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20 Years of Protection from Westec Insulation System

Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

            SUN PRAIRIE, WI – For two decades the patented Westec® Insulation System has been protecting training structures — both inside and out. Introduced in 2003, the burn room insulation system is designed to provide the best overall performance possible for burn room conditions in fire training structures.

            “Strong stainless steel wall panels line our burn rooms are tough enough to withstand the most strenuous training exercises,” says Aaron Adams, president of Fire Facilities, Inc. “Behind the stainless steel wall panel, a Westec® Insulation Blanket protects the tower from extreme temperature during training. Over the years we have seen how the innovative Westec Insulation System provides the highest level of protection for burn room conditions with minimal maintenance costs.”

            Hundreds of Fire Facilities structures have been manufactured with the Westec system and put into use by firefighters across the country during the past 20 years. Some fire training buildings, like those in Panama City, Florida; Wellsville, New York; and Hereford, Arizona were amongst the first to get Westec systems two decades ago. Others, like those in Bentonville, Arkansas and Cushing, Oklahoma, are getting their new structures with Westec systems this year.

Components of the Westec Insulation System

            There are six basic components of the Westec Insulation System. Each is designed to handle important aspects of performance during a live fire burn:

• Framing System – Insulated steel channels are designed to resist all imposed loads while allowing the system to flex under thermal expansion.

• Westec Insulation Blanket – A 2-inch thick blanket that is stable at temperatures up to 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. The blanket is unaffected by flame, heat, cold or chemicals.

• Stainless Steel Panels – Type 304 stainless steel is formed into rigid panels and provides unparalleled protection against impact and water pressure damage. The formed panels allow for thermal expansion across the width of the panels which are installed to expand freely along their lengths.

• Thermal Break – There are no screw penetrations between the framing system and the stainless steel panels, providing a complete thermal break. This barrier prevents the direct transfer of heat through the framing system to the building structure.

• Flexing and Sliding Connections – The connecting elements from the framing system to the stainless steel panels are made from Type 304 stainless steel and are individually designed to allow the walls and ceiling to expand freely across the length and width of the room.

• Corner Guards – All outside corners, doors and window openings are continuously protected with heavy Type 304 stainless steel corner guard angles.

            “Under intense heat, the steel channels flex, allowing the panels to expand freely,” says Adams. “This allows the system to maintain its integrity. In the long run the Westec system helps protect both the training structure and the burn room.”

Tested for Long-Term Endurance

            Designed to provide high performance for all burn room conditions, the Westec Insulation System has been tested for many situations. The impressive system is resistant to impact, rust and corrosion, plus direct flame impingement. Thermal performance and high temperatures do not affect the system. The stainless steel panels resist high pressure of hose stream along with freeze cycles.

            Finally, Westec incorporates a unique system of structural supports, stainless steel panels, and flexible elements that allow the configuration to move with the heat rather than resist it.

           “For 20 years we’ve successfully used the Westec system in our Fire Facilities training structures,” says Adams. “With a 15-year non-prorated warranty for temperatures up to 1850 degrees Fahrenheit, and minimal ongoing maintenance costs, there is no better live fire burn room liner system on the market.”

For more information, visit www.firefacilities.com or call 800-929-3726.

SHOT Show 23 – XGO Lightweight Assaulter Shirt

Friday, January 20th, 2023

Made from FR Phase 1 which is one of the lightest most durable FR fabrics on the market, the ling sleeved Lightweight Assaulter Shirt joins the short sleeved version already on the market.

The fabric also features Acclimate Dry Moisture Management to wick sweat away from the body and dry rapidly as well as AG47 Silver Anti-Microbial to fight and eliminate harmful bacteria from your sweat, leaving you odor free.


Massif Elements Bib – Military

Thursday, December 22nd, 2022

Massif’s Elements line of FR clothing was some of the first gear on the market for military use which combined performance with protection from flame threats. In fact, this COTS solution was in use by select military aircrews before operations in the Middle East drove widespread adoption of the technology. Massif has launched a military version of the bib with new features.

Designed to keep you safe and warm, the Elements Bib incorporates a triple-layer, 4-way stretch Softshell flame-resistant fabric which sheds wind and rain. It features a fleece interior and an abrasion resistant exterior. The Battleshield XO FR fabric features Gore® (FR) stretch technology.

The bib design is cut high to eliminate skin exposure when worn with a jacket. In addition to above-the-knee-length zips to facilitate donning and doffing, there are two side entry pockets at the chest. There is a two-way zipper down the front and take up tabs at the waist ensure a snug fit to protect from flame threats. In addition to the two zippered handwarmer pockets at the waist, there are also cargo pockets on either thigh. Finally, both the knee and hem are reinforced with 330D Cordura.

Offered in OCP in sizes XS-3XL.


AUSA 22 – GORE-TEX PYRAD Refueler Suit

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

GORE-TEX PYRAD is a flame retardant fabric; a self-extinguishing technology that provides durable protection against flash fire exposure while remaining highly breathable, water resistant, and windproof. It’s used to make the Fuel Handler 2-Piece Suit worn by Soldiers and Marines.

In one of the most effective displays I’ve seen, WL Gore & Associates have showcased an example of what this garment looks like after a flame test.

As you can see, the material chars, but remains intact and protects the wearer from direct burns. It is also self-extinguishing. In addition to FR protection, the wearer also benefits from a breathable, water and windproof GORE-TEX shell.

To see a video of GORE-TEX PYRAD in action, go here.

Rumpl Safely Goes Fireside with New NanoLoft Flame Blanket

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

Technical blanket brand expands its offerings with travel-sized campfire-ready blanket

PORTLAND, Ore. (Aug. 16, 2022) – Today, Rumpl, the category leader in premium, technical blankets, introduces the NanoLoft® Flame Blanket, the perfect companion for the campfire or firepit. The NanoLoft Flame Blanket can be purchased starting today at Rumpl.com and REI.

“One of the most frequent requests we get from Rumpl fans is for a flame-resistant blanket and we designed the NanoLoft Flame Blanket for extended life around the campfire,” says Wylie Robinson, founder and CEO at Rumpl. “The proprietary blend of modacrylic and cotton developed by our product team will keep your blanket free of melted holes from flying sparks.”

The NanoLoft Flame Blanket (MSRP $129) features a durable, fire-resistant exterior made from a proprietary blend of modacrylic and cotton. The blanket passes the ISO 15025:2016 standard for protection against flame. The blanket is insulated with Rumpl’s 100% post-consumer recycled NanoLoft insulation and features a Cape-Clip for hands-free use. It weighs less than a pound (0.7 pounds) and measures 52” x 38”. The blanket is constructed from 12 recycled water bottles and packs down to the size of a Nalgene water bottle.

The NanoLoft Flame Blanket is available now at www.rumpl.com and REI.

SOFIC 22 – Forgeline Solutions

Friday, May 20th, 2022

In the SOFIC SELECT pavilion Forgeline Solutions offered us a sneak peek of their FR 3-season uniform.

It features the same cut of their 3-season uniform but in a new FR performance fabric. Forgeline envisions that it will run about the same price as their NYCO uniform and will include combat pant, combat shirt and field shirt. They can keep costs low because the uniform was designed from the outset for manufacturability, costing less to make.

If you feel clammy in a NYCO uniform that’s because the fabric is 3 CFM, meaning a very low breathability. This fabric offers 70 CFM, being much more breathable.

Note: the color of the photo is due to the lighting in the room.

MDM 22 – GORE-TEX Professional Fuel Handler 2-Piece Suit

Wednesday, May 11th, 2022

The Fuel Handler Coverall has been replaced with a new two-piece design made from GORE-TEX PYRAD Technology and procurement is well under way.

Offered in Coyote, it is being used by both Army and Marine Fuel Handlers and intended to be worn over other garments. In addition to it’s FREE properties, the suit also provides weather as well as contaminant protection. Thanks to the GORE-TEX membrane, it’s also breathable, water and wind proof, and is quick drying.

Massif Launches First Responder Collection

Thursday, March 3rd, 2022

Massif started out by providing FR garments for in Search and Rescue (SAR) crews. From this, select military aircrews adopted Massif FR clothing to withstand cold and wet environmental conditions. When service members began to face flame related threats due to Improvised Explosive Devices, the Department of Defense turned to Massif.

Massif has taken their flight-ready apparel for HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Management Services) and LE (Law Enforcement) personnel, to create a dedicated new First Responder Collection in true navy-blue colorway.

The collection is built around some of Massif’s legacy garments; the revolutionary 2-Piece Flight Suit with Lightweight and Midweight Inversion base layers along with the Elements Jacket.

Massif is well known for creating some of their own FR fabrics which meet ASTM D6413-F2302 performance specification for flame resistance. The garments have also been certified as Safe To Fly by the US Air Force.

A full range of sizing is available to support uniform programs, from XS-3XL.