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CanHeat Tactical Space Heater

Every year at AUSA I keep an eye open for innovative soldier systems gear.  One item that caught my eye is the CANHEAT tactical lightweight diesel/JP8 powered space heater. 

Can you believe how compact this thing is? It was designed as a COTS replacement for the legacy Space Heater Arctic (arguably the most dangerous piece of equipment in the US DOD inventory) this unit delivers 13,600 BTU of carbon monoxide free hot, dry air into an enclosed space such as arctic/cold weather ops tents, command posts, medical aid stations, etc.  It’s simple to use as well. Just fill up the heater’s integrated fuel tank with JP8, diesel, or kerosene then connect the control box to either a BB-2590 battery, 110/240 Volt AC, or 12 Volt DC electrical power source and turn it on.

Click here for a brochure.

For more info contact planar.canheat@gmail.com

4 Responses to “CanHeat Tactical Space Heater”

  1. PNWTO says:

    I had no idea the Space Heater Arctic was still around in legacy form.

    Guess I figured there were some WMD/CBRNE policies that got those all locked up in underground vaults.

  2. James says:

    It looks like a nice form factor upgrade over the diesel cab heaters that have been making the rounds in Overland and Prepping communities. Those things are pretty impressive, if still a bit scary for the origin.