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Netherlands’ RIOT Police Unit Equipped with Flame Retardant Uniforms from UF PRO

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (22.03.2024)

UF PRO, a leading name in the tactical clothing industry, unveiled its latest flame retardant uniform designed for the Netherlands’ crowd and riot control operations during a public debut at the event held in Ossendrecht, Netherlands.

Over 3,500 Sets Deployed for Enhanced Operations

In collaboration with Gear Point, UF PRO’s distributor in the Netherlands, the National Police Services Agency (Politiedienstencentrum) has equipped their RIOT Police Unit (Mobiele Eenheid) with these advanced uniforms. The initial deployment plan includes 3,500 uniform sets for deployment in 2024.

Innovative Flame Retardant Uniforms

The newly introduced uniform system features several flame retardant (FR) components, including the Striker X FR Combat Pants, Striker X FR Combat Shirt, Delta Eagle Gen.3. FR Jacket, and Monsoon XT Gen.2 FR Rain Jacket.

Darko Radoš Roth, Sales Manager at UF PRO, expressed enthusiasm about the innovative design, stating:

“UF PRO is setting new standards in the development of crowd and riot control uniform systems with its innovative dual-use design. This design allows for a seamless transition between everyday police work and crowd and riot control without the need for changing clothes.”

Crafted for exceptional flame retardancy and breathability, the uniform systems are tailored to meet the distinct needs of crowd and riot control police units. They offer robust protection against flames and intense heat, prioritising comfort, functionality, and ease of movement.

Collaboration with Industry Leaders

UF PRO collaborates with industry leaders W.L. Gore & Associates (Gore) and Schoeller Textil AG to ensure the highest quality and innovative flame retardant technology in their garment systems.

The Delta Eagle Jacket and Rain Jacket feature Gore’s innovative flame retardant PYRAD® technology, which effectively reduces heat flow through the fabric and prevents the spread of flames. Additionally, the Rain Jacket offers 100% waterproof capabilities, thanks to the GORE-TEX 3-layer waterproof and breathable laminate.

Schoeller’s pioneering pyroshell technology, found in UF PRO’s Combat Shirts and Pants, revolutionises fire safety. By transforming conventional materials into non-burning layers upon heat exposure, it provides active protection and enhances comfort. Through bonding and mixing processes, Schoeller ensures optimal flame retardancy, shielding wearers from direct flame exposure.

Rigorous Testing

All UF PRO’s FR garment systems undergo rigorous testing, including the Thermo Man test, conducted by the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA). This ensures comprehensive evaluation and real-life protection against intense heat and flames. If you’re interested in learning more about the testing process for flame retardant clothing, you can find additional information here.

UF PRO’s collaboration with the Netherlands’ National Police Services Agency (Politiedienstencentrum) signifies a significant advancement in crowd and riot control uniform systems, promoting safer and more comfortable policing.

4 Responses to “Netherlands’ RIOT Police Unit Equipped with Flame Retardant Uniforms from UF PRO”

  1. Yawnz says:

    So how many farmers are they going to try to intimidate into giving their land to the Dutch government?

    • Jeff S says:

      I’d say the FR suits are more for soccer hooligans or your random fire bomber down in Rotterdam.

      Judging by the farmers in Belgium, the NL cops might need rain slickers or biohazard suits for all the manure spraying.

    • Erik says:

      Don’t believe everything you see on Fox News 🙂

  2. DangerMouse74 says:

    Regardless of the political implications of the Dutch protestors, there are lessons to be learned and riot cops across the board should have FR clothing. I see this as generally a good step.