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Services Charity Veterans With Dogs introduces Assistance Dog “Ferris” to the Defence Industry at DVD

Friday, September 9th, 2022

The services charity Veterans With Dogs is introducing their example assistance dog “Ferris” to the UK defence industry at the DVD 2022 Exhibition, taking place at Millbrook, 21/22 September. Ferris will be joined by his Army veteran owner, Bryan Maddams – himself a seasoned member of the defence industry having worked for General Dynamics, and Ultra Electronics on some major programmes such as Ajax, Warrior CSP and CR2 LEP. Bryan and Ferris are attending DVD to raise awareness of Veterans With Dogs across the industry with the aim of generating support and funds, through donations.

Veterans With Dogs is the UK’s leading organisation that trains and provides assistance dogs exclusively for current and former British Armed Forces service personnel diagnosed with a mental health condition, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a prevalent condition in post-Afghanistan veterans. The charity uses a unique PALS (Partner Animals Life Skills) training programme which combines home support and residential courses, with annual assessments thereafter to maintain the fully accredited assistance dog status. The dogs that undergo this training are always ‘on shift’, providing the veteran with 24/7, 365 days of assistance. They not only change the lives of the veterans – in some cases, they save them too.

At the DVD event, Veterans With Dogs is being supported by the defence industry focussed PR company, Chamois. Chamois are providing PR support to the charity, free of charge. The Chamois team will be helping Bryan and Ferris achieve maximum exposure throughout the event using their media contacts and through a targeted social media campaign.

Bryan Maddams, a volunteer Fundraiser for Veterans With Dogs said: “Ferris and I are very much looking forward to attending DVD. We’ll be on the ground for both event days meeting as many people as possible with the aim of raising awareness of and support for our charity. I’m also looking forward to seeing many of my own industry contacts as we walk around together”.

Jamie Clarke, CEO at Chamois said: “I’m delighted to be helping Bryan, Ferris and Veterans With Dogs at DVD this year. As a veteran and a dog owner myself, I can associate with this charity and having spent time understanding more about what they do, I believe it’s a charity that deserves support from across our fantastic UK defence industry. The work we’re doing will hopefully assist in generating further support”.

TacJobs – CTOMS Seeks Casual Training Support Specialists

Friday, September 9th, 2022

CTOMS looking for casual Training Support Specialists. The position includes logistical management, battlefield simulation, opposing force, and casualty roles. Contracts will occur on a casual basis and may include travel. If you want to join the CTOMS Training Team or for more information contact [email protected]

Irish Defence Forces Award New Military Bridging Contract to WFEL

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

7th September 2022

WFEL, world leading supplier of rapidly deployable military bridges, has signed a contract with the Irish Defence Forces for the supply of the MGB Medium Girder Bridging System.  The Irish Defence Forces have chosen the 31m double storey MGB variant, which can be erected in various configurations to cover the full range of military and emergency bridging requirements and will be supplied complete with handrails, making the system adaptable for use not only during military operations but also in Disaster Relief and Emergency scenarios, such as the severe flooding situations seen in Europe recently.

The Irish Military have been users of WFEL’s MGB Medium Girder Bridging System since the late 1970s and are therefore already familiar with the many benefits of this versatile, modular bridging system.  The Corps of Engineers – military engineering branch of the Defence Forces of Ireland – will take delivery of the new MGB bridging. The Corps is responsible for combat engineering and construction engineering services, providing engineering on the battlefield and has successfully leveraged its skill and expertise in several of the Irish Army’s deployments on United Nations operations.

Colonel Damian McEvoy, Director of Engineering for the Irish Defence Forces, said, “As long-time users of the Medium Girder Bridge system, we are already familiar with its many benefits and, by updating our bridging assets with the latest version of the MGB, we will continue to be equipped with the most versatile, modular bridging system available, allowing our Engineering Division to rapidly react to situations both on and off the battlefield.  

“Of particular importance to us is the lightweight nature of the MGB system, not only for reducing transportation weight, but to enable the bridge components to be handled by our troops without the need for mechanical aids”.  

With over 500 systems already supplied to militaries around the world, the MGB modular military bridging system provides interoperability with any other MGB of any age and is already adopted by many NATO members.

A full support and training package is included in the contract and the Irish Defence Forces can expect delivery of their new bridging assets by the end of 2023.

WFEL is currently supplying 17 Sets of its MGB Medium Girder Bridges to the UK MoD, following a review of the MoD’s modular gap crossing capabilities, which aimed to draw together existing in-service capabilities into a single coherent capability.  One of the key criteria for this contract was the fact that the MGB system can be configured in several different ways to provide flexibility to the Commander on the ground.  

Tom Winney, Business Development Director at WFEL, said, “We are delighted to be working closely with the Irish Defence Force once again and refreshing their military bridging stocks with the latest MGB systems, to provide vital engineer capabilities.  We are seeing increased interest in our MGB bridging systems worldwide, due to their modular and versatile nature, as forces worldwide recognise the need for rapid gap-crossing capability to ensure unrestricted manoeuvre for vehicles of up to 70 tonnes.”

Finn-Savotta to Supply New M23 Equipment Sets to the Finnish Defence Forces

Thursday, September 8th, 2022

We have received a purchase order from the Finnish Defence Forces worth approx. 13 million eur for new M23 belt and pouch sets. We will also be manufacturing the textile parts for a 7 million eur procurement of M17 body armour. The body armour systems will be supplied to the FDF by Finnish body armour specialists C.P.E. Production Oy, for whom we have worked as subcontractors in the earlier procurements of the M17 system.

These projects will keep a considerable portion of our resources busy for a few years and may temporarily affect the availability of our commercial products. We are already working on expanding our production capacity to keep up with the growing demand.

The M23 belt and pouch set is designed for soldiers using M17 body armour and other PALS compatible load carrying equipment. The set includes a PALS compatible belt, two double magazine pouches, one single magazine pouch, four utility pouches, an empty magazine dump pouch and two hand grenade pouches. All pouches are made in Finnish M05 woodland camouflage and feature both PALS and belt attachment systems.

This project will have a domestic employment impact of ca. 50 person-years, with manufacturing being done at our facilities in Finland and Estonia. The main materials used, 500D and 1000D Cordura fabrics, webbing and buckles are made in the EU, with the majority of the webbing and a few other materials used being Finnish made. These are the same high-quality materials we use in the production of our commercial products.

This project is another natural step in our decades long commitment to the Finnish Defence Forces, for whom we have since the 1960’s designed and made, tents, backpacks, the M85 and M05 series of load carrying equipment and various other equipment. It should be noted that for us the Finnish Defence Forces have always been more than just a customer. In the end we design and manufacture gear for use by our friends, family and ourselves.

Lindnerhof-Taktik Launches New Battle Dress Uniforms Advanced and AdvancedX; Available for Purchase Now

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (7 Sept. 2022)—Lindnerhof-Taktik GmbH today launched its new, high- performance Advanced and AdvancedX battle dress uniforms, each consisting of a field shirt, combat shirt, and combat pants.

The Advanced BDU model is available in a classic five-colour Flecktarn camouflage pattern, while the AdvancedX version is offered in a choice of MultiCam® or Stone Grey.

Lindnerhof is known worldwide for its evolutionary and revolutionary work in the development of pouches, plate carriers, belts, and tactical nylon gear—all driven by an unyielding desire to improve the quality and performance of equipment used by military and law-enforcement special forces.

It was that desire which brought the company to a decision to revisit and subsequently enhance its previous efforts in the development of BDUs, specifically a BDU produced in 2019 for the German Bundeswehr.

“That BDU was unavailable for purchase except by the Bundeswehr, but now we have two new models of BDU—the Advanced and AdvancedX—which can be acquired by everyone as of today, the 7th of September,” said Lindnerhof-Taktik CEO Jakob Kolbeck. “The BDUs’ component combat pants, combat shirt, and field shirt are right now available at our online store——and are ideal choices for all who want to gear up for missions or training exercises in a BDU that’s smartly designed but not over-engineered.”

Kolbeck, in detailing the thinking behind the creation of the Advanced and AdvancedX BDUs, said the new garments represent a blending of classical elements with innovative materials and features.

“Consider the field shirt, for example—it needs to look every bit as good as it performs,” Kolbeck began. “Therefore, we combined traditional must-haves with new and outside-the-box thinking concerning design and construction. The result is a field shirt with cool optics, patched breast pockets with capacity enough to stow everything, underarm zippers for increased air circulation, and Velcro® closures over the front zipper’s cover bar for even greater ventilation and comfort.

“Speaking of comfort, we shaved off significant weight by streamlining the shirt to just its absolute essential features so that it can function like a second skin. It of course includes camouflaged long sleeves with adjustable arm cuffs and areas for attachable insignia patches, but also construction using breathable fabrics to support the wearer during operations in warm weather—not to mention fabric that’s highly durable so that it holds up against abrasion from plate carriers and other add-ons.”

Kolbeck explained that both the Advanced and AdvancedX versions of the combat shirt employ in their torso region a ceramic dotted fabric known as Lizard Skin.

“We waved goodbye to pure polyester and said hello to breathable Lizard Skin, which is both abrasion-resistant and comfortable,” he said. “We don’t rely on the material alone for comfort, though. We further enhance it with super-lightweight underarm mesh inserts and a quarter- front zipper.”

The Advanced and AdvancedX BDUs each employ a different base material. The Advanced model—available only in Flecktarn—relies on the same common twill found in the BDU worn by members of the German Bundeswehr. The AdvancedX model—available in either MultiCam® or Stone Grey—makes use of the nylon-cotton blend NyCo Extreme, which is lighter and more air- permeable.

“The parts of the two BDUs that require fabric reinforcement have been constructed with classic 500-denier CORDURA®,” Kolbeck said. “The knees of the pants are one such part.”

Kolbeck noted that the combat pants offer users the option to attach protective knee pads made by the top-three makers of that particular accessory.

“There is a ventilation-adjustable zip pouch for UF PRO knee pads and a receptacle for either Arc ?teryx Combat Knee Caps or Crye AirFlexTM Combat Knee Pads,” he explained.

Another key feature of the combat pants is its pocket setup. “Big cargo pockets, side pockets, and a lower leg pocket are all included,” Kolbeck said.

He indicated as well that the combat pants have a comfortable glove-like fit thanks to their proven Flex Fit closure system and said their highly adjustable, weight-saving integrated trouser belt renders obsolete the need for a separate trouser belt.

“Moreover, we’ve integrated into the pants expandable fabric sections constructed of Schoeller®-Dynamic stretch material,” Kolbeck said. “These stretch sections are fully camouflaged and support the user exactly where needed while moving.”

Lindnerhof is a part of the Mehler Group of companies, which include tactical garment maker UF PRO. Kolbeck credited that sibling organization with contributing its own expertise toward the successful development of the Advanced and AdvancedX BDUs.

“We collaborated to very good effect,” he enthused. “UF PRO is an excellent partner and we appreciated greatly their willingness to share their knowledge.”

For more information about the new Lindnerhof Battle Dress Uniform Advanced and AdvancedX as well as other Lindnerhof-Taktik products, please visit the company’s web shop at

Milrem Robotics Delivers the THeMIS UGV to Ukraine

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

The European leading robotics and autonomous system developer Milrem Robotics delivered the THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) suited for casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) and transportation of supplies to Ukraine.

The THeMIS equipped with stretchers for rapid CASEVAC was delivered to a Ukrainian charitable organization. Onsite training was provided upon delivery for the quick deployment of the system.

“Casualty evacuation is one of the most crucial and labour-intensive activities in conflicts. Traditionally, it takes several people to carry a stretcher and required medical equipment. However, it would require only one to operate a UGV, which can accommodate several wounded and a lot of equipment. This means that more personnel are available to help more people,” explained Captain (res) Jüri Pajuste, Defence R&D Director at Milrem Robotics.

The THeMIS UGV is a multi-mission vehicle with an open architecture that enables it to be rapidly configured from having a transport function to being weaponized, performing ordnance disposal, or supporting intelligence operations according to the nature of the mission.

THeMIS UGVs have been acquired by 16 countries, 8 of which are members of NATO, including Estonia, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, the UK, and the US.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Anduril Industries Team to Deliver Data Fusion and Battlefield Awareness for U.S. Army’s Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

American Rheinmetall Vehicles and Anduril Industries Team to Deliver Data Fusion and Battlefield Awareness for U.S. Army’s Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle
American Rheinmetall Vehicles (Sterling Heights, MI), a leading developer of tactical wheeled and tracked combat vehicles and systems has formed a strategic partnership with Anduril Industries, a defense technology company, in pursuit of the U.S. Army’s Optionally-Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) program.

American Rheinmetall Vehicles has built an elite U.S. industry team that consists of numerous leading U.S. defense companies including, Textron Systems, Raytheon Technologies, L3Harris Technologies and Allison Transmission, who are collectively known as “Team Lynx.” Anduril, the newest member of the team, brings its deep experience in software development, mission autonomy, systems integration, and command and control; developed and deployed in support of National Defense priorities. American Rheinmetall Vehicles leads Team Lynx in offering the Army a next-generation infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) solution for the OMFV program that features a mature, game-changing platform with a purposeful, future-proof modular design that ensures not just overmatch today, but overmatch for decades to come.

“The partnership with Anduril brings with it exceptional innovations in software development, command and control, sensor integration, and counter UAS systems for inclusion in our OMFV offering. These additional technologies coupled with our existing Teammates respective strengths provide Soldiers capabilities not available anywhere else in the world. Further, Anduril’s innovative technologies and focus on customer requirements make it a superb partner to join Team Lynx in support of our work to deliver an unmatched, transformational IFV to the Army for the OMFV program,” said Matt Warnick, Managing Director at American Rheinmetall Vehicles.

“Software is at the core of the weapons and military systems of the future,” said Zach Mears, Head of Strategy, Anduril. “Anduril specializes in delivering advanced mission autonomy, enabling commanders and battle managers to command and control more lethal capability at the tactical edge. We are thrilled to join Team Lynx and will leverage our deep experience in artificial intelligence, mission autonomy, and sensor integration to significantly reduce the cognitive burden of the OMFV’s two soldier crew and provide them with next-generation tactical awareness, C2, and decisive lethality to dominate future battlefields.”

Anduril will support Team Lynx with customized command and control software for Lynx OMFV formations that enables collaborative formation maneuver, and collaborative detection, targeting, and engagement of threats for future armored combat formations. Anduril’s software, in alignment with Army IDEE software development process will have an agile based development and improvement plan, integration, and delivery cycles, enabling persistent modernization for IFVs to rapidly adapt to and defeat emerging time-sensitive threats. The Team’s solution, the Lynx OMFV, redefines the modern battlefield and enables the Army to satisfy its number two modernization priority, a next-generation combat vehicle with leading protection, mobility, growth, and lethality capabilities that will sustain overmatch for decades. The Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA), along with substantial growth potential in power, weight, and volume make the Lynx OMFV exceptionally well prepared to confront the challenges of the future battlefield like no other.

See Ocean State Innovations at Future Forces Forum in Prague

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

OSI will be attending the Future Forces Forum from October 19-21, 2022, in Prague, Czech Republic. We will be showing Multicam®, CURV® Tactical and CORDURA® Brands during this event! To set up a meeting or for more information please contact Peter Raneri at [email protected]. Visit us at