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Brownells Debuts New Optic, Gives Prizes During NOT Show eVent

Thursday, January 14th, 2021

GRINNELL, Iowa (January 13, 2021) –With traditional trade shows canceled, Brownells will cap its week long NOT Show eVent, January 18 through 22, with the release of the next scope in the Brownells Match Precision Optic line.

First announced at SHOT Show 2019, the Brownells MPO scopes have high-quality glass made in Japan, and Brownells’ unique Non-Obscuring Illuminated Milling Reticle. The illuminated reticle features a central aiming dot inside a box, allowing precise aim at small targets without blocking them from view.

The newest MPO is a 1-8X24mm model with a similar reticle and is perfect for use on flattop AR-15 style firearms, or any other platform suited for an LPVO for quick switches between up-close shooting and targets farther out. 

Open for pre-order starting Friday, January 22, the 1-8X24mm MPO It will be available by itself or packaged with a Brownells mount:

• #080-001-394  1-8X24 MPO Scope, $799.99 retail

• #080-001-395  1-8X24mm MPO Scope with Brownells Mount, $899.99 retail

Throughout the NOT Show eVent week, visitors to the Brownells NOT Show eVent page can enter for a chance to win a variety of prizes valued up to $1,600, including complete firearms from both Stag Arms and FM, a Midwest Industries handguard and Grey Ghost Precision parts for the Sig 320.

In addition, videos will appear on the Brownells NOT Show eVent page featuring companies like Magpul, Aero Precision, Hornady and others focusing on recently-released products.

Customers will be able to purchase some of the products immediately and sign up for alerts on other new products soon to be in stock.

To learn more, go to Brownells.com.

SAFRAN Optics 1 Enhanced Clip-On SWIR Imager

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

The Enhanced Clip-On SWIR Imager or ECOSI from SAFRAN Optics 1 overlays a SWIR (Short Wave Infrared) image on to a NVD image for identifying out of band SWIR aim lasers, pointers, beacons, strobes and 1064nm markers and designators during day and night operations.

It also has HUD (Heads Up Display) capability that provides real-time, geo-referenced navigation/route execution. When used with Android devices, the NVD becomes the HUD for identifying teammates, targets and route points.

Offered with internal or external battery.


Riton Optics Products Available on Strelok Pro Ballistic Calculator

Friday, January 8th, 2021

Tucson, AZ (05 January 2021)- Veteran owned optics company, Riton Optics, is proud to announce the addition of their riflescope line to the Strelok Pro Ballistic Calculator.

Providing field proven accuracy since 2001, Strelok Pro has proven itself to be among the top ballistic calculators available to shooters worldwide. With apps available for both Android and iOS platforms, shooters are guaranteed to be right on target with every shot sent downrange.

In order to utilize the platform, simply select Riton optic and reticle combo and input the data to receive corrections. Custom data inputs for distance, wind speed and direction, slope angle, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, altitude, ammunition data (handloads and factory ammo), barrel twist rate, and much more are all included in the app.

Riton’s Director of Product Development, Jeremiah Alexander, has the following to say regarding Strelok Pro: “Being new to the shooting game can be overwhelming. A good ballistics calculator is key in getting impacts where you want them and collecting data along the way. I’ve used no application more intuitive than Strelok Pro. Thanks to the Strelok and Riton partnership, I have been able to consistently shoot past two miles.”

For more information about Strelok Pro and to download the app, visit the app store on your selected device.

New Products from Vortex Optics for 2021

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Vortex Optics has released a list of new products for 2021.

Fury® HD 5000 AB 10×42 Laser Rangefinding Binocular

Solve long-distance shooting with the push of a button, featuring in-display ballistic data, built-in environmental sensors, and wind bearing capture mode.

• In-display wind/drop solutions via integrated Applied Ballistics® Elite Solver
• Customize ballistic profiles via the Fury HD App
• Pairs with Kestrel® wind meters and Applied Ballistics® Garmin® devices


The SPARC® SOLAR harnesses the sun for up to 150,000 hours of battery life, powering a reliable tactical machine that’s always ready.

• Auto D-TEC Technology automatically switches from solar to battery power
• Motion activation capable
• Daylight bright 2 MOA red dot

New Tripods

Radian™ Carbon: The ultimate anchor for your optics or precision rifle

Ridgeview™ Carbon: Offering extended height for standing while glassing

Summit™ Carbon II: Compact, lightweight design for the ultimate in packability

High Country™ II: The ideal combination of stability and packability

Spitfire™ HD Gen II 3x Prism Scope

A redesigned HD optical system cuts inches and ounces off the original platform for a compact, shooter’s dream come true.

• HD Optical system
• Ultra-compact and lightweight design
• Purpose-built AR-BDC4 reticle for 5.56 cartridges

Spitfire™ HD Gen 5x Prism Scope

Nocorium Vinyl Night Vision Camouflage Wraps Available Now from TNVC!

Thursday, January 7th, 2021

January 07, 2021 Redlands, CA

TNVC is proud to announce that we are a full distributor for Nocorium vinyl Night Vision wraps—wraps are in-stock and ready to ship now, and available for the TNV and NGI PVS-14s, RNVGs, and DTNVGs in Multicam, Coyote (Tan 498), Ranger Green, M81 Woodland, Multicam Black, Multicam Arid, and Multicam Tropic!

Additional colorways and device patterns coming soon, to include the AN/PVS-31A USSOCOM BNVD, L3Harris BNVD1531, and TNV/DTNVS!


Nocorium™ is a non-permanent, automotive grade adhesive-backed vinyl wrap carefully designed and precision cut to customize the appearance of your Night Vision Device. Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are essentially a second skin for Night Vision Goggles that provides an additional layer of protection from minor scuffs and scratches, while also allowing the device to better blend-in to your surroundings.

Nocorium™ is easy to peel off the backing. It is easy to apply. And when you want to change it up, it is easy to remove when the time comes. Residual adhesive residue on the housing will be minimal (if present at all) even after years of being applied. The revolutionary dual system adhesive backing allows the material to be installed while providing some slideability and repositionability of the pieces. This ensures every piece properly conforms to complex surfaces with an optimal fit. Once the desired position and shaping has been achieved, pressing the wrap material firmly into the device’s surface breaks open microscopic acrylic adhesive particles that form the real adhesive bond to the surface and will continue to strengthen over the following 24 hours. When applied correctly, the end result is a clean and bubble free surface appearance that remains in place until the user chooses to remove it.

Most Night Vision Devices are typically all black in external appearance, and while they may not stand out much when observed in visible light, that black exterior has a high contrast visual signature when seen under infrared. The NVG Wraps™ are non-reflective as they have a matte finish overlaminate. When viewed under both passive and active IR light, the highly effective Nocorium™ material blends-in about the same as regular multicam fabric. In fact, the material has a much lower visual signature under IR when compared to the black polymer and black anodized components of the device itself. Nocorium™ not only looks good, it also has beneficial function as IR camouflage.

Areas of operations can change: You might be in an urban environment one day but then a woodland or arid or snowy environment in the near future. The need to blend in continues. A paint job, be it Cerakote or rattle can paint can be quite an aesthetic commitment and labor-intensive to remove. In comparison, Nocorium NVG Wraps™ allow you to change the surface appearance of your Night Vision Device as often as you like or even revert back to its all black original appearance with no clean up needed. Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are available in a wide range of colors. Multicam options are exclusively licensed from Crye Precision®. Solid Color options are carefully calibrated to match common color tones used for accessories in those color families.

Nocorium NVG Wraps™ are an excellent solution to changing the appearance of your Night Vision Device and the diverse range of colors and camouflage patterns available gives you lots of options.


Optics 1 ECOTI Now Shipping Exclusively from TNVC!

Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

January 06, 2021 Redlands, CA

TNVC is proud to announce that we are now shipping the first pre-orders of the Optics 1 ECOTI. Previously restricted to government sales, TNVC was able to secure exclusive commercial distribution rights late last year and finally make this next-generation technology available to all customers. Our staff is working diligently to get caught up and get all pre-orders out after a much needed break for the holidays.

The Optics 1 ECOTI next generation thermal clip-on technology is available now for order exclusively from TNVC for $8,399.00, with the full complement of accessories to be available later on this year—get yours today!


DeltaPoint Micro from Leupold Optics

Monday, January 4th, 2021

Leupold has officially released the DeltaPoint Micro, their new minimalistic red dot sight for pistols.

For shooters who need a red dot sight for their personal carry pistol, the DeltaPoint Micro is a rugged reflex sight that delivers rapid target acquisition, increased accuracy, and legendary Leupold performance in a sleek, low-profile design.

It’s a direct replacement for the factory rear sight. While I’m not overly enthused by the form factor, I do appreciate the technology. Leupold has placed a red dot about as close to the bore axis as possible. I imagine this means you’ll have to get used to it, if you decide to replace a more traditional RDS. But if this is your first use of an RDS, transitioning from traditional sights should be a bit easier as the dot is essentially where you normally find your rear sight. It’s also in direct alignment with the front sight.

Offering 8 power settings, the 3MOA dot is fully enclosed and is powered by a CR 1632 battery. The sight incorporates Motion Sensing Technology for power management and is waterproof rated at IPX7.

Although readily accessible for battery swaps, that battery case looks like it will take some getting used to. Perhaps an updated version will come out with a conformal, internal battery making the whole package a bit more sleek.

Initially, the DeltaPoint Micro is offered to fit either any non-MOS Glock or Smith & Wesson M&P models.

It should be right around $400 street price.


Powerful Example: IVAS Program Uses Middle Tier and Other Transaction Authorities

Sunday, January 3rd, 2021

The Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) program office employed critical thinking and innovative practices in the strategy, planning and execution of IVAS–an acquisition program designed to give our Soldiers, Marines and Special Operators a decisive advantage in close-combat capability. The program team leveraged the Adaptive Acquisition Framework, Middle Tier of Acquisition Pathway/Rapid Prototyping Path as highlighted in DoDI 5000.80, as well as Other Transaction Authorities to contract with Microsoft and other traditional and non-traditional vendors. Additionally, they involved Soldiers in the design and test process (“Soldier-Centered Design”), collaborated with key stakeholders and industry as one team (the “right team”), and effectively identified, managed and drove down risk as development and testing progressed.

Click here to watch the video.

IVAS is a low-profile, ruggedized Heads-Up Display (HUD) with a body borne computer pack, Conformal Wearable Battery (CWB), squad radio, and integrated thermal and low light sensors that provides the Close Combat Force a single platform to fight, rehearse, and train. The IVAS suite of capabilities leverages tactical mixed reality to enable planning, networked information sharing via Tactical Cloud Package (TCP) and Cloud Services, and an augmented reality Synthetic Training Environment (STE) and Squad immersive Virtual Trainer (SiVT) that enables the Warfighter to fight ‘25 bloodless battles’ before engaging the enemy. IVAS integrates next generation situational awareness tools and high-resolution simulations to deliver a single platform that improves Soldier sensing, decision making, target acquisition, and target engagement. These capabilities will provide the increased lethality, mobility, and situational awareness necessary to achieve overmatch against our current and future adversaries.

Team IVAS is on target to begin production in March 2021, with first unit equipped in September 2021, accelerating the development process by more than four years compared to traditional acquisition processes.

Written by Tony Romano, DAU