FirstSpear Friday Focus – Scrap FR Shirt

The Scrap FR Shirt stands out not only for its flame-resistant properties but also for its lightweight and breathable design. Made of an advanced aramid blend, it offers full protection against open flames and hot brass while keeping you cool and comfortable. This revolutionary combination makes it perfect for outdoor activities in hot and humid weather conditions. The Scrap FR Shirt features various pockets with breathable mesh for drainage, standard FS IFF Oval Fields, organization features within the pockets, and security straps that keep the sleeves rolled up.

Cut for shooting, moving, and being active, its slightly longer tail aids in protective overlap and concealed carry requirements. Moreover, the Scrap FR Shirt is machine washable and has minimal shrinkage, making it a durable and long-lasting investment for any active individual. This advanced shirt has a zippered front opening reinforced with webbing sewn buttons. Unzip the front and button up for added ventilation. The shirt also has a breathable mesh at the bottom and back of the front pockets, armpits, and across the entire back yoke. These features make this shirt extremely comfortable and highly ventilated in hot and humid conditions.

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One Response to “FirstSpear Friday Focus – Scrap FR Shirt”

  1. Wil says:

    These shirts are trash. The material is super thin and wears/tears easily. I bought one and in under a year of light use for summer camping the collar was in tatters and the material had thinned to see-through at contact points for shoulder straps. First Spear offered a replacement, and that one fell apart too. Usually love their stuff but this shirt is a swing & a miss. Save your money for something nice.