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ESSTAC Using MDM 21 Crayon Sales to Benefit Family of Cpl Lopez

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

With Modern Day Marine 2021 cancelled, ESSTAC wasn’t sure what to do with their gag business cards. Turns out, they’ve found a far better cause for them to go to, honoring the 13 Americans who gave their lives this past month.

Hunter Lopez was an ESSTAC fan and an avid user of their products and many other companies.

May He Rest In Peace, and no one forget his sacrifice.

ALL Procedes from the sale of these crayons will go to Hunter Lopez’s family via the following fundraiser…. ESSTAC will match money taken in from the MDM 21 crayon sales.

Adding these to your cart should apply free shipping to your order. Order as many as can afford.

Support SOC-F by Bidding in this Auction

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

The charity, Special Operations Care Fund is holding an online auction.

See all of the items here.

Join Kuiu In Helping The Families Of The Fallen Soldiers And The Wounded As They Tram Up With Recon & Sniper Foundation

Saturday, September 4th, 2021


KUIU, the leading manufacturer of ultralight performance hunting gear, is teaming up with the Recon & Sniper Foundation to raise funds for fallen soldiers’ families and the families of the injured soldiers after the recent bombing in Afghanistan. The brand is asking the public to support the cause and Kuiu has pledged and since contributed a $25,000 match to the Kabul Fallen Fund.

“The tragedies unfolding in Kabul serve as a sobering reminder of the sacrifices our brave military men and women, as well as their families, make.” Comments Philip McGinty, Vice President of the Recon & Sniper Foundation, “The Recon & Sniper Foundation has partnered with KUIU to launch the Kabul Fallen Fund. The mission is to provide immediate and ongoing support to the families of the fallen warriors and wounded. The lives of these patriots and their families are forever changed, the least we can do is stand shoulder to shoulder to share their burden.” 

So far $129,000 has been donated towards the families through the Recon & Sniper Foundation which works to enhance the quality of life for service members, veterans, and their families. 

“KUIU is humbled at the opportunity to step up and partner with such a great organization to help support the Kabul Fallen Fund,” says Justin Shaffer, Sr. Program Director of Guide and Outfitter at KUIU. “We were heartbroken to hear of the incredibly sad loss of our 13 service members and the 18 that were wounded in this senseless attack. We recognize that it’s a long road ahead as these families of the fallen and wounded continue their healing and grieving process, we want them to know they are not forgotten.” 

To make a donation to the Kabul Fallen Soldiers fund, click here. To learn more about how you can help the Recon & Sniper Foundation and how they help service members, veterans, and their families, visit their website at

Behind The Scenes – Whiskey & War Stories Operation Eagle Claw M65 Reveal

Thursday, August 19th, 2021

You’re probably seeing the earlier videos depicting the features of the iconic black over-dyed M65 Field Jackets which were modified for use by Delta’s Operation Eagle Claw rescuers.

The jackets are finished and ready for the Silent Warrior Foundation’s Whiskey & War Stories event and auction which kicks off tomorrow in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Big thanks to Alpha Industries for the jackets and Cory at Bergspitze Customs for making this happen!)

SWF President Dave Hall and Lona Spisso surprised Jim Fuller who donated a custom build AK for the auction with one of the Eagle Claw jackets. Greg Wong who works for Haley Strategic got a surprise as well as he was presented a jacket for his hard work behind the scenes at Whiskey & War Stories events over the years.

You don’t have to be at the event yo get in on the auction for some amazing items, visit

UK Veteran Establishes Talisman Triathlon To Raise Awareness of Physical Resilience, Mental Health and Suicide

Thursday, August 5th, 2021

Former Royal Marines Commando and current RAF Physical Training Instructor Frankie Tinsley is setting out to do something extraordinary; establish the “Talisman Triathlon” which is the 1st Great British Triathlon. It is achieved by cycling Lands End to John O’Groats, linking swimming the longest lakes and climbing the highest peaks in Wales, England and Scotland in 14 days.

Tinsley’s motivation is two mates from the RAF, Andrew Shepherd from Ballachulish – Scotland who took his own life in 2016 and Andrew Morris, originally from Falmouth – Cornwall, who took his own life in 2017.

As Tinsley undertakes this amazing feat, he will be supporting the charity CALM in the movement against suicide

You can follow his progress on INSTAGRAM – @talismantriathlon or Twitter – TalismanTri

To donate, go here.

Tinsley is supported in his effort by CALM, HUUB, Ribble and ThruDark.

MG Eldon Bargewell Delta Park Challenge Coin Fundraiser

Thursday, July 22nd, 2021

The MG Eldon Bargewell Delta Park Challenge Coin is a fundraising effort for the MG Eldon Bargewll Foundation (EBF) to assist in the completion of the Delt Park project.

The purpose of the MG Eldon Bargewell Foundation (EBF) is to honor Hoquiam native Major General Eldon Bargewell USA (ret.) by building Delta Park. Our goal is to raise $300,000 to erect a statue of Eldon and three plaques showing his service to our country, his leadership and the honors he earned, including the Distinguished Service Cross (our nation’s second highest award for valor), 6 bronze stars (3 with V for valor and 3 for his service), and 4 purple hearts.

With permission from MG Eldon Bargewll family and the MG Eldon Bargewll Foundation (EBF), Special Operations Group (SOG) – History of MACV-SOG,, has minted the MG Eldon Bargewell Challenge Coin.

The coin is 1.75″ with a diamond twist cut. One Side MG Bargewell picture, the other side MG Bargewell’s units and commands. Years that he served enlisted and years as an Officer with the United States Army. The cost of the coin is $20.00. $15.00 goes to the park project. $5.00 cost and Admin fees. So far $120.00 has been raised for the park.

Donations will also be used to landscape the park and provide a fund to maintain the park in the future.

100% of donations go to the Delta Park Project and are tax deductible.

We will post monthly on this site the amount of funds raised for this project.

You can purchase this coin on:

Silent Warrior Foundation Brings Us More Information On The Operation Eagle Claw Modified Field Jackets And Gear

Sunday, July 18th, 2021

A few weeks ago I participated in an unboxing of a modified M65 field jacket and other gear worn on Operation Eagle Claw, the 1980 raid into Iran to attempt to free American hostages held by Iran.

Since then, several unit veterans have come forward to allow Dave Hall, President of the Silent Warrior Foundation charity to examine their jackets. In this second video, Dave meets with retired Sergeant Major Phil Hanson.

We’re fortunate that they produced not just one video during this visit, but two.

In the first unboxing video there were some surprises like the dog tags and watch cap. This time we get to see the non-issue boots worn by SGM Hanson in Iran along with some other items. You have got to watch these videos, if just to see the rigger modification to the Bianchi holster to make it a drop leg.

The information gleaned from these videos isn’t just of historical significance. The Silent Warrior Foundation is working Bergspitze Customs and Alpha Industries to recreate 10 examples of these jackets for a charity auction as part of their upcoming Whiskey and War Stories honoring Operation Eagle Claw event in August.

The jacket reproductions and many other items will be available for auction on during the event.

Paramount by PEAK SPEC – Now on Kickstarter

Tuesday, July 13th, 2021

Featuring D2 steel for the sheepsfoot blade and a lightweight G10 composite handle, the Paramount by PEAK SPEC is a folding knife.

It’s a very straight forward design with thumb stud and ball bearing for smooth opening, a liner lock so it won’t close on you while you’re working, and a keychain hole and pocket clip so you don’t lose it.

• Knife Length (Closed): 3.84” (98mm)

• Knife Length (Open):  6.75″ (172mm)

• Weight: < 2.0 oz

Offered in black or white.

Find out more at