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Whiskey 5 – Legend Compression Tactical

LEGEND® Compression Tactical is a North Carolina company located in the heart of the textile mill industry. LEGEND® offers a full line of Tactical, Sport, & Every-Day compression socks to improve performance and promote healthier feet and legs. Our mission is to “Extend the life of your legs” through the use of graduated compression technology. All of our socks are made in the USA and are Berry Amendment Compliant. We manufacture our program under stringent ISO Certified, quality standards. Our focus is on our customers and their comfort, through the reduction of aches, pain, fatigue, and recovery time. These socks were created for LEGENDARY performance and durability.

The LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Sock program was developed with the input and assistance from the war fighter. A custom foot bed, a wide compression arch with the addition of mild, all over compression, a custom stable foot bed, and use of innovative yarns make this boot sock a go to sock for our war fighters, law enforcement, fire, and other government agencies.

LEGEND® Program (For All Temperatures and Weather Conditions):

• LEGEND® (All Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Sock, Mid-Calf, Unisex, Flame Resistant; Colors: Coyote Brown, Black, Olive Green, Foliage Green

• LEGEND® (Cold Weather) Compression Merino Wool Tactical Boot Sock, Mid-Calf, Unisex, Flame Resistant; Color: Coyote Brown

• LEGEND® (Warm Weather) Compression Moisture Wicking Nylon Tactical Boot Sock, Unisex, Colors: Coyote Brown, Black


Our office is located in Denton North Carolina close to the knitting mill.
All of our socks are packaged and shipped by Winston Salem Industries for the Blind and are SKILCRAFT® labeled. LEGEND® is proud to support jobs for the blind.

Sold directly to the Military Installations, Exchanges, Base Supply Centers, Law Enforcement, and Tactical Retail Stores nationally. We are proud suppliers on all branches of the Military. We have been field-testes and are a preferred boot sock by US Special Operations.


Our company founder/President has over 30 years working in the medical device and compression hosiery industries. Our commitment is to prolonging the life of your legs through the use of graduated compression technology. We use the highest quality merino wool and innovative moisture wicking nylon. Comfort, durability, and performance are critical attributes in all our LEGEND® socks.

LEGEND® Compression Tactical Boot Socks help to reduce aches, pain, fatigue, provide additional needed arch support, help to reduce blisters and hot spots, provide additional cushioning and seamless, no friction toe comfort, with greater durability, and minimal or no shrinkage.

Visit us at www.legendcompressiontactical.com and www.legendcompressionwear.com
For ordering in formation call 336-859-0226 or email [email protected]

One Response to “Whiskey 5 – Legend Compression Tactical”

  1. Jon, OPT says:

    I’ve been wearing these day in day out for over three years and I still stand by what I have written on my website:

    “OPT’s owner tested these for three months straight, 5 days of wear between washings. Two reasons: he walks A LOT. As a disabled veteran with Plantar Fasciitis, compression during and after events are key to him living a comfortable life.

    Outcome: Legend compression socks are NOT quitters… What is a quitter? A “quitter” is a sock that habitually falls down the calf and bunches inside the shoe of the wearer.”

    The original pairs I got for testing are still the ones I use, and they still haven’t quit. Their recovery socks travel with me everywhere in case I have a flare up, and they are great as well.

    Nothing but great things to say about this company, and John is a stand up guy who brings a great product to market.