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Velocity Systems – Ultra-Lite Plate Carrier

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

The new Ultra-Lite Plate Carrier (ULPC) from Velocity Systems is their lightest full featured plate carrier offering.

The shoulder straps were designed to alleviate common fit issues with traditional sewn fixed angle shoulder straps. The narrow ULTRAcomp shoulder straps articulate on a D-ring allowing them to sit correctly and comfortably on any user, regardless of neck width or shoulder broadness. The length of the straps are adjustable and have a padded sleeve that can also be used for cable/hydration tube routing.

The ULPC is sized to hold plates of corresponding sizes to the carrier. The ULPC is provided with a detachable front flap and the low-profile elastic cummerbund with dividers and retainers. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.

-Laser cut Squadron fabric MOLLE compatible attaching system

-Removeable Front flap

-Integrated SwiftClip buckles for rapid don/ doff of auxiliary chest worn equipment (i.e. Chest Rigs and SwiftClip Placards)

-Compatible with all Velocity Systems Scarab cummerbund models

Offered in sizes Small – XLarge in Black, Coyote, MultiCam, and Ranger Green.

Regular price $330, but if you order by Friday October 7th, 2022, you can get it for $299. Get them while they last.

Mechanix Wear Launches Mil-Spec Eyewear – Mechanix Vision Type-X Tactical Safety Eyewear

Monday, October 3rd, 2022

When Mechanix Wear announced their new eyewear line we knew it was only a matter of time before they brought the technology over to the tactical side. The new Mechanix Vision Type-X Tactical Safety Eyewear meets MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Fragmentation standard as well as ANSI Z87.1 impact standard.

In addition to impact protection, the lenses are treated for anti-fog as well as anti-scratch. Type-X also features a wraparound, vented temple and comfort nosepiece.

The Type X line is offered with Black frame with Amber, Clear, and Smokes lenses or in a Grey frame with Smoke lens.

HQS Slim Suppressor

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

The direct thread HQS Slim Suppressor is available for UK hunters from Edgar Brother.

You can expect a 30dB noise reduction from this Bulgarian can. Offered in a variety of thread patterns, the HQS Slim can be had in .223, .264, .30 and 9mm Para.

SCUABPRO Sunday – Common Dive Skills

Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

Training like you fight doesn’t just mean having your body armor on when you are on the range, and you should always practice basic skills whenever you get in the water. The best way to become a better diver is to practice and improve on the basic skills constantly. Here are some basic skills you should practice every time you get in the water.


This is one of the most critical skills for every diver to master. Mastering buoyancy is not necessarily a difficult task, but it requires a calm, focused mind, and practice. You will consume less air when your buoyancy is on point, and you will not risk shooting to the surface and giving yourself away or, worse, getting injured. To practice your buoyancy, try and be a couple of feet off the bottom of the pool using a body positions simulation to sky diving. Try maintaining the same distance from the bottom and now just using your fins spin to your left, then spin to your right, again holding your positions. Now once you have that, try, and move backward, besides just using your fins. This will help you with moving in confined spaces and around piers.


The descent should always be performed slowly and controlled. You will need to equalize the pressure in your ears as you descend constantly; that can mean every 12-18 inches 30-40cm for some divers. Descending too quickly can cause your eardrums to rupture, which can lead to more severe complications. A slow descent will also prevent silting on the bottom, which will decrease visibility. Also, practice your emergency descents. It will be the same as before but faster.

Clearing Your Mask

At some point, you will get water in your mask. So, it is better to practice in a controlled environment than to have not done it a long time and try and remembered when it is the middle of the night in someplace where you don’t want the water touching your face. If you have water in your mask, follow the clearing techniques you learned in your training. If you need to stop momentarily, alert your buddy so you do not get separated. You should be able to master this essential skill without having to stop. It would help if you also did this, allowing as a minimal number of bubbles as possible. Make sure you practice this when you are learning to use any diver propulsion vehicle.

Emergency Ascent

It is no different than practicing a down man drill.  Well, other than the fact that you are in the water. Your emergency ascent may require that you share air with your buddy, swim in a controlled manner to the surface, you might have to drop your or their weights. I have had to do this when my dive buddy passed out, and I was so freaked out I didn’t have to drop anything to get him to the surface. It was also my first dive in the teams, and I thought he was dead Practice all types of emergency ascent techniques whenever possible to not panic when a real emergency occurs.

Hand Signals

Once you start diving with someone, you might come up with some hand signals of your own, like you have your head up, you’re a$$. But the essential hand signals will be used by everyone worldwide. You never know when you will be diving with someone from a partner nation, and that is all you have to go by. So, knowing the basics will help.

Going Up or Down

Use a thumbs-up signal to indicate that you are going up or a thumbs down to indicate the opposite.

I’m OK

Place your thumb and forefinger together, forming a circle, and leave the other three fingers extended upright. This is the same as you would say, OK, as you would above water.


Signal your dive buddy to stop by holding up one hand, the same as you would in any other instance. You can also use a closed fist like being on patrol.

Changing Direction

Just like with up and down, point your thumb (or your index finger) to indicate which direction you’re heading. You can tell again like on land.

Turn Around

To let everyone know it’s time to turn around, put your index finger up and rotate in a circle. Similar to rally-up.

Slow Down

Place your hand in front of you with your palm facing down. Wave your hand up and down to indicate that you need everyone to slow down a bit.

Level Off

To indicate that you want to level off once you’ve reached a certain depth, put your hand out in front of you, palm down, and wave it back and forth.

Something’s Wrong

Place your hand out in front of you, fingers spread and palm down. Wave your hand back and forth in a rocking motion. It is similar to the hand signal, maybe.


Wave your entire arm from outstretched by your side to over your head. Repeat the motion as long as you need to.

How much air do you have?

With the forefinger and middle finger hit in the palm of your hand to ask your buddy how much air is left in the tank. The usual response is in numbers.

I’m Low on Air

It takes practice to be able to make your air last. Clench your hand into a fist and pull it in toward your chest. Repeat as much as you need to indicate how urgently you need to resurface. When diving a rebreather, you should point at the pressure gauge. With some of the newer rebreathers, you can pull your gauge out and show it to your dive buddy if needed.  

I’m Out of Air

Suppose something has gone wrong with your equipment, signal quickly and repeatedly. Place your hand, palm down in front of your throat, and move back and forth in a cutting motion.

Blast From The Past – Scorpion

Saturday, October 1st, 2022

Here’s an image of the tag in the original Scorpion uniforms by Crye Associates, now known as Crye Precision.

Ocean State Innovations to Attend Future Forces Forum

Friday, September 30th, 2022

OSI will be attending the Future Forces Forum from October 19-21, 2022, in Prague, Czech Republic. We will be showing Multicam®, CURV® Tactical and CORDURA® Brands during this event! To set up a meeting or for more information please contact Peter Raneri at [email protected]. Visit us at

Sneak Peek – Peacemaker Critters

Friday, September 30th, 2022

Peacemaker is a line of products from Australia’s Aquaterro.

Their newest product is the Critter, an injection molded, PALS compatible polymer pouch adapter which allows you to mount a vertical pouch in a horizontal orientation to a platform such as a vest or belt.

As you can see, the Critter grabs ahold of the edges of the PALS and creates a bar in the space in between. Critters are designed to be stacked one atop the other of need be and will articulate along with the platform.

Coming soon from Aquaterro.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: Stratton Flannel

Friday, September 30th, 2022

American Made Stratton Flannel is in stock and ready for the fall.

The 9 oz Stratton Flannel is machine washable and oversized in 100% cotton to accommodate 3% shrinkage.

The oversized pockets and smooth metal buttons provide ample storage and rugged durability.

The Fleece Lined Stratton Flannel is also machine washable and provides extra warmth on chilly days in the fall.

As an added bonus, the Fleece Lined Stratton Flannel is integrated with a bottle opener.

Visit FirstSpear to find all the gear and apparel for America’s Warfighter.