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SafeLife Defense Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Monday, April 19th, 2021

Nevada-based armor manufacturer SafeLife Defense, a small business that began in its founder’s kitchen, is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The company, which was recently named one of the top 300 fastest-growing companies in America, recently announced a number of specials to celebrate the anniversary and growth.

Says founder Nick Groat,

“I want to start by thanking you for showing interest in our Body Armor. As I’m sure you have seen, there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to armor…and they are not all created equal.”

The company claims to be the fastest-growing armor company in the United States because, as they say, “We do body armor better than anyone else!”

They continue:

• Our vests offer the best protection at the best price.
• We have a 5 Year Warranty on our Ballistic Material.
• We offer FREE Size Exchanges for 30 Days, so your gear fits PERFECTLY.
• When you contact us, our Award-Winning Customer Service will help you.
• If you are ever shot, we will replace your armor for FREE under our Incident Guarantee.
• If you don’t love your gear, send it back for a refund under our Satisfaction Guarantee.

The company is currently moving into a new 140,000 square foot facility near the Las Vegas Raiders practice facility in Henderson, NV, and intends to add nearly 400 jobs over the next ten years.

Find them online at or follow on IG, @safelifedefense. Connect on Facebook, /SafeLifeDefense/.

TNVC and Forward Controls Design Panel, Cable Management-MLOK (PCM-MLOK)

Monday, April 19th, 2021

TNVC is proud to announce the release of a new collaborative project with Forward Controls Design, the Panel, Cable Management-MLOK (PCM-MLOK!

Designed as a simple product to solve a simple problem, the PCM-MLOK provides remote switch cable management for mission critical accessories. In the past, end-users have either had to choose between placing accessories in less-than-optimal positions to locate the controls where they could be reached, or have had to use zip-ties, electrical tape, camoform fabric, and a myriad of other methods to manage device control cables.

The TNVC/FCD PCM-MLOK is a machined aluminum multi-directional cable management device that affixes to any MLOK-Compatible interface, and can be used to both route and protect remote device activation cables.

Unlike zip-ties or most other cable management solutions available on the market, the PCM-MLOK is designed to fully protect as much of the exposed cable as possible, preventing the “Night Monster” from grabbing and snagging exposed cable, causing damage to the cable, switches, or device connectors themselves. Nevertheless, creating a product that improves on cable management better than zip-ties is a more difficult task than it sounds like!

When seeking out a partner to develop a cable management system, we reached out to Forward Controls Design, a company known for its focus on function over form, and for taking the smallest and simplest components of the AR system that most people take for granted, and thoroughly studying their function, and finding ways to improve them.

The result of this collaboration is the TNVC/FCD PCM-MLOK, machined from aircraft grade aluminum billet by Arson Machine Co., which not only provides the best protection for remote switch cables, but allows for an open architecture, promoting airflow and head dissipation. The PCM also features Forward Controls Design signature “All Angles” dimpled surface texture, which both provides effective gripping surface from (get this) all angles, while also increasing surface area, further encouraging heat dissipation and mitigation.

While the use of machined aluminum makes the PCM more expensive than many other cable management solutions, it provides considerable functional improvements to other options, while largely eliminating what was once the “weak link” in visual augmentation systems device integration.

The internal cable channels can support cables up to 0.140? in diameter, accepting most common Surefire, Crane/Insight, and Unity Tactical remote switch cables, and the internal cable routing features a 0.150? radius to allowing cables to be routed at 90 degree angles without putting unnecessary stress on the cable with sharp kinks and corners.

The TNVC/FCD PCM-MLOK is proudly made and designed in the USA, and is Type III hard coat anodized in Black, Flat Dark Earth, and Olive Drab and retails for $29.99

Dealer pricing is available, as are bulk and OEM options subject to MOQ.

Please contact [email protected] to inquire.

Deckers X Lab Congratulates 2021 Best Ranger Competition Winners!

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Deckers X LAB would like to congratulate 1LT Vincent Paikowski and 1LT Alastair Keys from the 75th Ranger Regiment on their 1st Place finish in the grueling 2021 David E. Grange Jr. Best Ranger Competition (BRC) which ended earlier today.

Deckers X LAB is the “skunk works” or Innovation Lab of the Deckers Corp; the parent behind such brands as UGG, Hoka, and Sanuk.

Last week saw the launch of showcasing a new range to deliver in September of this year. Deckers took lessons learned from years of shoe making and translated that into a high end technical military footwear range. Two boots will launch in September; an AR670-1 compliant boot, as well as a specialized fin friendly water boot for all things water, be it OTB, VBSS, or GOPLATS. Testing and evaluation has been off the charts, those doing the T&E have them to be some of the best product ever tested and worn.

Since Deckers X LAB works on all “skunk works” product for all of their brands, the current web site is a bit intermingled with other products. It will be 100% tactical upon the launch in September.

GunMag Warehouse Launches Training Division

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Carrying a gun is (or should be) a gestalt of conditions, not just a mastery of marksmanship. It’s as much about being a good human being, controlling emotions, and practicing compassion as it is honing weapon manipulation skills and practicing situational awareness. A responsible armed citizen doesn’t need to be a Tier One Ninja, but does need to be ready for the hard part.

And the hardest part of any defensive shoot occurs prior to and after the trigger press.

GunMag Warehouse is proud to announce the launch of GunMag Training.

GMT will be the instructional arm of GMW. It will be led by Daniel Shaw, formerly of Shaw Strategies and the USMC. Additional cadre members will be announced in the coming months.

“The more I learn, the more I understand that being less wrong every day is the best that I can hope for. I tell my students this and want them to understand that there are no absolutes, there is no one way or one magic technique that works for everyone in every situation.” Daniel Shaw, GMT

GMT’s mission will be to prepare those who carry a gun for such difficulties and to promote a well-trained, reasoned, and humanistic armed citizenry. It will also be practicing civic responsibility by setting aside slots in each course for law enforcement officers from the local (-ish) area.

GunMag Training

GunMag Training's Daniel Shaw and Security Force Marines from the D.C. area.

GunMag Training’s Daniel Shaw and Security Force Marines from the D.C. area.

Because of GMT’s atypical approach, students will gain more than a high level of technical proficiency.

GunMag Training courses will address such things as:

• Life safety as it relates to the armed citizen and the use of force

• Contextual safety beyond the traditional four rules

• Effective weapon handling

• Mental and emotional preparation prior to an Event

• Pragmatic expectation of what happens after an Event

• Awareness of positional and locational engagement

• Practical understanding of the spherical environment

• Practical understanding of the public environment

• Practicable marksmanship on demand not command

GunMag Training Daniel Shaw

A scene from one of Shaw’s most recent courses. Students included local first responders, several tactical officers, and many responsible armed citizens – including a handful of teenagers.

Shaw, a retired Marine infantry leader and combat veteran, will pull from his extensive military career and a lifetime of experience to combine tactical acumen with the moral ethos appropriate to carrying a firearm. He has instructed civilians, LEOs, and military personnel from all walks of life across the United States.

Family training with Daniel Shaw

Looking for a way to bond with the kids while helping prepare them for life, and simultaneously develop the next generation of Second Amendment proponents? Take them to a class and train together.

Courses will begin almost immediately with firearms training classes in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and others in Ohio (including Shaw’s seventh year teaching at the Ohio Tactical Officers Association Training Conference). Additional classes and locations will be announced soon.

Learn more at GunMag Training

Firearms training in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.

Training spots in GMT courses will be reserved for local law enforcement officers, from GunMag Warehouse’s hometown of Coppell to the greater DFW area. Contact GMW for additional details.


Better The Hunt Keeps Hunters Warm With the Insulated Rifle Mitt

Sunday, April 18th, 2021

Many rifle hunters understand the challenge of hunting in extreme cold weather. Whether it’s a late season deer tag you’re aiming to fill, picking off pesky coyotes looking for a winter meal, or mother nature simply does her thing and throws you a wet, cold, snowy curveball, hunting in cold weather can be a real challenge. That’s why Better The Hunt set out to help hunters find a new way to fight off the cold. Enjoying late-season hunts without pain or discomfort from the cold is now a possibility for rifle hunters thanks to the Insulated Rifle Mitt from Better The Hunt. This innovative product gives rifle hunters an exciting option for keeping their hands nice and comfortable on those long, cold, late season hunts.

The Insulated Rifle Mitt takes a creative spin on hunter hand comfort. The unique design of this patent pending Mitt allows for it to slide over almost any style or brand of rifle with ease and will help fight off the bitter cold that often occurs during late season hunting. The Insulated Rifle Mitt also eliminates the need to fumble around with thick heavy gloves and mittens that would otherwise be needed to keep warm in the Midwest winters. Keep your hands on the firearm, warm, and ready for the shot, and forget about fumbling with gloves. The Insulated Rifle Mitt stays attached to your rifle and allows for all day comfort with your bare hand on your weapon for simple, safe shooting.

Born out of a dissatisfaction for cold-weather glove options for hunters, the Insulated Rifle Mitt, like all mitts from Better The Hunt, allows a hunter to keep their hand in shooting position on their bow or firearm and maintain warmth and comfort at the same time. Simply slide your bare hand into the mitt and get after that game. Hunt with confidence thanks to unique slide-over attachment system that enables you to maintain a firm grip on your weapon without fumbling around with thick, heavy gloves. And for those bitter cold days, activate a hand warmer and place in the convenient pocket to keep even the coldest temps at bay. These innovative features eliminate the need for cold-weather hunters to choose between warmth and maneuverability.

Christensen Arms Introduces New Modern Precision Pistol

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Gunnison, Utah – (April 16th, 2020) Christensen Arms, manufacturer of state-of-the-art precision firearms and custom carbon fiber barrels, is proud to announce the new Modern Precision Pistol (MPP). Weighting in at just 4.4 to 5.8 lbs., this new MPP was created for situations that require a lightweight, compact firearm such as backpacking or back-country hunting. 

Building upon the success of their Modern Precision Rifle (MPR), the Modern Precision Pistol (MPP) is a purpose-built, bolt-action pistol chassis. It is initially available in four calibers with a muzzle-threaded barrel, in lengths ranging from 7.5” to 12.5”, creating an ideal suppressor host.  

“We are excited to offer this new MPP in a bolt-action pistol design. The intent was to offer shooters the same familiarity and performance of the MPR in a compact, pistol chassis system,” said Stephen Graham, Senior VP of Marketing, Christensen Arms. “This MPP has the same accuracy potential and dependability as our field proven MPR’s, as they share many of the same features and components.”

The new MPP’s standard features include: Christensen Arms’ legendary carbon fiber barrel, adjustable side-baffle brake, precision-machined action and fluted bolt, oversized bolt knob, 20-MOA optic rail, forward mount rail with an integrated barricade stop, 5-round detachable AICS magazine, TriggerTech® flat trigger, an ergonomic pistol grip, and retains QD and MLOK accessory attachment points. Combine that with a folding SB Tactical® stabilizing brace, and the new Modern Precision Pistol is built to take pistol performance to new distances.


Chambering: Barrel Length: Twist Rate: Overall length:

.300 BLK 7.5”      1/5      28.25”

.223 REM 10.5”      1/7      31.25”

6.5 CRDMR 12.5”      1/8      33.25”

.308 WIN 12.5”      1/7      33.25”

MSRP starting at: $2,295

To learn more about the new MPP and the complete product offerings from Christensen Arms, please visit or follow us on social media @christensensarms.

New IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Hard Cell Plate Carrier Hydration System from Qore Performance Launches to Military, Law Rnforcement, Security Customers

Friday, April 16th, 2021

Sterling, VA: Thermoregulation, hydration and human performance experts Qore Performance, Inc., announced the release of an updated IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve (IMS) today. IMS is an ultrathin, hard cell, plate carrier hydration system built around Qore Performance’s venerable IcePlate Curve cooling/heating/hydration water bottle shaped like a Medium ESAPI plate.

All-new for 2021, IMS joins IMS Pro to bring greater durability and ergonomic efficiency to plate carrier hydration for military and law enforcement users. Hard cell hydration delivers strength and dependability that cannot be matched by traditional soft bladders, while preserving a full MOLLE field under heavy loads. The flat, ultrathin, and conformal profile of IcePlate Curve also allows users to sit more comfortably in vehicles. IMS fits under zip on panels like the MOLLE Zip-On Panel 2.0, Pack Zip-On Panel or Pouch Zip-One Panel by Crye Precision.

Designed specifically for units, commands, and agencies where skeletonized laser-cut laminate solutions are not approved, IMS is built from traditional 500D nylon for excellent field durability with a commonly approved look that matches traditionally-constructed kit.

IMS is completely ambidextrous with laser-cut Drink Tube Routing Ports on both sides for compatibility with Left Exit or Right Exit IcePlate Curves.

The bottom zipper closure from the previous generation IMS Flex has been replaced with the same, familiar Velcro-brand hook and loop bottom closure found on IMS Pro and IcePlate EXO (ICE). The move to a Velcro-brand bottom closure also improves suitability for night operations and reliability while reducing weight. In working directly with Active Duty end-users, this change to a Velcro-brand bottom closure was among the most requested changes from the previous IMS Flex.

Features and Specs:
-Rugged 500D nylon construction features six full rows of MOLLE with a full three row MOLLE Velcro loop field for identification placards that measures 8.5″ w x 3″ h
-Four (4) permanently attached MOLLE strips included
-Compatible with any MOLLE-equipped plate carrier. For MOLLE and Velcro combination compatibility, check out IMS Pro
-Velcro brand bottom closure is identical to IMS Pro, IcePlate EXO (ICE) for quick, simple and intuitive IcePlate access, optimized for night operations
-Combine IMS with IcePlate Classic or IcePlate Curve for the thinnest and most durable plate carrier hydration solution on the market
-Mount heavy tools (AT4s, Base Plates, etc.) on your plate carrier hydration source without rupture concern
-Mounted patrols/movements are more comfortable than ever thanks to the flat back profile created by IMS and IMS Pro

“We built IMS because we have many end-users, who depend on IcePlate for its strength,” remarked Qore Performance Co-Founder and CEO Justin Li when asked about the development of IMS, “those users don’t use the thermoregulation and heat injury prevention capabilities that IMS Pro brings to the table, they only need external plate carrier hydration and IMS is the answer to that requirement.”

IMS, like all military and law enforcement products from Qore Performance, is 100% American made from US materials and shipped six days per week from their Sterling, VA headquarters.

As the inventors of specialized and consumable thermoregulation for PPE users, Qore Performance is leading the fight to eliminate preventable heat injuries. Bridging the gap between Man and Machine, their IceAge Ecosystem protects over 20,000 daily active users in occupational safety alone. Dozens of America’s Fortune 1000 companies including Boeing, Dutch Bros Coffee, Charlotte Area Transit System, America’s Chicken, and Marathon Petroleum, depend on Qore Performance to safeguard their teams and their bottom lines. Qore Performance enterprise customers have worked over 2,000,000 hours since 2017 without a single heat injury.

IMS and IMS Pro are available exclusively on the Qore Performance website:

IcePlate MOLLE Sleeve Collection

For sales inquiries, contact:

Doug Burr
Director of Sales and Business Development

Qore Performance, Inc.
22311 Shaw Rd, STE A2
Sterling, VA 20166
[email protected]

Safariland Announces Formation of CADRE

Friday, April 16th, 2021

A new approach to brand ambassadorship.

Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced the formation of a new breed of brand ambassadors: CADRE.

“In the technical sense, a CADRE is a selected group of specially trained and skilled individuals brought together for one specific purpose or mission,” said Tim Drnec, Vice President of Marketing & Commercial Sales at Safariland. “And that’s exactly what Safariland needs right now. The Safariland CADRE will be advocates for Safariland products and its mission to save lives with integrity, loyalty and grit.”

Safariland’s CADRE is a new approach to brand ambassadorship. “Our CADRE are changing what it means to be a brand ambassador,” Christina Rhine, Digital-Social Media Manager for Safariland said. “No longer will these individuals be seen as social media influencers. They’re experienced advocates in the markets we touch, and contributors to the future of our products. They bring years of raw experience with Safariland products, and authentic product concepts. Collectively we will achieve our goals to provide the best equipment possible.”

The CADRE bring first-hand expertise in product application, life dependent scenarios and training capabilities. Among them are a Rt. Special Forces SGT. Major, a competitive mounted shooter and veteran of the 75th Army Ranger Regiment, a Tactical Games athlete, conservationists and huntsmen, competitive shooting champions and instructors, business owners, a SWAT Team Leader, law enforcement officers, and a family of five competitive shooters. With these backgrounds and mindsets, they will collectively bring authentic product feedback from the field to Safariland to elevate Safariland products and increase the company’s ability to enact its mission: “Together we save lives.”