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SIG SAUER Set to Host Inaugural Archery Rifle Challenge Invitational in Montana

Tuesday, May 28th, 2024

NEWINGTON, N.H., (May 28, 2024) – SIG SAUER, Inc. excited to announce the inaugural hosting of the SIG SAUER Archery Rifle Challenge (ARC) this June in the majestic mountains of Montana.  ARC is an industry-first event that will test teams of competitors’ skills in archery, marksmanship, observation, and target detection on a course designed by world champion and Team SIG Professional Shooter Daniel Horner, with a $50,000 grand prize donation to the winning team’s charity of choice. 

“The SIG Archery Rifle Challenge answers the call of what is possible when leaders across industry come together to showcase capabilities through a friendly competition to benefit a good cause,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “Knowing the skill and talent each captain brings to their team, I have no doubt that this will be a hard-fought competition with every competitor’s endurance, skill, and will power put to the test.”

ARC Teams consist of three member teams, captained by individuals representing leading hunting brands and ARC Challenge partners; each team is named for one of the award-winning SIG SAUER Electro-Optics products lines.  Inaugural ARC industry partners and team captains include:

Team KILO lead by Janis Putelis executive producer Meat Eater TV and podcast.

Team TANGO lead by Brady Miller writer and editor representing GO HUNT.

Team ROMEO lead by Lance Banning, former Green Beret representing KIFARU.

Team WHISKEY led by Dustin Diefenderfer athletic trainer and founder of Mtn Tough representing Mtn Tough.

Team ECHO led by Josh Smith bladesmith and owner of Montana Kinfe Co. representing Montana Knife Co.

Team ZULU led by Mark Healey professional surfer and co-owner of PROTEKT representing PROTEKT supplements.

Team SIERRA led by Mike Herne writer and content creator representing Born Primitive Marketing

The Inaugural Rifle Challenge Invitational consists of two-days of competition on a 5-mile Daniel Horner designed course with seven required stages each day.  Stages will test a range of skills utilizing SIG SAUER Electro-Optics, SIG SAUER rifles and pistols, SIG SAUER Ammunition and competitor-preferred archery equipment.   

Official ARC SIG SAUER Electro-Optics equipment includes: KILO series rangefinders, ZULU series binoculars, ROMEO red dot optics, and Tango and Whiskey riflescopes. 

Official ARC SIG SAUER firearms equipment includes: SIG CROSS bolt-action rifle, MCX-SPEAR with SLX suppressor, P320 series pistols.

Official ARC SIG SAUER ammunition includes: SIG SAUER Elite Match and SIG SAUER Marksman Elite Ammunition.

The Inaugural Archery Rifle Challenge Invitational event will kick-off on June 10 with competition days June 11 – 12.  You can follow the SIG SAUER Archery Rifle Challenge Invitational exclusively on all SIG SAUER Hunting social media channels and on the ARC Challenge industry partners (Meat Eater, GO HUNT, KIFARU, Mtn. Tough, Montana Knife Co., PROTEKT Supplements, and Born Primitive) social media channels.

For more information about SIG SAUER Electro-Optics and all SIG SAUER products visit sigsauer.com.

Team Savage’s Matt Alwine Secures Victory at 2024 NRL Manners Elite Hunter

Sunday, April 28th, 2024

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – April 26, 2024 – Team Savage, the shooting representative of renowned firearms manufacturer Savage Arms, proudly announces the impressive performance of Matt Alwine in the 2024 NRL Manners Elite Hunter. Alwine secured a first-place victory in the Factory division of the event, showcasing exceptional skill and precision in competitive shooting.

The Manners Elite Hunter took place in Grandfield, Okla. April 12-14. The event was centered around realistic hunting experiences true to Southern Oklahoma, with blind stages that tested competitors across all aspects of shooting and hunting.

“Matt Alwine continues to stand out at NRL competitions in 2024, securing his third league victory in less than 2 months,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “Both Savage and Alwine are known for uncompromising precision and accuracy. Our product development team works tirelessly to maintain this reputation in competition and the field, and it is always great to see top results from our Team Savage shooters.”

Alwine secured his victory in the Factory division using a Savage Carbon Tactical chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. This continues Alwine and Team Savage’s strong start to 2024, following his first-place finishes in March at the NRL Hunters Series Match.

For updates on Team Savage and more information on Savage Arms’ extensive line of leading firearms, visit savagearms.com.

U.S. Military Academy at West Point Defends Title at 2024 SIG SAUER Relentless Warrior Championship

Friday, April 19th, 2024

NEWINGTON, N.H., (April 19, 2024) – SIG SAUER, Inc. is honored to announce the conclusion of the Fifth Annual SIG Relentless Warrior Championship.  On April 5th and 6th, 2024, one hundred and thirteen cadets from the United States Air Force Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Coast Guard Academy, United States Military Academy at West Point, Norwich University, Texas A & M, The Citadel, Virginia Military Institute, Virginia Tech, the Royal Military College of Canada, and the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy competed in the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship at the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire followed by an award banquet featuring Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Major Thomas P. Payne as the guest speaker.

The course of fire consisted of six mission stages that tested the marksmanship and leadership skills of these future military leaders.  For the fourth year in a row, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point Combat Weapons Team defended their title to earn the honor of 2024 SIG Relentless Warrior Champion.

“We embarked on this season with the unwavering SIG Relentless Warrior ethos at our core, committing every day to excellence—in leadership, marksmanship, and strategy,” exclaimed Gary Salman, Head Coach, ARMY West Point Combat Weapons Team. “From their first day, our cadets dive deeply into the complexities of firearms, mastering everything from the fundamentals of marksmanship to the intricacies of tactical and competitive shooting. This comprehensive training transforms them into not just outstanding competitive shooters, but also leaders prepared for any challenge. I am bursting with pride for all our team members, particularly our new team members, who stepped into the arena for the first time and surpassed all expectations. A heartfelt thank you to SIG for providing this extraordinary platform where future defenders can forge bonds and hone their skills. Today, we celebrate not just a victory, but the spirit of unity and determination that carried us here.”

MAJ Sean Marquis, OIC Combat Weapons Team added, “I could not be prouder of our team’s accomplishment in winning the Sig Sauer Relentless Warrior competition.  The event is our team’s pinnacle competition and drives our training throughout the year. It was a privilege to engage with talented individuals dedicated to the profession of arms from the other Service Academies, Senior Military Colleges, and the Royal Military College of Canada. We extend our sincere appreciation to Sig Sauer for putting on an event that fosters.”

Additional top awards for the SIG Relentless Warrior Championship are as follows:

Top Gun

Andrew Frattini, U.S. Military Academy at West Point

High Lady:

Ayla Myrin, Texas A & M

Top Shot – Awarded to the best shooter from each participating school:

U.S. Air Force Academy: Kyle Mellady

U.S. Coast Guard Academy: Gaberial Jones

U.S. Naval Academy: Luke Parker

U.S. Military Academy at West Point: Andrew Frattini

Norwich University: Matthew Bua

Texas A&M: Chance De Vos

The Citadel: Matt Guerriero

Virginia Military Institute: Carter Hugate

Virginia Polytechnic Institute: Ryan Eklund

Royal Military College of Canada: Zak Lopato-Miguel

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy: Nicholas Walker

“It’s an honor for SIG to host the SIG SAUER Relentless Warrior Championship each year.  This competition has grown tremendously and our commitment to the training of these cadets is steadfast as they prepare to lead, serve our country, and defend our freedoms,” concluded Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.


KC Eusebio Wins Speed Shooting Title with Bushnell RXM-300 Reflex Sight

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – March 25, 2024 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, is proud to announce sponsored shooter KC Eusebio won the Speed Shooting title at the US Steel Nationals at the Volusia County Gun Club near New Smyrna Beach, Florida, March 15 -17.

Eusebio successfully defended his title from 2023 and opted to use the same Bushnell reflex sight – the RXM-300 Reflex Sight – to claim his 2024 national title.

“This was a tough one with minimal training and jet lag,” said Eusebio. “But once we got rolling, Jessie Harrison and Max Michel pushed me to focus up and give it my all.”

A USPSA Grandmaster since age 12, Eusebio is one of the most accomplished competitive pistol shooters in the world. Over the last six years, Eusebio has relied on Bushnell products to keep him at the top of his game. Prior to competing at the US Steel National, Eusebio used the Bushnell RXM-300 to win first place overall at the Boland Handgun Championship in Cape Town, South Africa

“There are so many great things that I can say about the Bushnell RXM-300,” said Eusebio. “It is by far the best red dot that I have used throughout the 28 years of my shooting career. A big thank you to Bushnell and my other sponsors for allowing me to live the dream and pursue my marksmanship endeavors.”

The Bushnell RXM-300 is a versatile, large lens, 4 MOA red dot with 12 brightness settings plus an optimized hood geometry for faster target acquisition and shot follow-up without sacrificing durability. That not only makes it the perfect competition sight for pro shooters like Eusebio, but also makes it a great option for carry, home defense and hunting on long-guns and handguns alike. Other premium features of the RXM-300 are user selectable auto-ambient intensity, shake-awake with selectable defeat, and button lockout.

To learn more about Eusebio, other Bushnell ambassadors and pro shooters and the gear they rely on, visit the Bushnell Ambassador’s page.

South Carolina National Guard Wins U.S. Army Small Arms Championships

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Staff Sgt. John Jordan of the South Carolina National Guard won the title of 2024 All Army Champion at the U.S. Army Small Arms Championships at Fort Moore, Georgia March 10-16. Jordan’s team, South Carolina Alpha, also claimed the title of 2024 U.S. Army Small Arms Team Champions.

To win the week-long, comprehensive live-fire competition, commonly known as All Army, the South Carolina National Guard Soldiers competed side by side with more than 230 Soldiers from across the United States representing the U.S. Army, U.S. Army Reserve, Army and Air National Guard, and Reserve Officers’ Training Corps.

The annual training event, which is hosted by the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, tested the Soldiers’ marksmanship skills on both rifle and pistol in 14 different courses of fire. To claim top honors and bragging rights, the South Carolina National Guard Soldiers had to earn the highest aggregate score in the all rifle, pistol and multigun matches.

The unique competition offers Soldiers a fun and challenging way to train. In fact, after three years of experience at All Army competitions, Alabama National Guard Staff Sgt. Evan Bayer said there is nothing not to like about the competition that he highly recommends to other Soldiers.

“It’s all training. We are training to fight and this is the way to do it, under a little bit of stress. It’s a big break from the rhythm. It’s a lot of fun, but it also puts you in an uncomfortable environment that allows you to grow as a shooter,” said Staff Sgt. Evan Bayer, Alabama Lethality Group who earned is Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge during an All Army Pistol Excellence in Competition Match.

Outside of the individual and team champions of All Army, there were plenty of other honors earned. The breakdown of individual and team honors is listed below.

U.S. Army Rifle Team Championships

1. Delaware National Guard

2. 2/11 Airborne Division

3. Army Reserve Careers Group Gold

U.S. Army Pistol Team Championships

1. South Carolina Alpha (National Guard)

2. XVIII Airborne Corps – York

3. New Hampshire Alpha (National Guard)

U.S. Army Multigun Team Championships

1. Team Novosel, USAACE

2. 2/11 Airborne Division

3. South Carolina Alpha (National Guard)

2024 U.S. Army Small Arms Team Championships (Overall)

1. South Carolina Alpha (National Guard)

2. 2/11 Airborne Division

3. Michigan Blue (National Guard)

High Drill Sergeant: Staff Sgt. Andrei Ciont

2024 Novice Champion

1. 1st Sgt. Andrew McCallister (U.S. Army SERE School)

2. Staff Sgt. Louis Gillaspie (XVIII Airborne Corps)

3. Sgt. Wyatt Griffith (Missouri National Guard)

2024 All Army Cadet

1. Cadet David Blackwell (University of North Georgia)

2. Cadet Aidan Chretien (Vermont National Guard)

3. Cadet William Buettner (University of North Georgia)

2024 Open Division Champion

1. Sgt. Michael McClaksie (Virgina National Guard)

2. Sgt. 1st Class Timothy Russell (Missouri National Guard)

3. Tech. Sgt. Galen Topper (Vermont National Guard)

U.S. Army Individual Rifle Championships

1. Staff Sgt. John Jordan (South Carolina National Guard)

2. 1st Sgt. Josiah Noble (Security Force Assistance Foreign Weapons Course)

3. Tech. Sgt. Nicolas Poirier (Vermont Air National Guard)

U.S. Army Individual Pistol Championships

1. Sgt. 1st Class Richard Willis (Army Reserve Careers Group)

2. Staff Sgt. John Jordan (South Carolina National Guard)

3. Sgt. 1st Class Jason Deal (96th Civil Affairs Battalion)

U.S. Army Individual Multigun Championships

1. 1st Sgt. Andrew McCallister (U.S. Army SERE School)

2. Sgt. Colt Edwards (Marksmanship Master Trainer Course)

3. Chief Warrant Officer Two Matthew Downing (U.S. Army SERE School)

Col. Ralph Puckett Trophy: Staff Sgt. Louis Gillaspie

Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley Trophy: Cadet Aidan Chretien

Distinguished Pistol Shot Badge Awardees

Capt. Andrew Leupp

Staff Sgt. Evan Bayer

Staff Sgt. Christopher Brookings (486th double distinguished Soldier)

Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge Awardees

Sgt. 1st Class Dan Whitmer

Sgt. 1st Class John Staats

Sgt. Michael McClaksie

Tech Sgt. Matthew Jasper

Capt. Patrick Randall

Sgt. Daniel Shumate

Staff Sgt. Nathan Staskiewicz (485th double distinguished Soldier)

U.S. Army Small Arms Individual Championships (Overall)

1. Staff Sgt. John Jordan (South Carolina National Guard)

2. 1st Sgt. Andrew McCallister (U.S. Army SERE School)

3. Sgt. Mack Williams (South Carolina National Guard)

By LTC Michelle Lunato

Team Savage Announces Wins in both NRL Hunter Series and Precision Rifle Series

Sunday, March 17th, 2024

WESTFIELD, Massachusetts – March 13, 2024 – Team Savage is excited to its latest wins in both the NRL Hunter Series and the Precision Rifle Series (PRS). Team Savage shooter Matt Alwine kicked off March with a first-place triumph in the NRL Hunter Series at the Mason Valley Steel Hunter match. This marks the third consecutive win in the 2024 NRL Hunter Series for the team and Alwine. The following weekend, Matt Alwine obtained an additional first-place win at the Central Coast Chaos match in the Precision Rifle Series in California.

Alwine knocked out the competition at Mason Valley Steel Hunter match in Julian, California using a custom Savage 110 Ultralite Elite chambered in 25 Creedmoor. Here, Alwine secured first in Open Heavy, and first overall, in the Open Light division.

At the Central Coast Chaos match in San Luis Obispo, California Alwine secured top marks with a 110 Elite Precision in 6mm Creedmoor, where Alwine placed first in Production. 

“Congratulations to Matt once again, we’re excited to see Team Savage continuing to excel in a variety of series,” said Beth Shimanski, Director of Marketing at Savage Arms. “We’re proud to have such a skilled marksman behind a Savage firearm. We anticipate more success as the 2024 season progresses.”

The NRL Hunter Match Series challenges the nation’s top-tier marksmen and women and tests their ability in a variety of shooting scenarios. For future match dates and details on the NRLH Hunter Match Series please visit nrlhunter.org/matches-2024.

The Precision Rifle Series brings together top shooters from across the US, as well as internationally, to compete and put their skills to the test. Additional match details, as well as up-to-date scoreboards upcoming matches, can be found at www.precisionrifleseries.com.

With these most recent wins, Team Savage continues to move through the 2024 shooting season triumphantly. Savage Team updates and more information on Savage’s extensive line of leading firearms is available at savagearms.com.

Largest Night Match in History SUCCESS: RPGI

Saturday, March 16th, 2024

The shooters know what they want. That’s something former SOF Soldier Brendan Souder of Range Project Group International (RPGi) always mentions about competitors in the Virginia/West Virginia area. This truism is proven every year when RPGi hosts its annual Day n Nite Match at Shadow Hawk Defense Range in Hedgesville, WV.

RPGI Day ‘n’ Nite Match

by Saami Spec

It’s the largest competition night match in history. (That we’re aware of, anyway.) The event will accommodate 150 shooter slots, all of which quickly sell out.

The shooters do know what they want, and in this case, it’s shooting at night under a good match director and team.

Directing a night match is no easy feat, let alone the largest in history. Many will not even entertain the thought due to liability worries, e.g., dudes shooting under nods or white light. Pair that with logistical struggles, such as hard time stops due to city ordnance. However, each year (this being the fourth), RPGi handles these issues with professionalism and knowledge.

Not only does RPGi direct a multitude of matches around the country, but Brendan is changing the game when it comes to allowable firearm inclusivity in shooting sports and, another first, hosting international matches!

In this article we will talk about the night match, what it takes to shoot one, and an overview of how RPGi is a positive influence in growing the shooting sports.

Range Project Group International (RPGi)

Founded by Brendan Souder and located in the panhandle of Florida, Range Project Group international runs a multitude of matches both domestically and internationally along with providing high-end professional training courses.

Souder retired from the Special Forces Community as a Chief Warrant Officer 2 after a 20-year career both within the Ranger and SF community. This very much influenced his knowledge and desire for international shooting matches. On the civilian shooting career side, Souder holds a GrandMaster Classification in USPSA and a multitude of certifications. In addition to Souder, RPGi  has a staff of prior military along with higher classified shooters.

The Day n Nite Match

Every year, RPGi travels to Shadow Hawk Defense Training Center in West Virginia to host the annual night match. This event always sells out quickly, pulling competition shooters from the Northern Virginia area, including all the way down to Marine Corps Base Quantico. The last match was in November 2023, and in that match, most of the trophies were taken by Marine Corps shooters working under night vision.

Night Clinic

Before match day, RPGi held a night clinic at Shadowhawk to address the needs and wants of shooters who had never shot a night match before. This was a three-hour format that involved a few drills and runs through a stage. Runs were critiqued and allowed to be shot again. Any division was welcomed, but the clinic was split up on the drills, depending on whether the competitor was running white light or had night vision.

Match Overview

The Day N Nite match was split into two portions: a day portion with 7 stages and a night portion with 7 stages. These stages are in a CQB style format with targets arrayed from 5 to 25 yards (all paper) and are kept under 30 rounds with time plus points scoring. In layman’s terms, two hits on paper allow you to move on to the next target. If impacting a no-shoot or failing to engage, time penalties are added. Physical exercises are added to the daytime stages but are removed during the night for safety reasons.

Many of the stages were unloaded starts. Taurus provided two “stage” guns, a lever gun and a pistol, which added a fun aspect to the match.

Day ‘n’ Nite Match Divisions

  • White Light Pistol
  • White Light Rifle
  • White Light PCC
  • NVG Pistol
  • NVG Rifle

Who Shoots It?

To put these matches in perspective, we will go over the last Day N Nite match scores.

Out of 150 shooters, there were…

32 military shooters, 8 of those being top ten overall in the match
96 civilians, 7 of those being top twenty overall in the match
6 lady competitors
4 Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs)
2 junior competitors
6 senior competitors

NVG (PCC, Carbine, Pistol): 66 shooters
White Light (PCC, Carbine, Pistol): 84 shooters

The Physical Aspect

RPGRPGi likes to put a level of physical stress into their matches, such as in their Tough Gunner and SOF matches. Not only are there options to wear kit, but there will often be exercises such as deadlifts or tire flips that add to your time and get the heart pumping. In the Day N Nite match, there were tire flips, sled pulls, deadlifts, and sprints. If a shooter chose not to participate in the exercise, an alternate exercise was provided, and/or time was added to the overall stage time.

This is another excellent reason for dudes who run guns for a living to come shoot these matches.

Shooting YOUR First Night Match

It can be intimidating.

While this last match allowed for a day portion before the night portion of the match, these night matches are not always day and night. Thus, if you are shooting your very first match, it should probably be a local club match during the day. Each of these matches has seen a small number of brand-new shooters, and while they got through it, the Day N Nite match has higher stakes when it comes to safety. Shooters with at least one match under their belt is an understandable, warranted ask.

These are fast-paced matches with a time cut-off at night. The match needs to run smoothly, and all shooters and gear need to be ready when they get up to shoot.

Note: If you are running night vision, this also shouldn’t be the first time that you’ve run a gun with them.

Equipment will be division-dependent. The match is very inclusive, allowing most shooters to grab what they already have and shoot. Crazy competition belt setups aren’t needed.

For instance, have a pistol, outside the waistband (OWB)  holster, and weapon-mounted light? You can shoot. Only have an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster? Cool, you can shoot the match. In fact, there were shooters that shot this entire competition IWB. Have a .223 gun with a white light? Come out and shoot. Running full kit with white phosphorus dual tube night vision? Bring it out and show off your money.

This is a big reason why night matches like these—and the match directors who run them—are so appreciated and needed. Not only does it allow civilians to experience running and gunning in such environments, but it’s good for the military and LEO competitors, too. Let’s be real. Military dues aren’t often running their issued equipment in training settings like this. They’re usually on flat ranges with heavy left and right limits, and they’re only hitting a couple of courses a year.

In a competitive environment like this, the pace is much faster, and targets are much tighter. These matches will make guys better with the equipment they use. Thank you to RPGi and Brendan Souder for allowing an environment to make that happen.

Personal Takeaway

As a female shooter with a small amount of USPSA-style matches under my belt and most of my background being in long-range precision matches, the RPGi Day N Nite match in West Virginia was a bit intimidating, especially because it was the first time I shot a night match. I chose to run carbine white light due to not having the opportunity to run carbine in CQB style very often. I ran a 16-inch .223 carbine with a 14.5-inch Ballistic Advantage barrel with a pin and welded Cobalt Kinetics RCB Key Mo muzzle devise. For white light, I ran a Modlite PLH in an Arisaka offset mount. On top was an Aimpoint RDS on a Unity Tactical FAST Mount. I wore a simple Blue Force Gear CHLK belt with one mag pouch and a med kit on my back.

RPGi’s night clinic before the match gave me the opportunity to gain some comfort and confidence before the actual match. The clinic proved that if you know safe gun handling and have shot matches before, you should be fine at night with white light. You may be slower, but a lot moves from the day into the night.

I’m a smaller-framed female. The physical portion was not too much for me. If it was, I had the option to choose an alternate event or even skip it for a time penalty. I was able to successfully complete each physical event, though, and it added a fun stressor.

As far as the atmosphere of the match goes, it’s a really fun set-up. There was a food truck out there all day, and lunch was paid for within the match fee. Between the day and night portions, there was about a two-hour break waiting for it to get dark. Many hung out and tailgated while waiting and prepping their gear for the night shoot. Shooters were having a great time while still coming out and being competitive.

Overall, the match allowed me to get comfortable shooting at night and test my gear. As said previously, I don’t get to run my carbine build much, which taught me a few lessons. For instance, the unloaded starts caused me to adjust my mag catch to run a little tighter. It also caused me to add dielectric grease to the threads of my Modlite, as the battery cap was being really finicky about powering the light.

International Matches

Brendan Souder’s unique background has allowed him to travel all around the world and stay in these places for months at a time. This has influenced his passion for international travel and his desire to spread this culture to the shooting community. Just like the risk that Souder takes on holding low-light matches, he is now taking on the responsibility of hosting matches internationally and bringing Americans and their guns overseas to shoot these matches.

Shooting International Films

What many Americans don’t realize, and what Souder saw firsthand during his travels, is that in many countries, gun laws are very different than in the U.S. They often involve geo-political friction points. To get more eyes on these issues and give Americans a more informed perspective on gun rights, Brendan started filming Shooting International. These films show first hand accounts from citizens that live and shoot within those countries about laws and experiences within the shooting sports. Brendan’s films also provide background on the country and allow his team to show us around. So far, Souder and his crew have traveled to Colombia and Brazil to film and shoot.

All-Inclusive Matches

Inclusive matches, meaning those that allow all different kinds of guns and gear to shoot, will often be smaller local club matches. To shoot larger matches, shooters will need to adhere to strict division rules like those within the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) and similar organization’s sanctioned matches. However, RPGi has shown inclusive matches can be large, even completely selling out. The 2023 Day N Nite match was the largest match of its kind in history.

Souder’s crew will prove this again in a few months when RPGi comes back to West Virginia to host the Cinco de May Match with a new authorized division: shotgun.

Yes, shotguns will be shooting right next to PCCs, .223 rifles, and open-type pistols. That’s a pretty unique thing. There just aren’t many opportunities to run shotguns in fast competitions that aren’t a 3-gun style match or sanctioned IPSC event.

More from RPGi

Upcoming Matches

These are just a few of RPGi’s upcoming events. Be sure to check their schedule regularly – new events are hitting the calendar regularly.


RPGi SOF Match 2024 “Luck of the Irish” (PCSL): March 16, 2024

RPGi USPSA Low Light Match: March 23, 2024 ·

RPGi Tough Gunner 2024 RNG Match at the Farm (Gaskin, FL): April 13, 2024 ·

RPGi USPSA April 2024 Match at the Farm: April 20, 2024 ·

RPGi Florida State “9-Banger” Rifle Championship (PCSL) at the Farm: June 15, 2024

West Virginia

RPGi Cinco De Mayo CQB Match hosted at Shadow Hawk Defense: May 4, 2024 ·

RPGi Blackout Nationals hosted at Shadow Hawk Defense: November 14, 2024


RPGi PCSL Caribbean Championship hosted at MH Tactical: January 20, 2024. Now complete.


Along with private sessions, RPGi offers specialty training such as competition and night shoot clinics. For military, gov, and LE folk, RPGi has access to a live shoot house and offers weekend courses.

Shooting International

Be on the lookout for more Shooting International episodes. Not too long ago, for example, Brendan Souder and the RPGi team traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for the first International PSCL match (that’s Practical Competition Shooting League).

Learn more:

About the Author

“Saami Spec” is a pseudonym, as required by the author’s full-time employer. Saami is a veteran of a full-time Army National Guard unit where she served as a Small Arms Repairer and worked to bolster their marksmanship team. Now a gunsmith and technical writer in the Federal LE world, she writes with a background of many armorer classes and numerous competitions under her belt. An avid reloader who builds the bullets she competes with, she is currently heavily involved in the long-range world and competes in the National Rifle League Hunter, various Gas Gun Precision Series, PSCL, and assorted other kinds of competitive shooting.

US Army Soldier Seeking Second Paralympic Berth

Saturday, March 2nd, 2024

FORT MOORE, Ga. — U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Kevin Nguyen won the gold medal in both 10m Prone Air Rifle (R3) and 50m Prone Smallbore (R6) at USA Shooting’s Paralympic Trials – Part 2 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, February 2-10, 2024.

The recent wins in both disciplines puts the Purple Heart recipient in good standing over other top U.S. marksmen vying for a spot on Team USA’s Paralympic Rifle Team. In air rifle, Nguyen currently has a solid lead of two points while in smallbore his lead is an impressive seven points. To those not familiar with Paralympic shooting sports disciplines, a two or seven point spread may not seem like a lot. However, medals at the Olympic and Paralympic levels in the shooting sports are often determined by tenths or hundredths of points in scoring.

The Fort Moore Soldier said he is definitely happy with his strong performance, but the lead does not guarantee him a position on Team USA.

“It definitely takes a good bit of weight off my shoulders knowing that I have a comfortable lead over my fellow teammates and competitors, but that doesn’t mean I can become complacent,” said Nguyen who is a member of the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program and attached to the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit. “I will still go into Trials – Part 3 with the determination to compete at my highest and win.”

Like in the Olympics, each country is allowed a maximum of two athletes in each Paralympic event, if the country first wins the quota spots. Currently, the United States has only earned one quota spot for the 50m Smallbore (R6) event and has none in 10m Air Rifle (R3). However, the Para Shooting World Cup – India is coming up March 6-15, 2024, and USA Shooting is hoping to claim the remaining quota spot in smallbore and the outstanding two in 10m air rifle. That would open up four possible seats in those two shooting events.

The Paralympic Trials is not a new process to the Westminster, California native. He competed in the 2020 Paralympic Trials in Tokyo, where the Soldier said he gained some valuable experience that is helping him refocus his training.

“The biggest thing I want to focus on is match intensity. I know from my training and from the last few matches, that I can shoot the world class scores in matches. Now, it’s having to maintain composure and not get overly anxious like I did in Tokyo,” explained Nguyen.

“Tokyo, by far, was the most nerve-racking match I have ever competed in. I’m hoping, in France, I’m a little more composed and focused on my fundamentals.”

The significant performance at Paralympic Trials – Part 2 confirmed that Nguyen’s training plan is working. So as he prepares for the upcoming Para World Cup and Paralympic Trials – Part 3, the Soldier said he will continue working with his training plan that is showing results.

“I felt really good going into the match [Paralympic Trials – Part 2]. I’ve been working on my record days, focusing on shooting world class match scores on the spot. It felt really good to see that my training is mirroring my competition days.”

Training is not the only thing Nguyen has been working on though. He just became a new father, and he said he’s embracing every moment of this new experience.

“Being a father is such an awesome feeling, and I am enjoying every moment of it — even on days when I am not getting a whole lot of sleep. That’ just par for being a parent now, everybody goes through it.”

Becoming a father has not changed his perspective on his Paralympic goal, he just feels like he has added support now.

“I think having my family there with me at the Games will not only be a cool and fun experience, but it’s also a blessing. It’s like have your own cheerleading squad in the stands.”

As he aims to secure a position on Team USA’s Paralympic Rifle Team, for the second time, he said he has the same goal he had in Tokyo.

“I want to do better in France than I did in Tokyo; I’ve learn so much since then, and I am still fighting and wanting to bring home that Gold Medal for Team USA.”

By LTC Michelle Lunato