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SAR USA by Sarsilmaz Introduces the New SAR9 Compact Pistol

Wednesday, October 6th, 2021

Auburn, AL- October 04, 2020 – SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of firearms, is pleased to announce the new SAR9 Compact pistol. Built on the same platform as the legendary SAR9, it is possibly the most rigorously tested pistol ever developed and is proudly carried by NATO and elite forces around the world.

“The SAR9 Compact was inspired by feedback that we received from elite shooting professionals, dealers and consumers,” said Todd Pearson, COO SAR USA. “We listened to the shooting sports community when they asked for the same incredible durability and performance of the SAR9 in a more compact version.”

Chambered in 9mm, the SAR9 Compact is the perfect balance between a micro and full-size pistol. It’s small and light enough to be easily concealed and comfortably carried, yet has the capacity of a full-size pistol. Other features of the SAR9 Compact include a hammer-forged barrel with recessed crown for increased accuracy, interchangeable backstrap and side plates, black oxide slide, and comes standard with 15 round magazines with a 10-round option for capacity restricted states. The lightweight polymer framed, striker-fired, SAR9 Compact points naturally, and is a pleasure to carry. With a choice of three insertable back straps to customize fit, a low barrel axis to grip ratio to lessen muzzle climb and a 20-degree grip angle providing superior control and fast second shot recovery… the accuracy is built in. Couple these features with a safety trigger that is smoother than a double action revolver and the SAR9 Compact becomes the perfect carry-pistol when you want a round in the chamber.  All SAR pistols have a live round indicator.

Technical Specifications:

Caliber: 9mm x 19
Operating System: Striker-Fired
Overall Length: 7.2”
Barrel Length: 4.0”
Width: 1.4”
Height: 5.1”
Weight: 26.8 oz.
Magazine Capacity: 2-15 rd. mags
Case Discharge: Right side

MSRP: Black: $452.00
Stainless: $484.00

To learn more about the complete product line from SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, please visit: www.sarusa.com or follow us on Facebook www.facebook.com/sarusaofficial.

Taylor’s & Company Introduces the Gunfighter Nickel Revolver

Monday, September 6th, 2021

Winchester, VA – (August 30, 2021) Taylor’s & Company, the world’s leading marketers and importers of state-of-the-art historical firearms utilizing the latest innovative designs, is pleased to announce the addition of “The Gunfighter Nickel” revolver to their Lifestyle Series for 2021.

“We couldn’t be more excited to bring this classic firearm to the modern gun enthusiast,” said Rob Girard, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Taylor’s & Company.  “The Gunfighter Nickel is a cool addition to our very popular Gunfighter Series. The nickel-plated revolver has a flashy look with its charcoal blue screws and hand polished action not to mention its available with the unique Taylor Tuned action.”

The Gunfighter model is the perfect solution for any shooter looking for more grip to hold on to. Taylor’s installed the favorite 1860 Army grip onto the new model frame cattleman to accommodate the larger-handed shooters. The Army grip is longer and slightly wider than the smaller Navy grip that is usually found on 1873 single action models. It also features a case-hardened forged steel frame, blued steel parts, and a smooth walnut grip.

The Gunfighter Nickel comes ready to shoot right out of the box. Taylor’s gunsmiths custom tune guns specifically for each order.

Models Available:

Caliber:          Length:

.357 MAG          4.75”
.45 LC          4.75”
.357 MAG          5.5”
.45 LC          5.5”

MSRP: $704.46

MSRP Taylor’s Tuned models: $850.71

To learn more about the Gunfighter Nickel revolver and the complete product offerings from Taylor’s & Company, please visit www.taylorsfirearms.com or follow us socially @taylorsfirearms.

Heckler & Koch Introduces MP5 .22 LR Variants

Friday, September 3rd, 2021

Coming 1 October is a pistol format .22 LR version of the popular H&K MP5. Produced by Umarex there is also a rifle variant which incorporates a barrel shroud and collapsible stock.

Kimber Introduces The R7 Mako

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

The R7 Mako™: Kimber’s New High-Capacity, Micro-Compact Polymer Pistol

TROY, AL, Aug. 19, 2021 — Kimber Mfg., is excited to announce its entry into the polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol market with the R7 Mako, a micro-compact pistol chambered in 9mm.

Kimber reached out to carry enthusiasts and asked what was most important in a concealed-carry pistol; the resounding response included the requirement of an outstanding trigger and ability to carry with the confidence of having sufficient ammunition capacity for any situation.

Kimber addressed the trigger request with the R7 Mako’s unique flat-face Performance Carry Trigger™, which has a consistent short pull and a clean, crisp break, making the R7’s factory-set 5.0 to 6.75 pound trigger pull feel much lighter. The R7 Mako boasts class-leading 12-round capacity using the flush-fit magazine and 14-round capacity using the extended magazine.

Another distinctive feature is the R7’s stainless-steel slide, which wears an FNC finish, and covers the barrel hood to add rigidity, preventing debris from entering the pistol through the ejection port, and keeping the optic clean. The pistol also features ambidextrous controls for left and right-handed shooters, and the low-tilt, 3.37-inch, stainless-steel barrel mitigates recoil.

Topping off the R7 Mako is a set of TruGlo® Tritium Pro u-notch sights making target acquisition quick regardless of lighting conditions, and the slide on the R7 Mako Optics Ready (OR) model ships with a plate to protect the milled Shield-style footprint. The R7 Mako Optics Installed (OI) model includes a Crimson Trace® CTS-1500. Both R7 Mako models ship with a flush-fit 11+1 magazine as well as a 13+1 magazine, so the gun is carry-ready out of the box.  Additionally, 10+1 and 15+1 magazines will be available in the very near future.

The R7 Mako weighs in at 19.5 ounces, and measures a mere 1 inch wide, 4.3 inches tall, and 6.2 inches long overall.

For those looking to upgrade their standards, the gun is available for immediate shipment. For more information, visit R7Mako.com, and for all Kimber products, visit kimberamerica.com. MSRP: $799 (OI Model); $599 (OR Model).

H&K Is Bringing The SL8 Back To The USA

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Originally introduced to the US market in 1998, the SL8 is a version of the G36 but was discontinued tied in 2010. This latest version is all Black in color with a Red H&K logo on the stock. It features a cold-hammer forged barrel with a recessed crown. The free-floating bull barrel is manufactured with HK cannon grade steel. The G36/SL8 short-stroke gas piston, also featured in the HK416, ensures smooth, clean, reliable operation. The SL8 also features a short MIL-SPEC optics mount, match trigger, and an adjustable stock.


Cobalt Kinetics is BACK and BETTER than Ever!

Monday, July 26th, 2021

July 23rd, 2021: Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of American Masterpiece firearms; is proud to announce the re-launching of the famed brand. Cobalt started initially in 2014 and immediately became a statement brand by releasing their highly polished, competition grade rifles. Competitive shooters from all different disciplines saw podium level victories with their original Cobalt rifles, and that pedigree for performance is still in Cobalt’s DNA today. With the recent re-launch of the brand Cobalt the new management has taken the opportunity to update the brand to encapsulate consumer needs from all different arenas (Defense, Tactical, LE/MIL, and Competition).

The “Cobalt 2.0” updated series of firearms falls under the BAMF-Pro line of carbines/ pistols, and all of them have received major updates. From incorporating seamless upper receiver to lower receiver fitment, to creating a hybrid-mono handguard system all changes have had the end user in mind. To add to the new thirst for evolution, Cobalt has also teamed up with brands like; Rosco Manufacturing (barrels), Geissele Automatics (triggers), Radian Weapons (charging handles), VLTOR Weapons (A5 tube system), B5 Systems (furniture), and SB Tactical (pistol braces). All these items now come as standard OEM pieces when you purchase a BAMF-Pro line rifle/ pistol.

As an even SWEETER incentive to run a Cobalt, Cobalt Kinetics has secured financing through Credova for purchases made directly through their website. You heard right! You can configure your dream build today and not worry about paying it off right away. Head to Cobalt Kinetics to configure your blaster now!

“We are extremely excited to be back and working to bring consumers the best rifle that we can produce. It is a pure joy to be able to do what we love, to provide shooters a platform designed/ built by shooters. We are also excited about being able to offer financing to all perspective Cobalt owners. Having an organization like Credova willing to offer financing in the 2A community is a breath of fresh air. The opportunity to offer this option to our customer gives them the power to purchase a platform that they can use for defense, recreation, etc. Bigger things are on the horizon for our brand, so I would suggest that folks stay tuned.”

-Aaron Quinn (Owner/ CEO)

For more information on Cobalt Kinetics and their products go to www.CobaltKinetics.com

PROOF Research MDT Chassis Rifle

Wednesday, July 21st, 2021

The PROOF MDT Competition Chassis Rifle

Competition ready out the gate

The PROOF Competition Chassis features a Zermatt Arms TL3 action, Triggertech Pro Curved Diamond Trigger with an adjustable pull weight from 4 to 32 oz, and a MDT 12 round AICS-pattern steel magazine. The 26″ PROOF Competition Contour Steel Barrel is paired with an Area 419 Hellfire Brake.

Additionally, it offers adjustable length of pull and comb height, a full Arca rail down the entire length of the forend and M-Lok mounting points for weights and accessories.

A custom fit hard case is included to haul your rifle to your next match.

223 Rem
6 Dasher
6 Creedmoor
6.5 Creedmoor
308 Win


GLOCK Announcement Regarding “BLOCK19” Pistol

Friday, July 16th, 2021

Provo, Utah-based company Culpeper Precision recently created a modified version of the GLOCK 19 called the “BLOCK19” due to its outward appearance.

Festooned with appear to be LEGO pieces, the pistol is no longer offered by Culpeper Precision after allegedly being contacted by LEGO Corporation.

In further response, and in order to avoid any public confusion, GLOCK issued the following statement:

GLOCK, Inc. USA (“GLOCK”) has recently become aware of the “BLOCK19,” a customized GLOCK pistol by Culper Precision, a company based in Utah. Culper Precision modified a genuine GLOCK pistol by adding bright colors to the pistol and covering the exterior of the pistol in materials that mimic toy Lego blocks.

GLOCK was made aware of the “BLOCK19” from news articles and through public concerns posted on social media. GLOCK is not affiliated with Culper Precision or its products. GLOCK had no involvement in the design or sale of the “BLOCK19.” GLOCK does not endorse customization of its pistols, specifically, a pistol that has been customized to look like a toy.

GLOCK has been on the forefront of gun safety since its founding and we have not designed or ever supported a pistol that looks like a toy.

For more information on GLOCK’s dedication to firearm safety, please visit us.glock.com/en/LEARN/Firearms-Education/SAFE.