers to FR high loft – we can handle whatever weather Mother Nature throws your way. Fear No Element™.

Hard Shell Jacket FR-GT

Hard Shell Jacket FR-GT Download:

Massif Earns USAF Approval for Women’s-Fit 2-Piece Flight Suit for All Non-Ejection Seat Platforms

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

Massif – a pioneer in making the best-fitting, best-performing apparel for all service members – gains new approval

ASHLAND, Ore. – July 28, 2020 – Massif, a world leader in flame-resistant clothing for the United States Military, today announced a new branch-wide approval from the United States Air Force for its women’s-fit 2-Piece Flight Suit for all non-ejection seat platforms.

This is further affirmation of Massif’s long-standing commitment to providing the best-fitting garments for all end users. Massif prides itself on purposeful clothing design with a high level of detail that syncs with the real-life needs of its end-user, for maximum performance in the field.

Over the last decade, there has been a steady growth of women in the military, particularly in aviation, with women making up 20.2% of the Air Force and 19% of the United States Navy (according to 2018 statistics). Massif recognized this growth early on and over the last several years has intentionally developed a line of women’s fit clothing that provides the best in comfort and performance for female service members.  

“We know that for a team to perform well, their gear needs to perform well.  That means optimal comfort and functionality for each specific individual on that team,” said Darci Knobel, Vice President of Customer Experience. “We have always been laser-focused on making sure our clothes fit and perform their best for all end-users and have made a concerted effort to be at the forefront of providing performance garments designed specifically for women. Today’s news is further validation of our commitment, having already received approvals from the United States Navy for the women’s-fit 2-Piece Flight Suit, and approvals from all branches, including the United States Coast Guard, for our women’s-fit base layers.”

Massif’s 2-Piece Flight Suit was designed from direct end-user feedback across multiple branches and platforms. Massif wanted to enhance the capabilities of the modern aviator and aircrewman with innovative design features unique to its garments. The original patented attachment system in the suit was built to allow flexibility and movement between the jacket and pant while still aiding coverage in flash events.

Massif recently launched a short documentary film in their Massif Film Series titled “Love the Mission,” highlighting Captain Lexi McRobert, Operations Officer, G/1-189 AVN. Captain McRobert is a great example of the company’s mission to design and develop garments for women who serve.

“The days of women having to wear men’s uniforms are over,” said Knobel. “The example of Captain McRobert in our latest short film is a great one. Like nearly every woman in the military, she was issued a men’s flight suit. Wearing our women’s-fit 2-Piece Flight Suit allowed her to feel and perform her best. We are proud to provide the option for all service members to have the best-fitting gear to keep going and perform at their highest level.”

For more information on Massif, visit, or see what the company is up to on Instagram and Facebook.

DRIFIRE FR Ultra-Lightweight Short Sleeve Tee

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

It’s hot and humid outside. How about some new T-shirts? Made from an ultra-lightweight 4.5 oz knit, these t-shirts are not only comfortable but FR as well. It includes flatlock seams for no-rub comfort, permanent flame resistance, moisture management, and odor control and dries three times faster than cotton. I’ve had one of the Grey ones for awhile and it’s holding you well.

Offered in a wide variety of colors (Black, Coyote Brown, Desert Sand, PT Grey, Marine Olive Drab, Navy and Tan 499), sizes SM-3X.

FirstSpear Friday Focus – Scrap FR Shirt

Friday, June 5th, 2020

Today we are getting the first look at another all new technical garment from FirstSpear, meet the Scrap FR Shirt. Built from an advanced 3.2 oz aramid blend the scrap is an extremely lightweight shirt designed to offer some FR protection in a very low profile / low bulk solution. Wear it all on its own in extreme hot environments or use it as an outer layer to gain some flash and flame protection. Soft, pliable, and full of options that enhance comfort as well as heat mitigation.

Features a zipper front opening, reinforced with webbing sewn buttons. Protective collar can be fastened up around your FS Kojin Balaclava, FS Neckie or left open. Multi-positional cuff and security strap. To make the most of hot weather versatility the Scrap has breathable mesh in the bottom and back of the front pockets, armpits, and across the entire back yoke. All pockets feature mesh for drainage, standard FS IFF Oval Fields, and basic organization features. Cut for shooting, moving, and duration activities, a slightly longer tail to aid in protective over-lap and concealed carry when required with a slight rise in the front to access your belt line when untucked. Your FS Field Shirt Size should correspond to the Scrap and work together for you when desired. The Scrap is Machine Wash safe with minimal shrinkage. 100% American made with USA materials.

Available now in FS Graphite, FS Sand and FS Commando.