SIG MMG 338 Program Series

AUSA 23 – Alien Gear Taq-Strap

Alien Gear debuted their new Taq-Strap at AUSA. The Taq-Strap is a wearable tourniquet strap which replaces any standard 1.5″ thigh retention strap like on holsters or leg mounted loadouts. It allows the wearer to provide self care via a hasty tourniquet application to the femoral arteries.

16 Responses to “AUSA 23 – Alien Gear Taq-Strap”

  1. Yawnz says:

    Ah yes, full-time chafing and nut pinching.

    • Random Watts says:

      No different than the holster strap that is already there, just added a little lifesaving capability to the mix.

  2. Geoff says:

    Do one thing and do it well.

  3. .308 says:

    This is THE dumbest thing I have seen in a LONG time. Wow.

    Remember when someone built tourniquets into pants. Haha.


  4. I’m curious if anything in particular people have concerns with. Just hate the combo idea or like snagging / hardware bulk?

  5. Gunnar Gray says:

    I’m sure this group remembers. Some company a decade or so ago released a combat uniform with built in TQs on every limb, just needed to tighten them.

    I’ve heard there was a while in Iraq when soldiers in some units wore TQs pre staged on the outboard arm and leg when driving in high IED areas.

    The idea doesn’t seem new. The idea has been tested. I don’t see the idea as something that stuck around. So I’m guessing it wasn’t the best idea.

    • BS says:

      It was Blackhawk and their ITS uniforms.

    • Yawnz says:

      If I were to guess, I’d guess that the ITS uniform couldn’t supply propper compression.

      • Random Watts says:

        The Taq-Strap is different. It is made of heavy duty strapping and allows the user to apply without stripping any gear while keeping your eyes on the threat. It is a “hasty” tourniquet to be applied during “Care Under Fire”. Once you are in a safe place, apply your traditional tourniquet proximal to the wound.

  6. AWB says:

    Proliferation of landmines in Ukraine war (and any subsequent European conflicts) might make this a very sensible idea… anyone who has seen that video of the UAF Bradley mounted platoon trying to extract casualties from a minefield would have an inkling that self help is absolutely the first line in preventing unnecessary battlefield deaths.

    • Yawnz says:

      The problem is that it’s stuck to all the other gear instead of being a stand-alone device. If I need to reassess or convert to a trauma bandage, it’s just going to get in the way.

      Also, you’d have to assume that anyone who’s going to give you any kind of care will recognize this as a hemostatic device and not just a gear strap.

  7. Sasquatch says:

    It’s got a single review on the site. Five stars. Says “I can’t wait to get my hands in this!” Tell me, how is that a review?

    • Eric G says:

      Considering it just saw the light of day on Monday, it’s pretty tough to have any reviews yet.

      • Random Watts says:

        Thank you sir, since its release we now have hundreds out in the market ready to save some lives! Standing by for reviews!!!

  8. chico78 says:

    This is what happens when you have a company full of “creative engineers”, but no one in charge of brand, product (industrial) design. I guarantee there was some engineer who had a “brilliant idea”..they seem to do a lot of those over there.

    • Random Watts says:

      I am the inventor of this product and proud to bring it to market with Alien Gear Holsters. With their “creative engineers” and my industry experience, we plan on bringing some amazing products to market. You won’t be disappointed!