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Special Forces Association Chapter I-XVIII – 50 Gun Raffle

Sunday, January 5th, 2020

SFA Chapter 1-18 is holding a raffle for 50 firearms. TICKETS ARE $100. Each raffle entry purchased will be included in ALL 50 drawings. Winners will be reinserted. There are only 500 tickets available. This is the list of firearms being raffled. This number may rise.

This raffle is part of Special Forces Association chapter 1-18’s fundraising efforts to purchase a new home site. The former Team House, previously located at National SFA grounds on Doc Bennett Road in Fayetteville, NC was destroyed by flooding from Hurricane Mathew in 2016. Today we are still a chapter without a Home. We are determined to change that with your help.

Drawing to be held:

Jan 11, 4:00 PM

Doc Bennett Road, Doc Bennett Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28306, USA

Minimum requirement for “Claiming a prize” requires the winner to contact SFA Chapter 1-18 officials, satisfactory verifying their identity, and making arrangements to take possession of the firearm within a reasonable amount of time following the drawing.

Visit to purchase tickets and to review the full rules.

AmmoSquared Inc. Launches Crowdfund to Revolutionize the Ammunition Industry

Thursday, January 2nd, 2020

No industry is immune to digital disruption… not even ammunition.

Boise, Idaho (December 2019)  AmmoSquared Inc. is on a mission to change the way 94 million gun owners think about and manage ammunition by combining the physical world of ammunition with the convenience of online digital management.

According to the company, by starting off digital, ammunition becomes more convenient to purchase, store, exchange, manage, and ultimately, own.

CEO of AmmoSquared Inc, Dan Morton, explained, “Our vision of the future is that every gun owner in America will soon have two forms of ammunition: physical, that they store in their house and take to the range, and digital, which is accumulating in the background, easily exchangeable, and deliverable on demand.”

The company’s existing business model, which was launched in 2015, already offers a unique ammunition subscription service designed to help customers stay stocked up on ammo, but according to Morton, that is just phase one of AmmoSquared’s long term vision.

“Currently customers can purchase ammunition in small amounts via a reoccurring subscription,” Morton continued. “It doesn’t matter whether they are buying one box or one round at a time, it all goes into their digital inventory and accumulates until the customer is ready for delivery. This subscription-based model is just the first phase of our vision.”

AmmoSquared is looking at the future of ammunition and has recently begun raising capital to build a next-generation digital ammunition exchange. Chris Corriveau, CTO of AmmoSquared, added, “Our ultimate goal is to build a true ‘Digital Ammunition Exchange’ where individuals can purchase, store, exchange, and sell ammunition with just a few clicks online. This way, every gun owner has a backup supply of ammunition in a ‘digital’ format that is easily exchangeable and available whenever they need it. Ammunition holders will also be able to trade into, or out of, different calibers in order to take advantage of price changes in the ammunition market.”

Morton and Corriveau predict this will create a market-based leveling mechanism to smooth out the sometimes-dramatic price and availability swings in ammunition that increase during the political election cycle.

To raise capital, the company is issuing Series Seed Preferred Shares to accredited and non-accredited investors through equity crowdfunding portal Wefunder.

“We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to join us and invest in the future of ammunition. Most folks are not accredited investors so it was important to choose an equity crowdfunding platform where anyone with as little as $100 could become a shareholder in AmmoSquared. There are also great gun related perks available for those who can invest $500 or more,” Morton said.

While there are a handful of public companies in the firearms industry such as Sturm, Ruger and Company, American Outdoor Brands, and Olin Corp (Winchester), the ability to invest in a disruptive tech startup in this industry is rare to non-existent – especially for the smaller investor.

Investors in AmmoSquared have a unique opportunity to own part of an ammunition company, drive innovation in the industry, and support the 2nd Amendment.

For investment information visit:

Draft Top Can Opener Now On Kickstarter

Monday, December 23rd, 2019

The Draft Can Opener removes the entire top from an aluminum beverage can, in a similar manner to a can opener for canned goods. Except, the edge is left smooth so you won’t cut yourself.

Why bother? How about a smooth let and faster pour or drink? How about feeling like you’re drinking from a cup?

It has a swing out arm to accommodate a variety of can diameters. The Draft Top can be used on most 8-19 oz beverage cans.

Quickcord – Ending Soon on Kickstarter

Tuesday, December 17th, 2019

Designed by former Marine Matthew Adams, Quickcord, stores, dispenses and cuts Paracord because he was tired of untangling cordage when he needed to use it. Additionally, Quickcord can be operated one-handed.

There’s an additional function which I find most interesting. Quickcord will hold a Chemlite and quickly configured as a buzz saw signaling device thanks to the cord contained inside.

Available in two colors.

Order yours now on Kickstarter.

Brownells Unveils Limited Edition Modern ARt Line

Friday, December 13th, 2019

GRINNELL, Iowa (December 13, 2019) – Triggered by emerging trends in the art world, Brownells unveiled its own limited-edition Modern ARt line – offering both a sculpture and t-shirts inspired by the sculpture.

The sculpture, titled “The Joke-AR,” is a Brownells AR-15 magazine, hand painted banana yellow, affixed to a white background with a strip of silvery tape.

Limited to only 10 signed and numbered copies, each version of “The Joke-AR” will retail for $1,200 with all proceeds going to support Special Operations Wounded Warriors – a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to helping Purple Heart recipients of the US Special Operations community.

Based on the sculpture, the Brownells ARt shirt bears a stylized image of the yellow magazine taped to a wall on the front, and a fruit-inspired Brownells logo on the back.

Printed on white t-shirts made from a blend of 50/25/25 poly/combed ring spun cotton and rayon for comfort and style, the ARt Shirts are available in sizes Small through XXXL, and retail for $19.99.

Both the sculpture “The Joke-AR” and the Brownells ARt Shirts are limited in production and will be available for only  a short time.

Too see more, visit

Please Support Roz V

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Roz V has been in the tactical industry for years and recently struck down from complications arising from a surgery to deal with Myasthenia Gravis, an auto-immune disease. She is currently in a coma and needs your support. Many of her friends and family have come to her aid. This post is to inform those of you who know Roz but have met yet heard about her plight.

Her close friend Angie T, who many of you also know, has created a GoFundMe campaign to help with the unexpected bills which will arise over the next few weeks. Please help.

Sneak Peek – SSD Hoodie, a Fundraising Collaboration with MMI Textiles and RE Factor Tactical

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

This is a prototype of a upcoming hoodie, the sales of which will raise money for a charity supporting the military. It’s designed to be comfortable and incorporates the SSD Vitruvian Operator logo.

The hoodie is made right here in the USA from XGO Fleece in the MultiCam print, provided by MMI Textiles.

When they’re ready, they’ll be offered for sale through our friends at RE Factor Tactical.

Coming soon from RE Factor Tactical.

2020 Hot Shots Calendar Is Now Available

Wednesday, November 13th, 2019

This is it! The final Hot Shots calendar is now available. It’s been a great run and we here at SSD have been honored to be a part of such a great fundraising program for UK and US wounded, but everything must come to an end. This is your last year to get in on the calendar.

We’d like share some remarks from Hot Shots Director, Lord Mike Newman.

Welcome to this, the final installment of the now famous Hot Shots Calendar.

When we set out back in 2008 we wanted to try and create something different with the intention to (complete a year for each month of the calendar. Our aim was simply raise as much money for injured servicemen and women as we could during that time, however long it ended up being,

We’re proud to say that last year saw us hit that milestone of twelve years in publication along with 10’s of thousands of dollars/pounds donated to various wounded veteran charities.

With our mission complete, it’s our pleasure to bring you the final instalment as a ‘Greatest Hits’ mash up of all our proudest moments.

We’ve had many themes over the years and we fully understand it’s all subjective, so with that in mind, we will be opening up the whole archive in 2020 for you to purchase in print form or download so you can enjoy and keep forever.

We wanted to make sure we finished at the top of our game and we feel this is the best way for us to bow out…

As a group of industry friends, rest assured we have some future ideas for fundraising and will all continue to make sure that the aim of these projects stays on target and lives on in new pursuits.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and friends over the last 12 years, as well as the many models, crew and photographers that have helped us pull this together in such a professional and tireless way!

Hopefully, (it is our sincere hope that) the money we’ve raised and morale we have generated along the way have made a difference!

That’s all for now, enjoy and watch this space!

Mike Newman

Previous years’ calendars and remaining swag items are now 70% off!

Get yours at:

UK Rest of World