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NP Aerospace Extends Ukraine Support with Norway Contract

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

Ukraine soldiers wearing NP Aerospace body armour (image copyright NATO)

NP Aerospace is continuing its support for Ukraine with the delivery of a further 2,000 sets of body armour and carrier vests via Norway and the UK Ministry of Defence.

This takes the total number of ballistic plates sent to Ukraine from NP Aerospace to over 180,000 since the start of the war. In addition to NP Aerospace ballistic helmets and bomb disposal suits which are being used on the frontline.

The latest delivery is in support of Operation Ellisiv a Norwegian Ministry of Defence operation. Previous deliveries have been in support of Operation Interflex, aBritish-led multinational military operation to train the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and part of the UK’s commitment of £3 billion in military aid for this year. The 2,000 sets of body armour (4,000 plates and 2,000 vests) were contracted and delivered from Coventry in the UK in less than three months.

Peter Hardisty, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of NP Aerospace’s Composites and Armour Systems business, said: “Our team in Coventry are honoured to continue to support Ukraine with life-saving body armour and associated military equipment. We have expanded our facilities and team to deliver NATO programmes and will continue to do so for as long as the war continues.”

Tactical Communications for the Bundeswehr: Rheinmetall Wins Framework Contract with a Potential Order Value of €400 Million

Thursday, April 25th, 2024

Intercom with hearing protection function for cross-sectional force equipment

Rheinmetall has been commissioned by the Bundeswehr in a key project for tactical communications which is of cross-sectional importance for the entire force. The technology company has been contracted to supply up to 191,000 sets of the “intercom with hearing protection function”. The framework contract has a seven-year term and a potential order volume of up to €400 million net. 

The Budget Committee of the German Bundestag had imposed conditions on the project. 30,000 sets including connection cables with delivery in 2024 have been firmly ordered. A call-off for the delivery of a further 30,000 sets for 2025 is expected. These two delivery batches financed from the special fund will have a net value of up to around €140 million.

The intercom with hearing protection function (abbr. SmG in German, for “Sprechsatz mit Gehörschutz¬function”) includes modern active capsule ear protection that attenuates harmful impulse noise and amplifies quiet sounds. It also has a microphone and can be connected to various radio devices so that radio communication is possible. In addition to the combined headset, the scope of supply includes various push-to-talk (PTT) buttons and different cable sets for connecting to a range of radios and on-board communication systems. Rheinmetall has involved two leading manufacturers as subcontractors for the project: 3M Peltor with the ComTac VIII headset and CeoTronics AG with CT-Multi PTT 1C and 3C. The SmG is compatible with the Rheinmetall-supplied new combat helmet as well as with other Bundeswehr helmet types. 

This order underlines Rheinmetall’s leading role in the field of military equipment. The technology company is the prime contractor for the System Infantry Soldier of the Future – Expanded System to the Bundeswehr. Rheinmetall markets various configurations of its Gladius soldier system internationally. 

Galvion Surpasses Milestone of 125,000 Caiman Ballistic Helmets Ordered by NATO Countries

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2024

Galvion, a world leader in integrated head systems and intelligent power and data management solutions, has received three (3) new orders for its Batlskin Caiman® head system through its NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) framework contract. These latest orders, combined with previously announced orders from Norway, Finland and Sweden, take the total number of helmet systems ordered by NATO countries to over 125,000, with tens of thousands more in the pipeline.

In December 2022, Galvion was awarded a framework contract by NSPA that facilitates the procurement of its high performance Batlskin Caiman® head system and accessories, for NATO countries and partners. To service the rapidly growing demand, Galvion is investing in the establishment of a European production hub in Gdansk, Poland, originally announced in September 2023 and scheduled to be opened later this year. Concurrently, Galvion established a production partnership with NP Aerospace in the UK to produce helmets for the growing demand in the UK and wider NATO markets. This partnership is now producing a steady supply of Galvion’s Cobra® Plus helmets for the UK VIRTUS programme, and Batlskin Caiman® systems for NATO.

The NSPA framework contract through which NATO countries are ordering, was awarded following extensive user trials conducted by Norway, acting as the lead user nation, under the supervision of the NSPA. Selected to meet the higher performance bracket of four specified helmet categories, Galvion’s Caiman® helmet system comes in five sizes and is equipped with Galvion’s very latest APEX lining system, an intuitively adjustable design that enables a customized fit for users and is designed to offer unparalleled stability for the latest visual augmentation devices. The Caiman helmet is scalable for highly dynamic operations with mission-specific accessories, and is expressly designed to incorporate electronics, communications headsets, and other critical equipment, now and into the future.

“This contract is a good example of NSPA’s added value to both Nations and Industry” said Ms. Céline Danielli, NSPA General and Cooperative Service Programme Manager. “Through the use of the NATO Logistics Stock Exchange, the Agency brings together technical requirements and the latest technology and equipment, enabling Nations to procure what they need on a web-platform”.

Todd Stirtzinger, CEO at Galvion said: “We’re very proud to see more countries joining Norway, Finland and Sweden in ordering our flagship Caiman head system through the NSPA, which offers NATO countries a vastly simplified procurement route for our helmet, along with a growing list of integrated accessories. We continue to work both internally and in conjunction with best-in-breed partners to develop and integrate capability enhancements, from our E.D.G™ scalable power to communications to strobes and visual displays that will ensure the Caiman platform continues to evolve to meet ever-growing mission needs, all available through the NSPA procurement route.” He added: “Our investment strategy remains focused on keeping pace with the growing demand for our head systems around the world, through the establishment of a European production facility and strategic partnerships, as well as continued investment in Galvion’s domestic facilities, allowing us to effectively service demand now and into the future.”

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck Opens Drone Factory and Development Hub of German Manufacturer Quantum During Delegation Trip to Ukraine

Friday, April 19th, 2024

Berlin, Germany – 18 April 2024 – On the occasion of a delegation trip to Ukraine, Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, Robert Habeck opened the new production facility of Quantum-Systems GmbH in Ukraine. The plant opening took place on 18 April in the presence of the Ukrainian Minister of Strategic Industry, Oleksandr Kamyshin, and the Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defence, Ivan Hawryliuk.

Continuous support of Ukraine 

Quantum Systems attracted attention at an early stage of the war of aggression by Russia with its engagement for Ukraine. The company is expanding this commitment with the new local production facility. The European drone champion from Munich, Germany, has been supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces with the delivery of its reconnaissance drones and operates a local service, support, training and logistics center with 25 Ukrainian employees. They train drone pilots and implement technological advancements in the reconnaissance systems directly on site.

The Quantum Systems Vector reconnaissance drones have been in use in Ukraine since May 2022. So far, 212 systems have been made available through the German Enablement Initiative. By the end of the year, a total of 500 Quantum Systems reconnaissance drones are expected to have been delivered to Ukraine. The new production facility is expected to increase production capacity to up to 1,000 drones yearly including spare part production.

Investing up to six million euros 

The new plant will be the company’s second site in Ukraine and is expected to employ around 100 people by the end of the year. Quantum Systems is investing up to 6 million euros over the next two years. For the company, this is a vote of confidence in Ukraine and its employees there, and at the same time a sign of the company’s own commitment to providing Ukraine with long-term support in the defence of its country.

Quantum Systems currently produces as a dual-use company with around 250 employees at three locations for the civil and public sector. The production facility in Ukraine is the fourth plant among a total of seven locations worldwide.

Milrem Robotics Awarded Contract to Deliver THeMIS UGVs to Japan

Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

Milrem Robotics, Europe’s leading robotics and autonomous systems developer, has been awarded a contract to supply the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces with THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles.

The company will supply Japan with three THeMIS UGVs configured for various tasks, including supply transportation and intelligence gathering. The vehicles are equipped with Milrem’s Intelligent Functions Kit (MIFIK), enabling them to execute on- and off-road operations independently. MIFIK allows UGV operators to plan missions using waypoint navigation and set en-route vehicle behaviours.

MIFIK is used strictly for vehicle mobility.

“The goal of the Ground Self-Defense Forces is to fundamentally strengthen its defence capabilities with unmanned assets in order to gain asymmetric superiority while limiting human losses. A task to which UGVs are uniquely qualified,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics.

“We are honoured that the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces has selected us to support them in increasing thecombat effectiveness of their ground forces through advanced robotics and achieving their capability goals,” he added.

THeMIS UGVs were selected by the Japan Ministry of Defense as a target of the newly introduced Rapid Acquisition Program. Milrem Robotics will provide maximum support for Japan to be equipped as soon as possible.

In addition, THeMIS UGVs were chosen because they utilise cutting-edge technology and have already been adopted in 16 countries, including eight NATO countries: Estonia, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK, and the US. THeMIS UGVs are also assisting Ukrainian soldiers in the war with Russia.

It is expected that THeMIS UGVs will provide new ways to keep more soldiers safe and make operations more efficient for the Japan Self-Defense Forces.

Kromek Shows the Value of Innovation and R&D to Demonstrate New Capabilities at International Events and Win Further Orders

Tuesday, April 16th, 2024

Kromek, the designer and manufacturer of radiological and biological detectors, based in Sedgefield Co. Durham, premiered its “remote mode” for its ground-breaking D5 RIID at Security & Policing held in Farnborough, UK, in March 2024.

The D5 RIID is the most sensitive portable detector produced by Kromek. Its “remote mode” allows it to becarried by an uncrewed ground vehicle. Its long endurance and networked capability means that it can explore potentially contaminated sites and can loiter to scan continuously for radioactive material without putting a human operator in harm’s way. Following recent research and development (R&D) initiatives, the latest technical enhancements to the D5 RIID programme were shown to senior officials in the Ministry of Defence, Police forces and first responders at Security & Policing.

Meanwhile, at the CBRNe Summit Europe in Budapest, Hungary, Mari Tuomela, Kromek’s Head of Sales (EMEA & APAC), demonstrated the D5 RIID (and its additional probe for detecting Alpha and Beta isotopes – another product of innovative R&D) with live sources. The audience was astonished at the speed of isotope identification and also that the device detected the very weakest of sources.  

Kromek’s Commercial Director Craig Duff reflects: “The evolution of the D5 RIID, with both the addition of external probes and the ability to mount the detector on an uncrewed ground vehicle for remote operation, demonstrates the benefits of continuous in-house research and development. Our products can be adapted at pace to meet the changing requirements in this complex international political and threat environment.”

Duff’s comments were reinforced by the announcement at the end of March of a further $2.1m order for detectors for the security screening market from a previous OEM customer, where joint R&D had resulted in the original contract, and by a presentation at the Waste Management Symposia 24 in Arizona, USA, on how Kromek’s CZT detectors have been adapted by researchers at the University of Bristol to be carried by drones for wide area scanning and detection.

Back in the European Union, Kromek D3S detectors were deployed in Belgium, on 9th April to secure the launch of the Festival of the New European Bauhaus 2024, at the Brussels Art and History Museum, attended by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo and other dignitaries.


Wilcox Industries to Supply the Hybrid Patriot 5510 and BlueForce System to the Indonesian Korps Brigade Mobil Unit

Monday, April 15th, 2024

NEWINGTON, NH – In March of 2024, the Korps Brigade Mobil Unit (commonly known as Brimob), the Special Operations Unit of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), awarded a second contract to purchase Wilcox Hybrid Patriot 5510 Life Support Systems adding to the existing inventory of units already in operation. These additional units along with the units provided in previous years are all equipped with the BlueForce Tactical’s BTAC and Command Center Software System. 

The Wilcox Hybrid Patriot 5510 Life Support System is the most advanced hybrid multimode protection respiratory system available on the market today.  Originally developed and produced under a classified program by Wilcox and the US Navy in year 2000, the first generation of this hybrid system was exclusively provided to select specialty US Navy units. Following the declassification of the program shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Wilcox was able to offer this hybrid system to military and first responders worldwide. This unique hybrid configuration extends the mission profile significantly in comparison with any other product on the market today, safeguarding the end-user against any CBRN attacks on their homelands.  Wilcox partnered with BlueForce Development Group has developed a networked system that is a state-of-the-art command post which can monitor the end-user’s physiological state, the status of the system assets as the mission progresses.

The rigorous selection process and subsequent award were achieved through collaboration and support via our Master Distributor for the APAC Region, Aquaterro – Advanced Product Supplies and Indonesian In-country dealer, PT. Skotfire & Safety Technology. Manufacturing the Hybrid Patriot 5510® will take place at Wilcox’s expanding headquarters facility in Newington, NH, USA.

In response to the award, James Teetzel, CEO, of Wilcox stated, “We are very excited to learn of this contract award. Any time a customer reorders a product, it is always a strong indicator that Wilcox is providing the right product, at the right price backed by our amazing customer service team. It is great to see!”

For more information about the Hybrid Patriot 5510®, BlueForce Software and other Wilcox respirator devices, visit www.wilcoxind.com/LifeSupport . 

For information on all other Wilcox and Wilcox Products, visit Wilcox’ website at: www.wilcoxind.com  or call: 603-431-1331.

Williams Launches New Company to Solve Clients’ Engineering Challenges with F1-Derived Innovation and Pedigree

Sunday, April 14th, 2024

Williams is proud to announce the launch of a new company that will apply the cutting-edge innovation and technologies of F1 to tackling clients’ engineering challenges in other sectors.

Drawing on lessons learned over almost 50 years at the pinnacle of motorsport, Williams Grand Prix Technologies will bring a laser focus to solving clients’ problems using world-leading engineering capabilities.

Sitting alongside Williams Racing, and also owned by Dorilton Capital, the new company will be based at the team’s technology campus in Grove, UK.

Racing in Formula 1 involves a lightning-fast development cycle, taking a car from concept to competition in less than 12 months. Williams Racing is one of the most successful teams in F1 history, with nine Constructors’ Championships, seven Drivers’ Championships and 114 race wins.

Williams Grand Prix Technologies will offer this innovation-led approach and extraordinary pedigree to a wide range of new sectors including wider motorsport, premium automotive, aerospace, defence, marine, energy, sport and lifestyle.

Clients will be able to draw on the resources, assets, skillsets, technologies and talent available to the racing team to unlock new performance and potential in their businesses. Williams Grand Prix Technologies will also work closely with Williams Racing’s technology suppliers and partners to bring advanced solutions in simulation intelligence and data engineering to clients.

A mix of highly-skilled people and unique engineering assets will combine to offer services including: platform dynamics; advanced materials; simulation and modelling; instrument and data analytics and high performance computing. Sitting alongside these core engineering services is a range of in-house prototype testing and evaluation resources that include: wind tunnel; driver-in-the-loop simulator; single-axis testing machines; 8-post rig; chassis rig; other testing rigs and bedplate testing. Whilst originally developed for the purposes of the race team, these capabilities and assets have far wider applicability which the new company will harness.

Prior to the establishment of Williams Grand Prix Technologies in 2024, Williams also had other business interests beyond F1 racing. Williams owned a majority stake in Williams Hybrid Power Limited and also established Williams Advanced Engineering – both businesses took technology developed for F1 and adapted it for multiple commercial applications. Williams Hybrid Power was sold to GKN in March 2014 and Williams Advanced Engineering was sold to Fortescue in February 2022.

Matthew Savage, Chairman at Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited, said: “We are delighted to be establishing Williams Grand Prix Technologies, bringing F1-derived innovation and pedigree to a wide range of other sectors. Williams Grand Prix Technologies offers a unique mix of engineering experience, expertise and capabilities to solve customers’ problems and we have already received significant interest from a diverse set of clients even before launch. We will be using skills and assets that have been established, developed and refined over five decades of competing at the highest level of motor racing on a global stage, which is a unique pedigree that only Williams can offer. Being part of the wider Dorilton group of companies also allow Williams Grand Prix Technologies to offer services from across the group to further enhance the technologies and services available to the customer”.