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DSEI 23 – Beretta Debuts New Assault Rifle Platform

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Beretta debuted their New Assault Rifle Platform at DSEI. NARP is a short stroke piston platform with two gas position settings for normal and suppressed.

Currently chambered on 5.56 NATO, the representative assured me that other calibers are coming, including a scaled up 7.62 version.

It is fully ambidextrous and utilizes an AR-style rear charging handle. In addition to the M4-style collapsible buttstock, it will also accept a side folder.

There are currently three barrel lengths, 11.5″, 14.5″ (not shown in these photos), and 16″.

While they would not show me the internals, I was told that NARP features a lubricant free coating.

The max o/a LE th with a 14.5″ barrel and extended stock is 34.9″ and 31.7″ with the stock collapsed.

DSEI 23 – Raider Targetry

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Raider Targetry’s motto is “we move. you shoot.” They provide robotic targetry which is fully instrumented and customizable for visual, thermal, radar and maneuver characteristics.

They are also lightweight and their static versions can be hand carried to desired target areas.

GM Defense and NP Aerospace Announce Collaboration at DSEI

Thursday, September 14th, 2023

Steve duMont, GM Defense president, and James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, signed a Memorandum of Understanding at the 2023 Defense and Security Equipment International tradeshow.

The MOU will allow our companies to develop cooperative research and development, post-production support, and in areas such as global logistics and sustainment for integrated vehicles, fuel cell, power generation, system integration, platform integration, and beyond. Read more about this important collaboration at the link below, and if you’re at DSEI, come see the Infantry Squad Vehicle in the NP Aerospace booth, Booth 5.

DSEI 23 – Thales Lithgow Arms F90D

Wednesday, September 13th, 2023

Thales Lithgow Arms has unveiled their new F90D which is also available for their Australian Combat Assault Rifle as the D Model. The D designation is for digital.

The heart of this new capability is a network sighting system which uses the Thales Squad Net radio for communications.

It uses a laser to designate an item of interest on the battlespace. Because the rifle knows where it is, and what direction the weapon is pointed, it triangulates the “target” and allows the user to characterize it as friendly, enemy, or target of interest. The system is Laser agnostic and will work with most on the market.

The information collected by the system is then shared with the squad (and others if desired). This includes friendly information so that if you sight on a target, you will know if it is friendly or not. The information is shown on the sight as you can see here. I’ve looked at it and it’s clear to the eye.

The battery is contained in the buttstock. Here you can see the version for the ACAR.

Here you can see the hub used on the ACAR for power and data. It is Picatinny compatible.

The team is continuing to work on integrating additional sensor inputs.

Drone Evolution Launches Sentinel TetheredUAV at DSEI 2023

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

London, 12 September, 2023: Drone Evolution launches SENTINEL, its new, tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) system at DSEI 2023. Designed and built in the UK, SENTINEL has been teamed with Steatite’s MPU5 MESH radio, creating an airborne rebroadcasting node which provides a persistent surveillance capability for situational awareness. The SENTINEL tether system is quicker to deploy and lighter to carry than a mast option. The combination of a tethered UAV system and radio/camera/thermal imaging system is ideal for applications such as:

• Intelligence, surveillance & reconnaissance

• Force protection

• Event security

SENTINEL can be powered by Drone Evolution’s patented Freedom Power Supply Unit (PSU). This PSU can output 100V-500V from a 12V or 24V vehicle power supply, allowing SENTINEL to be mobilised and remain airborne for extended periods of time, reaching heights of 50m for 6 hours and potentially beyond. SENTINEL is the only system capable of running directly from a 12v or 24v power supply such as a vehicle or batteries (with no inverter or generator required) as well as mains power. Additionally, SENTINEL’s weatherproofing and high wind resistance allows for long endurance in challenging environments.

With both SENTINEL and Dis1 radios operating at ground level, it is possible to establish a baseline range to determine the range and throughput of a Wave Relay point-to-point network in an urban environment.

Toby Townrow, Communications Director at Drone Evolution, said: “Tethering a drone to a ground power source allows the system to be in the air for periods far beyond conventional battery life. SENTINEL really is a game changer, it can be deployed without advanced pilot skills and has the potential for secure communications and overcoming blackspots. Additionally, SENTINEL can take your sensors to greater heights than a standard temporary mast system can ever achieve.”

Steatite’s Business Development Manager, Seb Leaver, added “The combination of Drone Evolution’s SENTINEL system and the MPU5 Radio System provides a solution to a challenge that our clients have had for a long time – namely how to get a comms rebroadcast system to a height quickly and easily for a range of deployment types at a price that doesn’t make to prohibitive.”

See Drone Evolution’s SENTINEL on Steatite’s stand H2-417.

Schuberth GmbH Supplies New M100 Ballistic Helmet to Swiss and Romanian Special Forces

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Magdeburg, September 11, 2023 – Head protection specialist SCHUBERTH GmbH from Magdeburg/ Germany has won a tender for ballistic protective helmets from the Romanian Ministry of Defense and a Swiss special forces unit. Both contracts will be delivered via sales partner Alpine Fox in Switzerland and Rotman Industries SRL in Romania before the end of this year.

Milad Youkhanna, Head of the Business Unit Military & Law Enforcement at SCHUBERTH, explains: “We are extremely proud to count the special forces of the Romanian Ministry of Defense and a Swiss police SF unit among our customers. The SCHUBERTH M100 ballistic protective helmet won against an international field of bidders in a call for tenders. In addition to the innovative features and outstanding ballistic protection, the high performance of our product in the maritime environment and the extremely low signature resulting in low detectability by night vision equipment were of particular importance to the Romanian customer. The numerous design and development loops, which were repeatedly tested by members of a wide range of European units, are now showing their value.”


The SCHUBERTH M100 is a modern combat helmet with superior wearing comfort and a high level of ballistic protection. Thanks to its open-architecture rail system and adjustable interior lining, it offers outstanding performance in all scenarios or threat levels. An above- average proportion of common parts across all sizes and optimized serviceability guarantee low life cycle costs and a high level of sustainability.

The advanced helmet shell technology provides a balanced blend of the highest protection and material composition that is not only durable and resistant, but also allows the helmet to be fully repaired. The M100 combines ballistic protection according to NIJ IIIA as well as VPAM 2 (5 cm edge impact) with the demanding impact absorption according to the climbing helmet standard EN 12492, the white-water helmet standard EN 1385, as well as the industrial safety standard EN 397.

Available in High-, Mid- or Fullcut, the M100 is characterized by its cross-manufacturer compatibility with headsets and communication solutions. The patented Ergonomic Headset Loop (EHL), developed specifically for the M100, is a webbing guide with rigidly designed segments that frames the headset, ensuring a perfect fit even during dynamic activities. This is complemented by the also patented Divided Modular Liner (DML), a two-piece headgear ring that not only allows the earpiece to fit perfectly under the helmet, but also enables individually adjusted to the shape of the user’s head.

The Device Connection Interface System (DCIS) of the SCHUBERTH M100 features a rear rail in addition to the side rail pair and a night vision shroud. This open system architecture provides room for capability development that already require compatibility with peripheral devices to be procured in the future. Additionally, a completely new dimension in the integration and management of peripheral devices is made possible by the specially developed SCHUBERTH Extended Connection Devices (ECD). These connections, which are distributed across all interfaces, not only permit a previously unknown level of advanced cable management, but also the integration of additional accessories such as lamps, covers or artificial camouflage elements.

Halo International Limited Agrees on the Purchase of Shares of tactical Equipment Provider, Helix Operations Limited

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Halo International Limited is set to acquire shares of tactical equipment provider, Helix Operations Limited, through an agreement with Excalibur Ltd, reinforcing its commitment to enhancing its product portfolio and market presence.

Halo, owner of Brigantes Consulting Ltd, has recently confirmed an agreement for the acquisition of shares of Helix. 

Halo is the parent company of on-the-soldier equipment provider, Brigantes Consulting Ltd. Combining decades of military experience with keen technical expertise and advanced industry awareness, Brigantes are the go-to specialist for on-the-soldier equipment. With a product range that spans apparel, footwear, vertical movement, signature management, technology, mobility, and sustainment. Founded in 2014 by ex-military personnel, Brigantes unites decades of military experience with advanced technical expertise, cementing itself as a trusted international supplier to NATO military, government, and elite police units. Through unique alliances with world-leading brands, Brigantes pioneers the latest, bleeding-edge equipment solutions in state-of-the-art soldier systems for every conceivable operational environment.

Tactical equipment and training provider, Helix is a Wales-based company that specialises in the provision of tactical mountaineering and climbing equipment. Helix provides the complete capability for vertical access and rescue in mountain, maritime and urban environments. With headquarters in the north Welsh mountains, Helix has over 30 years of experience in the supply of tactical climbing solutions. Their customer base includes the UK MOD and several NATO forces. In addition to the provision of expert equipment, Helix also provides externally accredited training programmes that incorporate best practices from industry and operational environments. Helix cooperates closely with teams to develop bespoke systems that are fit for purpose for tactical use – deploying quickly and discreetly and can work with incumbent military equipment.

Having worked together for several years, Brigantes and Helix are closely aligned in terms of product focus and customer base. This latest development represents a natural continuation of the longstanding partnership and a significant opportunity for expansion into global markets. Brigantes’ first-hand experience of military operations and on-the-soldier equipment solutions unite seamlessly with Helix’s acute understanding of tactical mobility systems, particularly in the context of vertical movement, rescue and mountaineering equipment. 

Matt Williams, Halo International CEO, commented:

“Brigantes has worked very closely with Helix for many years on the provision of tactical equipment solutions and training for mountaineering and vertical access. Their expertise in this realm is unparalleled and so this agreement made complete sense and will enable us to move up a gear, enhancing our existing specialisms with even more bespoke knowledge and expanding our offering to worldwide markets.”

This acquisition represents a continuation of Halo’s strategic vision. By leveraging the international potential and unique tactical equipment and training expertise supplied by Helix, Halo will drive innovation and value for Brigantes’ military customers, further solidifying its position as an industry leader in the provision of on-the-soldier equipment. 

The combined strengths of the Halo Group and Helix will result in a stronger, more diversified market presence, delivering exceptional procurement knowledge, robust testing capabilities and quality training opportunities for their customer base. This acquisition sparks huge potential for further growth and development for both entities, uniting specialised expertise and industry experience across adjacent sectors to deliver an enhanced offering for military customers across the globe. 

EOTECH Selected to Supply the Polish Ministry of Defense via a Multi-Year Contract

Tuesday, September 12th, 2023

Plymouth, MI (September 2023) – EOTECH, the leading manufacturer of Holographic Weapon Sights (HWS), Magnifiers and other electro-optic solutions has recently been awarded a multi-year contract to fulfill its EXPS3 HWS and G33 Magnifier to the Polish Ministry of Defense for use on the MSBS GROT weapon systems. 

While Poland has been a staunch supporter of the EOTECH brand for years, “This contract represents a continued level of confidence between EOTECH and the Armed Forces within Poland. The Polish government has always been a strong partner to EOTECH for use in the defense of their sovereign nation and that of its surrounding allies” said Andy Gann, Business Development Manager for Europe. “It is EOTECH’s intent to ensure the Polish Warfighter has the confidence to engage the enemy combatant with any of their individual weapons if they are challenged to do so.” Gann went on to say, “We must also acknowledge the efforts of our in-country partner too, who did an amazing job promoting and supporting the EOTECH brand to the Polish MoD, as it is very much a group effort to get success like this across the finish line”. 

EOTECH is represented in Poland by Griffin Group Defence. “Griffin Group aims to only provide best-in-class, proven and relevant solutions to the Polish Government for consideration” said a Griffin Group representative. “It was an honor to have worked with EOTECH and provide our MoD with their equipment needs for defense of our National Security. We have every confidence in the quality of the EOTECH product line and look forward to supporting our MoD now and into the future”. 

The Polish MoD can expect first deliveries of their EOTECH Weapon Sighting Solutions, in excess of 10,000 units, beginning in Q4 of 2023 and healthily into late 2025. For more information, please visit