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RCBS 6mm ARC SB T/C Die Set Now Available

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – July 31, 2020 – RCBS, the leading manufacturer of ammunition reloading equipment for rifles and pistols, announced today that it has begun shipping the 6mm ARC SB T/C Die Set, a new addition to the AR Series Dies line for progressive reloaders.

The 6mm ARC SB T/C Die Set (#28007), is specially designed for the versatile 6mm ARC cartridge, which utilizes efficient, high ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets to deliver top performance from AR-15 rifles. Each set features a Small Base sizing die that sizes the case to slightly below minimum specifications to ensure each round chambers in an AR-style rifle, and a Taper Crimp seating die to put the correct crimp on the case. This combination helps make reloading easier for shooters and ensures the cartridge will rechamber properly.

“AR-15 fans are fired up about the versatility and performance of the 6mm ARC cartridge,” said Jason Slinkard, Director of Shooting Accessories for Vista Outdoor. “This die set is a great example of how we are always working to anticipate customer demand and bring new dies to the market as needed.”

All AR Series Dies carry the RCBS lifetime warranty. More information on the new 6mm ARC SB T/C Die set can be found here.

RCBS offers reloading equipment throughout the world. To learn more RCBS products, visit www.RCBS.com.

Blackhawk Adds New T-Series RDS Holsters for SIG P320

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

New Level 2 Light Bearing Holsters Compatible with SIG SAUER P320


VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia – August 4, 2020 – Blackhawk, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, announced today that it has added new Level 2 Duty (L2D) Light Bearing holsters compatible with the SIG SAUER P320 to the T-Series Red Dot Sight (RDS) Holster line. The new holsters were engineered specifically to accommodate red dot sights when mounted on SIG P320 pistols.

The new dual-injected molded holsters are available in left and right-hand configurations and feature a removable, rotating dust cover that protects the optic from impacts and debris. The T-Series RDS holsters can be used with the Trijicon RMR/SRO, Leupold Delta Point Pro, SIG Romeo1Pro, plus other similar sized optics. The SIG P320 pistol is kept secure in a durable polymer body that provides users with a sleek, ergonomic design without adding extra bulk to the holster.

As the world’s first thumb driven, dual-injected molded holster, each T-Series RDS holster is standard with a soft touch inner layer that is both super slick and sound-dampening. This durable and efficient, low-friction design translates into a smooth, quiet draw or re-holstering of the sidearm.

Designed to follow Blackhawk’s Master Grip Principle, all T-Series holsters have been specifically developed to allow the user’s hand to land naturally where it should in order to deploy the sidearm. The T-Series RDS L2D and Level 3 Duty (L3D) holsters are designed for use with the Streamlight TLR-1 and TLR-2 pistol lights.

For more information on the new light-bearing T-Series RDS Holsters for the SIG P320 or to view the complete line of T-Series holsters visit www.blackhawk.com/holsters.

Mustang Survival Announces Merger With MTI Adventurewear

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

A strategic move as they pursue growth in paddlesports
Burnaby, BC – Mustang Survival, the North American brand known for innovative solutions for the most demanding marine environments, is excited to announce, that after the recent acquisition of MTI Adventurewear by its parent company the Wing Group, the two brands will merge to create a key player in the paddlesports market.

California based Wing Group, a leading manufacturer of inflatable sponsons, small combat craft,  whitewater rafting solutions, life rafts, and marine doors and windows, recently closed on the acquisition of MTI with the sole purpose of building on its recreational portfolio and adding an existing, well respected paddling brand to merge with Mustang Survival.

The amalgamation allows Mustang Survival to enhance its offerings in paddle PFD’s and become the trusted industry leader in marine recreation with product that spans all activities from off-shore Sailing, kayak Angling, boating and now in a much larger way, paddling.

Commenting on the announcement, Mustang Survival VP Recreation Product Category, Josh Horoshok, highlights the opportunities it creates. “Combining the technical engineering of Mustang Survival with the design and development of MTI Adventurewear will provide a platform to build world-class premium white-water, rescue and guide level product. It will be a catalyst that drives us forward to achieving our vision of being a podium brand in this high-growth category.”

The Wing Group led by President and CEO Andrew Branagh has been expanding its core product offering and reach with acquisitions aligned to its values and mission.

“MTI represented an incredible opportunity to become more relevant in the paddlesports market. Combining the Mustang Survival Brand, DNA and product, together with MTI we can now provide premium foam flotation solutions in a full assortment to increase the commercial appeal to a broader selection of consumers”.

MTI Adventurewear, MTI Adventurewear is a family owned and operated business founded in 1991. Current owners, husband and wife, Gordon and Lili Colby have been passionate about developing and producing comfortable and affordable foam and inflatable PFD’s for paddlers since they bought the business in 2011.

“The best PFD is the one someone will wear, and it’s been our mission to make getting into and wearing a PFD as easy and accessible as we can. We are so excited to become part of the Mustang Survival family, and to work alongside a likeminded group of dedicated designers, engineers and customer experience professionals, all focused on delivering premium service and solutions. MTI’s established base in paddlesports is the perfect platform for Mustang Survival to launch into the industry”.

Both will take on roles at Mustang Survival. Gordon will work in PFD design and development while Lili will assist Mustang Survival’s sales and marketing teams. The acquisition and Mustang Survival’s push into outdoor/paddle will be paired with a huge investment in grass roots marketing and winning with communities.

Mustang Survival is currently working with all MTI customers and suppliers to develop a smooth busines transition. Product will be showcased and sold via the Mustang Survival website, and all customer service will be handled by Mustang Survival teams.


The Safariland Group Launches Interactive Customer-Centric E-Commerce Website

Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

Dynamic design, expansive holster finder tool and first-ever online Holster Education Center adds to customized user experience 

ONTARIO, California – The Safariland Group (“Safariland”), a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today launched a dynamically redesigned customer-centric ecommerce website at www.safariland.com. The clean, modern and easy-to-navigate website provides a robust interactive experience that allows customers to match products with their profession and personal needs. The website features one of the most advanced holster finders available online, and an all-new Holster Education Center, equipping the viewer with all the information needed to select a holster.

“We created this new website with one goal in mind – to design a revolutionary digital experience that puts the customer first throughout the entire process,” said Shane Ruiz, director digital media for the Safariland Group.  “From our intuitive navigation to the all-new and interactive holster finder and in depth education center to so much more, this new site is truly a game changer in eCommerce.”

An exciting new resource – the Holster Education Center – is  a highly interactive series of relevant easy-to-understand educational resources where the visitor will be guided through various considerations for selecting a holster. Written in a conversational tone, topics range from information about holster retention and ride, to different ways to carry a concealed firearm, to different competition shooting disciplines and much more. Said Ruiz, “it’s like having a conversation with one of our subject matter experts rather than reading a website.”

Safariland’s Holster Finder takes the consumer through a series of visually enhanced questions to quickly get to a variety of holster options. Visitors always know where they are in the process and can easily change course in the middle of the activity.  For a more customized search, the user may select a holster one of three ways – by profession, carry method, or firearm type.

The Company’s time-honored SAVES CLUB® is presented in a “Lives Saved” section that includes incident stories of the more than 2080 individuals who have been saved by Safariland armor or other protective gear made by the Company.

Tim Drnec, vice president, marketing and eCommerce, The Safariland Group added,  “With this site we’re looking to revolutionize how the customer interacts with us as a manufacturer. This is not simply a static site; it’s a continuing conversation with our customer.  Interactive tools like our Holster Education Center is only the beginning. This website will feature an everchanging landscape as we continually update it with new customization and configuration opportunities.  We’re working on a couple of these updates even now.”

Safariland’s website provides product information on the company-wide array of leading brands and features an enhanced dealer locator to purchase products not available for sale on the site. Individuals shopping for forensic equipment will be pleased to know that in addition to locating products on Safariland.com, the Forensics Source™ distribution arm now has its own ecommerce site once again. Offering a wide selection of crime scene, identification and laboratory equipment, along with product from its four proprietary brands – EVI-PAQ®, Identicator®, Lightning Powder and NIK Public Safety – the user will be directed to a seamlessly linked website with a streamlined, simply categorized product layout that makes it easy to find, learn about, and shop forensic equipment.

Safariland’s new website is now live and can be accessed at Safariland.com. The site will be updated regularly with news of product launches and new features. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and to stay informed by subscribing to Safariland’s e-newsletter.

Viridian Introduces World’s First Hand Stop Laser

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – August 1, 2020 – After six decades, the AR-15 is still America’s rifle. The platform’s popularity stems from its speed and ergonomics. Now the venerable rifle design is poised to be even faster and easier to control thanks to Viridian Weapon Technologies’ HS1™, the first and only hand stop with an integrated laser sighting device.

“The HS1 combines the functionality of an AR hand stop with the rapid target acquisition provided by a Viridian green laser,” said Brian Hedeen, President and CEO at Viridian. “The combination makes for a much more ergonomic rifle and cuts down on the attachments that add bulk to a gun’s foregrip.”

Viridian’s new hand stop offers increased control and faster target acquisition with a highly visible green laser that’s intuitively activated by the grip of the shooter’s support hand.

The HS1 uses M-Lok mounts to make installation easy. The laser is adjustable for windage and elevation. The HS1’s pressure pad activates the laser with a variety of support-hand grips, adding an added element of control and speeding up time to target. 

This combination of speed and control makes the HS1 an ideal addition to any AR. MSRP for the Viridian HS1 is $179.

• M-Lok Mounts
• Pressure Pad Activation
• Daytime-visible Green Laser
• Ergonomic Design for Pistols and Rifles
• Single 1/3n battery
• Adjustable for Windage and Elevation

More information about the Viridian HS1 can be found at viridianweapontech.com/hs1.

Introducing the Terrain 365 STS-AT Framelock Folder

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Rustproof, Versatile, Backcountry-Utility, Framelock Folder


On Tuesday, August 4th, 2020 Terrain 365™ launches their STS-AT framelock folder. A modern, technical, framelock folder featuring a distinct clip point blade inspired by the classic Loveless chute knife. Featuring their rustproof and edge-holding Terravantium™ blade, this folder is a cutting tool capable from S.ea T.o S.ummit and anything in between. The “AT” designation for Terrain 365’s folders indicates a build that uses 100% non-ferrous alloys, are non-magnetic and rustproof. Like the core philosophy behind the classic chute knife, the STS-AT is designed to be a highly capable and versatile folder for use in the wilderness, and for EDC.

The rustproof STS-AT will be available in several handle material variants from Terrain 365.

The team at Terrain 365 states,

“The STS-AT not only draws its blade shape inspiration from the Loveless chute, but also its intent. An edged tool that is highly versatile and capable in a wide range of environments and conditions as required by Harry Archer, another legendary figure and the man who initially commissioned the chute knife idea to Loveless. Archer required a knife that could be used for cutting parachute lines, wilderness survival, personal safety, and more; and also do so in demanding, rough environments. With a rustproof Terravantium™ blade, all non-ferrous and non-magnetic components down to the custom turned titanium machined screws and ceramic bearings, the STS-AT is a folding knife that is impervious to rust in any wilderness conditions on land or in water. A highly reliable and capable tool for your next adventure be it at the top of your favorite local peak, fishing spot or even remote, unknown, far away and dangerous places.”

The Terrain 365™ STS-AT will be available for $395.00 for the all titanium handle, $379.00 for the Black G10 variant and an OD Green G10 variant (an exclsuive edition for Prometheus Design Werx), at noon Pacific on their website Tuesday, August 4th, 2020.

The United States Air Force Awards Gentex Corporation Aircrew Laser Eye Protection (ALEP) Daytime Spectacle Contract

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

CARBONDALE, PA July 16, 2020 – Gentex Corporation, a global leader in personal protection and situational awareness solutions for defense forces, aircrew, emergency responders, and industrial personnel, announced today that it was awarded the United States Air Force Aircrew Laser Eye Protection (ALEP) Daytime Spectacle contract to develop and produce its laser protective eyewear for aircrew, the Block III Day Spectacle.

This order includes 10,000 Block III Day Spectacles over the next 18 months including development and full rate production. The Gentex lenses integrate the latest laser protective filter technology developed by the Air Force Research Laboratories (AFRL) for daytime applications. The lightweight, aviator-style frames fit comfortably on the face and feature contoured temple arms that integrate well with helmets and helmet components. The Gentex Block III Day spectacles joins our unique product line of other LEP spectacles developed for F-35, U.S. Navy EDU series and laser dazzle spectacles.

“With over 40 years of experience creating the highest quality vision protection for aircrew, this contract recognizes our continued innovation and evolution in the eyewear and visor market,” said Robert McCay, vice president at Gentex Corporation, “We’re proud to have won our second consecutive Delivery Order under Block III to develop products and technology that meet the challenges of ever-advancing technologies.”

Gentex’s portfolio of air products includes helmets, optical protection, respiratory, and situational awareness solutions. For more information visit, www.gentexcorp.com/industry-solutions/defense/air.  

The “A-Team” Is Back

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Ann Arbor, Michigan – August 3, 2020 Effective today, EOTECH, manufacturer of the original Holographic Weapon Sight, officially separated from L3Harris, and will once again be an agile, independent business that is focused on high tech products and superior service. As part of this strategic new business model Elite Defense®, the powerhouse international distribution company, and HEL TechnologiesTM, developer of cutting-edge optical science, will also fall under the EOTECH umbrella.

To deliver on the promise of this new beginning, EOTECH has reassembled the critical team members that initially built the brand and were critical to EOTECH’s remarkable growth and success. “It was imperative to establish an “A-Team” to grow and restore the EOTECH brand and we were able to fill this team with highly successful industry veterans whose track records speak for themselves”. Said Matt Van Haaren, Chief Executive Officer. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Some of the new A-Team members include:

Matt “Hannibal” Van Haaren – Chief Executive Officer

Currently Matt is responsible for executive management of Elite Defense, HEL Technologies and I2G Systems and has spent over 20 years in the national security sector. Those black leather gloves get in the way when he’s lighting his cigar, but Matt leaves them on to keep up appearances.

Dean “BA Baracus” Loebig – Chief Technical Officer

Dean joins the team with more than 20 years of experience developing and managing technology, project execution, marketing and product distribution for various cutting-edge brands including L-3 EOTECH and most recently Elite Defense and HEL Technologies. Dean pities the fool who tries to out-tech him.

Dennis “Howling Mad Murdock” Finnegan – President, International Business

Dennis is a US Army veteran and is a founding member of HEL Technologies and President of Elite Defense. Previously, Dennis managed international sales for L-3 EOTECH and brings 15 years experience in holographic technology markets. Dennis is “on permanent vacation” from the veterans hospital so that he can bring EOTech back to the international market.

Ed “Face” Schoppman – President, North American Business

Ed is a US Army veteran and has 20 years in the outdoor industry. Ed’s previous background as VP of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service at L-3 EOTECH will prove invaluable in taking EOTECH to the next level. Mirrors have been installed throughout the facility so that Ed can check his hair on an ongoing basis.

John “General” Bailey – VP of Marketing

With over 15 of John’s 17 years in the outdoor industry spent at L-3 EOTECH with roles in sales, marketing and product development, John’s background and experience will be a major asset as he leads the marketing and product teams. John loves the smell of holography in the morning.

Lisa “Triple A” Kemp – Director of Branding and Marketing

Lisa brings 20 years of outdoor industry experience working at Freedom Group managing brands such as Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and DPMS and more recently L-3 EOTECH as Marketing Communication- Brand Manager. Lisa denies that she blackmailed the team into letting her tag along, emphasizing that she’s forgotten more about marketing then the rest of the team knows put together.

Frank “Ashley” Moss – Business Development Manager – Asia and Americas

Frank is a Marine Corps Veteran, and has over 20 years of industry experience, including a highly successful track record in Government, Law Enforcement and Commercial sales within the US and overseas. He demonstrates an extensive knowledge in weapons systems and associated weapon accessories, when he is not narrating old, over-the- top TV shows.

Andy “Dishpan” Gann – Business Development Manager – Europe, Middle East, Africa

Andy has over 20 years of very successful industry experience, including executing sales growth plans through one of EOTECH’s largest European dealers. He has been with Elite Defense since 2016 and brings significant product and market expertise. Andy has a “side hustle” as a special effects expert, which is handy in getting the team out of trouble when they travel together.

Jon “Decker” Meyer – Business Development Manager – Government

Jon is a Marine Corps veteran, and has over 11 years working in the industry, with extensive experience developing products for US & Allied Governments. He has delivered numerous products currently in service with US Special Operations Forces. He refuses to update his uniform to something from this century.

Stay tuned as the new EOTECH disrupts the optics industry! We have big plans and will be delivering cool new products and great customer solutions in the near future.