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The Spanish Army Tests the Future Soldier System Developed by Indra and GMV to Enhance Soldiers’ Capabilities with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Thursday, July 11th, 2024

The SISCAP system, a key element for integrating soldiers into the new digitalized and multidomain environments, has been put to the test in an operational demonstration at the maneuver field at the Toledo Infantry Academy

The modular, flexible, and scalable solution will equip the soldier with the most advanced information, communications and fire effectiveness technologies and enhanced situational awareness

This system will be vital in moving towards a complete digitalization of the Army edge to edge, from the strategic level down to the soldier deployed in the field

Indra and GMV have taken a decisive step forward in the development of the Future Soldier System (SISCAP, in Spanish), after carrying out an operational demonstration at the Toledo Infantry Academy with this solution, which boosts the soldier’s communication, information, and fire efficiency capabilities.

As a result of an R&D program funded by the Ministry of Defence through the Sub-Directorate General for Planning, Technology and Innovation (SDG PLATIN), the progress of this new development is being supervised by the Directorate General for Armaments and Material (DGAM).

Indra and GMV’s aim is to equip combatants with advanced technologies for use in digitalized theaters of operations, where they will have to operate in network operations with systems adapted to the new Spanish Army combat cloud concept. 

Each of these soldiers will have a vision system attached to their helmet that, using augmented reality, will allow them to visualize the route to follow and the position of their companions and to receive different tactical indications about threats and identified targets. They will also have both day and night vision, personal cameras (visible and thermal) to gather images and an advanced radio that will position them by satellite and allow them to transmit voice and data, as well as setting up different groups for improved coordination. 

The assault rifle will incorporate its own viewfinders and cameras that extend the range and accuracy of fire and allow the possibility of non-line-og-sight fire, so that the image captured by the weapon’s viewfinder can also be seen in the helmet’s vision systme, thus avoiding being exposed when turning a corner or entering an enclosed area. It will also incorporate controls to handle communications without having to release the rifle or to prevent friendly fire. 

The platoon leader will have a tablet connected to the battlefield management system (BMS) used in the rest of the Army, thus integrating the unit into the chain of command.

In a group of exercises held last month at the Toledo Infantry Academy, a platoon evaluated the system by simulating a reconnaissance mission and other day and night surveillance missions. They also conducted various day and night shooting tests. The next and final test that SISCAP will undergo in the coming months will add to this equation the presence of the 8×8 Dragon armored vehicle, which will act as a communications node between the unit and its headquarters. 
The manager of the UTE at Indra, Gregorio González, explains that “the system will provide soldiers with the most advanced digital capabilities and will provide them with a situational awareness of the highest level, by giving them a vision capacity enriched with the information collected by all their colleagues and other deployed means” and adds that “one of the great advantages of the system is that it is modular and scalable, which allows it to be adapted to the mission being carried out, ensuring maximum ergonomics and minimum weight”.

This modularity allows, for example, the addition of electronic aids to distinguish between friendly and enemy forces, infrared cameras, laser designators or image magnifiers, as appropriate, to the fire effectiveness system. In the case of more complex missions, soldiers can even be equipped with palm-sized micro-drones to reconnoiter the area and minimize risks. SISCAP’s open architecture will allow the incorporation of new functionalities in the future, such as the use of artificial intelligence for target discrimination, checking the status of combatants and facilitating system maintenance.

Indra and GMV’s goal is to close this first development phase this year, delivering the first seven functional prototypes in platoon-leader configuration. In subsequent phases, the possibility of manufacturing an initial pre-series of 40 or 50 systems will be studied for evaluation in real operations, and then, from 2030 onwards, for larger-scale production. 

The work of Indra and GMV in European projects such as ACHILE and GOSSRA, funded by the European Commission, has generated significant synergies and contributed to the development of this solution. At the same time, SISCAP is part of the Army’s Force 35 initiative, which places the soldier at the center of its modernization strategy.

The DesignateIR-V Three Beam Laser Green Visible / Infrared Laser / VCSEL IR Illuminator from US Night Vision by 3EIR

Thursday, July 11th, 2024

Made in the USA, the Designate IR-V laser is the smallest and lightest, three beam, tactical rifle laser available today. Built from synthetic nylon, this laser is designed to withstand recoil and will perform in all weather conditions. The Designate IR-V’s set-it, forget-it zero allows the user to zero the visible laser once. Then, both laser sights are precisely co-witnessed for accuracy. The laser’s small footprint lies below the weapons line of sight and allows the user to effortlessly switch to iron sights. The user controls have been carefully engineered for minimal drag, reliability, and ease of use. The newly added illuminator utilizes VCSEL technology providing illumination with exceptional distance and beam quality. Comparable products cost well over $3000.00. The Designate IR-V offers the end user options that they can afford. Simple user controls and a small footprint are just a few of the reasons to own one. Best of all, US Night Vision has introduced this new laser at an extremely competitive price point. The included CQB Filter diffuses the beam and provides perfect illumination for close up / indoor work where long-range illumination is not needed.

Ease of use and compatibility are some of the main driving forces behind the DesignateIR-V™ to include operation and aftermarket accessories.

• 4 Output modes, Green Pointer (Vis), IR Pointer, IR Pointer & VCSEL Illuminator, VCSEL Illuminator

• Centralized Arisaka Fire Button & Crane Remote Jack Port

• CQB Filter to switch between Spot & Flood on the VCSEL Illuminator

Please visit usnightvision.com or email their sales team at: sales@usnightvision.com

Carrington Textiles Releases First Sustainability Report

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

Adlington, United Kingdom: Global workwear textile manufacturer, Carrington Textiles, has announced the release of its first sustainability report, highlighting some of the company’s significant achievements in environmentally responsible activities.

The report, presented by RTS Textiles Group, Carrington Textiles’ parent company, outlines various aspects, including the organisation’s structure, sustainability approach, social performance and future targets.

Key highlights include an investment of over €16.7 million across sites to enhance environmental performance through the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, such as a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, biomass boilers and solar panels.

Additionally, the report sheds light on the workwear textile manufacturer’s carbon roadmap, covering emissions under scopes 1, 2, and 3.

John Vareldzis, RTS Textiles CEO, commented: “This year, we are publishing our first sustainability report to reflect the increasing importance of sustainability in everything that we do. We understand that this is a long-term journey, and publishing this report, with clear targets and performance metrics, is just one step along that journey. It will help us create transparency and accountability throughout our operations, which, in turn, will push us further along that path.”

To read the full report, visit carrington.co.uk.

Introducing the Battle Steel COMBATTLE Level IV Ballistic Shield: Unmatched Protection and Unrivaled Lightweight Design

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

Battle Steel, a leader in advanced tactical defense solutions, proudly unveils the COMBATTLE Level IV Ballistic Shield, the lightest Level IV shield option available on the market today. Engineered for superior protection and designed for practicality, the COMBATTLE shield sets a new standard in ballistic defense.

Exceptional Threat Protection

The Battle Steel COMBATTLE Ballistic Shield is meticulously crafted to offer unmatched multi-hit protection, ensuring user safety against some of the most formidable threats. The shield exceeds NIJ Level IV Multi-hit Protection standards, capable of withstanding:

– 7.62mm M80

– 5.56mm M855 Armor Piercing Green Tip

– 30.06 APM2 Armor Piercing

Innovative Specifications

The COMBATTLE Ballistic Shield combines cutting-edge materials and ergonomic design to provide optimal defense and usability with a TRUE edge to edge ceramic protection.

– Dimensions: 20″ x 30″

– Shape: Silhouette for maximum coverage

– Material Composition: Ceramic & Polyethylene

– Weight: Only 34 pounds, the lightest in its class

– Thickness: 0.875? for enhanced durability

– Color: Foliage Green 10-6018 TCX

User-Centric Design Features

The COMBATTLE shield is designed with the user in mind, featuring:

– Dual Shooting Platform: Facilitates accurate handgun and long-gun deployment

– Flat Configuration: Ensures ease of use and maneuverability

– High-Density Shock-Absorbing Forearm Foam Pad: Provides comfort during extended use

– Adjustable Forearm Strap: Customizable fit for all users

– Custom Ambidextrous Handle: Enhances grip and control

– Polyurea Coating: Offers additional protection and longevity

– Reinforced Ballistic Bolts: Ensure structural integrity

Revolutionizing Mobility

Traditionally, Level IV shields have been mounted on wheels due to their significant weight, making them cumbersome to maneuver. However, with the introduction of the Battle Steel MULE, operators can now carry the COMBATTLE shield for extended periods with minimal effort. The MULE’s innovative design distributes the shield’s weight evenly, enhancing mobility and reducing fatigue.

Unparalleled Durability

With a lifespan of ten years from the date of sale, the COMBATTLE shield is a long-term investment in safety. Battle Steel’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that the COMBATTLE Ballistic Shield will stand up to the toughest challenges.

For more information or to purchase the Battle Steel COMBATTLE Level IV Ballistic Shield, visit BOTACH.com.

Tomahawk Performance Expands Distribution Channels Through New Partnership with Precision Technic Defence Group

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

Tomahawk Performance is excited to announce a new partnership with Precision Technic Defence Group, a prominent global provider of advanced defense solutions headquartered in Denmark. This strategic alliance grants Tomahawk Performance greater access to the Danish and US markets, providing an expansive range of advanced technical apparel to an even wider customer base.

“Precision Technic Defence Group shares Tomahawk Performance’s commitment to innovation and excellence, making them an ideal partner for us”, says Marcus LeFeaux, Tomahawk Performance Director of Operations. “The new partnership allows us to leverage Precision Technic Defence Group’s established network, and with their extensive reach and exceptional service record they are the perfect channel to distribute our products.”

Precision Technic Defence Group is a global leader in advanced defence solutions and a trusted, long-term supplier and partner of choice for nations, governments, armed forces, national security agencies, and law enforcement around the globe. They offer a full range of integrated solutions, including soldier systems, platform and sensor systems, unmanned systems, and C4ISR systems.

“As mission profiles continue to evolve, the demand for specialised product solutions has never been greater”, says Jeppe Müller, CoB, from Precision Technic Defence Group. “With our new partnership with Tomahawk Performance, we can now deliver a superior line of tactical apparel that enhances operational effectiveness and mission success by pushing the boundaries of human performance.”

For further information about our new partnership or the Tomahawk Performance product range now available through Precision Technic Defence Group, please email contact@tomahawkperformance.com.



Own the Day and Own the Night – BCB International’s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC): A Game-Changer

Wednesday, July 10th, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of warfare, staying concealed from adversaries has always been a crucial strategy.

With advancements in technology, particularly the proliferation of drones equipped with sophisticated thermal imaging systems, the need for effective camouflage and concealment techniques has never been greater.

In this context, BCB International’s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC) emerges as a groundbreaking technology, offering a new level of concealment for both personnel, platforms, and vehicles on the battlefield, particularly in conflict zones like Ukraine.

The Evolution of Camouflage

Camouflage techniques have come a long way from simple coloration and pattern designs to sophisticated systems that manipulate various spectra of light to blend seamlessly into the environment. Traditional camouflage, while effective against the human eye at certain distances, often falls short against the advanced sensors employed by modern surveillance systems, including drones equipped with lighter-weight, multi-spectral imaging capabilities.

Enter BCB International’s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC)

BCB International, a leading designer and manufacturer of technical tactical equipment, has developed a revolutionary Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC) system designed to counter the most advanced surveillance technologies used in contemporary warfare.

Unlike traditional camouflage, which primarily focuses on IR and visible light, BCB’s solution operates across multiple spectra, including visual, infrared, and thermal imaging.

How it works

Thermal image of MS camo covering a hot vehicle

BCB’s MS camouflage (MSC) leverages advanced materials and technologies it has developed with a University over several years, to disrupt, deny, and deceive detection across the electromagnetic spectrum. By incorporating materials that absorb, reflect, or scatter radiation in various wavelengths, the camouflage effectively conceals personnel, large and very hot platforms like artillery, field camps, foxholes, and vehicles from detection by sensors, including drones equipped with infrared and thermal imaging systems.

Applications in the Ukrainian Conflict

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine highlights how critical effective camouflage techniques are, against relentless aerial surveillance.

Drones, now the ubiquitous tools for reconnaissance and targeting, pose a significant threat to ground forces. In this cat-and-mouse environment, BCB‘s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC) offers a critical advantage, allowing Ukrainian forces to evade detection and operate with greater freedom and security.

Hiding Personnel

In urban environments where traditional concealment methods may be limited, Multi- spectral Camouflage enables Ukrainian soldiers to blend into their surroundings.

Whether navigating through rubble-strewn streets or taking cover in damaged buildings, personnel outfitted with BCB’s camouflage can evade detection by drones scanning for heat signatures.

Above: Drone snagged in CMDS net

Above: Aerial Thermal image of BCB Combat Net Defence System (CNDS), showing person entering

The R&D team have developed a strong specialist cam system which will stop most smaller kamikaze drones and loitering munitions from reaching their target.

Concealing Vehicles and large Assets

Armored vehicles are prime targets for enemy drones seeking to disrupt Ukrainian operations.

BCB’s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC) can be quickly and easily fitted to and around the hot vehicles, allowing them to keep mobile.

BCB ULCAT Camo shelter

When these vehicles stop, BCB’s lightweight ULCATS “tent” can be quickly deployed rendering them virtually invisible to enemy advanced surveillance systems.

By minimizing their thermal and infrared signatures, armored convoys can move undetected through hostile territory, reducing the risk of ambushes and attacks.

Strategic Advantage

The adoption of BCB’s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC) provides Ukrainian forces with a strategic edge in the ongoing conflict.

By enhancing their ability to evade detection and maintain operational security, soldiers can carry out missions more effectively while minimising the risk of casualties and equipment loss.

A “cloak of invisibility” for a range of assets

Moreover, a psychological impact of appearing invisible to enemy surveillance is to demoralize adversaries by undermining their confidence in their reconnaissance capabilities.

Supply chain security

BCB has manufactured NATO cam nets for the British and overseas armies for over 25 years; and other cam systems for over 35 years.

Made by BCB in the UK means they are readily available with dedicated, in-house development department, so they can be quickly customised to the users specialised needs, when required.

Looking Ahead

As warfare continues to evolve, the importance of innovative camouflage technologies cannot be overstated.

BCB’s Multi-spectral Camouflage (MSC) represents a significant advancement and comprehensive solution to the challenges posed by modern surveillance systems. As conflicts like the one in Ukraine demonstrate, the ability to remain hidden from prying eyes can tip the scales in favor of those with the most effective camouflage capabilities.

With continued research and development, our multi-spectral camouflage promises to play an increasingly vital role in the future of warfare, reshaping the dynamics of concealment and detection on the battlefield.

Further Details: Info@bcbin.com www.bcbin.com

Microdrones Welcomes Lengemann Corporation to Its Global Distribution Network

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

The Supplier Will Expand Distribution of Fully Integrated EasyOne Drone LiDAR Systems and LP360 3D Point Cloud Software Across Florida and the Caribbean

For Immediate Release

Huntsville, AL –– Microdrones is pleased to announce that Lengemann Corporation, a leading supplier of positioning solutions for Construction, Engineering, and Surveying Professionals, has joined the Microdrones distribution network. Lengemann Corporation is now authorized to sell the fully integrated EasyOne Drone LiDAR systems and LP360 3D Point Cloud Software, expanding their offerings in Florida and the Caribbean.

“Adding the Lengemann Corporation to our distribution chain will help expand our coverage and network throughout the state of Florida, ” said Aaron Beach, Western Regional Sales Manager for Microdrones. “Their extensive experience and dedication to customer service are a great match with our values. With their expertise, we are confident that Lengemann will effectively introduce our EasyOne solutions to a wider audience, benefiting surveying and engineering professionals throughout Florida and the Caribbean.”

Mike Woodley, Sales Manager at Lengemann Corporation, shared his enthusiasm for the partnership: ” The reputation ofthe Microdrones products and their fully integrated solutionsspeak for themselves. The EasyOne will help enable our customers to create powerful data deliverables like 3D point clouds and orthomosaics. These systems will help our clients collect data efficiently and safely while cutting costs and saving time.”

Pictured above: The EasyOne system from Microdrones includes a drone, perfectly integrated LiDAR sensors, LP360 software, workflow, training, and support. The equipment easily packs into a compact case that is easy to transport. All EasyOne systems are made in the U.S. and available in NDAA-compliant versions.

Lengemann Corporation has been in business for over 60 years and is known for its exceptional customer service and technical support. They are the only authorized Topcon and Sokkia master repair facility in Florida and operate one of the largest privately-owned GPS networks in the U.S., known as L-Net. Their new onsite training facility is equipped to meet all survey and machine control needs.

“The addition of LP360 software to our product lineup is a significant advantage for our customers,” added Woodley. “It’s one of the premier software solutions for analyzing and creating point clouds for LiDAR and photogrammetry. It’s intuitive and easy to use, which we believe will greatly enhance our customers’ workflows.”

The EasyOne systems from Microdrones are compact, optimized, lighter, safer, and more efficient. These fully integrated systems make it easier than ever for users to plan, fly, collect, process, and visualize geospatial data projects. Lengemann Corporation’s knowledgeable staff is committed to meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations daily.

“We are excited about this new partnership,” said Woodley. “Combining Microdrones professionalism and cutting-edge technology with our customer service and expertise will create a tremendous opportunity for our clients.”

To learn more about Microdrones, visit www.microdrones.com.

To learn more about GeoCue, visit www.geocue.com

Andrew Crickenberger to Join NIOA Group

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024

The NIOA Group has announced the appointment of leading international defence industry executive Andrew Crickenberger.

Mr Crickenberger, formerly Vice President of Strategy for L3Harris Technologies’  Aerojet Rocketdyne Segment, joins NIOA as Chief Growth Officer.

With a career spanning more than three decades as a senior executive with multi-national defence companies, Mr Crickenberger brings a wealth of experience and strategic vision to this new position.

As Chief Growth Officer, United States-based Mr Crickenberger will spearhead the NIOA Group’s efforts to capitalise on emerging opportunities in the global allied guided weapons and munitions sector.

His appointment follows NIOA’s strategic agreement with L3Harris Aerojet Rocketdyne, announced last November, to explore the co-production of critical guided weapons components under the Australian Government’s $4.1 billion Guided Weapons and Explosive Ordnance (GWEO) Enterprise.

NIOA has also recently taken up residency at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey – the US Army’s Joint Centre of Excellence for ammunition and weapons.

NIOA Group CEO Rob Nioa said Mr Crickenberger’s appointment marked an exciting new chapter for NIOA.

“We are thrilled to welcome Andrew to our executive team at a pivotal time in the next phase of our evolution as a global munitions company,” he said.

“Andrew brings vast experience in strategy development and execution which aligns perfectly with our company’s vision and global growth objectives.

“With Andrew’s leadership and deep understanding of missile systems we are confident in our ambition to accelerate a broad range of critical munitions priorities for Australia and allied partners while also strengthening our domestic defence industrial base.”

Mr Crickenberger is respected internationally in defence and aerospace circles having created strategic business partnerships in multiple countries.

Most recently, he was a founding member of the L3Harris team that led the US$4.7b acquisition of Aerojet Rocketdyne.

Before joining L3Harris, Mr Crickenberger had a distinguished 25-year career at Northrop Grumman where his last role was VP Strategy and Business Development for the Missile Products business unit.

He holds a MS in Engineering Mechanics and a BS in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech as well as multiple executive leadership certificates.

“Having worked in partnership with Rob and the NIOA team for nearly 15 years, it has been great to see the growth trajectory for the company,” Mr Crickenberger said.

“I am excited to join the team and lead the efforts to accelerate that growth in Australia, the US and into new markets such as the UK and Canada.”

Mr Crickenberger’s appointment follows the appointment earlier this year of Dan Olson, the former VP of Northrop Grumman’s Weapon Systems Division, to the NIOA Group Advisory Board.

About the NIOA Group…

• The NIOA Group includes NIOA Inc [USA], NIOA Australia, NIOA New Zealand, the Australian Missile Corporation, Barrett Firearms [USA)] and joint venture company Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions.

• Established in 1973, NIOA is a global firearms, weapons and munitions company with operations in the USA, Australia and New Zealand with a distribution network covering 75 US State department approved countries.

• NIOA is a major tenant at the Australian government owned, contractor operated (GOCO) munitions facility at Benalla in Victoria where it is currently manufacturing 120mm munitions for the Abrams tank along with 30mm and 35mm cannon ammunition.

• The company is a joint venture partner with Rheinmetall of Germany in the Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions 155mm artillery forging facility in Maryborough, Queensland, delivering key munitions for US allied nations.

• NIOA has a strategic agreement with Aerojet Rocketdyne, a L3Harris Technologies company, to explore the manufacturing of key munitions and components within Australia’s sovereign guided weapons enterprise.