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Whiskey 5 – Intraloop

Thursday, May 5th, 2022


We are a Team of veterans, engineers, designers, and business professionals which was founded and grew out of a need to fix a system that wasted human and material resources and ultimately let servicemen and women down.

We wanted to solve key pain points and began with the question, “How can we unlock the complexities of human insight and use this information to make better products?”

The system in which we operate has inherent flaws that makes it challenging to achieve desired outcomes. Having been there, we knew that the voice of the end user, the individual who deeply understands what they need, should be heard. We also knew the problem existed and persisted at every level, from military operator in the field, to congressmen and women stewarding our nation’s resources, from the consumer to the board room.


Our motto is “Humans Before Hardware”. Intraloop is returning to software’s original promise: solving problems in the physical world. We’re starting with the DoD because America’s competitive advantage comes from building the right things for our national security – better, faster, cheaper.

At the heart of what we do is connecting organizations and communities and giving them the tools and ability to make informed decisions that move the needle.

We’ve created a platform that includes:

-The ability to collaborate across end user communities and organizational administrators.

-Various engagement techniques that gather quantitative and qualitative data in novel ways.

-An admin dashboard that turns end user interactions into faster, data-driven decisions.

By bringing user concerns to the forefront, it reshapes the process and allows for early engagement on products and services. The system is focused on human-centered product design and decision grade analytics which empowers organizations to have a greater impact and increases buy-in at all levels.


Our platform goes where you go. It can be deployed anywhere, with both Commercial and Government/Defense partners.


The time is now. There’s a clear signal that this is needed and it’s coming in from many directions.

In the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s memo for ‘Software Modernization’ published in February 2022, the document emphasized the following themes:

Speed Innovation into the Hands of the Warfighter – “The Department must evolve and innovate smartly, leveraging industry, academic, and scientific communities to drive toward technical solutions of mutual benefit, to establish creative relationships through agreements, and to foster experimentation.”

Empower the Broader Workforce as Contributors to Technology – “Developers are not the only ones who can impact software modernization. From infrastructure managers to operators, the entire workforce has the opportunity to help evolve technology. The entire workforce must understand their role in delivering software and find ways to streamline processes, push for automation, and better leverage technology.”

Testing & Acquisition – “As software plays a more significant role in weapons platforms and mission capabilities, robust software testing must be integrated into delivery pipelines and account for end-to-end mission thread evaluations.”

We see a shifting world order with the current conflict in Ukraine resulting in increased defense spending across Europe. The question arises on how to best use that money. We must offer ways to accelerate readiness while saving costs.


There’s a problem that needs fixing. In a 2019 Government Accountability Office report, it was reported that out of the top 20 major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs), the government went $628 bn over budget in the last 5 years. Part of the reason this happened is that they don’t have the tools to gather and rapidly analyze robust user generated data.

When you speak to operators, it’s clear that their needs aren’t being met. There is simply no means to send that signal in a meaningful way. What’s more, acquisition officials lack the necessary data to make better, faster decisions.

Time is a precious resource and more “traditional” ways of conducting research is time and labor intensive and the data isn’t always easily tied to decisions.

Software should support the people. We allow for rapid data collection and analysis to happen in a fraction of the time, in an intuitive way. The result is data that is easy to digest and leads to decisions, but also reduce waste as well as the human and material cost. We feel this is an important goal because it is how we maintain both our military and industrial edge against global adversaries.

Whiskey 5 – DNS Alpha

Friday, February 4th, 2022


Development Never Stops Alpha: A team that combines specialists in clothing technology, with those from the Military.

Marcel Geser is the head of the development team. In recent years he has been the man that leading outdoor clothing manufacturers have turned to when their in-house development team could not solve a task. For this he has won ISPO and ECO awards.

Tim Vetter is the contact person for government and the military. He was involved in logistics for the German Special Operations Forces and later the managing director of the most innovative manufacturer of tactical equipment in Germany.

Together they form the backbone of DNS Alpha.


Their collective mission is to provide the most demanding end-users on the planet with the best clothing possible.

As a licensed partner of Gore-Tex, Cordura and Outlast, DNS Alpha is able to offer highly specialized fabrics. When no suitable fabrics are available, we develop them with our partners. Examples of those are an elastic FR fabric and the toughest merino quality on the market.

In the DNS Alpha clothing system, all layers are perfectly coordinated. So your size is always your size.

DNS Alpha works in constant close contact with their end-users. This already includes highly specialized units where materials and design are tailored to their specific needs.

Also, having our own sample production capability in Germany makes it possible to react quickly to feedback, and to produce new prototypes, custom-made products and small series in short timeframes that our customers demand and need.


DNS Alpha currently operates from three locations:
the head office is in Switzerland, and both, the design studio and sales office that is currently responsible for Europe and the Middle East, are located in and near Munich, Germany.
DNS Alpha works with selected manufacturers, primarily in Europe for its current production. And is currently looking at several production facilities beyond that, such as in the USA to offer all clients production where they want it.

DNS Alpha is currently available through a worldwide network of dealers which can be found HERE.

The companies in the network have many years of experience in selling high end Military, Law Enforcement and Outdoor brands to their respective end-users.


The DNS Alpha team not only has over a decade of cooperation with the leading brands in the outdoor industry behind them, but also military experience, ranging from personal deployments to working with end-users on innovation and procurement. With each project, new experiences were gained and further technologies developed. Over this period, DNS Alpha has evolved and created innovations that are years ahead of its competitors.


DNS Alpha knows from experience that every task and mission brings with it special requirements in terms of the cut of an item, and the materials used. The solution starts with using the right materials, and then tailoring that to the intended use. When a material that fits the use does not exist, DNS Alpha is in the position to make that material, together with our partners. We believe that material and product development should come from the same source to create real meaningful innovations.

Anyone who has tried and tested a DNS Alpha product will notice the difference compared to all others.

Development Never Stops

Whiskey 5 – AMP Human

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021


Amp Human was born out of biotech by co founders Erica Good (former Mckinsey & Co) and Jeff Byers (former NFL player). Good and Byers met when they joined the founding team of an early-stage biotech company over five years ago. This is where the transdermal technology behind Amp Human’s PR Lotion was developed. The biotech was focused on the technology’s medical applications, but Good and Byers saw the potential for a broader application. What if they could apply the technology to vitamins, minerals, and supplements? Their passion for Human performance fueled the idea and the eventual spin-out to create Amp Human.


Amp Human

Amp Human’s vision is for every human to be limitless. They achieve this through their portfolio of products that combine the right technology to meet human performance needs. Their flagship product, PR Lotion, is relied on by the world’s best athletes to give their bodies more bicarb to neutralize acid in muscles which helps them push harder and recover faster. PR Lotion is used by over 40% of the NFL and NHL, Tour de France winners, IronMan medalists, and Olympians, to name a few.

Amp Human has had strong success in the government space, specifically within the DoD. Amp Human has received three SBIRs from the US Air Force. The work behind the SBIRs focused on multiple use cases of their flagship technology and product, PR Lotion. They are currently working on a Phase II contract that will allow Amp Human to better understand a new use case of their flagship product, PR Lotion. Amp Human will be exploring a hydration-related use case with the 1 SOW (1st Special Operations Wing). Hydration is critical in maintaining elite performance, and this partnership will aim to solve a long-standing hydration challenge for the Air Force.

PR Lotion

PR Lotion is the first and only topical lotion to deliver sodium bicarbonate directly through the skin. This enhances the buffering capacity of the body and the muscle while circumventing the potentially debilitating GI distress. PR Lotion effectively eliminates all problems associated with sodium bicarbonate ingestion while providing athletes with the benefits described in over 40 years of sodium bicarbonate research. Clinical research highlights include:

? Four double-blind, randomized controlled trials completed

? Two studies peer-reviewed and published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal (ACSM).

? >50% reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness

? 11% higher lactate available to fuel muscles

? >20% more intervals completed before failure

? Improved ability for muscle cells to control energy production (demonstrated in MRI study)


Amp Human is a venture-backed seed-stage startup that was founded in the summer of 2018.


Amp Human calls the mountains of Park City, UT home. A place that shares the passion for activity, sport, and human performance at all levels.


Amp Human strives to redefine the possibilities of the human body, working with their community to progress to something greater, achieving the next level of human performance through innovative solutions, education, and cultivating community.

Whiskey 5 – Legend Compression Tactical

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

LEGEND® Compression Tactical is a North Carolina company located in the heart of the textile mill industry. LEGEND® offers a full line of Tactical, Sport, & Every-Day compression socks to improve performance and promote healthier feet and legs. Our mission is to “Extend the life of your legs” through the use of graduated compression technology. All of our socks are made in the USA and are Berry Amendment Compliant. We manufacture our program under stringent ISO Certified, quality standards. Our focus is on our customers and their comfort, through the reduction of aches, pain, fatigue, and recovery time. These socks were created for LEGENDARY performance and durability.

The LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Sock program was developed with the input and assistance from the war fighter. A custom foot bed, a wide compression arch with the addition of mild, all over compression, a custom stable foot bed, and use of innovative yarns make this boot sock a go to sock for our war fighters, law enforcement, fire, and other government agencies.

LEGEND® Program (For All Temperatures and Weather Conditions):

• LEGEND® (All Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Sock, Mid-Calf, Unisex, Flame Resistant; Colors: Coyote Brown, Black, Olive Green, Foliage Green

• LEGEND® (Cold Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Sock, Mid-Calf, Unisex, Flame Resistant; Color: Coyote Brown

• LEGEND® (Warm Weather) Compression Moisture Wicking Nylon Tactical Boot Sock, Unisex, Colors: Coyote Brown, Black


Our office is located in Denton North Carolina close to the knitting mill.
All of our socks are packaged and shipped by Winston Salem Industries for the Blind and are SKILCRAFT® labeled. LEGEND® is proud to support jobs for the blind.

Sold directly to the Military Installations, Exchanges, Base Supply Centers, Law Enforcement, and Tactical Retail Stores nationally. We are proud suppliers on all branches of the Military. We have been field-testes and are a preferred boot sock by US Special Operations.


Our company founder/President has over 30 years working in the medical device and compression hosiery industries. Our commitment is to prolonging the life of your legs through the use of graduated compression technology. We use the highest quality merino wool and innovative moisture wicking nylon. Comfort, durability, and performance are critical attributes in all our LEGEND® socks.

LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Socks help to reduce aches, pain, fatigue, provide additional needed arch support, help to reduce blisters and hot spots, provide additional cushioning and seamless, no friction toe comfort, with greater durability, and minimal or no shrinkage.

Visit us at and
For ordering in formation call 336-859-0226 or email [email protected]

5th Annual Whiskey & War Stories – April 24, 2020

Monday, March 16th, 2020

What: Whiskey & War Stories is an annual Silent Warrior Foundation fundraising event which features a silent auction, dinner, drinks and a moderated presentation of military veterans discussing a significant military event which they were first person participants in.

Past events have featured participants of the Ranger’s air assault during the Grenada Invasion and the last POW rescue attempt of the Vietnam War, Operation Thunderhead.

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that the focus of this year’s presentation will be the Son Tay Prison Raid of November 20, 1970.

Who: The event is once again organized by the Silent Warrior Foundation. Several Son Tay Raiders (up to 8 at present count) and several former American POWs of the Vietnam War will be in attendance.

Why: To raise funds for the SWF scholarship program, and other assistance provided to SOF and other military veterans through the Silent Warrior Foundation and to honor the Son Tay Raiders during the 50th Anniversary Year of their daring rescue attempt.

Where: The Scottsdale Resort at McCormick Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ. 7700 E McCormick Parkway, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

When: 5:00-10:00 pm, doors open at 5:00 pm, cocktails and silent auction from 5:30-6:30 pm, dinner at 6:30 pm, onstage program begins at 7:00 pm and ends at @ 9:30 pm.

Amplifying information: Many of the auction items this year reflect the focus of the evening’s discussion. Examples of the donated auction items this year include but are not limited to: a smaller detailed recreation of “Barbara”-the scale model planning table used to study the Son Tay POW camp before the raid, as well as a package that includes Son Tay Raid rigged GAU-5 assault rifles and a trip to the range to shoot them in a Huey helicopter provided by Dillon Aero on Sunday, April 26th  with several SOF combat veterans as guides.

Current List of Sponsors:

BCM, TYR Tactical, Dillion Aero, Star Roofing, Swarovski Optik, Winkler Knives, Independence Training , Coatings Technologies, Shamrock Foods, Sanderson Lincoln – Sanderson Ford, HB Fuller, SAP, Magpul, FiberTite, GAF, RMJ Electric, Vortex Optics, Youngs Market, Armor Coat, Timney Triggers, Caspian Arms, Scottsdale Gun Club, Langdon Tactical, Cylinder & Slide

Individual tickets or sponsored tables can be purchased online at Follow the link there for event rates to also stay at the Scottsdale Resort, if you wish.  

You can also follow us on Facebook at:

We hope to see you there!


Dave Hall

President, Silent Warrior Foundation

Whiskey 5 – Clime and Place

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020


Clime and Place is a veteran owned small business focused on our customer and the environment they operate in.  Today we are doing this by providing the most effective glove and mitten solutions for the warfighter and outdoor enthusiast.  


Each product has a differentiated design and is made of appropriate fabric technologies.  We believe you will experience a perceptible difference with each Clime and Place product.

Each product has US wool as a key fabric component.  We are proud to introduce the first Berry compliant gloves and mittens using W.L. Gore’s THERMIUM™ technology.


Clime and Place products are made in US owned and operated small business factories across the US.  Our manufacturing partners have decades of experience making clothing and gloves for the US military, Law Enforcement and First Responder customers.


Clime and Place products were designed and developed over the last two years, starting under the National Safety Apparel Brand.  We decided to establish Clime and Place as an independent company to provide the same level of focus on environmental protection as NSA gives FR protection.


The gloves and mittens at are available today.  ADS Inc. is our US distribution partner.  Millbrook Tactical is our exclusive Canadian distribution and sales partner.  

Whiskey 5 – Primary Arms LLC

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019



Primary Arms LLC,

Started by owner, Marshall Lerner, when he was challenged, by a person on the forums, to come up with an alternative to the counterfeit red dots that people were buying. This was 11 years ago and there were not many options for affordable AR focused optics. Marshall an avid shooter was active on the forums and saw an opportunity to fill a void in the market.



Eleven years after the business began by selling red dots, on the forums, our optics brand is now sold by many of the top retailers in the US and in 16 countries. Our 7 year exclusive relationship with Dimitri Mikroulis, the genius behind the patented ACSS reticle, continues to produce the most advanced reticle for all the popular calibers. Price points range from low to high, meeting the consumers budget needs.

Our retail site has grown to become a leader in selling complete firearms, parts and accessories for building AR-15’s, AR-308, and AK-47s. We have over 5,000 sku’s from top brands. Our business model is based on high quality products, at affordable prices, same day shipping and hands down the best customer service in the industry.


From there we have branched out to form two additional business units, Primary Arms Wholesale and the newly formed Primary Arms Government Sales.



The business started in 2007.

The LE business unit was started in the fall of 2018.



Houston Texas.

Originally started in the back storeroom of one of the barber shops that Marshall Lerner owned.

From barber shop in Houston to four buildings in Pearland, TX.

We moved to our new 50,000 square foot building in Houston in the fall of 2018.

Optics are designed and engineered in Houston and manufactured in factories in Japan, China and now the Philippines.



When we originally started the business it was to battle against the low quality counterfeit red dots that were being sold. And help the guys that wanted/needed a red dot that wouldn’t fail them and was affordable.

We’ve been selling products to law enforcement officers for years, formalizing this and including government agencies was a natural fit for.

Whiskey 5 – Combat Defense Systems

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018


Combat Defense Systems (CDS) is a multifaceted company focused on providing those who serve our country with relevant, cutting edge technology to maximize preparedness and tactical effectiveness. We accomplish this through three key mechanisms: retail sales (commercial and government), kitting and product design/development.


On the retail front, CDS provides high end tactical gear. Our store front offers a combination goods and services to the conventional war fighter, through both commercial (individual) and government (unit or higher) sales. Our products are competitively priced, readily available and adaptable to the rapidly changing battlefield.

Because of our location just outside of Fort Bragg, CDS also serves as a gateway for companies seeking to introduce their technology to the Armed Forces, by providing a prime location to showcase their products year round, not just at large expos.

Finally, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to the conventional warfighter. Our inspiration is derived from the end user—down the the team level. We facilitate realtime solutions targeted to your needs. To guarantee our customers get a quality product, we keep thumb on pulse throughout the entire process; beginning at product design, manufacturing, quality testing and from point of sale on. Upon delivery, we track feedback, facilitate modifications where needed and ensure that needs of the customer have been met. Our mission is your readiness.



Combat Defense Systems (CDS) offers a special blend of high level sales representation and retail space at the same time. We structure sales strategies for our partners’ product(s)/ service(s) to take military and commercial sales to the next level. Our business structure provides a pathway for both commercial (individual sales) and bulk/contract (government sales) purchases, touching both markets simultaneously. If you’re looking to introduce your product/ service to the military, receive real-time product feedback and/or rapidly close more deals in a constantly changing environment, contact the experts at CDS! If you’re seeking the latest in gear/equipment or require a specific solution, come on in and check us out!


CDS was originally founded as Tactical Inc. in June 2017 and was postured to sell high- end tactical gear/equipment. With the exception of a few local retailers, Soldiers attending school/training at Fort Bragg, preparing for deployment (or just looking to buy quality, non- standard issue items) were forced to purchase online (OPS-Core chin-strap anyone!?) Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world—why aren’t there solutions on every corner? Enter CDS. Through daily interaction with Soldiers (of all walks) and companies, CDS morphed into what it is today.



CDS is headquartered in Fayetteville, North Carolina and has a storefront on a major thoroughfare just a quarter mile from one of Fort Bragg’s main access control points. Easiest directions to those familiar with the area: Head toward the “Center of the Universe” (Fort Bragg), take the first exit and turn right.


CDS was founded by a retired combat veteran (Chad) that understands the need for technology and solutions at all levels, not just Tier-1 Units. Years of personal experience as an end user (retired Infantryman of 20 years) means he gets it—he has seen it, done it and has the T-Shirt….We all know the story of “Joe” designing solutions in his garage, on his own dime because either the technology isn’t available or GPC restrictions won’t let you purchase what you need or it isn’t worth the months of red-tape to get it. CDS bridges that gap. We will even teach you how to navigate the procurement process (with us). And that is CDS…in a M-249 Nut Sack.