Tyrant CNC Patent Pending Safety Blade Trigger for SIG SAUER P365 Enters the Final Stages of R&D

Chicago, IL 10.11.23— For those who appreciate the nuances of firearm mechanics and demand the best in performance and precision in their equipment, Tyrant CNC, an avant-garde in firearm customization, has confirmed that its highly anticipated, patented safety blade design IntelliFire™ Trigger System for the esteemed SIG SAUER P365 is almost here. It is said that the release date is targeted between Black Friday and Christmas. See more info plus Product renderings below:

The SIG SAUER P365, celebrated for its compact design and formidable delivery, now meets its perfect match in the IntelliFire™. This trigger isn’t merely an aesthetic modification; it’s an evolution, engineered specifically for all P365 variants. The trigger not only is the first of its kind to feature a safety blade system that is compatible with all P365 grip modules, but it also boasts a 30% reduced take up/pre-travel, a true 90-degree break, and works WITH the OEM internal safety mechanisms. 

The IntelliFire™ speaks volumes of Tyrant CNC’s engineering ethos. Its shoe, CNC Machined from 17-4 stainless steel is already a stronger steel than used over the OEM. Mated with that steel trigger shoe are dual 6061 anodized aluminum trigger blades operated by a single, specially designed stainless steel and heat-treated spring. All of these quality, made in the USA parts/components are purposely chosen for their reliability, aiming to outpace the firearm’s very own duty cycle. 

Perhaps the crown jewel of the IntelliFire™ is its patent-pending dual safety blade system. Given the P365’s inherent grip module constraints, a traditional safety blade design is impossible. Here, Tyrant CNC’s engineering acumen took center stage. By engineering a 3:1 lever ratio system, the trigger is able to operate like any industry standard safety-bladed trigger, using the grip module to stop the trigger travel and prevent an inadvertent fire. 

The IntelliFire™ epitomizes calculated engineering. A staggering 30% reduction in pre-travel testifies to its refined mechanics. Tyrant CNC’s patented hybrid trigger ergonomics further amplify the user experience, ensuring a steadfast 90-degree break. This culmination of mechanical refinement and ergonomic design promises unparalleled shooting consistency.

In summation, the IntelliFire™ Trigger System is not just a product; it’s an engineering marvel. By melding unparalleled safety features with enhanced performance metrics, Tyrant CNC is poised to redefine the SIG SAUER P365 experience.

For more intel on pricing/availability, and a sign-up sheet to be notified of its launch:

Tyrant CNC P365 Trigger info

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  1. Fred Bussean says:

    I currently carry conceiled a P365 xl and am interested in this new inovation.