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ZeroTech Optics Unveils the Thrive HD Line of Reflex Sights

Friday, July 1st, 2022

The latest addition to the ZeroTech range is the ready on demand Thrive HD Reflex sight with advanced shake awake technology to ensure it’s ready to go when you are! Built on a popular footprint, the Thrive HD Reflex will mount to most firearms. The Thrive HD reflex sight comes standard with a picatinny rail interface, allowing it to fit to shotguns, lever rifles, AR platforms and many more. By removing the picatinny rail interface, the Thrive HD reflex sight can mount directly to pistols with a slide cut and many accessories designated for the direct attachment of a reflex sight.

• 3 MOA Dot
• 1x28mm
• 50,000 battery life on lowest brightness setting Convenient battery compartment location. No need to remove mount to change battery (side loading battery)
• Direct mount to pistols utilizing popular footprint for enhanced compatibility
• Molded rubber cover
• Auto shutoff
• Auto ON (integrated motion sensor)
• Adjustable brightness
• Supplied with Picatinny compatible base
• High and low rise versions (THDRS28H and THDRS28L)
• Guaranteed Waterproof and Shockproof
• AR lens coating specially developed for the least possible image distortion

Precision – Simplicity – Speed. ZeroTech Optics Announces the 6-24×50 Thrive HD First Focal Plane Precision Hunting Riflescope

Friday, June 24th, 2022

ZeroTech Optics is redefining long range hunting precision and all-round usability with the new Thrive HD First Focal Plane (FFP) series of riflescopes that has been developed for shooters and hunters who are looking for a ‘do it all’ riflescope. The combination of FFP and adjustable illumination enables the LR Hunter to mimic traditional reticles on low magnification. Whilst at higher powers, a level of precision is on offer to help you connect with the farthest targets. The LR Hunter is a true hybrid.

Available in 4-16x44mm & 6-24x50mm with the LR Hunter illuminated reticle.

• FFP Illuminated glass etched reticle – Facilitates precision at higher magnification and high speed at low magnification
• 30mm one piece tube
• Push Button Illumination with memory function and auto off feature
• Heavy Duty aluminium flip-up covers
• Capped, high performance resettable turrets (0.1 MRAD).
• 92% Light Transmission
• Weathershield lens coating

EOTECH Awarded SBIR Phase II Contract

Friday, June 17th, 2022

Plymouth, MI (June 2022) – EOTECH, inventor and original manufacturer of Holographic technology for use on military, LE, hunting, and consumer firearms, has been awarded a follow up SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract for the development of a dual-color holographic head-up display for increased situational awareness and targeting in military aircraft.

This Phase II contract funds further development to produce a system that allows more information to be acquired faster without obscuring the pilot field of view, which leads to efficient decisions and reduced cognitive load on the end-user. Commercially, the developed technology may adapt to existing firearm weapon sights, and could provide customers with new functionality, such as overlaying waypoints or caliber data onto their field of view.

“We are extremely proud to have received this Phase II contract and are excited to continue developing this technology into a solution that enhances the performance of our pilots,” said Dennis Finnegan, President of EOTECH GOV.  “EOTECH has been at the forefront of holography, dating back to the 1950’s, and has dedicated its existence to providing tools and technology that improve the performance and increase the safety of our warfighters.”

The SBIR program is intended to support scientific excellence and technological innovation that is moving from the lab to the market. Investing federal research and development funds into startups and small businesses yield positive results.  It fosters a strong national economy and stimulates the creation of novel products, services, and solutions in the private sector; strengthens the role of small business in meeting federal research and development needs; increases the commercial application of federally supported research results; and develops and increases the US workforce, especially by fostering and encouraging participation by socially and economically disadvantaged and women-owned small businesses.

For more information, please visit

Night Fision Tritium Optics Ready Sights

Sunday, June 12th, 2022

Night Fision’s Optics Ready Stealth Series (ORS) tritium sights are engineered to offer a lower 1/3 co-witness, but with the new blade heights, a wider array of optics, and handgun combinations will see what is regarded as the best position for backup irons on a handgun with a slide-mounted optic.

As an alternative to repurposing Suppressor Height sights, ORS sights are designed from the dovetail up to work as backup sights for optics yet obscuring less of the optic window while still allowing three-dot sight alignment if needed.

Night Fision Optics Ready Sights

Night Fision Stealth Pistol Optics Ready Sights

Night Fision is pleased to announce new blade height offerings for three manufacturers in their Optics Ready Stealth Series product line; Glock, SIG SAUER, and Heckler & Koch.

Stealth Glock Optics ReadySights

Designed to work with pistol optics, these Optics Ready Glock sights offer the perfect 1/3 co-witness tailored to the shooter’s preference. Additionally, they are serrated for low glare so you’ll never know they’re there until you need them.


Glock Optics Ready Sights

 Stealth SIG Sauer Optics Ready Sights

Designed to work with pistol optics, these Optics Ready SIG SAUER sights offer the perfect 1/3 co-witness tailored to the shooter’s preference. Additionally, they are serrated for low glare so you’ll never know they’re there until you need them.

Sig Sauer Optics Ready Sights

Stealth HK VP9 Optics Ready Sights

Designed to work with pistol optics, these Optics Ready HK VP9 sights offer the perfect 1/3 co-witness tailored to the shooter’s preference. Additionally, they are serrated for low glare so you’ll never know they’re there until you need them.

HK VP9 Optics Ready Sights

Stealth Series FEATURES

  • Green Tritium Vials in front and rear sights are housed in a ballistic-grade polymer
  • Thin ring size on front sight balances visibility without distraction
  • Perfect Dot front sights have a domed lens to focus glow for crisp sight picture and fluorescent rings guaranteed not to chip, crack, or break.
  • Rear sight available in blank or with black polymer ringed Tritium.
  • Serrated heavy-duty steel sight body complimented by a tough Nitride Coating
  • Blade heights allow for various co-witness possibilities with a variety of optic, plate, and milling-depth combinations.
  • Built in the USA with Swiss Tritium

These new sights are designed in a way that they are just high enough to clear the optic. In the past, many shooters have used suppressor height sights to co-witness with an optic. The problem with that is that clutters the optic sight window and can become distracting to the shooter. With many pistol optic manufacturers making larger sight windows, why would we want to impede that with tall irons?

The new Optics Ready Stealth tritium sights are designed to sit right at the bottom of the pistol optic sight window, allowing you to take full advantage of the sight picture, but still have co-witnessed irons as a backup.

These additions to our most popular product line affirm that they truly are designed with our customers in mind,” said Rachel Maloney, Marketing Director for Night Fision, “that we can help our customers create their perfect sight picture and remove any barriers to both having the brightest night sights on the market mounted on their gun, yet avoid crowding their optic window when they aren’t needed.”

For more information on these products or other Night Fision offerings, visit the Night Fision website.

Armasight Announces The Contractor Thermal Optic

Friday, June 10th, 2022

For Immediate Release – Northbrook IL – Trailblazer and Category Leader in Thermal and Night Vision, Armasight debuted the “Designed & Built in the USA” Contractor series of weapon mounted thermal optics at SHOT Show 2022. The Contractor line is the first thermal optic on the market that is powered by the new ArmaCORE™ Thermal Core technology, which brings 12 micron pixels, high performance imaging, and a dynamic feature set to the system.

The Armasight Contractor is a feature rich thermal weapon sight that brings cutting edge capability in a lightweight yet durable metal alloy housing. Built as a MIL-STD military-grade thermal scope, the Contractor can be used in all environmental conditions to improve object detection in low contrast daylight, total darkness, or through smoke, haze and even light fog. This long eye-relief sight is comfortable to use and features an array of advanced technologies that will maximize your weapon efficiency.  The Contractor offers a 60 Hz 1024 x 768 display resolution, USB and WiFi video streaming, 4 hours of onboard video recording, and low battery consumption from standard CR123A batteries.

The Contractor features eight user-selectable reticles and six color palettes, allowing for a wide range of customized options to best suit the specific needs presented by the environment or mission specific needs. The Contractor also comes equipped with a digital compass, inclinometer, and stadiametric reticles that help users calculate distance, direction, and angles.

Advanced hardware is in place to be able to take advantage of emerging technologies to expand stability and functionality with standard firmware updates. The Armasight app, available on iOS and Android, allows for remote control of the unit, photo and video capture, live streaming, GPS location and updates to the unit. Updates can also be completed through a USB connection within the Contractor.

The Contractor is available through brick & mortar and ecommerce dealers now.


320 ArmaCORE™ – 12 micro, Made In The USA thermal Core

60 Hz 1024×768 display

4hrs on board recording

4hr run time on full charge

USB and WiFi streaming

Eight user-selectable reticles and six color palettes


Contractor 320 3-12x25mm – $4299

Contractor 320 6-24x50mm – $4799

Badger Ordnance C1 Mount Awarded NSN by US Army

Friday, June 10th, 2022

The US Army has awarded National Stock Number 1005-01-701-3545 to Badger Ordnance for the Condition One Modular Mount as a component of the Advanced Sniper Accessory Kit.

The Condition One Mount is also paired by the Army with the Mk22 Advanced Sniper Rifle.

OpEx 22 – EOTech

Thursday, June 2nd, 2022

EOTech is dusting off a couple of designs from their L3 days including the Mk56.

With a window about 2.5 times larger than their standard Holographic Weapon Sights, it is intended for use with heavy weapons like the M2.

Designed for use out to 2000 meters, this one integrates a standard reticle.

Rampart Range Day 22 – Rampart Solutions

Wednesday, June 1st, 2022

The biggest booth at Range Day was Rampart’s own. They show solutions which don’t have reps on hand.


XION is an impact resistant garment which can be worn under traditional police uniforms offering discreet protection.


The Warq Pro helmet is designed for use with Simuntions. The integrated visor is Anti-fog and offers 210 deg FOV. For added training value, you’ll find a Wilcox NOD Mount and rails. One size fits most.


The Schuberth P100 has become go-to riot helmet for police in Europe. offered in several versions, these include the P100N LPA which incorporates and adjustable liner and laser eye protection.


Rampart offers the ACRO P-2. It incorporates a 3.5 MOA dot with 4 night vision compatible settings and 6 daylight settings for over 50,000 hours (over 5 years) of constant operation.


Based in Austria, Carinthia makes great clothing, sleep and shelter systems. They use GORE-TEX and their own proprietary insulation called G-Loft.

All of these products can be procured by agencies, departments, and units in Canada from Rampart International.