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Comp-Tac Adds to their Multi-Fit Holster Line with the QD Holster

Friday, January 27th, 2023

HOUSTON, TX – January 27, 2023 – Comp-Tac® manufactures a variety of holsters for concealed carry, competition shooting, and law enforcement use with quality and precision including, the new QD Holster.

Comp-Tac® Holsters has introduced the QD Holster which is a newly designed combination holster, featuring both the versatility of the Q-Line and the concealability of the Dual Concealment™ Holster. This holster is ambidextrous and comes in four sizes which covers 90% of the current handgun market for those with multiple firearms. Additionally, it is optic ready with suppressor height sights. The QD Holster comes equipped with both an outside-the-waistband paddle and an inside-the-waistband clip….a true focus on adaptability.

All Comp-Tac holsters are made with aircraft-grade Kydex® for a smooth and comfortable, no-stick draw. The QD Holster offers adjustable retention and provides a satisfying, secure fit.

For more information, please visit –

Sneak Peek – Tiger Print Velcro from Ocean State Innovations

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Coming Soon! VELCRO Brand products in Vietnam Tiger Stripe will be available in various widths. Ideal for tactical apparel, shelters, load bearing equipment, ballistic protection and more! Made in USA and Berry Compliant.

Contact your OSI Sales Rep for pricing and stocking information.

Thyrm Expands Its Helmet Mount Lineup with the VariArc-VS

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Sunnyvale, CA — Thyrm has released a universal solution for helmet-mounted illumination – the VariArc-VS. This version of the VariArc shares its ability to rotate 360 degrees with the Team Wendy, Ops-Core, and M-LOK versions already on the market. Velcro mounting makes the VS a universal solution for all helmets.

The VariArc-VS features positive indexing at forward, umbrella, and admin task angles. A firm twist and the mount unlocks to rotate through eight additional lower-force index points for total control of lighting direction. Its small footprint and low-profile keep things tidy and the Picatinny rail and Scout light mounts allow for maximum compatibility with visible and IR lights. The VariArc-VS is built to remain fully functional through extreme temperatures, dirt, dust, sand, water, drops on concrete, and rough handling.

The VariArc-VS™ Helmet Mount:
• High-strength hook Velcro provides secure attachment with a space-efficient footprint
• Both Picatinny rail and direct scout-light mounts included
• Positively locks in the forward index position
• Directs light through 360 degrees, with 8 additional lower-force index positions
• Works in vertical positions for umbrella lighting rooms, canopy illumination, and IR strobe signaling
• Can be used in downward angles for admin & task lighting
• Angled pivot allows user to optimize mounting for a lower profile or a more vertical rotation plane
• Large openings on both ends of the base allow for retention cords including 550 paracord
• Durable, reinforced polymer construction with steel hardware
• Designed and made in the USA

SHOT Show 23 – Velocity Systems

Friday, January 27th, 2023

This was so good, it deserves a post all its own.

Can you name everything in this photo, Velocity Systems/Mayflower Research & Consulting and vintage?

OTTE Gear’s Aloha Narcos Playa Shirts Now Available for Pre-Order

Friday, January 27th, 2023

OTTE Gear debuted their new Aloha Narcos Playa Shirts at last week’s SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

With a print created by artist the Narcos Playa shirts are offered in Blowout, Paradise, or Rush colorways with elements that bring back memories of the 80s and the dawn of the war on drugs.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: Wind Cheater

Friday, January 27th, 2023

Filling the mid-weight niche of our technical apparel line, the Wind Cheater has a Durable Water Repellant (DWR) finish and excellent wind shedding characteristics. It is quiet, flexible, extremely versatile and made in the USA.

The Wind Cheater features a large hood that can fit over helmets with no problem and is cut generously to aid in movement.

Low profile hook and loop in strategic locations provide ample attachment points for FirstSpear Cell Tags and IFF.

This jacket breathes like a T-Shirt and is designed to dry quickly. Standard cuff tabs and extra-large bicep pockets are found on each sleeve.

Large pit zips and spacious mesh front pockets allow for massive airflow to regulate heat when desired.

The Wind Cheater features bungee/barrel lock adjustments for the hood, collar and lengthened tail.

With a “true to fit” cut, your t-shirt size is your jacket size. If you wear a large shirt and don’t plan to layer heavily, go with a large Wind Cheater and you won’t be disappointed.

Visit FirstSpear to find the Wind Cheater and the rest of America’s premier tactical gear and equipment.

Spiritus Systems Introduces NIR-Neutral Black Laminate Tegris to Designs

Thursday, January 26th, 2023

Spiritus Systems has released this statement regarding their use of Tegris material.

Our product refinement process never dies. This week we are phasing in updates to a few of our products that use Milliken Thermoplastic Composite Tegris. This ballistic material is used as a semi-rigid framework for a lot of our load-bearing components. It’s the hard carbon fiber-esque material on products like the Thing 2 and MOLLE Back Panel. It’s bomb-proof, light, and easy to maintain.

Until now, we used two color variations (coyote laminate and raw uncoated). Moving forward we’re going to be implementing a NIR-neutral black laminate to replace the raw, uncoated, color variant. This new laminate coating is the first of its kind and was developed in partnership with our supplier. It gets rid of the exposed silver weave and has a NIR signature profile that won’t give you away under NODs.

Spiritus Systems products are always under the microscope, no matter how established they are. We’re constantly poking, prodding, testing, and scrutinizing materials and design choices to find incremental improvements. Over time, these really add up, and it’s a big reason why so many of our systems are the go-to option for people who depend on the gear.

G-Form in Cooperation with Crye Precision, Develops Innovative Protective System for United States Marine Forces, Special Operations Command

Thursday, January 26th, 2023

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Jan. 26, 2023 — G-Form®, the innovative protection manufacturing brand, reveals the development of an all-new body protective system for the United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Teaming up with Crye Precision, G-Form strategically designed a product that met MARSOC’s niche performance needs, enhancing both mobility and lethality.

“It is an exciting time for G-Form as we continue to advance knee and elbow protection, utilizing our cutting-edge SmartFlex technology to generate innovative product solutions for our warfighters,” explains Glen “Gava” Giovanucci, G-Form CEO, “We are honored to be partnering with the Crye Precision team on this remarkable collaboration for MARSOC operators who require enhanced protection product improvements to deliver exceptional performance capabilities.”

“Crye Precision is proud to support G-Form in their initiative to provide capabilities and protection to MARSOC and the Warfighter in general. It’s these sorts of collaborations that reinforce the concept that one plus one can certainly be greater than two especially in the world of product innovation,” adds Gregg Thompson, Crye Precision CEO

“MARSOC Operators require constant improvements, technological innovation capability, and high-quality systems to perform in a fierce competitive environment,” shared Greg Snyder, G8 United States Marine Forces Special Operations Command, “G-Form had great vision to leverage their proven capability and then worked with industry partners to provide operators an increased level of protection.”  

The product has been designated with National Stock Numbers (NSN) and has been added to the Special Operations Forces Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements (SPEAR) contract.