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Whiskey 5 – Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

Who: Tomahawk Strategic Solutions

What: We are a company dedicated to providing training, advisory, and continuing education programs to better prepare organizations for evolving threats and emergency situations.

When: Tomahawk was founded in 2015 by Keith Walawender and Mike Biller, both retired operators from Naval Special Warfare Development Group (NSWDG). Currently, Tomahawk is 40+ strong with subject matter experts from the special operations, law enforcement, and private sectors.

Where: Tomahawk is headquartered in Nashville, TN with offices in Washington, D.C. and Columbus, OH.

Why: The team at Tomahawk provides world-class training to law enforcement, corporate America, and school systems to make our communities safer.

Bottom Line: Tactics are validated or discredited through opposition.

Our tactics have not been proven because of the amount of operations we have conducted—our tactics have been validated by the amount of operations we have conducted with hardened opposition.

Video: ideally, the video explains it all!




5 Responses to “Whiskey 5 – Tomahawk Strategic Solutions”

  1. Mark Thomas says:

    Their tactics and training methodology is outstanding. Keep up the strong work fellas!

  2. Steak TarTar says:

    these guys are the real deal. i’ve heard they did some serious wig splitting back in the day

  3. Alpha2 says:

    Those guys have some serious bio’s…bet that would be some awesome training.

  4. Shozo says:

    I’ve trained with Tomahawk and I have zero reservation saying that they are one of the most professional outfits in the industry. Top notch training packages that I would highly recommend to anyone. Not to mention, Front Sight Joe is a hard motherfker.

  5. Anon. says:

    If the point of training is to prepare you to act effectively during a “real world” situation, then the best training must be the one that most closely mimics what you will encounter in a real emergency. That’s the idea, right? To deal with the unknown and perhaps unanticipated in a safe training environment where mistakes can be made and learned from. Where the stresses of the unknown can be experienced and dealt with so that they do not make you less effective when it counts most — real world!

    Well if that’s true, then Tomahawk Strategic Solutions provides the best training in the world! I have been to many law enforcement and security trainings and have never experienced more realistic scenarios than the ones they create during their training days. After 8 hours on-set with Tomahawk you are spent; both emotionally and physically. But you come away better prepared!

    Most importantly (and unlike every other training company I deal with who have the “because I said so” attitude), TSS explains the “whys” of their teaching. And once you understand the reasoning and concepts behind their tactics then you are ready to encounter the varied situations in which you will find yourself. Otherwise, you are just preparing for one scenario, in one particular setting.

    Please don’t take my word for it — my opinion is just that. Find out for yourself. You’ll be glad you did.