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Whiskey 5 – Primary Arms LLC

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019



Primary Arms LLC,

Started by owner, Marshall Lerner, when he was challenged, by a person on the forums, to come up with an alternative to the counterfeit red dots that people were buying. This was 11 years ago and there were not many options for affordable AR focused optics. Marshall an avid shooter was active on the forums and saw an opportunity to fill a void in the market.



Eleven years after the business began by selling red dots, on the forums, our optics brand is now sold by many of the top retailers in the US and in 16 countries. Our 7 year exclusive relationship with Dimitri Mikroulis, the genius behind the patented ACSS reticle, continues to produce the most advanced reticle for all the popular calibers. Price points range from low to high, meeting the consumers budget needs.

Our retail site has grown to become a leader in selling complete firearms, parts and accessories for building AR-15’s, AR-308, and AK-47s. We have over 5,000 sku’s from top brands. Our business model is based on high quality products, at affordable prices, same day shipping and hands down the best customer service in the industry.


From there we have branched out to form two additional business units, Primary Arms Wholesale and the newly formed Primary Arms Government Sales.



The business started in 2007.

The LE business unit was started in the fall of 2018.



Houston Texas.

Originally started in the back storeroom of one of the barber shops that Marshall Lerner owned.

From barber shop in Houston to four buildings in Pearland, TX.

We moved to our new 50,000 square foot building in Houston in the fall of 2018.

Optics are designed and engineered in Houston and manufactured in factories in Japan, China and now the Philippines.



When we originally started the business it was to battle against the low quality counterfeit red dots that were being sold. And help the guys that wanted/needed a red dot that wouldn’t fail them and was affordable.

We’ve been selling products to law enforcement officers for years, formalizing this and including government agencies was a natural fit for.

Whiskey 5 – Combat Defense Systems

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018


Combat Defense Systems (CDS) is a multifaceted company focused on providing those who serve our country with relevant, cutting edge technology to maximize preparedness and tactical effectiveness. We accomplish this through three key mechanisms: retail sales (commercial and government), kitting and product design/development.


On the retail front, CDS provides high end tactical gear. Our store front offers a combination goods and services to the conventional war fighter, through both commercial (individual) and government (unit or higher) sales. Our products are competitively priced, readily available and adaptable to the rapidly changing battlefield.

Because of our location just outside of Fort Bragg, CDS also serves as a gateway for companies seeking to introduce their technology to the Armed Forces, by providing a prime location to showcase their products year round, not just at large expos.

Finally, we deliver innovative solutions tailored to the conventional warfighter. Our inspiration is derived from the end user—down the the team level. We facilitate realtime solutions targeted to your needs. To guarantee our customers get a quality product, we keep thumb on pulse throughout the entire process; beginning at product design, manufacturing, quality testing and from point of sale on. Upon delivery, we track feedback, facilitate modifications where needed and ensure that needs of the customer have been met. Our mission is your readiness.



Combat Defense Systems (CDS) offers a special blend of high level sales representation and retail space at the same time. We structure sales strategies for our partners’ product(s)/ service(s) to take military and commercial sales to the next level. Our business structure provides a pathway for both commercial (individual sales) and bulk/contract (government sales) purchases, touching both markets simultaneously. If you’re looking to introduce your product/ service to the military, receive real-time product feedback and/or rapidly close more deals in a constantly changing environment, contact the experts at CDS! If you’re seeking the latest in gear/equipment or require a specific solution, come on in and check us out!


CDS was originally founded as Tactical Inc. in June 2017 and was postured to sell high- end tactical gear/equipment. With the exception of a few local retailers, Soldiers attending school/training at Fort Bragg, preparing for deployment (or just looking to buy quality, non- standard issue items) were forced to purchase online (OPS-Core chin-strap anyone!?) Fort Bragg is the largest military installation in the world—why aren’t there solutions on every corner? Enter CDS. Through daily interaction with Soldiers (of all walks) and companies, CDS morphed into what it is today.



CDS is headquartered in Fayetteville, North Carolina and has a storefront on a major thoroughfare just a quarter mile from one of Fort Bragg’s main access control points. Easiest directions to those familiar with the area: Head toward the “Center of the Universe” (Fort Bragg), take the first exit and turn right.


CDS was founded by a retired combat veteran (Chad) that understands the need for technology and solutions at all levels, not just Tier-1 Units. Years of personal experience as an end user (retired Infantryman of 20 years) means he gets it—he has seen it, done it and has the T-Shirt….We all know the story of “Joe” designing solutions in his garage, on his own dime because either the technology isn’t available or GPC restrictions won’t let you purchase what you need or it isn’t worth the months of red-tape to get it. CDS bridges that gap. We will even teach you how to navigate the procurement process (with us). And that is CDS…in a M-249 Nut Sack.

Whiskey 5 – Voz Patents

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018


Voz Patents: a patent agency helping inventors and small companies in pursuing patent protection on their new technologies.

Founder Dave Eyvazzadeh graduated with a bachelor degree and master degree from Carnegie Mellon University in mechanical engineering before spending 10 years as a mechanical engineer and product development specialist across numerous industries. Early in his career, Dave left his mark on Army programs. He made significant contributions to various battlefield connectivity and improvised explosive device mitigation programs for the Army & the Joint IED Defeat Organization. As an integral member of an armored vehicle program, Dave designed, oversaw manufacturing, and tested armored vehicle prototypes against IED and EFP threats — the nastiest of improvised explosive devices. In 2013, Dave joined a small patent firm where he spent the next several years honing his skills.

In 2018, Dave saw an opportunity to deliver IP services with a highly technical staff and extremely low overhead, at prices attainable by any inventor, creator, or team.


With a history of demonstrated technical expertise, Voz Patents offers affordable intellectual property services with a personal touch. Primary areas of specialization include: Military & Law Enforcement, Recreation, Medical Devices and General Consumer Products.


Born on Date: June of 2018.


Located in the River North District of downtown Denver, Voz Patents is blocks from the Denver United States Patent and Trademark Office, and closely tied to the Denver startup scene — a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs.


“I have always been curious; thriving on creativity, curiosity and ingenuity. Voz Patents leverages the totality of my experiences in a productive and creative manner while feeding that curiosity. For that reason, helping inventors protect their idea and turning it into a real asset quickly transformed from a career path to a passion. And having the opportunity to take my jack-of-all-trades manner and provide services which are commonly unattainable by the ‘small guys’ is truly rewarding.”

Contact Dave at [email protected].

Whiskey 5 – Black Triangle

Saturday, September 29th, 2018


Black Triangle Black Triangle provides average citizens and security professionals with low-visibility personal protection assets while traveling domestically and abroad in semi or non-permissive environments. Black Triangle’s core leadership is headed by a Veteran of the Global War on Terror. His experience gained in Iraq and Afghanistan translated to working as a private citizen providing Executive Protection for foreign dignitaries, high net-worth individuals and their families. The protective experience gained in domestic and international environments lends to the creative development of the company. We recognize the capability gaps for average citizens whose security and safety are compromised while abroad. These gaps are addressed in simple, yet effective ways. Our products are currently in use in the continental United States, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Black Triangle seeks to achieve client-driven results for both the everyman and the professional.

Our flagship product is a non-metallic defensive tool called the Midnight Creeper. The Creeper and all Black Triangle defensive tools are made from G10 (fiberglass composite material). The complete system is non-metallic, allowing the user to carry with confidence in environments where non-invasive security measures prohibit use of a firearm or steel knife. We also distribute a lock pick kit which is housed inside of a pen, giving the user the ability to covertly carry escape and evasion kit while traveling abroad or as EDC.

Black Triangle products are made in Norfolk, VA.

We as a company have been in existence since 2015, but Black Triangle products became available in 2017.

Bottom line, the world can be a dangerous place. An individual cannot always carry a firearm or a steel knife. Low-visibility tools are becoming more and more practical for everyday carry. Freedom of movement while protecting oneself with low-signature tools is Black Triangle’s mainstay.

Whiskey 5 – Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Who: Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

What: We are a company dedicated to providing training, advisory, and continuing education programs to better prepare organizations for evolving threats and emergency situations.

When: Tomahawk was founded in 2015 by Keith Walawender and Mike Biller, both retired operators from Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG). Currently, Tomahawk is 40+ strong with subject matter experts from the special operations, law enforcement, and private sectors.

Where: Tomahawk is headquartered in Nashville, TN with offices in Washington, D.C. and Columbus, OH.

Why: The team at Tomahawk provides world-class training to law enforcement, corporate America, and school systems to make our communities safer.

Bottom Line: Tactics are validated or discredited through opposition.

Our tactics have not been proven because of the amount of operations we have conducted—our tactics have been validated by the amount of operations we have conducted with hardened opposition.

Video: ideally, the video explains it all!

Whiskey 5 – Savannah Luggage Works

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018


Savannah Luggage Works is an American contract cutting and sewing company in continuous operation for 40 years. Founded by 2 brothers, Allen & David Rice, both U.S Army veterans. SLW specializes in complicated high-quality products & services used by high intensity U.S. military, industrial, & individual use organizations. Our logo says it all: built on quality, innovation, & service.  SLW is Viet Nam veteran owned, Hub Zone certified, & a small business.


Headquartered in Vidalia, GA with 3 state of the art plants, a highly trained & skilled work force, 800 sewing machines, & can-do management. No order is too small or large, we do them all in the United States of America. You name it & we have probably made it. Examples are 1,700,000 IOTV/OTV Outer vest for combat body armor. 100’s of thousands of pouches, cases, assault packs, & other related military gear, & 2,500,000 pieces of Tumi luggage. Considered by world-wide serious travelers as the best of the best.


SLW was founded in March of 1978, in a 250 square foot, run down, 1 room apartment in Vidalia, GA.


Two plants in Vidalia, GA, 110,000 square feet, 1 plant in Swainsboro, GA 30,000 square feet. Total- 140,000 square feet.

Savannah Luggage Works
3428 Hwy 297 North
Vidalia, GA 30474

Oh: 912-537-3024


Two brothers who believe the US industrial base is actually a national security issue, we believe in American manufacturing, and we wanted to do our part. We are not your competitor. Our job is to help you reach your goals. Work with us, you’ll be glad you did.

Whiskey 5 – Greyhive

Saturday, October 28th, 2017


Greyhive is a media company founded by a Special Operations veteran and a former law enforcement officer. Greyhive’s web application,, is the premier online destination for civilians, first responders and military personnel to access trusted firearms and tactics training content.

Greyhive is a cooperative enterprise built upon a community of like-minded professionals Greyhive calls its “Experts”. All Experts are vetted by their peers, are highly regarded in their specified fields of expertise and have chosen to join the Greyhive community where they create, consolidate and deliver free training videos and articles. They possess decades of experience (active, retired and former military and law enforcement, competitive shooting, strength and conditioning, sports psychology, combatives, survival), but perhaps more importantly, Greyhive Experts possess a common passion: To lead, teach, influence and engage with individuals committed to their own professional and personal development.


Greyhive is a community where civilians, public safety professionals and military personnel go to access vetted, trusted and relevant online tactical and firearms training content. consolidates industry-leading instructors, subject matter experts and training companies and delivers free articles and videos created by its “Experts”. The featured free content is Greyhive’s ‘Training Brief’ video series. The Training Brief series covers a broad spectrum of topics, but each video segment is delivered in a concise and narrowly focused format.

Greyhive is built to strengthen the bond of the men and women who invest their time, money, and hard work into their training. Whether you’re a responsibly armed citizen, law enforcement, or military personnel, Greyhive provides the knowledge that fuels the professional growth and development needed to accomplish your mission and meet your intent. Greyhive is a resource for like-minded individuals committed to defending themselves, their families, their communities and their country.


Greyhive is based in Nashville, TN.



Greyhive was founded in December 2016 and launched in October 2017. The first segment of the Training Brief video series will be released in November and Greyhive will begin delivering premium, subscription-based training content through its proprietary Team Room Platform in early 2018.



Greyhive has identified two significant gaps in the current firearms and tactical training continuum:

(1) There are no community-based sustainment or follow-on training solutions available to support professional, 1-to-1 online interaction between instructors and students;

(2) Instructors possess valuable subject matter expertise and highly sought-after training assets, but have no efficient way to control the dissemination of these assets online.

Follow-On Training. Students invest in attending training classes delivered by their instructors of choice. After the class ends, they have no way to continue training with the guidance and feedback from their instructors. This makes it difficult for the students to continue honing their skills and growing professionally. Without Greyhive, options for student-to-instructor interaction are too broad, too spread out, and not personal enough to get any meaningful feedback that is value added to their development. Students, as well as instructors, need a means of providing feedback, a professional community that encourages interaction and development, and a way to gain diagnostic feedback between attending classes.

Because training doesn’t end when you walk off the range.

Whiskey 5: Lead Faucet Tactical

Saturday, July 29th, 2017


Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT) is a training and tactical gear company located in Pinehurst, NC operating throughout the United States. LFT was founded by SGM(R) Daniel Brokos. Brokos has 26 years of service and 21 years in the SF community. A vast majority of Brokos SF time has been with Crisis Response Force that specializing in DA and the skills of advanced marksmanship and CQB. Brokos has had only 2 breaks from being operational. He has served as the NCOIC for SF advanced marksmanship and CQB course and as the Company SGM for the SF sniper course and aforementioned Advanced marksmanship/CQB course. Brokos and all his Instructors were Senior Leaders somewhere throughout the SOF community.

Lead Faucet Tactical (LFT) offers relevant and realistic gunfighting in a variety of courses focusing around fighting with your carbine and pistol day and night. They offer several shooting and CQB courses for LE, Military and Civilians to increase shooting performance or as Brokos puts it “Take the thinking out of fighting”.

LFT has teamed up with Troy Industries and Moser Machine Works for weapon accessories. LFT will be offering several Carbine and Pistol accessories developed over years of experience. Brokos says there was several times he was handed the wrong piece of kit for the job, and wants to make sure guys have good relevant accessories.


Brokos is the creator of the “Brokos Belt “currently sold by TYR Tactical, VTAC and 5:11. LFT has a couple unique options for this belt coming out, as well as some interesting fabric technology in there 2 Carbine slings. LFT has teamed up with Tom Fuller of Armageddon Gear for these tactical products.

Brokos will also be contributing as a free-lance writer for The Enthusiasts Network and Iain Harrison. Look for articles in upcoming issues of Recoil, Recoil concealment and Recoil Off-grid. Also look for training videos on Recoil TV.

LFT was founded in May 2017 by Dan Brokos, training is up and running, products available Nov 2017.


LFT HQ’s will be based out of Pinehurst, NC. It’s a small shop for receiving and packaging of products. Its HQs should be easily recognized by the trail of brass leading into the door. It will be an occasional stop for Brokos to check emails, drink a beer and tell the LFT assistant “Juice to do her job. LFT primary HQs will be on a range somewhere throughout the US.

LFT Mission Statement: impart others with relevant knowledge revolving around the employment of your weapons in a variety of realistic training venues.

Brokos believes deployments and combat count but experience and being an Instructor in the military is more tangible than deployments alone. The fact Brokos has Taught and wrote POIs for over 208 Green Berets a year; for several years is the foundation of LFT. Brokos believes since he is retired and will miss the SF mission sets and training, he wants to share and impart on others. He believes the knowledge gained in shooting and CQB from himself, peers and subordinates over the past 26 years has a place in LFT library. The end goal for LFT is for Brokos to pass along his experience and knowledge primarily through training courses, products, articles in recoil line of magazines, and training videos for recoil TV. As Brokos says, “everything is a rehearsal for something.”



[email protected]