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Beretta PMX Now Available In Tigerstripe

Monday, March 11th, 2024

Beretta is offering a semi-auto pistol version of the PMX submachine gun introduced in 2017.

This direct blow back design features a threaded 6.9″ cold hammer forged barrel (½” x 28 tpi) and Picatinny rails at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock as well as ambidextrous controls.

Initially available only in Black, there are a limited number (1,500) in Black Tigerstripe.

SIG SAUER MCX-REGULATOR: Redefining the Ranch Rifle

Thursday, March 7th, 2024

NEWINGTON, N.H., (March 7, 2024) – Built on the legendary MCX platform, SIG SAUER is pleased to introduce the MCX-REGULATOR for an entirely new level of modularity.  This newest addition to the MCX family combines the upper receiver of the MCX SPEAR-LT and gas piston system used by Elite Special Forces worldwide with a newly designed lower receiver, trigger and stock, forever redefining the ranch rifle.

“The heart and soul of this rifle is one of our flagship products – the legendary MCX,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “This is the first time the DNA of an Elite Special Forces battle platform, flawless function, and a short stroke gas piston system has been specifically designed and visioned for the working rifle. At SIG, we don’t subscribe to the premise that its acceptable to compromise for any purpose, including your working rifle, and this rifle will revolutionize a day at the ranch or however you use your REGULATOR.”

The MCX-REGULATOR is an aluminum frame rifle with a gas-piston operating system, a Magpul™ SGA Mossberg 500/590 traditional stock in a Gen II NiR FDE Cerakote™ for reduced IR Signature. The platform features a redesigned lower receiver compatible with all MCX upper receivers, a fully ambidextrous magazine release, safety selector, and bolt catch. The MCX-REGULATOR ships with a two-stage match trigger, a cold hammer-forged carbon steel barrel, a SIG designed muzzle brake, and is available in 7.62×39 and 5.56 calibers. The MCX-REGULATOR offers a built in Arca Rail for easy tripod mounting and ships with a 10-round magazine.

Additionally, the MCX-REGULATOR is available in with a factory installed mil-spec ROMEO2 optic. The optic features a molded glass aspheric lens with high-performance coatings for superior light transmittance and zero distortion, D.A.R.C. (Dark Adaptive Reticles and Coatings) technology to provide ideal reticle brightness and target clarity during the day or under night vision, MOTAC™ (motion-activated illumination system) automatically turns the optic off when not in use, and automatically turns it back on when it detects motion, and MAGNETAC™ (Magnetic Activation) automatically turns the optic off when holstered in a compatible holster, and on when drawn. The sight has a 7075-aluminum housing and comes with a full shroud installed to fully enclosed and seal the sight. A spring-loaded side battery tray with push-button release allows a battery change without the need to remove the optic from the firearm.

Product Specifications:


Caliber: 5.56
Overall Length: 38.9 in.
Overall Height: 5.4 in.
Overall Width: 2.3 in.
Barrel Length: 16 in.
Barrel Twist: 1:7 in.
Weight w/magazine: 7.9 lbs.

MCX-REGULATOR (7.62×39):

Caliber: 7.62 x 39
Overall Length: 38.9 in.
Overall Height: 5.4 in.
Overall Width: 2.3 in.
Barrel Length: 16 in.
Barrel Twist: 1:9.5 in.
Weight w/magazine: 7.9 lbs.


Caliber: 5.56
Overall Length: 38.9 in.
Overall Height: 5.4 in.
Overall Width: 2.3 in
Barrel Length: 16 in.
Barrel Twist: 1:7 in.
Weight w/magazine: 8 lbs.

ROMEO2 Red Dot:

Magnification: 1x
Reticle: Circle Dot 3MOA
Adjustment: 1 MOA (per click)
Clear Aperture: 30mm
Illumination Settings: 12 Daylight, 3 NV
Waterproof: IPX7
Battery: CR2032
Overall Length: 1.84 inches
Overall Width: 1.32 inches
Overall Height w/o shrouds: 1.12 inch
NSN Number: 1240-01-717-4679

The MCX-REGULATOR is now shipping and available at retailers. To learn more about the product or watch the product video, visit

Blaser Introduces New Rimfire Conversion Kits for Blaser R8 Rifle

Wednesday, March 6th, 2024

San Antonio, Texas (March 5, 2024) – Rimfire conversion kits for the Blaser R8 rifle are now available in .17 HMR, .22 WMR, .17 Hornet and .22 Hornet, in addition to 22 LR.

The modular Blaser R8 rifle – renowned for its reliability, repeatability, speed, and precision – is one of the most versatile rifles in the world, and these conversion kits with barrel, bolt head, and magazine allow hunters to easily convert their larger caliber, centerfire R8 to a rimfire caliber to hunt small game or practice. Converting to a rimfire also offers the benefit of less expensive ammunition and reduced recoil at the range for those who train extensively with their hunting rifle.

“There are millions of possible combinations in the Blaser R8 platform and the versatility is extraordinary,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “R8 owners can hunt varmint and dangerous game with the same rifle which can be quickly converted from a .17 HMR to large centerfire calibers such as .375 or .458. Those who hunt multiple species at home and abroad will appreciate the ease with which they can adapt calibers to their needs with conversion kits, in the case of rimfire, or extra barrels and bolt heads in centerfire calibers. And when target shooting, you have the advantage of practicing with lower recoiling calibers with the same gun and trigger pull.”

For more information, visit: R8 Rimfire Conversion Kits.

MSRP: $1,714.00

SK Customs Launches New “Gold Series” Featuring the Early Italian Renaissance

Sunday, March 3rd, 2024

HAYMARKET, VA – March 1, 2024 – SK Customs®, the Nation’s only series-driven, limited-edition manufacturer of custom firearms, is proud to announce its new “Gold Series” as part of the Early Italian Renaissance collection. Drawing inspiration from the 15th century, the Early Italian Renaissance Series showcases the masterpieces of renowned artists such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Andrea del Sarto and Raphael.

The new “Gold Series” will be limited to only 25 completed series sets, consisting of one custom-engraved knife, and four custom-engraved firearms that feature the iconic figures of the Early Italian Renaissance. Each knife and firearm set will have consecutive serial numbers and matching edition numbers.

SK Customs is partnering with Springfield Armory on this collection of limited-edition engravers model 1911 pistols chambered in 45 ACP. The Gold Series guns are accompanied by limited-edition engraved 24k gold etched blades, by renowned knife maker Coltellerie Maserin. Established in 1960, Coltellerie Maserin has been a reference in that artisan tradition since the beginning of the company and has led Maniago, “City of Knives,” to excel everywhere in the quality of its products.

“The goal of the Gold Series is to symbolize the cultural rebirth of the 15th century. With each installment, we aim to pay homage to the knowledge, art and humanism of the era,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Guns. “The firearms in this series have remarkable beauty, and this collection is truly set apart by the addition of the knives created by Coltellerie Maserin. This striking combination of gold, wood and steel is a fantastic tribute to the innovation and beauty of the Early Italian Renaissance.”

SK Customs’ proprietary color conversion engineering ensures a highly reflective and permanent color on the steel slide of each firearm. The pistols also boast Italian Olivewood grip panels engraved with Italy’s Fleur De Lis, which are hand-painted to match the color accents on the slide. The semi-polished finish on the frame and slide flats, high polished barrel and selective 24k gold plating on the art and select parts complete these works of art.

A custom-made display case is optional and can be built to order in either a wall-hung version with an etched glass lid or a table display version with a hardwood top and glass dust cover to display all four pistols and a knife. No other guns in the Early Italian Renaissance Series will have this added value.

The “Gold Series” can be purchased here, starting at $13,870.00.

SIG Webstore Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Exclusive ROSE by SIG SAUER Bundle

Monday, February 12th, 2024

NEWINGTON, N.H., (February 12, 2024) – On Valentine’s Day, SIG SAUER is offering an exclusive Valentine’s Day bundle at; the bundle includes a ROSE ROMEO-X Compact, ROSE FOXTROT-EDC Flashlight, and the first fifty to purchase the webstore Valentine’s Day Bundle will have access to a personalized Cameo video message from Lena.

“The red dot and flashlight are must-have ROSE accessories, and with the excitement of the Valentine’s Day launch we wanted to do a little more to make it extra special for the ladies,” said Lena Miculek, Team SIG professional shooter.  “To honor your Valentine, surprise her with these essential EDC accessories and give her the gift of ROSE.”

The ROSE by SIG SAUER™ Valentine’s Day Bundle includes the purchase of a ROSE ROMEO-X red-dot and ROSE FOXTROT-EDC flashlight for the bundle price of $519.99. The first fifty to purchase the bundle on Valentine’s Day will receive a unique code to develop a personalized Cameo message from Team SIG professional shooter and ROSE visionary, Lena Miculek (valued at $165). 

The ROSE ROMEO-X red-dot sight from SIG SAUER Electro-Optics features custom ROSE branding to include a rose gold button cover, fiber optics, and engraving. The sight is designed to fit micro-compact pistols including the ROSE by SIG SAUER 9mm and 380 pistols. For full specification information visit

The ROSE FOXTROT-EDC flashlight from SIG SAUER Electro-Optics features custom ROSE branding to include a rose gold anodized tailcap, bezel ring, and laser engraved flashlight body. With 1,350 Lumens and 33,000 Candela, the ROSE FOXTROT-EDC offers up to 1 hour of continuous runtime. For full specification information visit

The ROSE ROMEO-X red dot and ROSE FOXTROT-EDC flashlight will be available on on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday, February 14th. 

Introducing the New Sauer 505 Bolt-Action Rifle

Wednesday, February 7th, 2024

San Antonio, Texas (February 7, 2024) – J.P. Sauer and Sohn, Germany’s oldest manufacturer of hunting firearms, is pleased to introduce the new Sauer 505. This bolt-action rifle is an engineering masterpiece, delivering timeless elegance, absolute accuracy, and exceptional versatility.

Hallmarks of this latest Sauer rifle include a robust, newly designed steel chassis, silky-smooth bolt cycling, and interchangeable, cold hammer forged precision barrels that allow for quick and easy caliber changes. Hunters can select between four pre-set trigger weights from 0.77 lbs. to up to 2.75 lbs.

The ergonomically perfected manual cocking system is safe, lightweight, quiet, and easy on the thumb.  Once ready to shoot, simply apply slight pressure with your thumb to cock the rifle. Uncocking and unloading in the uncocked position is just as easy.

Sauer has adopted the proven Blaser saddle mount technology for easy and accurate optics mounting. This quick detach mount is designed to ensure the unit can be taken off the Sauer 505 and put back on while maintaining the precise point of aim without having to re-zero the scope. This is a significant advantage for those who travel frequently.

“The Sauer 505 represents the finest in German craftsmanship and engineering, and it’s precision, beauty, and timeless elegance ensures it will be cherished by generations to come,” said Jason Evans, CEO, Blaser Group. “This German rifle is a meticulously designed platform with the smoothest, 60-degree action available, and Sauer offers various stocks for specific purposes from lightweight carbon fiber options for mountain hunting to heavier stocks and barrels for dangerous game hunts in the African savanna.“

Available in four stock options – walnut (from wood grades 2 to 10), synthetic, synthetic thumbhole, or carbon fiber. The flush mounted detachable magazine features an integrated MagLock safety which prevents unwanted triggering of the magazine button. Rifle weights range from around 6 lbs. with the ultralight carbon fiber stock to heavier weight field options with magnum barrels.

MSRP: Starting at $3,500.00

Available in Summer 2024 in multiple calibers. For more information, visit: Sauer 505.

Tisas Partners with Civilian Marksmanship Program to Build 1911 Pistol

Sunday, February 4th, 2024

Tisas USA, a division of SDS Imports, the internationally recognized firearms manufacturer that provides high quality firearms at unrivaled value is pleased to announce a partnership with the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP).

Tisas is the first commercial manufacturer to build a 1911 pistol for CMP. The Tisas M1911 A1 is a museum-grade reproduction of a mid-war M1911A1 as it was issued during the Second World War, will also be available in the CMP version, which will have the CMP logo on it, and sold exclusively through CMP stores.

SDS/Tisas USA CEO, Tim Mulverhill (left), and CMP Chairman and CEO, Gerald O’Keefe (right), shake hands after signing a new 1911 pistol agreement during the 2024 SHOT Show.

“We are quite honored and very excited to have partnered with the Civilian Marksmanship Program on this project,” stated SDS/Tisas USA CEO Tim Mulverhill. “Being able to take our historical accurate Tisas M1911 A1 and offer it in an exclusive CMP model is a great opportunity for Tisas to show their commitment to helping train and educate United States citizens in the responsible use of firearms.”

“The CMP is pleased to announce our partnership with Tisas USA to provide this extraordinary CMP-branded, museum-grade replica of the M1911A1 to our many customers and competitors,” said CEO, Jerry O’Keefe.  “This pistol will make a great companion piece to the surplus M1911A1 pistols sold by the CMP or just a great pistol on its own to shoot or collect! This is part of CMP’s effort to expand our pistol offerings both in sales and competitions.  For example, on the competitions side we look forward to our second year hosting the CMP Bianchi Cup May 21st-24th in Hallsville, MO with the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club.”

CMP Chief Commercial Officer, Greg Raines (second from left) and CMP Business Development Executive, Stefanie Teaford (third from left), were in attendance during the partnership signing.

Tisas M1911 A1 CMP Specs:

• Caliber:  45 ACP

• Barrel Length: 5 Inches

• Accurate reproduction of WWII issued 1911

• United States Property marked

• Manganese Phosphate Slide, Frame & small parts

• Reprofiled Ejection Port

• Type E Hammer

• (2) 7 round magazines

• (2) sets of grips including Accurate reproduction brown plastic grips, and walnut double diamond checkered grips

• MSRP:  $479.99

The CMP will add a signature Tisas USA 1911 pistol (from SDS Imports, LLC) to their catalog in 2024, which will include a limited CMP imprint.)

Daniel Defense Launches Their First-Ever Handgun, the DANIEL H9

Monday, January 22nd, 2024

BLACK CREEK, Ga. — Daniel Defense is proud to announce the launch of the DANIEL H9. With the thinnest profile and lowest bore axis in its class, the DANIEL H9 is designed and engineered to give shooters more control for faster, flatter shooting.

“After years of research, detailed design work, and testing, we couldn’t be more excited to launch the DANIEL H9.” Said Marty Daniel, Founder of Daniel Defense.

While sharing the ergonomics, pointability, and straight-pull trigger with the classic 1911, the DANIEL H9 has everything demanded of a modern, striker-fired handgun, like ambidextrous controls, an accessory rail, optics compatibility, and more. The aircraft-grade aluminum grip keeps the DANIEL H9 exceptionally durable and surprisingly lightweight. And, as with every Daniel, it’s all built around a cold hammer forged barrel for unparalleled precision.

It’s a revolutionary design, but a revolutionary design alone isn’t enough. The Daniel Defense handgun boasts the same legendary quality as our rifles. After over a million rounds fired in testing, the team at Daniel Defense is confident that the DANIEL H9 will carry on their reputation for building the most trusted firearms in the world.

“It wasn’t enough to just be another handgun in an already crowded market. It had to be better than anything out there. It had to redefine how people thought about handguns.” Said Rod Reasen, the CEO of Daniel Defense.

The DANIEL H9 is available for purchase today at select dealers. Visit for more details.