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CMC Triggers Announces the Release of the KRAGOS Glock Aftermarket Slide

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

Fort Worth, Texas: CMC Triggers’ new KRAGOS™ Glock® compatible slide symbolizes victory and strength, much like that of the Greek God in which the name was inspired. The KRAGOS™ Slide solidifies CMC’s reputation for producing premium aftermarket Glock® parts and accessories. The aggressively sleek design and enhanced aesthetics of the KRAGOS™ improve accuracy and performance without sacrificing reliability or concealment.

The KRAGOS™ is manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility to tighter tolerances than factory slides for increased consistency in barrel lockup, improving accuracy.

Constructed from 17-4 stainless-steel billet, CMC’s KRAGOS™ Glock® Slides are then heat-treated to H900 42-44RC and coated with a Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) finish for added corrosion resistance and durability. DLC coatings exhibit a desirable combination of low coefficient friction and high micro-hardness, making it the perfect upgrade in high wear applications.

The KRAGOS™ features a wraparound scalloped serration pattern that improves grip while manipulating the slide, like press checking the chamber or clearing a malfunction.

The 45-degree chamfer edge eases holster ingress and egress, preventing snags on gear. All slides come with standard Glock® sight cuts equipped with tritium night sights and pre-cut optic pocket for the easy, secure, low-profile mounting that accommodates all red dot pistol optics that share an RMR® footprint.

The KRAGOS™ Slide accepts factory or aftermarket barrels and parts, is the ideal upgrade for your factory Gen 3 Glock® 17 or Glock® 19 pistols and pairs nicely with Polymer 80 frames for new custom gun builds.

-Fits GEN3 Glock® 17 & 19 Pistol Frames & Components
-45-Degree Chamfer on Dither Edge to Ease Holster Ingress and Egress
-Machined from Corrosion Resistant 17-4 Stainless Steel Billet
-Heat Treated to H900 42-44RC
-Precision Wire EDM Breach Face
-Wear Resistant Black Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) Coating
-Preinstalled Tritium Night Sights on factory Glock® Front/Rear Cuts
-Accepts Factory and Aftermarket Barrels and Parts
-Pre-Cut RMR® Footprint Mounting Slot Fits Trijicon®, SOUSA® RAID™ RPD & Holosun® HE508T, HS507C, HS407C
-CMC’s 100% Lifetime Warranty

The KRAGOS™ Slide is complimented by CMC’s Drop-in Glock® Trigger and CMC Barrels® Glock® Match Precision Barrel.

All CMC products come with a Lifetime Warranty and are made in the U.S.A. CMC proudly designs all its products for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian use.

For more information about CMC Triggers and all the products, they offer please or email [email protected].

New Driver’s Night Observation Devices: Rheinmetall to Modernize the Bundeswehr’s Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Wednesday, October 21st, 2020

The German Bundeswehr has awarded Rheinmetall a further order for modernizing the tried-and-tested Marder infantry fighting vehicle, or IFV. Under the contract, Rheinmetall Landsysteme will now be supplying the Bundeswehr with over 170 driver’s night observation devices for the Marder fleet. Worth around €24 million (including valued added tax), the order also encompasses logistical support, training and other services. Delivery begins at the end of 2021 and is to be complete by the end of 2022.

The new driver’s night observation device is the Spectus II. It fuses the image from a residual light amplifier camera with one produced by a thermal imaging device, improving the driver’s ability to see even in conditions of poor visibility.

In addition, the system features a rear-view camera. Cooperation partners taking part in the project include Rheinmetall Technical Publications and the Rheinmetall subsidiary benntec Systemtechnik GmbH. In response to an urgent operational requirement for the ISAF mission in Afghanistan, Rheinmetall previously integrated the Spectus I – the Spectus II’s forerunner – into the Marder 1 A5A1 fleet.

Now official, this order constitutes a continuation of successful efforts to extend the Marder’s service life. In December 2019 the German armed forces contracted with Rheinmetall to carry out a comprehensive modernization of part of the Marder fleet. Moreover, the current contract could result in further orders from customers both at home and abroad, thanks, for instance, to the budget committee of the Bundestag giving a green light on 7 October 2020 to procurement of a thermal imaging aiming device for the gunner and commander in Bundeswehr Marders. Besides Germany, the Marder IFV is in service with the armed forces of Chile, Indonesia and Jordan.

As the system’s original developer, Rheinmetall possesses comprehensive experience and expertise in all aspects of the Marder infantry fighting vehicle. The weapons system first rolled off the assembly lines of Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH’s predecessor organization in Kassel. Battle-tested and exceptionally reliable, the Marder will continue to serve German mechanized infantry units as a trusty workhorse for some time to come, even now that the number of new Puma IFVs in service with the German military will soon reach 350.

Firearms Training on Your Schedule

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

The American Warrior Society, founded by Mike Seeklander, founder and CEO of Shooting-Performance, offers firearms owners a unique training membership program designed to engage, educate, and expand a firearms owner’s knowledge and skillset tool kit.

Owasso, Okla. (October 2020) – Mike Seeklander, CEO and founder of Shooting-Performance, a full-service training company, co-founded the American Warrior Society, a unique online membership training platform offering extensive learning modules, articles, forums, and feeds for gun owners serious about defensive firearms training.

The American Warrior Society’s membership allows students to train based on their skill level and grow at their own speed. This go-to defensive shooting training resource offers the student a large resource of training programs that will prepare the student to survive a deadly encounter. Students can grow their skillset at their own pace in any of the offerings that include Combatives, Medical, and Tactical Skills in handgun, rifle, and shotgun usage.

Whereas most training courses cost over $400 to attend for a one, two, or three-day firearms training course, the American Warrior Society courses provide access 24/7/365 at an annual cost equivalent to a single training course.

“With membership, you will be able to continually build onto your skillset by training more frequently, instead of taking one or two courses and hoping you remember all the information that was thrown at you in that short time, you’ll have the option of being able to watch a video over and over until you feel comfortable with a new skill, and you’ll be able to build on previous training,” Mike Seeklander explained.

Included in the membership program are over 250 training videos, monthly new exclusive training videos, a members-only private Facebook group, and discounts on training books and DVDs.

“The purpose of the American Warrior Society is to help gun owners train with the firearm they either carry every day or use for home defense. We encourage practice at home and on the range. Our coursework will keep you motivated and through our extensive and varied training programs, you will take your firearms skills to the next level and have the confidence and skill set to protect the ones you love,” Mike Seeklander commented.

To find out more about membership at the American Warrior Society, visit Try it out for free for 14 days, then it is only $27.00 a month.

For more information on Shooting Performance and upcoming courses, visit

SENTRY Products Group Launches Special Operations Division

Tuesday, October 20th, 2020

Michael Fogelman, retired Master Chief U.S. Navy SEAL with 32-years of special operations experience, will spearhead the new division, concentrating on military and law enforcement contracts.

Virginia Beach, Va. (October 2020) – SENTRY Products Group™, a leading manufacturer and distributor of products focused on the military,  law enforcement and shooting sports markets, is proud to announce the launch of the new Special Operations Division and the hiring of retired Navy SEAL Master Chief, Mike Fogelman, to grow military and law enforcement sales.

“The Special Operations Division’s goal is to forge relationships within the military and law enforcement communities and Mike Fogelman is the right candidate to lead that initiative,” Terry Naughton, President of SENTRY Products Group, explained. “Mike brings with him a tremendous amount of experience providing a vital link between SENTRY’s products, our customers’ requirements and our product development team. Mike will also be instrumental in setting the foundation to expand the Special Operations Division across the country.”

Fogelman served for five years as a Navy SEAL Operator at SEAL Team One and then went on to serve at Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU) for fifteen years before becoming a Master Chief in 2009. Fogelman’s operational experience combined with his experience in government contracting training within the industry will provide SENTRY Products Group with valuable insight and resources to grow the brand in the marketplace.

“I am delighted to bring my experience to the table to help SENTRY grow the product line and employ more special mission experts (SME’s). At the end of the day it’s imperative that we provide great products to the warfighters, and I intend to bring in the best former operators we can find. I’m happy to be on board at SENTRY Products Group. SENTRY is comprised of a tremendous group of dedicated professionals with exceptional products to sell,” Fogelman added.

WTF PALS Back Panel for Crye JPC 2.0

Monday, October 19th, 2020

Whiskey Two Four’s PIMPS (Practical Integrated Modular Platform, Scalable) PALS Back Panel 64 for Crye Precision* JPC 2.0 is available in medium and large.  Back Panel 64 was developed using a medium and large SAPI plate and a medium and large Crye JPC 2.0 for the respective sizes.

Back Panel 64 uses milspec elastic and VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® loops for hydro and cable routing.  YKK heavy duty zipper pull tabs tuck securely and silently into milspec elastic loops at the base.  A combo laser cut PALS/loop field accepts ID, IFF, patches, etc.  Rather than depending on a stiffener, we opted to connect Back Panel 64’s corners to the Crye JPC 2.0’s shoulder straps to minimize saggy sag and floppy flop tendencies.  Connectors are skeletonized so as to not interfere with factory features.  Back Panel 64 has laser cut PALS throughout for maximum flexibility.  JPC 2.0’s drag handle is still accessible after adding Back Panel 64.

Maintaining a stressed skin can be tricky; milspec 550 parachute cord and ITW GTSP Cordlocs act as load lifters.  Once the Back Panel 64 is properly mated to your Crye Precision JPC 2.0, adjust the paracord loop as necessary to achieve tension.  Don’t forget to knot your paracord.

Back Panel 64 is Berry compliant and made in the USA. Back Panel 64 uses ACRONYM made from MIL-DTL-32439 500D nylon, A-A-55126 nylon hook & loop, A-A-59826 bonded nylon thread, MIL-W-5664 nylon elastic, YKK USA heavy duty zippers, and well compensated, skilled labor to produce a cost effective part.

WTF’s Back Panel 64 is manufacturable. Whether for direct or dealer sale, this design is realistic for us to keep in stock or near stock with (as close to) on demand cut & sew (as we can get) and replenishing inventory on the fly.  This design represents a balance of durability, ease of assembly, machine operator fatigue reduction, COTS materials use, cost effective cut and sew methods, self jigging/locating design, scalability, and usability.

Back Panel 64 for Crye JPC 2.0, medium  is lightweight at just 5.4 / 154g.  $69 introductory price.

*all Crye Precision, JPC, trademarks, brands, etc are the sole property of Crye Precision, LLC.  Crye Precision, LLC does not endorse this product.

Juggernaut.Case Awarded Contract for NAVAIR Ejection-Seat Electronic Kneeboard Platforms

Monday, October 19th, 2020

Many commercial pilots have found using iPad type tablets to be a valuable tool as a kneeboard in the cockpit.  Why wouldn’t a kneeboard tablet be valuable for fighter pilots too?  But first, it would need to pass the 600KNT ejection seat blast test!

In 2018, Juggernaut.Case developed a protective case and mounting solution for fighter pilots to employ a tablet on their leg in the cockpit. The Electronic Kneeboard (EKB) program’s purpose is to allow the use of tablets to reduce reliance on paper publications and add additional functionality (such as moving maps and performance calculators) in the cockpit. As the program progresses, the ability to plan and re-plan missions in the cockpit will be developed to create a powerful tool for the pilots, ultimately replacing the fielded Joint Mission Planning System (JMPS) hardware. The final EKB system will allow users to connect in-aircraft via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB-Cable, fully integrating the tablets into aircraft systems for maximum capability. As part of the Juggernaut.Case slogan, PROTECT – MOUNT – CONNECT, this naturally falls into place with high-strength, shielded connections to the airframe with quick-disconnect cables specially designed for these cases.

In August 2018, a series of windblast tests were conducted to verify the structural integrity of the EJ-SEAT EKB Holster Assembly during high-speed ejections.  A series of four (4) windblast tests were conducted using the Windblast Lab at Naval Air Station Patuxent River. The 600KNT blast tests subjected the EKB and Holster Assembly to the highest dynamic pressure that would be experienced in an in-envelope ejection with the JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) seat. The 22-degree pitch tests matches the angle of the seat coming out of the cockpit and into the air stream; the 45-degree pitch tests simulated the seat pitching back under the drogue parachute.

All tests conducted in the series were rated Acceptable and Successful. No damage was observed on the holster, aircraft or crash test pilot in any tests. Similar tests were successful at the test facility blast chamber in Toulouse, France in November of 2018.

There are several versions of the EJ-SEAT EKB for current tablets including the Samsung Tab Active 2 and 3, iPad Mini 5, and Tab S2 8.0. Tablet cases for future tablet models will fall within the test if they utilize the approved base mounting platform. The EKB is currently being flown by more than twelve different Air Forces/Navy/Marine Corps Wings worldwide. Aircraft platforms include: F-16, F/A-18, F-35JSF, as well as A-10 and F-22.

The base platform utilizes two high-strength straps secured with ITW-AustriAlpin GT COBRA Polymer Buckles. The SLEEV Case for the tablet is hard mounted with fasteners to the holster assembly to ensure its integrity during ejection if the pilot does not doff this system prior to ejection. An additional strap attaches to the pilot’s kit to ensure the EKB stays in place on the leg during entry/egress of the cockpit.

The entire EJ-SEAT EKB Kit (Mount & SLEEV) retails for $400 and is available at:

The Aviator Kneeboard.Mount which interfaces all 8-series tablet cases ($105 – Mount Only) is also available for non-ejection seat rotary/fixed-wing applications and features a single-strap design utilizing the BOA Fit System:

All of these aviation platforms carry NSN’s, are Berry Amendment Compliant, and Made in the USA.

Juggernaut.Case is based in Scottsdale, Arizona where all of it’s products have been designed, engineered, tested and assembled for over the past 20 years.

The Ozone Boot Dryer by Scent Crusher

Saturday, October 17th, 2020

Wichita, KS – The premium method for cleaning, drying, and removing odors from your shoes or gear is available with the Scent Crusher® Ozone Boot Dryer. Hunters demand a lot from their gear, and their boots are no different. Whether you’re putting the miles on in the mountains, working hours in and around the shop, or climbing into your treestand, we ask a lot of our boots. Keep yours clean, dry, and kicking with the Ozone Boot Dryer from Scent Crusher. 

The Ozone Boot Dryer uses a chemical-free drying method that destroys odors, mold, mildew, and viruses by utilizing the power of heated air and ozone. The air pipes are adjustable to fit tall boots to small slip-on shoes. The boot dryer has a small footprint (10″ W x 24.5” H x 9.75” D), weighing just 3.7 pounds, allowing for use in a small mudroom or hallway. The Dryer can run up to three hours with a 110v AC and has an automatic shutoff timer so you can be worry-free. Like other Scent Crusher® products, the Boot Dryer comes with a maintenance-free, two-year warranty. 

“This boot dryer isn’t just for hunting boots. It is lightweight, well built, and excellent quality. This thing has worked great for me at both drying and deodorizing a whole list of things; hunting boots, work/duty boots, running shoes, hats, gloves, socks, facemasks, and gear packs. Bottom line, I would recommend this to a friend,” said Chuck, a Scent Crusher® customer.


Scent Crusher® products are a complete scent elimination system. Based on research from NASA, these systems were developed using an exceptionally effective Ozone Generator that is 100% chemical-free and effectively removes odors from your gear. Scent Crusher® ozone generators produce on-demand ozone which is attracted to bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants. The ozone attacks and destroys scent and bacteria through oxidation, then converts it safely back into oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free. For more information, visit

Racal Acoustics Launch a New Website and Sign a Contract with PR Agency, Chamois

Friday, October 16th, 2020

Racal Acoustics, the UK-based global designer and manufacturer of audio communications and protection systems has today launched a brand new website ( To coincide with this, they have also signed a contract with PR and advertising agency, Chamois Consulting Ltd. Under this contract Chamois will provide an integrated marketing, communications and advertising service with a particular focus on brand communications and PR. They have a clear remit to raise the profile and awareness of the Racal Acoustics brand, globally.

This website launch is a key step in extending brand awareness for Racal Acoustics whose specialist audio communications and protection systems are regarded globally as the finest on offer. Racal’s range of headsets and supporting products and services have been used by global forces consistently since the 1950’s.  Today, they still offer the very best technology to provide effective communication, hearing protection and situational awareness across the tri-service battlefield.

Alexandre Huart, Vice President – Sales and Marketing at Racal Acoustics said: “launching our new website is a proud moment for our entire team as we continue our journey of solidifying the Racal Acoustics name across the global marketplace”. He added: “having led the build of our new website over the last four months, we’re very pleased to extend our initial contract with Chamois to include their wider PR and advertising services. Together, we’ll be working hard to improve our brand awareness, our profile and our sales”.

Jamie Clarke, CEO at Chamois said: “signing this new contract is great news for the team here at Chamois. Adding Racal Acoustics to our already strong portfolio further underlines what we have to offer our clients here at Chamois and we’re very much looking forward to continuing our journey together with Racal Acoustics”. He added: “prior to signing the PR and advertising contract with Racal Acoustics, we worked together with one of our partner agencies to design and build the new website. We’re all very pleased with what’s now live and can be seen by everyone. Please do take a look around the new site”.