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Clawgear AUG A3 Toprail

Friday, May 8th, 2020

The new Clawgear AUG A3 Toprail provides extended rail space to the front and rear in comparison to the original AUG rail.


-Made of high strength aluminium with Mil-Spec Type III hard coat anodized finish
-20% lighter with no compromise in stability and ruggedness
-Features a non-glare coating to reduce reflections
-Makes the A3 rifle compatible with the Clawgear AUG Handguard
-Features a 30 slot picatinny rail (NATO STANAG 4694)
-Anti-rotational QD attachment point at the front

Agilite’s New Search Engine – The Only Search Engine Not Run By Liberals

Friday, May 8th, 2020

Agilite has launched it’s new “Tactical Helmet Finder” search engine which it describes as “The only search engine not run by liberals”

As the world leader in tactical helmet covers & accessories they wanted to make it much easier for you to know what cover will fit your helmet well.

With thousands of helmet manufacturer/model types out there it used to be tricky but their search engine uses their years of experience to make it simple and easy.

Try it out to find a cover or accessory for your helmet here:

Mustang Survival Scales Up to Produce 150 Thousand Reusable Medical Gowns for Canadian Health Professionals

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

Burnaby, BC – Mustang Survival®, the Canadian brand known for innovative solutions for the most demanding marine environments, has been saving the lives of water professionals for over 50 years. Now they are turning their attention to saving lives on land as they proudly announce their intention to produce more than 150 thousand Level 3 Medical isolation gowns for The National Public Health Authority of Canada.

The federal contract was awarded to Mustang Survival after they pivoted from manufacturing life vests, survival suits and dry suits for Military, public safety professionals and marine recreational users, to solving the issues in supply chain and production of PPE facing the Canadian healthcare sector.

Initially collaborating alongside innovative and cutting-edge British Columbia manufacturers and apparel companies—Boardroom Clothing, KenDor Textiles and Arc’teryx—they developed and tested the original prototype for the Level 3 waterproof gown at the beginning of April.
And, were subsequently contracted to manufacture 90,000 gowns for the Vancouver Health Authority (to be produced between all three companies). Mustang Survival then continued to work with the Canadian Federal Government to fulfill the overwhelming demand for PPE across Canada and was officially awarded the new larger contract this week.

“We are incredibly proud to live our purpose in a new field, delivering confidence to frontline health care workers”, says President Jason Leggatt. “Our team has been working around the clock to design, test and create this reusable, waterproof medical gown to meet the stringent health authority requirements. Now the job pivots to scaling up our production and working with local subcontractors to fulfill this new order”.

While priority of current production will still be focused on the local BC health care sector, Mustang Survival will be investing in machinery and staff as well as increasing shifts at their Burnaby Factory to help fulfil the larger federal contract. They are also overseeing the subcontracting of work with other small local manufacturing facilities who have existing sewing capabilities, supporting the continued employment of many local skilled workers during these unusual times.

Likewise, Mustang Survival is working with its sister company The Patten Company in Florida to produce 1,500 gowns for the West Virginia National Guard.

As part of The Wing Group, the companies are looking to secure a contract with FEMA which will enable them to create a rapid growth pipeline to manufacture this same high-quality reusable healthcare PPE in the US and around the world. Mustang Survival is confident the collective capacity to produce these gowns can make a significant contribution to those putting their lives at risk every day to fight the virus.

Timeline of Gown Development:
Early March VCH reached out to BC Apparel & Gear Association looking to get ahead of supply chain issues in PPE for Vancouver Health Care workers

Mustang Survival began collaboration on new gown design with BC companies, The Boardroom, KenDor textiles and Arc’teryx.

Diving into prototyping to rapid testing, Mustang Survival flipped their innovation lab—the Waterlife Studio—in Burnaby, BC into a rapid-response facility dedicated to finding a solution for this public safety crisis. Backed with the support of local health care officials to reach safety-certified status.

April 1
Initial order for VCH – first 500 delivered in first week
Contract for 90,000 Gowns for VCH was confirmed in this week.

April 19
Contract Awarded to Mustang Survival for 150,000 Level 3 isolation gowns

Mustang Survival scales up its own production at Burnaby Facility, adding sewers, seam sealers, machinery, and extra shifts.
They will also oversee the production of the gowns between smaller companies in the lower mainland – cutting & bundling gown packages to be sewn at various locations.
All Quality Control, testing and standards being overseen by the Mustang Survival team.

With large scale production needing to get underway as soon as possible there is a need for local sewers to come forward to help.

Helix Operations – Arizona Vortex Tripod in Black

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

The Rock Exotica Arizona Vortex is an artificial high directional system and anchor point. It offers unlimited versatility and configuration options for rescues, lowers and hauling of equipment across all types of terrain, buildings and structures.

The Vortex can be rigged as a tripod, bi-pod and gin pole. This is possible because the Vortex’s two-piece head set allows for it to be rigged as a standard tripod or in advanced applications as an easel A-frame, A-frame, sideways A-frame and also as a gin pole.

It has fully adjustable, telescoping legs that allow it to be rigged in the most challenging mountain or urban terrain.

Importantly for equipment designed to be used in remote locations in poor conditions, it is intuitive and fast to set up. Transport options are maximised by the Vortex system breaking down into 4 separate bags.

Winches are easy to attach if they are needed to ease and expedite raises and lowers.

The Arizona Vortex with other Rock Exotica products such as the Omni Block pulleys, Aztek hauling system and Kootenay tyrolean pulley, meet virtually any requirement for a portable AHD system. All of these are available in subdued colours.

Helix Operations in conjunction with R3 SAR Gear (UK Rock Exotica Distributor) have specially requested a production run in black, making it better suited to tactical climbing and rescue operations.

Email: [email protected]

The EINHERJER 2.0 & 3Mag Placard from Stratagem

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

From our friends in Germany, Stratagem comes the EINHERJER 2.0 and 3Mag Placard


Einherjer (old north. “the one who fights alone”)

• ROC® Buckles allow the carrier to be put on and taken off or removed from the body in seconds
• ROC fasteners in the shoulder area are adaptive and can be replaced or exchanged for other fasteners at any time
• the laser-cut PALSTEX laminate provides a smooth and flat surface with complete modularity
• large loop front surface and laser cut holders for attaching optional placards using QASM buckles or G-Hooks (3Mag Placard available in the shop)
• Shoulder pads with Velcro loops for guiding cables and drinking tubes
• Separate compartments for soft and hard ballistics allow the storage of ballistic plates up to size L (SAPI Cut) or standard BW plates
• Optional pockets for soft and hard ballistics can be attached to the skeleton cummerbund
• Admin compartment allows 3 pistol magazines or other equipment to be stowed away Fluffy areas in the front and back area for attaching ID patches
• Size: “One Size Fits Most” (adjustment of the size is done with fleece and velcro)

3Mag Placard

• Mag Placard suitable for 5.56 magazines like G36 PMAG, SteyrAUG, AK and AR
• 3er Mag Placard suitable for the EINHERJER and MITHRIL plate carrier and the Chestrig Adaptiv
• Placard can be attached to the respective platform quickly and easily using G-Hooks and Velcro
• Elastic webbing ensures a wobble-free fit of the magazines and a fast pulling process
• Magazines can be carried safely in the magazine pocket even without the removable safety catch (the optional safety catch with Pull Tab and Shock Cord is included)
• Compatible with similar systems of other manufacturers
• Entire bag is constructed of durable PALSTEX laminate

Available colors: ConCamo, Ranger Green, 5 color pattern, Coyote Brown

AirBoss Defense Group Awarded First Commercial Sale of Bandolier Multi-Purpose Lightweight Clearing Charge System to the Netherlands DMO

Monday, April 20th, 2020

LANDOVER, MD (April 20, 2020) – AirBoss Defense Group (ADG) announced today that the Netherlands Defense Meteriel Organisation (DMO) has placed an initial order of 500 Bandolier Multipurpose Lightweight Explosive Clearing Charge Systems as part of a 5-year program to advance their demolitions capabilities. The contract also provides Bandolier training programs for DMO combat units. The Bandolier is a modern explosive charge designed to enhance soldier survivability and protection during combat operations, providing warfighters with a single, multifunctional device that can effectively clear any obstacle typically encountered on the battlefield in one lightweight, modular package.

The Netherlands is the first North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) country to purchase the Bandolier system. The contract vehicle provides the ability for all 30 NATO member countries to easily procure Bandolier systems and ADG expects additional NATO orders to follow. “The purchase of the Bandolier System marks a milestone event in the demolitions community,” explains Michael McCormack, ADG’s Chief Strategy Officer. “The adoption of this modern, lightweight, highly versatile system by a Tier 1 NATO military power is a major update from the decades old use of standard bulk explosives (C-4) and other purpose-built explosive solutions. This integration will give the Dutch warfighter a significant edge on the battlefield.”

The Bandolier’s patented design bridges the capability gap between larger, complicated breaching charges and standard bulk demolitions. Its unique modular design is light enough for dismounted operations, while remaining flexible enough to meet larger-scale mission requirements. NATO forces can now be supplied with a single, lightweight, easy to use explosive system, capable of performing a wide range of tasks, eliminating the need for multiple mission-specific systems.

For more information, please visit  

SCUBAPRO SUNDAY – Patriots Day April 19th and ANZAC Day April 25th

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Today is the 19th of April, also known as Patriots day. Today in 1775 we had had enough of being under the Crown. (well we had enough way before this) I can see know better way than to give everyone a link to the best way to tell the story. It might not be that factually correct, but you have to love schoolhouse rock.

Also, this week on the 25th of April, Austral and New Zealand observe ANZAC day. It is their Memorial Day to remember their falling, it starts with a sunrise service, followed by ANZAC biscuits, and beer with brothers and family.  

ANZAC day started as a remembrance of the invasion of Gallipoli, now it is used as a Remembrance Day for all who have been lost to war. Gallipoli was a plan hatched by Winston Churchill the first lord of the admiralty in WWI. I had the privilege of spending an ANZAC day in Perth a couple of years back, and it was amazing to see how close we are to our allies in the pacific. So, on the 25th April raise a glass to all of our brothers that have helped support us in everything we have done and helped promote freedom in the world. The ANZACs are the only countries that have been with the U.S. in every war we have fought since WW1, to include Vietnam and the Global War on Terror.

ANZAC is the acronym formed from the initial letters of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. This was the formation in which Australian and New Zealand soldiers in Egypt were grouped before the landing on Gallipoli in April 1915.

The acronym was first written as “A & NZ Army Corps.” However, clerks in the corps headquarters soon shortened it to ANZAC as a convenient telegraphic code name for addressing telegram messages.

I can never do justice telling the story of Gallipoli. Like most of WW1 and other battles, a lot of mistakes were made in the planning, but they were followed up by a lot of brave man doing whatever they had to do so their brothers would live another day. LLTBH.

Gearup – Bow Tie

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Here we find Gearup’s Bow Tie in MultiCam Black for all tactical weddings and special other occasions.

They tout is as the first and only Bow Tie which is water resistant, PU-Coated and IR-treated.

Handmade in Germany and offered in multiple patterns.

Find them on Instagram.