HSP Presents: Battle of Najaf 20TH Anniversary Event & Limited Edition Print

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the battle of Najaf, Haley Strategic Partners is holding an open house from 9AM to 9PM. Additionally, beginning on Thursday, April 4th and ending Sunday April 7th, 2024, they will be celebrating by offering 20% Off Site Wide as well as at their Headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona.

April 4th, 2024 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Battle of Al-Najaf, Iraq. It was on that day in 2004 that a small team of coalition forces and Blackwater Contractors faced off against the overwhelming force of the Mahdi Army. In spite of the many obstacles stacked against them, acts of courage, duty, and perseverance enabled the defending coalition and Blackwater Contractors to hold off the Mahdi Army while Blackwater Air Teams provided critical sustainment equipment and life saving evacuation efforts. The Battle of Al-Najaf represents one of the largest insurgent attacks during the Iraq War, we stand together on 4/4 in remembrance of the brave men who selflessly risked everything to save their brothers.

HSP has something else up their sleeve as well. Black Powder Red Earth‘s Creative Director, Jon Chang, and Artist, Josh Taylor, created an original piece of art to remember and honor those who answered the call for help without hesitation on that day.

This one of a kind piece of art which will be offered in three sizes/mediums: 13”x13”, 30”x30”, and a custom 60”x60” Dibond® Aluminum print.

Full details here.

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    “It’s like a f***ing turkey shoot!”