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SOLGW to Offer 6mm MAX Ammo Throughout Dealer Network

08 APR 2024 – San Antonio, Texas – With our 2024 launch into the new 6mm MAX caliber, we at SOLGW have decided to make factory ammunition available through our entire Dealer Network. We have partnered with a top-quality USA ammunition provider to provide match-grade ammo in 6mm MAX and 5.56mm.

As we all know, the demand spikes we’re facing in the fall, along with the rapidly increasing lead times on loaded ammunition and components, have us all concerned about the availability of ammo this year.

Along with the (5) 6mm MAX options we’ve committed to offer, we also provide (4) 5.56mm match-grade cartridges. We offer projectiles from Barnes, Hornady, and Sierra ranging from high-performance expanding bullets to match-grade boat tail loads.

We chose to ensure the success of 6mm MAX by keeping factory-loaded ammo available and accessible for purchase from our dealers, along with our 6mm MAX rifles/ uppers/ barrels. We will hold shelf stock for immediate follow-up delivery after launch (July).

Interested retailers should contact: for more information.

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