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Whiskey 5: Bullet Vault

Thursday, May 2nd, 2024

Whiskey 5 is a recurring Soldier Systems Daily feature that asks “Who, What, When, Where, and Why” of industry leaders, manufacturers and instructors — to let you hear how they describe themselves. It’s intended to give you a close
and thorough look at some of the people that make our industry unique. We’ve found these basic 5 questions to be the basic keys to understanding. Past Whiskey-5s have included businesses from Adventure Operations Group to Zulu Nylon Gear and many, many fine organizations between.

Today, we’ll be sharing an overview of Bullet Vault.


Clay Tippins and a small group of solid, like-minded people run Bullet Vault. One of those folks is a longtime gun industry peer
Nate Treadway (now a Bullet Vault strategic advisor). Others are part of the same group of investors that owns Lone Wolf and
Primary Weapons System (PWS). Tippins is a Naval Special Warfare veteran, self-professed economics geek, and technology
developer. Some of you will remember him from his run for the office of Governor in Georgia a few years back.

Bullet Vault is an ammo subscription business that offers far more expansive services than you might think. Bullet Vault has built the foundation to evolve into a collateralized transaction engine backed by a physical 9mm 115-grain FMJ bullet.

1 “BulletReserve” = 1 physical 9mm bullet in the warehouse.

(L to R) Clay Tippins, Trigger, and Nate Treadway. The giant on the far right is Tip, Clay’s son.

Let’s back up and explain – particularly the collateralized part of this.

Once upon a time, the $USD was backed by gold specie. The British pound (£/GBP) has that name because it was backed by a
pound of silver. The precious metals Bullet Vault deals in include a number of other, more Second Amendment-based metals, including brass, lead, steel, and more in the form of physical 9mm bullets

Bullet Vault uses proprietary blockchain technology to issue and track bullet reserves. Every token minted on the blockchain has a real thing – a 9mm bullet – behind it. Want to start putting away a few hundred rounds of ammunition each month? That’s the subscription service.

Want to gift the monetary value of your BulletReserves to someone else at Bullet Vault? Transfer some of your reserves to their account.

Are you buying bullets instead of investing in gold and silver? Sell a few cases back to Bullet Vault seamlessly within the platform. Or…have us ship you some of your reserves from the warehouse. Then, meet up with some of your buddies and go have a range day.

Just don’t plan on using whatever you sell back or trade away as further investment or collateral. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. The logic and function of the software track unallocated bullets (which are the tokenized assets), allowing them to be used as a one-for-one, 100% collateralized allocation.

In real time.


Although the idea that became Bullet Vault was born back in 2019 (over a fire at a hunt camp), the site and app have only
been active for a few months. There were years of research, banking studies, and software development in the beginning,
then more of the same when Tippins realized that just establishing his own bank (his original idea) would not be enough
to complete his mission.

The challenge is processing. There has to be a way to conduct the transaction.

That has become increasingly problematic over the last several years as credit card companies, Paypal, and others have slowly begun to slow or even forbid Second Amendment-related commerce.

That already alarming trend has been worsening for years, and for Tippins and Treadway, it became more personal shortly after
the purchase of Lone Wolf Arms.

“The first Wednesday I owned Lone Wolf,” Bullet Vault Chairman Clay Tippins says, “my CFO called and said, hey, got bad news for you. We’re going to lose card processing within the next week.”

That event was a catalyst—not the only catalyst, but an extremely significant one—as you’ll learn below in Why.


Bullet Vault’s “Head Shed” is in several remote locations, but the Tippins live in Georgia, and their current warehouse is in Idaho. As we add locations, we will achieve redundancy and potentially reduce costs.

Next up will be Montana, a location that could offer some initial benefit to those buyers who wish to store ammunition long-term. Montana is one of just five (5) states that don’t (currently) charge sales tax on ammunition.

Bullet Vault customers who want to “ship and shoot” must still pay appropriate state and local taxes. Warehouses in other states, possibly Oregon, Georgia, Delaware, or New Hampshire, are likely in the near future.



Financial institutions refuse to do business with 2A industry businesses. Credit card companies won’t process charges for gun-related purchases. Social media platforms, including YouTube, penalize or cancel those who violate (or even might have
violated) a fairly ambiguous set of ‘community standards.’

Tippins explains:

“The problem is the transactions. That’s the…Achilles Heel of the Second Amendment. It’s the jugular. If they can’t legislate guns out of existence, they’re gonna try to do it other ways. They’ll make insurance expensive, they’re gonna cut us off from credit card processing and banking services, and from social media. The ability to do commerce is the lifeblood of the world. We need commerce not just as an industry but as a people.”

In many of those latter cases, consistent enforcement limited to their own rules is dubious at best. It’s the same with many
crowd-backing mechanisms like Patreon, GoFundMe, and the like.

Bank Vault was with difficulty, able to switch from Bank of America-backed anti-gun credit card processors before we suffered
irreparable financial damage, but it was a near thing.

In Tippins’s own words, it scared the shit out of him. It also made him mad. So, he decided to do something about it. That something was, after dialing things in more than a little, Bullet Vault.

Specifically, taking a bullet subscription service and making it an engine for collateralized trade.

In addition to being a handy way to use dollar-cost averaging to stash away ammunition at a good price, of course!

We evolved from a bank-focused mission to one of collateralized trade because of the need for transactions. It doesn’t help much to have lots of money in your account if there’s no way to use it electronically. Cash is nice, but in today’s age, it is impractical except for incidental daily use.

If Tippins and the Bank Vault crew have our way, eventually, people will use Bullet Vault to swipe or check out instead of Amex, MasterCard, or Paypal.

Bullet Vault FAQ

• A BulletReserve is the digital representation of a single 115gr FMJ 9mm made-in-the-USA bullet in a new brass
case; each Reserve is backed, one for one, by a physical bullet.

• Bullet Vault currently charges a 6% sales tax on Reserves at the time of purchase. That’s Idaho’s state sales tax. No
subsequent tax is currently charged when the user decides to have their ammo shipped.

• Applicable taxes on future ammunition purchased in other states, i.e., Montana and others, will be determined when a
user “withdraws” it by having it shipped; that amount will be based on the user’s ship-to location.

• There is no storage fee for the first year following a user’s purchase of Bullet Reserves. After the first year, an as-yet-undetermined (but guaranteed to be minor) fee will be charged.

• Bullet Vault cannot currently perform services in Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland,
Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island. We are working to expand services into
currently restricted parts of the lower 48. Some states require ammo to be shipped to an FFL location.

• Clay Tippins has never been in a SEAL movie. He hasn’t written a novel or a memoir. But he did run for Georgia
governor once, and he still has great hair.

Hit us with questions, concerns, or comments below, and we’ll try to answer quickly (or at least update our FAQ).

Bullet Vault is online at

Connect with us on Instagram at

Subscribe to the BulletVAult channel on YouTube,

Whiskey 5 – Man Lift USA

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024


Man Lift USA designs and manufactures specialty aerial access and material handling solutions. We have been providing lift and access equipment for the most unique, hazardous, and challenging environments since 2000.

Our material handling equipment is designed to boost productivity and ensure safety in demanding work environments. We offer a range of products such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, material lifts, and mobile cranes to develop tailor-made solutions for your facilities, aircraft, ship, or rocket construction and maintenance.


Our flagship products are our Explosion Proof (EX) rated articulating boom and scissor lifts. However, we also offerseveral other electric, electrically insulated, Track-Driven, and more traditional Material Handling Equipment (MHE) solutionsfor customers in addition to our EX rated line of products.

Man Lift USA’s equipment is recognized as the gold standard and utilized extensively across the aerospace, shipbuilding, chemical, and construction industries in addition to aircraft maintenance, facilities maintenance, painting, fuel cell work, or any environment where explosion hazards may exist. Our EX rated lifts meet and exceed safety requirements working in and around enclosed spaces, ordinance, paint vapors, or volatile fuels and chemicals.

Our lifts have longer run times between charging cycles than the competition and offer essential options such as aircraftprotection kits, collision protection kits, omnidirectional steering, and vertical access platform accessories as well.


In business since 2000 Man Lift has a long and storied history serving the following customers:








Headquartered in Shelby North Carlonia Man Lift is proudly made in the USA and services military and commercial customers both domestically and internationally.


Quality: Our equipment is built to last and work flawlessly in the most demanding environments. We use only the highest-quality materials and components in our systems and conductrigorous quality control checks to ensure that every product meets our exacting standards for safety and performance.

Safety: We have an enduring commitment to safety, and it shows in everything we do. We understand the imperative to prioritize safety at every stage of the process–from the design, manufacture and testing of our equipment, to routinemaintenance and service. We are laser-focused on safety and meet or exceed all industry standards.

Customer Service: At Man Lift USA we believe that exceptional customer service is the key to building lasting relationships with our clients. Our team of customer service representatives are dedicated to providing timely and personalized support to ensure that your needs are always met.

Tailored Solutions: From aviation to construction, we understand the requirements and have the expertise to provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require a custom platform size, lifting capacity, mobility capability or safety feature, our team of experts will work with you to design and manufacture the perfect solution.

Industry Expertise: Our team has decades of experience working across a wide range of industries. We are experts and operators with experience that spans the breadth of industries from aerospace to manufacturing in both defense and commercial arenas. We understand the required standards and unique challenges that different industries face and can provide the solution to help you improve safety and productivity in your environment.

For sales inquiries or additional information please contact:

Whiskey 5 – LandTrust

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024


LandTrust was founded in 2019 and is the nation’s leading land-sharing marketplace for DIY hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation access on private land (think ‘Airbnb for outdoor rec’).  Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, LandTrust is rapidly becoming the go-to company for landowners looking to share their land, and recreators looking for private land to do a myriad of outdoor activities. 


For Department of Defense units and personnel, LandTrust provides an innovative new way to access rural private lands for conducting training exercises (individual and/or collective) without having to jump through the hoops of training on public lands. LandTrust’s platform makes searching for and discovering private land, connecting with landowners, and booking land for training as easy as booking an Airbnb/VRBO.  

Additionally, for Service Members who love the outdoors but have limited time to plan and scout new areas, LandTrust is an invaluable resource for finding new places to hunt, fish, etc. around the country.


Nic De Castro (pictured above) founded LandTrust in 2019 in Montana.  In 2021 the company began to expand into new markets, hiring employees in Nebraska, Kansas, and North Dakota.


Headquartered in Bozeman, Montana, LandTrust currently has approximately 1.5M acres of land across 40 states and is adding tens of thousands of acres weekly.  Properties listed on LandTrust include a large variety of terrain, from mountains and thick timber to open plains and grasslands, predominantly west of the Mississippi River.  Some property owners offer known and unknown distance range options; with appropriate coordination, other options like this could be made available for training.


The majority of LandTrust’s landowner hosts are multigenerational farm and ranch families with a strong sense of patriotism. Many would love to host military members and units for CONUS-based training exercises or other outdoor activities. This affords leaders throughout the DoD a potential pool of previously unutilized training locations.  LandTrust’s inventory of properties provides planners with any type of terrain and environment to meet their desired end-state for training.

Additionally, by using LandTrust to find and book private land for training exercises, military units will help support America’s multigenerational farm and ranch families, who are the backbone of our nation.  

If you’re interested in learning more about how your unit can leverage LandTrust for future training opportunities, please call us at (406) 709-8450, let us know what type of training and/or the type of land you’re looking for, and we’ll be happy to help coordinate with the right landowners behind the scenes. One of our team members is retired Army Special Forces with extensive experience in exercise planning and can assist in developing options based on your training needs and requirements.

Whiskey 5 – Eagle Eye Innovations

Monday, September 25th, 2023


Eagle Eye Innovations (EEI) was founded in 2013 by Sion Roberts, an ex-sensor operator for the MQ-9 Reaper in the Royal Air Force (RAF), delivering Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) training. EEI quickly became a Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Recognised Assessment Entities (RAE) delivering accredited training services to the UK market, and is now one of the longest running RAEs.

The company has since grown significantly over the last 5 years, including increasing its ownership and Directorship with key experience to help grow the company beyond its roots. In addition, the team is now 35 strong, with plans to grow further in Q4 2023, and boasts over 550 years of military experience and over 50,000hrs instructing and operating Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) platforms across the Air, Land, and Maritime domains, including exquisite platforms such as the RAFs MQ-9 Reaper.

Currently, EEI operates across 5 core departments (see below); Training Academy, Technical Services, Defence & Security, Special Projects, and EEI Asset Protection Solutions (EEI-APS), with a key to success being that they do not make RPAS / drones. Rather, EEI specialises in supporting customers through requirement definition, procurement support, integration, training, and operational services; ensuring the customer procures the correct system for their needs and realises its full capability.


Being system agnostic, EEI provides services across all classes of RPAS, regardless of size, weight, and complexity, to the commercial and defence sectors globally. The trusted, equipment independent nature of the organisation has grown a position of trust acting as the ‘customer friend’ in a rapidly developing technology space, and has become a ‘one-stop-shop’ for RPAS support solutions for many commercial and defence customers globally.

EEIs vision is to enable safe RPAS operations for the world, leveraging high-end, ex-military expertise to assist customers from all walks of life to access and operate ground breaking RPAS technology to enhance their services or operations, safely.

Key to EEIs capability is being able to work closely with customers to understand ‘why’ or ‘how’ RPAS/drones can be of benefit across any industry, developing key equipment requirements, putting output before equipment. This model enables a more informed procurement decision and invariably mitigates spiralling program costs compared to less informed equipment procurement decisions.

Beyond requirement analysis and procurement support, EEIs industry leading training analysis, development, build and delivery services in the RPAS sector are at the heart of the organisations vision. Regularly, customers across commercial and defence sectors engage with EEI having experienced inferior training elsewhere due to the quality of product, delivery, and after sales support. Indeed, EEI services go well beyond training, supporting customers with integration services, Test and Evaluation (T&E) of new and novel technology, operational support through direct support to customer operations or delivering operations on behalf of the customer, and Research & Development (R&D) to help identify emerging gaps and opportunities for the technology within the global marketplace. A new and novel application of this technology is its use in lifesaving off the UK shores. EEI has teamed with the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) to ensure our coastal lifeguards are trained to utilise RPAS/drones to increase the likelihood of survival for those individuals that find themselves in distress at sea.

One of the newest areas of EEI is the Special Projects department. This team offers partners a discreet operationally focussed framework with appropriate security safeguards. Special projects are geared to understand and support the RPAS needs of other private and public entities in complex environments that fall outside of our traditional offerings wherever their operations occur around the world.


The EEI journey began with the conception of the company on the 31st of July 2013, delivering groundbreaking monthly RPAS training courses to the UK market at the beginning of 2014.

In late 2018, Alex Kasperczyk (Director of Business Development) and Dominic Smith (Director of Operations) left the RAF to invest into EEI, which enabled the next stage of growth for the organisation and expanded the scope of its services into the defence sector. EEI now delivers its suite of services to all three Services and a large percentage of UK Emergency Services.

In 2021, EEI teamed with Jordan Crowns’ Crown Consulting organisation to develop a roadmap to delivering assured and effective security enhanced with the use of RPAS. This resulted in Crown Consulting being absorbed into EEI to create EEI Asset Protection Solutions (EEI-APS) that now delivers domestic security to high profile private clients and large-scale events, international crisis and risk management services to a variety of clients, and organic support to EEI to enable expeditionary RPAS services into complex or hostile environments.

In September 2023, EEI will be launching EEI Europe in Malta at the Maltese Air Show. Building on successes and growth over the last decade, this strategically important step will give access to new markets and customers around Europe, and further afield, as the organisations continues to drive towards its vision.


Headquartered in Lincoln, UK, EEI has supported clients as far a field as Australia, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Launching EEI Europe from Malta will enable a more global reach for the organisation, give the ability to work closely with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) following BREXIT, and provide a launch pad for support to customers beyond Europe.

EEI has several pre-established flight sites across the UK to support customer training wherever they may be, with the intent to grow this overseas with the establishment of EEI Europe. The ‘jewel in the crown’ being the EEI Centre of Excellence (CoE); a private 300m grass airstrip less then 10mins from the EEI HQ in Lincoln.


As RPAS/drone technology becomes more accessible for all customers globally, the use cases become more complex, and the technology itself accelerates into new, untested capability areas daily, the importance of safe RPAS operations becomes increasingly critical to ensure its succeeds and thrives alongside traditional aviation.

Recent examples in the UK have seen commercial RPAS/drone operators having received legal action against them for using their technology in an unsafe manner or in a restricted environment. To mitigate this, education is key and EEI aim to be at the heart of this now and into the future.

In an ever-growing and saturated market such as the RPAS equipment industry, it’s important for an organisation like EEI can independently support clients with the development of appropriate, efficient, and safe solutions that provide operational and economic advantage.

For more information visit our website or email

Whiskey 5 – Intraloop

Thursday, May 5th, 2022


We are a Team of veterans, engineers, designers, and business professionals which was founded and grew out of a need to fix a system that wasted human and material resources and ultimately let servicemen and women down.

We wanted to solve key pain points and began with the question, “How can we unlock the complexities of human insight and use this information to make better products?”

The system in which we operate has inherent flaws that makes it challenging to achieve desired outcomes. Having been there, we knew that the voice of the end user, the individual who deeply understands what they need, should be heard. We also knew the problem existed and persisted at every level, from military operator in the field, to congressmen and women stewarding our nation’s resources, from the consumer to the board room.


Our motto is “Humans Before Hardware”. Intraloop is returning to software’s original promise: solving problems in the physical world. We’re starting with the DoD because America’s competitive advantage comes from building the right things for our national security – better, faster, cheaper.

At the heart of what we do is connecting organizations and communities and giving them the tools and ability to make informed decisions that move the needle.

We’ve created a platform that includes:

-The ability to collaborate across end user communities and organizational administrators.

-Various engagement techniques that gather quantitative and qualitative data in novel ways.

-An admin dashboard that turns end user interactions into faster, data-driven decisions.

By bringing user concerns to the forefront, it reshapes the process and allows for early engagement on products and services. The system is focused on human-centered product design and decision grade analytics which empowers organizations to have a greater impact and increases buy-in at all levels.


Our platform goes where you go. It can be deployed anywhere, with both Commercial and Government/Defense partners.


The time is now. There’s a clear signal that this is needed and it’s coming in from many directions.

In the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s memo for ‘Software Modernization’ published in February 2022, the document emphasized the following themes:

Speed Innovation into the Hands of the Warfighter – “The Department must evolve and innovate smartly, leveraging industry, academic, and scientific communities to drive toward technical solutions of mutual benefit, to establish creative relationships through agreements, and to foster experimentation.”

Empower the Broader Workforce as Contributors to Technology – “Developers are not the only ones who can impact software modernization. From infrastructure managers to operators, the entire workforce has the opportunity to help evolve technology. The entire workforce must understand their role in delivering software and find ways to streamline processes, push for automation, and better leverage technology.”

Testing & Acquisition – “As software plays a more significant role in weapons platforms and mission capabilities, robust software testing must be integrated into delivery pipelines and account for end-to-end mission thread evaluations.”

We see a shifting world order with the current conflict in Ukraine resulting in increased defense spending across Europe. The question arises on how to best use that money. We must offer ways to accelerate readiness while saving costs.


There’s a problem that needs fixing. In a 2019 Government Accountability Office report, it was reported that out of the top 20 major defense acquisition programs (MDAPs), the government went $628 bn over budget in the last 5 years. Part of the reason this happened is that they don’t have the tools to gather and rapidly analyze robust user generated data.

When you speak to operators, it’s clear that their needs aren’t being met. There is simply no means to send that signal in a meaningful way. What’s more, acquisition officials lack the necessary data to make better, faster decisions.

Time is a precious resource and more “traditional” ways of conducting research is time and labor intensive and the data isn’t always easily tied to decisions.

Software should support the people. We allow for rapid data collection and analysis to happen in a fraction of the time, in an intuitive way. The result is data that is easy to digest and leads to decisions, but also reduce waste as well as the human and material cost. We feel this is an important goal because it is how we maintain both our military and industrial edge against global adversaries.

Whiskey 5 – DNS Alpha

Friday, February 4th, 2022


Development Never Stops Alpha: A team that combines specialists in clothing technology, with those from the Military.

Marcel Geser is the head of the development team. In recent years he has been the man that leading outdoor clothing manufacturers have turned to when their in-house development team could not solve a task. For this he has won ISPO and ECO awards.

Tim Vetter is the contact person for government and the military. He was involved in logistics for the German Special Operations Forces and later the managing director of the most innovative manufacturer of tactical equipment in Germany.

Together they form the backbone of DNS Alpha.


Their collective mission is to provide the most demanding end-users on the planet with the best clothing possible.

As a licensed partner of Gore-Tex, Cordura and Outlast, DNS Alpha is able to offer highly specialized fabrics. When no suitable fabrics are available, we develop them with our partners. Examples of those are an elastic FR fabric and the toughest merino quality on the market.

In the DNS Alpha clothing system, all layers are perfectly coordinated. So your size is always your size.

DNS Alpha works in constant close contact with their end-users. This already includes highly specialized units where materials and design are tailored to their specific needs.

Also, having our own sample production capability in Germany makes it possible to react quickly to feedback, and to produce new prototypes, custom-made products and small series in short timeframes that our customers demand and need.


DNS Alpha currently operates from three locations:
the head office is in Switzerland, and both, the design studio and sales office that is currently responsible for Europe and the Middle East, are located in and near Munich, Germany.
DNS Alpha works with selected manufacturers, primarily in Europe for its current production. And is currently looking at several production facilities beyond that, such as in the USA to offer all clients production where they want it.

DNS Alpha is currently available through a worldwide network of dealers which can be found HERE.

The companies in the network have many years of experience in selling high end Military, Law Enforcement and Outdoor brands to their respective end-users.


The DNS Alpha team not only has over a decade of cooperation with the leading brands in the outdoor industry behind them, but also military experience, ranging from personal deployments to working with end-users on innovation and procurement. With each project, new experiences were gained and further technologies developed. Over this period, DNS Alpha has evolved and created innovations that are years ahead of its competitors.


DNS Alpha knows from experience that every task and mission brings with it special requirements in terms of the cut of an item, and the materials used. The solution starts with using the right materials, and then tailoring that to the intended use. When a material that fits the use does not exist, DNS Alpha is in the position to make that material, together with our partners. We believe that material and product development should come from the same source to create real meaningful innovations.

Anyone who has tried and tested a DNS Alpha product will notice the difference compared to all others.

Development Never Stops

Whiskey 5 – AMP Human

Tuesday, May 11th, 2021


Amp Human was born out of biotech by co founders Erica Good (former Mckinsey & Co) and Jeff Byers (former NFL player). Good and Byers met when they joined the founding team of an early-stage biotech company over five years ago. This is where the transdermal technology behind Amp Human’s PR Lotion was developed. The biotech was focused on the technology’s medical applications, but Good and Byers saw the potential for a broader application. What if they could apply the technology to vitamins, minerals, and supplements? Their passion for Human performance fueled the idea and the eventual spin-out to create Amp Human.


Amp Human

Amp Human’s vision is for every human to be limitless. They achieve this through their portfolio of products that combine the right technology to meet human performance needs. Their flagship product, PR Lotion, is relied on by the world’s best athletes to give their bodies more bicarb to neutralize acid in muscles which helps them push harder and recover faster. PR Lotion is used by over 40% of the NFL and NHL, Tour de France winners, IronMan medalists, and Olympians, to name a few.

Amp Human has had strong success in the government space, specifically within the DoD. Amp Human has received three SBIRs from the US Air Force. The work behind the SBIRs focused on multiple use cases of their flagship technology and product, PR Lotion. They are currently working on a Phase II contract that will allow Amp Human to better understand a new use case of their flagship product, PR Lotion. Amp Human will be exploring a hydration-related use case with the 1 SOW (1st Special Operations Wing). Hydration is critical in maintaining elite performance, and this partnership will aim to solve a long-standing hydration challenge for the Air Force.

PR Lotion

PR Lotion is the first and only topical lotion to deliver sodium bicarbonate directly through the skin. This enhances the buffering capacity of the body and the muscle while circumventing the potentially debilitating GI distress. PR Lotion effectively eliminates all problems associated with sodium bicarbonate ingestion while providing athletes with the benefits described in over 40 years of sodium bicarbonate research. Clinical research highlights include:

? Four double-blind, randomized controlled trials completed

? Two studies peer-reviewed and published in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal (ACSM).

? >50% reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness

? 11% higher lactate available to fuel muscles

? >20% more intervals completed before failure

? Improved ability for muscle cells to control energy production (demonstrated in MRI study)


Amp Human is a venture-backed seed-stage startup that was founded in the summer of 2018.


Amp Human calls the mountains of Park City, UT home. A place that shares the passion for activity, sport, and human performance at all levels.


Amp Human strives to redefine the possibilities of the human body, working with their community to progress to something greater, achieving the next level of human performance through innovative solutions, education, and cultivating community.

Whiskey 5 – Legend Compression Tactical

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021

LEGEND® Compression Tactical is a North Carolina company located in the heart of the textile mill industry. LEGEND® offers a full line of Tactical, Sport, & Every-Day compression socks to improve performance and promote healthier feet and legs. Our mission is to “Extend the life of your legs” through the use of graduated compression technology. All of our socks are made in the USA and are Berry Amendment Compliant. We manufacture our program under stringent ISO Certified, quality standards. Our focus is on our customers and their comfort, through the reduction of aches, pain, fatigue, and recovery time. These socks were created for LEGENDARY performance and durability.

The LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Sock program was developed with the input and assistance from the war fighter. A custom foot bed, a wide compression arch with the addition of mild, all over compression, a custom stable foot bed, and use of innovative yarns make this boot sock a go to sock for our war fighters, law enforcement, fire, and other government agencies.

LEGEND® Program (For All Temperatures and Weather Conditions):

• LEGEND® (All Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Sock, Mid-Calf, Unisex, Flame Resistant; Colors: Coyote Brown, Black, Olive Green, Foliage Green

• LEGEND® (Cold Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Sock, Mid-Calf, Unisex, Flame Resistant; Color: Coyote Brown

• LEGEND® (Warm Weather) Compression Moisture Wicking Nylon Tactical Boot Sock, Unisex, Colors: Coyote Brown, Black


Our office is located in Denton North Carolina close to the knitting mill.
All of our socks are packaged and shipped by Winston Salem Industries for the Blind and are SKILCRAFT® labeled. LEGEND® is proud to support jobs for the blind.

Sold directly to the Military Installations, Exchanges, Base Supply Centers, Law Enforcement, and Tactical Retail Stores nationally. We are proud suppliers on all branches of the Military. We have been field-testes and are a preferred boot sock by US Special Operations.


Our company founder/President has over 30 years working in the medical device and compression hosiery industries. Our commitment is to prolonging the life of your legs through the use of graduated compression technology. We use the highest quality merino wool and innovative moisture wicking nylon. Comfort, durability, and performance are critical attributes in all our LEGEND® socks.

LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Socks help to reduce aches, pain, fatigue, provide additional needed arch support, help to reduce blisters and hot spots, provide additional cushioning and seamless, no friction toe comfort, with greater durability, and minimal or no shrinkage.

Visit us at and
For ordering in formation call 336-859-0226 or email