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Whiskey 5 – Primary Arms LLC



Primary Arms LLC,

Started by owner, Marshall Lerner, when he was challenged, by a person on the forums, to come up with an alternative to the counterfeit red dots that people were buying. This was 11 years ago and there were not many options for affordable AR focused optics. Marshall an avid shooter was active on the forums and saw an opportunity to fill a void in the market.



Eleven years after the business began by selling red dots, on the forums, our optics brand is now sold by many of the top retailers in the US and in 16 countries. Our 7 year exclusive relationship with Dimitri Mikroulis, the genius behind the patented ACSS reticle, continues to produce the most advanced reticle for all the popular calibers. Price points range from low to high, meeting the consumers budget needs.

Our retail site has grown to become a leader in selling complete firearms, parts and accessories for building AR-15’s, AR-308, and AK-47s. We have over 5,000 sku’s from top brands. Our business model is based on high quality products, at affordable prices, same day shipping and hands down the best customer service in the industry.


From there we have branched out to form two additional business units, Primary Arms Wholesale and the newly formed Primary Arms Government Sales.



The business started in 2007.

The LE business unit was started in the fall of 2018.



Houston Texas.

Originally started in the back storeroom of one of the barber shops that Marshall Lerner owned.

From barber shop in Houston to four buildings in Pearland, TX.

We moved to our new 50,000 square foot building in Houston in the fall of 2018.

Optics are designed and engineered in Houston and manufactured in factories in Japan, China and now the Philippines.



When we originally started the business it was to battle against the low quality counterfeit red dots that were being sold. And help the guys that wanted/needed a red dot that wouldn’t fail them and was affordable.

We’ve been selling products to law enforcement officers for years, formalizing this and including government agencies was a natural fit for.

10 Responses to “Whiskey 5 – Primary Arms LLC”

  1. jellydonut says:

    By some strange twist of fate, Primary Arms actually has the most interesting reticles in the business right now.

    I wonder how their LOW/Japanese offerings measure up vs Vortex.

    • mike says:

      I see a lot of customers, who can actually shoot, with the money to buy more expensive optics buying Primary Arms for their ACSS reticle. It’s a great reticle, the optics are competent, and their customer service really is top notch.

  2. hodge175 says:

    Nice LEO/MIL discounts and great sales. They are the first place I look at when buying magazines and parts, very good deals on Vortex.

    He had a bad issue with Primary Arms and they have help bring affordable LPVO to the masses.

  3. Gus luka says:

    Not sure about their scopes but the reticles coming out of that company are the best out! The ACSS Acog by Trijicon is amazing

  4. james wood says:

    used to use them no more. I hate places that are always having so called sales on things that can not sell, same old stuff over and over. besides that they sold me a faulty product and would not return the money screw them

  5. you could tell when they got too big for their britches when customer service went from really good to non-existent .

  6. Billy says:

    Why is there no mention of the ACSS reticles? No body would buy their scopes with out those reticles. I was shocked when my 1-6x easily out performed my RCO, the drops were dead nuts!

  7. EODMadBomb says:

    Awesome success story.

  8. Luie says:

    Never heard of them before that Demetry guy started doing their reticles.