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Voz Patents: a patent agency helping inventors and small companies in pursuing patent protection on their new technologies.

Founder Dave Eyvazzadeh graduated with a bachelor degree and master degree from Carnegie Mellon University in mechanical engineering before spending 10 years as a mechanical engineer and product development specialist across numerous industries. Early in his career, Dave left his mark on Army programs. He made significant contributions to various battlefield connectivity and improvised explosive device mitigation programs for the Army & the Joint IED Defeat Organization. As an integral member of an armored vehicle program, Dave designed, oversaw manufacturing, and tested armored vehicle prototypes against IED and EFP threats — the nastiest of improvised explosive devices. In 2013, Dave joined a small patent firm where he spent the next several years honing his skills.

In 2018, Dave saw an opportunity to deliver IP services with a highly technical staff and extremely low overhead, at prices attainable by any inventor, creator, or team.


With a history of demonstrated technical expertise, Voz Patents offers affordable intellectual property services with a personal touch. Primary areas of specialization include: Military & Law Enforcement, Recreation, Medical Devices and General Consumer Products.


Born on Date: June of 2018.


Located in the River North District of downtown Denver, Voz Patents is blocks from the Denver United States Patent and Trademark Office, and closely tied to the Denver startup scene — a rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs.


“I have always been curious; thriving on creativity, curiosity and ingenuity. Voz Patents leverages the totality of my experiences in a productive and creative manner while feeding that curiosity. For that reason, helping inventors protect their idea and turning it into a real asset quickly transformed from a career path to a passion. And having the opportunity to take my jack-of-all-trades manner and provide services which are commonly unattainable by the ‘small guys’ is truly rewarding.”

Contact Dave at [email protected]

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