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C&H Precision Releases New Line of Scope Tube Mounts for Red Dot

Friday, April 19th, 2024

RICHMOND HILL, Ga. – April 18, 2024 – C&H Precision announces the release of a new line of scope tube mounts to allow the mounting of micro red dot optics to firearms outfitted with scope tubes.

The new mounting solutions are available for 30mm or 34mm scopes and are fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum. The mounts are machined for a smooth transitioning of optics to allow the user faster target acquisition without needing to adjust the zoom of the scope.

“C&H Precision is continually striving to innovate within our industry to make optics and mounting solutions easier and more accessible than ever,” said Tony Tetreau, marketing director of C&H Precision. “These new scope tube mounts will streamline the process of mounting your favorite pistol red dots to any 30mm or 34mm scope tubes that shooters may have on their firearms. This new line is the most recent installment in C&H’s venture to be the ultimate one-stop-shop for any gun enthusiast’s optics needs.”

This line includes mounting solutions that allow the user to mount pistol optics with RMR, RMSc and ACRO-XL footprints.

SKU / Description / MSRP

• 30MM-STM-RSH / 30MM RMR Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 34MM-STM-RSH / 34MM RMR Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 30MM-STM-HOLOk / 30MM RMSc Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 34MM-STM-HOLOk / 34MM RMSc Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 30MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 30MM ACRO XL Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

• 34MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 34MM ACRO XL Scope Tube Mount / $74.95

Additionally, the line has replacement screw kits, which include only the scope tube mount bottom and replacement screws.

SKU / Description / MSRP

• ACCS-RSK-30MM-STM-RSH / 30MM RMR Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-34MM-STM-RSH / 34MM RMR Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-30MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 30MM ACRO-XL Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-34MM-STM-ACRO-XL / 34MM ACRO-XL Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-30MM-STM-HOLOk / 30MM RMSc Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

• ACCS-RSK-34MM-STM-HOLOk / 34MM RMSc Replacement Screw Kit / $8.95

The full line of scope tube mounts and replacement screw kits are available for purchase and shipping now. More information on this new line from C&H Precision is available here.

For more information on C&H Precision visit www.chpws.com or find C&H on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Also tune into the all-new podcast on Spotify.

SOFWERX – Day and Night Heads Up Display (DANHUD) Assessment Event

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

SOFWERX, in collaboration with USSOCOM Program Executive Office Special Operation Forces – Warrior (PEO-SW) will host the Day and Night Heads Up Display (DANHUD) Assessment Event (AE) 25-27 June 2024 to identify solutions to enhance operator capability and situational awareness in both day and night conditions and decrease white-light self-illumination risk.

With the rapid advancements in both Augmented Reality (AR) and plug-ins that provide additional capability to the Android Tactical Assault Kit (ATAK), USSOCOM operators require a device that can display a wide variety of information without requiring the operator to look down at the End User Device (EUD) display on their chest. Such a device is expected to take the form of a look-through Heads-Up-Display (HUD) that would either mount onto the operator’s helmet or be integrated into ballistic eye wear, allowing for seamless heads-up operation. Because ATAK and future AR initiatives provide capability in both day and night conditions, this HUD device needs to be capable of being bright enough to be seen in sunlight, but also be used in conjunction with an operator’s Night Vision Goggles (NVG). Thus, the name for this device – Day And Night Heads-Up-Display (DANHUD). 

Additionally, the operator must be able to quickly and easily change the type and number of battery cells powering their NVGs and the DANHUD system via a Modular Smart Battery Pack, allowing flexibility/adaptability in degraded logistics situations.

The objective is to discover and develop a HUD system (including a Modular Smart Battery Pack) that is capable of working both ‘stand-alone’ in daylight conditions and in conjunction with currently issued NVGs and future Advanced NVGs (such as the L3Harris Fusion Binocular (F-BINO) or Fused Panoramic NVG (F-PANO)) with integrated cameras/displays for night operation. Additionally, the HUD system needs to be able to receive data from an EUD-operating ATAK and be capable of powering and interfacing with helmet-mounted directional laser warning devices. The solutions provider(s) shall create an Interface Control Document (ICD) that allows ‘plug-and-play’ upgrades to the DANHUD system in the future. They should also expect to collaborate with USSOCOM operators to refine operator touch points and functionality throughout the development of the system.

Interested parties must submit 22 May 2024 11:59 PM ET. U.S. Citizens Only, ITAR Restricted.

For more details, visit events.sofwerx.org/day-and-night-heads-up-display.

GPO USA Adds Monoculars to Its Lineup of Premium Optics

Thursday, April 18th, 2024

RICHMOND, Va. — GPO USA, a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, affordable sporting optics, is proud to introduce two new 10X monoculars to its line of premium optics – the GPO PASSION 10x32ED monocular and the GPOTAC 10x42ED tactical monocular.

“Monoculars generally don’t get the respect they deserve when it comes to their lightweight, quick-handling, and ease-of-use features; most are too small and of poor quality,” said Mike Jensen, GPO, USA’s owner and CEO. “But, when a quality full-sized monocular becomes available, more people will discover its benefits. They will become increasingly popular for casual and professional use. These two new 10X GPO units have been designed to provide cutting-edge quality at an affordable price.”

The GPO M100 PASSION 10×32 monocular is designed for everyday use for those who might wish to capture an unexpected image that pops up unexpectedly – something that catches your eye while hiking, hunting, or even watching a sporting event – when packing a larger, more cumbersome binocular is not practical or convenient. A new GPO monocular is the perfect solution. This unit measures just 2.5x2x5.1 inches and weighs only 11.3 oz. With a 36mm ED objective lens, you can gather plenty of light, and the generous 14.5mm of eye relief and a 325-foot field of view will provide a large picture to view. It will focus quickly with a simple spindle.

The GPOTAC 10×42 ED tactical monocular is a more specialized device designed for tactical or field situations where a specialized optic for quick, accurate range measurement calculations is required. Designed with an off-center MIL reticle, this unit measures a mere 2.2×2.2×6.3 inches, weighs just 13.4 oz., has a generous 42mm objective lens, 14mm of eye relief, a 304-foot field of view, and focuses by twisting the eyepiece. It is the ideal optic for lightweight, compact, fast, and accurate target acquisitions.

Both units feature robust armor housing, GPOBright™ high-transmission lens coatings, ergonomic single wheel focus, and magnesium housing, and are waterproof (3 feet/30 minutes.) They will be available this spring at retailers nationwide and conveniently online at www.gpo-usa.com. The suggested retail price for the PASSION 10×32 ED is $289, and the MSRP for the GPOTAC 10×42 ED is $349. Both are backed by GPO USA’s industry-leading Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™.

For more information on GPO’s new monoculars and GPO USA’s complete lineup of riflescopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, laser rangefinders, accessories, and much more, visit the company’s website, www.gpo-usa.com.

Exploring the Frontier of Rifle Optics: The Rise of MPVO

Thursday, April 11th, 2024

There’s a new term that is making waves: Medium Power Variable Optics (MPVO). This emerging concept is sparking lively debates and varied perspectives across the industry. Despite the diverse interpretations, one aspect of MPVO is universally acknowledged: it’s quickly becoming a hot topic in today’s optics market, adeptly filling the void left by LPVOs (Low Power Variable Optics).

As rifles evolve to be more mechanically precise and compact, the demand for equally advanced optics is undeniable. MPVO emerges as the ideal solution, seamlessly bridging the gap between the high magnification of traditional optics and the versatility of lower magnification LPVOs. Designed for rifles that deliver precision at extended ranges yet remain agile and easy to handle, MPVO is setting a new benchmark in optical engineering.

The Evolution of LPVO and the Emergence of MPVO

LPVO has become a familiar term in the firearms community, revolutionizing rifle optics with its ability to offer high magnification ratios stretching from 1x to 10x. This versatility has made it a favorite for both short and medium-range engagements, thanks to features like 30mm or 34mm tube sizes and the choice between SFP and FFP reticles has made the LPVO very versatile across many shooting applications. However, as the needs of shooters become more refined, the stage is set for the growth of MPVO optics.

What is MPVO?

MPVO, or Medium Power Variable Optics, represents a significant leap forward in optical technology. Defined as optics with a magnification range starting just above 1x and not exceeding 3x, MPVO sets a new benchmark for medium-powered scopes. This specification is particularly tailored to meet the needs of compact rifles, which demand the ability to engage targets accurately at extended distances without sacrificing the rifle’s maneuverability or adding unnecessary bulk.

MPVOs emerge as the ideal solution for shooters who find traditional high-magnification scopes too cumbersome and LPVOs (Low Power Variable Optics) insufficient in terms of reach. By filling this gap, MPVOs offer a versatile and agile option for modern rifles, ensuring precision and adaptability across a wide range of shooting scenarios.

Why MPVO is a Game-Changer

MPVO is leading the charge in optical innovation, crafted to surpass the limitations. MPVO optics are the answer to the compromises often faced with high power ratio LPVOs. These compromises typically involve a trade-off between optimizing for maximum magnification or maintaining effectiveness at 1x magnification.

For those who decide to run an MPVO optic but still need immediate close-quarters capabilities, the integration of a secondary optic becomes essential. The market is rich with options for pairing an offset optic, including the increasingly popular 45-degree mounted micro red dot sight.

ZeroTech’s Role in the MPVO Evolution

ZeroTech is crafting innovative optics that distinguish themselves in a crowded market. Our dedication to pushing the MPVO category forward reflects our deep understanding of its significance to today’s shooter. By focusing on the unique requirements of our customers, ZeroTech’s MPVO solutions are engineered to boost shooting precision, versatility, and performance.

MPVO revolution is well underway, promising to redefine the landscape of rifle optics for years to come.

About ZeroTech Optics

ZeroTech International is pioneering new grounds by developing cutting edge optical solutions tailored to the needs of the most demanding users. This new direction is forging our path as one of the world’s leading optical manufacturers dedicated to providing hunters, shooters and outdoors enthusiasts with elite optical performance in all-weather scenarios. ZeroTech Optics prides itself on delivering our promise of unmatched user experience, unbeatable value for money and our dedicated customer centered focus supplying optics that meet and exceed our users’ expectations.

We have stamped ZeroTech’s mark on the world stage, born from a third-generation optical distributor and manufacturing family originating from the USA, specializing in performance optics tailored to the most demanding environments on earth. This experience has seen ZeroTech Optics tested from the vast arid floodplains of Australia and Africa, through to the treacherous snowcapped peaks of the southern fiords in New Zealand and delivering repeatable reliability in the last frontier, Alaska.

Founded in Australia in 2018, ZeroTech International Pty Ltd, a subsidiary company of the largest optical supplier in the southern hemisphere along with our in-house team of optical and engineers whom design, test and deliver products that are built to our highest Australian standards before exporting across the globe.

Wherever you are in the world, we have you covered.

ZeroTech. Be Confident.

Contact us: sales@zerotechoptics.com

You can visit the company website at: www.zerotechoptics.com

Socials: www.instagram.com/zerotechoptics

UNITY Tactical Launches Combat Thermal Mount for VooDoo-S

Friday, April 5th, 2024

Second CTM™ Model Expands Compatibility and BringsIncreased Versatility
BROUSSARD, LA. (April 5, 2024) – UNITY™ Tactical, a designer of components that integrate tactical systems and optimize the human factor, announced the launch of the second model of its Combat Thermal Mount™, which can nowbe employed for the Pixels on Target™ VooDoo-S™. The first model of the CTM™ launched in Jan. 2022 for the Trijicon® SkeetIR™x. The two models are not interchangeable.

The compact and lightweight CTM brings the thermal to an absolute co-witness height of a 1.54″ optical centerline from the rail. Using a force-to-overcome mechanism, the thermal flips-to-side. The new model for the VooDoo-S can be mounted for both right- and left-handed flip-to-side options.

Mounted in front of a compatible weapons optic, CTM mounts directly to an M1913 rail. It comes standard with a FAST™ QD Lever, allowing the thermal to be used as an HHI (handheld imager) with quick detachment and reattachment while maintaining optic co-alignment.

“The CTM offers a lightweight, low-profile solution compared to legacy options, which is especially beneficial when mounting on a shorter handguard,” said Mike Roth, VP of business development for UNITY Tactical. “The versatility it provides with its quick detach lever and small rail footprint helps the thermal adapt to many configured solutions for end users. We’re glad to expand its compatibility from the SkeetIRx to also include the VooDoo-S.”

When mounted on a FAST™ Absolute Riser, the CTM brings the thermal up to the established FAST height of 2.26″ to allow pairing with any FAST mount and optic combination.

CTM is made of 7075-T6 aluminum that is type III hardcoat anodized. It is available only in black and includes a lifetime warranty. It retails for $495 and is available for purchase now through authorized UNITY dealers and on UNITYtactical.com.

Reptilia Saddle Mount for Elcan and Micro

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2024

Reptilia designed this mount for use with the Elcan SpecterDR 1.5-6x and 1-4x Optical Sights at the request of Machine Gunners who wanted to piggyback a MRDS for close-in work.

Compatible with:

Aimpoint® – Micro R-1, H-1, H-2, T-1, T-2, CompM5
Sig Sauer® – ROMEO4 , ROMEO5 & ROMEO-MSR
Vortex Optics® – Crossfire®, Spitfire®, Sparc® I & II
Primary Arms® – Classic Series Gen II, SLx Advanced Rotary Knob Microdot, & SLx Compact 1×20 Prism Scope – ACSS-Cyclops
Holosun® Technologies –  HS403(not HS403A), HE403, HS503, HE503, HS515, HE515,  & HE530.

Available in Black and FDE.


KC Eusebio Wins Speed Shooting Title with Bushnell RXM-300 Reflex Sight

Thursday, March 28th, 2024

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – March 25, 2024 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, is proud to announce sponsored shooter KC Eusebio won the Speed Shooting title at the US Steel Nationals at the Volusia County Gun Club near New Smyrna Beach, Florida, March 15 -17.

Eusebio successfully defended his title from 2023 and opted to use the same Bushnell reflex sight – the RXM-300 Reflex Sight – to claim his 2024 national title.

“This was a tough one with minimal training and jet lag,” said Eusebio. “But once we got rolling, Jessie Harrison and Max Michel pushed me to focus up and give it my all.”

A USPSA Grandmaster since age 12, Eusebio is one of the most accomplished competitive pistol shooters in the world. Over the last six years, Eusebio has relied on Bushnell products to keep him at the top of his game. Prior to competing at the US Steel National, Eusebio used the Bushnell RXM-300 to win first place overall at the Boland Handgun Championship in Cape Town, South Africa

“There are so many great things that I can say about the Bushnell RXM-300,” said Eusebio. “It is by far the best red dot that I have used throughout the 28 years of my shooting career. A big thank you to Bushnell and my other sponsors for allowing me to live the dream and pursue my marksmanship endeavors.”

The Bushnell RXM-300 is a versatile, large lens, 4 MOA red dot with 12 brightness settings plus an optimized hood geometry for faster target acquisition and shot follow-up without sacrificing durability. That not only makes it the perfect competition sight for pro shooters like Eusebio, but also makes it a great option for carry, home defense and hunting on long-guns and handguns alike. Other premium features of the RXM-300 are user selectable auto-ambient intensity, shake-awake with selectable defeat, and button lockout.

To learn more about Eusebio, other Bushnell ambassadors and pro shooters and the gear they rely on, visit the Bushnell Ambassador’s page.

USSOCOM Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) – Digital Projection Close Quarters Sight (DP-CQS)

Wednesday, March 27th, 2024

This upcoming USSOCOM Small Business Innovation Research topic is pretty exciting.

The objective of Digital Projection Close Quarters Sight (DP-CQS) is to develop applied research toward an innovative solution that will provide a compact, close-quarters sight that has multiple user-selectable and user-configurable ballistic reticles, while eliminating mechanical adjustors to improve system stability under thermal and mechanical shock by utilizing a digital screen projected onto a transparent surface for the user to look/aim through.

On 01 April, SOFWERX will host a virtual Q&A session for the DP-CQS area of interest. Soon after, on 10 April 2024 12:00 PM ET (Noon), submissions will open.

As a part of this feasibility study, the proposers shall address all viable overall system design options with respective specifications to innovatively design a 1x (non-magnified) direct view optic that projects a digital screen/reticle onto a transparent surface for the operator to look/aim through. The DP-CQS shall allow the user to configure and store at least 3 different digital reticle configurations with different types of ballistic features and shall include the ability for the center dot/aim point to be brighter than other displayed features. The DP-CQS shall have no mechanical boresight adjustors and shall be designed as a sealed optical system with low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) with a 72-hour continuous battery run time, utilizing no more than 1x CR123 or L91 battery. The DP- CQS shall communicate with external devices to receive range/ballistic data, and user configured/updated reticles. The feasibility study should consider technologies to eliminate scattering of light to provide a sharp edge to all reticle features, while also minimizing unwanted color shift of the direct-view scene. The DP-CQS shall mount to a MIL-STD 1913 Rail.

Visit events.sofwerx.org/sbir24-4r5 to sign up and answer any questions.