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The “A-Team” Is Back

Monday, August 3rd, 2020

Ann Arbor, Michigan – August 3, 2020 Effective today, EOTECH, manufacturer of the original Holographic Weapon Sight, officially separated from L3Harris, and will once again be an agile, independent business that is focused on high tech products and superior service. As part of this strategic new business model Elite Defense®, the powerhouse international distribution company, and HEL TechnologiesTM, developer of cutting-edge optical science, will also fall under the EOTECH umbrella.

To deliver on the promise of this new beginning, EOTECH has reassembled the critical team members that initially built the brand and were critical to EOTECH’s remarkable growth and success. “It was imperative to establish an “A-Team” to grow and restore the EOTECH brand and we were able to fill this team with highly successful industry veterans whose track records speak for themselves”. Said Matt Van Haaren, Chief Executive Officer. “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Some of the new A-Team members include:

Matt “Hannibal” Van Haaren – Chief Executive Officer

Currently Matt is responsible for executive management of Elite Defense, HEL Technologies and I2G Systems and has spent over 20 years in the national security sector. Those black leather gloves get in the way when he’s lighting his cigar, but Matt leaves them on to keep up appearances.

Dean “BA Baracus” Loebig – Chief Technical Officer

Dean joins the team with more than 20 years of experience developing and managing technology, project execution, marketing and product distribution for various cutting-edge brands including L-3 EOTECH and most recently Elite Defense and HEL Technologies. Dean pities the fool who tries to out-tech him.

Dennis “Howling Mad Murdock” Finnegan – President, International Business

Dennis is a US Army veteran and is a founding member of HEL Technologies and President of Elite Defense. Previously, Dennis managed international sales for L-3 EOTECH and brings 15 years experience in holographic technology markets. Dennis is “on permanent vacation” from the veterans hospital so that he can bring EOTech back to the international market.

Ed “Face” Schoppman – President, North American Business

Ed is a US Army veteran and has 20 years in the outdoor industry. Ed’s previous background as VP of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service at L-3 EOTECH will prove invaluable in taking EOTECH to the next level. Mirrors have been installed throughout the facility so that Ed can check his hair on an ongoing basis.

John “General” Bailey – VP of Marketing

With over 15 of John’s 17 years in the outdoor industry spent at L-3 EOTECH with roles in sales, marketing and product development, John’s background and experience will be a major asset as he leads the marketing and product teams. John loves the smell of holography in the morning.

Lisa “Triple A” Kemp – Director of Branding and Marketing

Lisa brings 20 years of outdoor industry experience working at Freedom Group managing brands such as Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster and DPMS and more recently L-3 EOTECH as Marketing Communication- Brand Manager. Lisa denies that she blackmailed the team into letting her tag along, emphasizing that she’s forgotten more about marketing then the rest of the team knows put together.

Frank “Ashley” Moss – Business Development Manager – Asia and Americas

Frank is a Marine Corps Veteran, and has over 20 years of industry experience, including a highly successful track record in Government, Law Enforcement and Commercial sales within the US and overseas. He demonstrates an extensive knowledge in weapons systems and associated weapon accessories, when he is not narrating old, over-the- top TV shows.

Andy “Dishpan” Gann – Business Development Manager – Europe, Middle East, Africa

Andy has over 20 years of very successful industry experience, including executing sales growth plans through one of EOTECH’s largest European dealers. He has been with Elite Defense since 2016 and brings significant product and market expertise. Andy has a “side hustle” as a special effects expert, which is handy in getting the team out of trouble when they travel together.

Jon “Decker” Meyer – Business Development Manager – Government

Jon is a Marine Corps veteran, and has over 11 years working in the industry, with extensive experience developing products for US & Allied Governments. He has delivered numerous products currently in service with US Special Operations Forces. He refuses to update his uniform to something from this century.

Stay tuned as the new EOTECH disrupts the optics industry! We have big plans and will be delivering cool new products and great customer solutions in the near future.

Sneak Peek – Badger Ordnance Hensoldt Catseye

Friday, July 31st, 2020

This is the Badger Ordnance S.L.I.C.K.-H with their upcoming Hensoldt “Catseye”. It offers the same basic functions as the current SPF-60 (Spotter Protective Filter- 60 mm) for the Leupold, but optimized for the Hensoldt Spotter 45/60. Made from 6061 Aluminum, it provides rugged protection for the objective lens as well as allowing reduced light transmission and reducing glare via the variable aperture “Catseye” feature. Cover indexes out of the way for full light transmission or for NV/Thermal integration. It will only be available in anodized tan.

NEW Diamondback HD Spotting Scopes from Vortex Optics

Thursday, July 30th, 2020


BARNEVELD, Wis. – The way you hunt demands more of an optic, whether you are picking a tine out of dense cover or seeing the telltale flick of an ear on the next ridge. In any scenario, the last thing you want is to doubt if your gear is up to the job.

The Diamondback® HD line of spotting scopes from Vortex® is taking the next step forward with two new configurations, the 16-48×65 and the 20-60×85, providing power and clarity in a redesigned package that’s high on performance and low on sticker shock.

The power behind the new Diamondback® HD spotters is an HD optical system that delivers crisp resolution, brighter images, and edge-to-edge sharpness, reducing eye strain during long glassing sessions. All air-to-glass surfaces are fully multi-coated for increased light transmission and powerful low-light performance, giving you an edge when you need it most.

In addition to rethinking the Diamondback® HD’s internal components, Vortex® took a fresh approach to the spotter’s exterior, introducing a streamlined, snag-free profile. The helical focus wheel provides fast, fine adjustments, and an Arca-Swiss compatible foot means the Diamondback® HD mounts quickly to compatible tripod heads without additional plates. Plus, a neoprene cover comes included, keeping your spotter protected in the field.

US Army Prototypes Integrated Visual Augmentation System Network Capabilities for Tactical Vehicles

Tuesday, July 28th, 2020

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (July 23, 2020) — Army Futures Command (AFC) is using rapid prototyping to integrate tactical network systems, which will enhance functionality of the Soldier-worn Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS), onto combat vehicles.

IVAS provides Soldiers with improved situational awareness capabilities as they fight, train and rehearse missions. IVAS capabilities include a digital display to access information without taking eyes off the battlefield, thermal and low-light sensors, rapid target acquisition, aided target identification and augmented reality.

The Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) Center — a component of AFC’s Combat Capabilities Development Command — is leading the prototyping efforts, in coordination with IVAS developers and network project management offices. The Center uses its in-house expertise to inform and refine the design, fit and function needed to house and integrate network components, including radios, servers and cables.

The C5ISR Center started design work this spring to integrate IVAS devices with Stryker armored vehicles, leading to Vehicle Excursion 2 (VE2) in January 2021 at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. The Soldier Lethality Cross-Functional Team (SL CFT) will host VE 2 with about a dozen participating organizations from Army research and development, acquisition and operational forces. It will be a static vehicle user study focused on assessing the utility and proof of concept of new capabilities on Strykers and Bradley Fighting Vehicles to gain early Soldier feedback.

To enhance IVAS network connectivity and capabilities, C5ISR Center engineers and network system developers engineered a network communications gateway and data management kit known as Project Bloodhound in 2019. The C5ISR Center delivered the integrated network kit mounted on an MRZR all-terrain vehicle, which allowed dismounted Soldiers using IVAS to connect into the broader Army tactical network to share and receive data.

This prototype and others will enhance modernization efforts led by the C5ISR Center, SL CFT, the Network CFT, Program Manager IVAS, and PM Tactical Radios.

Bloodhound allows greater connectivity throughout the company echelon, through a tactical radio integration kit that includes radio gateways that enable voice and data information to be pushed and pulled from multiple sources. This concept is being applied to the Stryker prototype effort.

“We designed Project Bloodhound as a modular vehicle-mounted system that can be integrated into any vehicle,” said C5ISR Center mechanical engineer Ryan Stuk. “Certain features could be employed in a command post or dismounted capacity. We’re now taking the knowledge and expertise gained from the MRZR integration and applying those to Strykers.”

The Stryker effort will provide additional capabilities for Soldiers, whether they are mounted, dismounted or in transition, Stuk said. The Army’s three objectives are to leverage the Strykers as an IVAS power source to maintain mission capability, integrate with existing and future vehicle-based onboard camera systems, and enhance Soldiers’ situational awareness while mounted or transitioning to dismounted.

The Center’s organic, internal prototype integration facility (PIF) has enabled the Army to meets its objectives for multiple design iterations, changing requirements and quick deadlines, said Tom Brutofsky, chief of the C5ISR PIF. A key aspect to Project Bloodhound has been additive manufacturing, commonly known as 3D printing.

“The C5ISR PIF has invested heavily in additive manufacturing to develop a rapid prototyping capability to deliver functional designs with significant cost and time savings,” Brutofsky said. “The PIF manufactured the MRZR Bloodhound prototype approximately 80 percent through additive processes and went from concept to functional prototype in less than three months.

“Additive manufacturing also enables easier modifications as engineers gather Soldier feedback during exercises and as the Army identifies additional vehicles for network kit integration.”

Soldier touch points like VE2 enable the Army to transition from R&D to prototypes and then mature capabilities for fielding.

“For the C5ISR Center, incorporating Soldier feedback is essential,” Brutofsky said. “Understanding the needs of Soldiers on the battlefield early on helps us make better use of time and resources.”

By Dan Lafontaine, CCDC C5ISR Center Public Affairs

Now Available: Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen-II Holographic Sight

Friday, July 17th, 2020

When you rely on a tactical optic to keep you in the game, you’ve got to be ready to shine, day or night. The AMG UH-1 Gen II is the close-quarters solution you’ve been asking for, offering an incredibly fast holographic display to conquer every close-quarters situation, now with four night-vision compatible settings and a dedicated night-vision button. A large viewing window makes this door-kicker even faster, and a sleek, snag-free build looks and maneuvers great. The lightning-quick EBR-CQB reticle is designed to dominate in close, and our FHQ technology virtually eliminates stray light emissions for stealth shooting. Duty never sleeps, and the AMG UH-1 Gen II is ready to light your way.

• Mount Type Weaver/Picatinny
• Magnification 1x
• Dot Color Bright Red
• Dot Size 1 MOA
• Eye Relief Unlimited
• Adjustment Graduation 1/2 MOA
• Max Elevation Adjustment 100 MOA
• Max Windage Adjustment 100 MOA
• Parallax Setting Parallax Free
• Length 3.9 inches
• Weight 11.0 oz


Now Available: Vortex Optics AMG UH-1 Gen-II Holographic Sight

• Fully Multi-Coated Increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
• Brightness Settings 15 Levels
• Unlimited Eye Relief Non-critical eye relief for rapid target acquisition
• Parallax Free All red dot and holographic sights will exhibit some small amount of parallax. Matching current industry practice, this small amount would be considered “parallax free” and will make a negligible difference in performance.
• Night-Vision Compatibility Dedicated button with 4 night-vision


• Shockproof Rugged construction withstands recoil and impact.
• Waterproof (IPX8) O-ring seals prevent moisture, dust and debris from penetrating the holographic sight for reliable performance in all environments.
• ArmorTek ® Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant coating protects exterior lenses from scratches, oil and dirt.
• Rear facing controls Easily power up and click through intensity levels.
• FHQ? Technology Virtually eliminates stray light emissions for stealth-shooter-signature in low light and prevents eyepiece glare common to other holographic sights.
• Integrated Mount Quickly attaches to any Weaver or Picatinny rail with the integrated mount.
• Matte Anodized Finish Corrosion and wear resistant anodization provides low-glare matte surface and helps camouflage the shooter’s position.

Product Manual Download (PDF)

MSRP: $799.00

Quantico Tactical Announces STALKER from Safran Optics 1

Thursday, July 16th, 2020

Aberdeen, North Carolina – July 16, 2020 – Quantico Tactical®, the largest North Carolina based federal contractor, is proud to announce STALKER from Safran Optics 1.

The STALKER from Optics 1 is a lightweight, handheld, day/night target acquisition, surveillance, and reconnaissance device capable of locating targets even in the most adverse conditions.  It uses a Class 1 eye-safe laser and can range over 5,000m in harsh conditions, with a maximum range of 10,000m in good conditions.  The system utilizes a low power consuming digital magnetic compass to determine azimuth and inclination. Customers may also be familiar with the Optics 1 MOSKITO TI, a similar device, only the STALKER has an integrated SAASM (Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module) GPS.

“The STALKER is a great tool for reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting,” said Sam Lerman, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.  “This is a resource for dismounted soldiers to quickly and accurately locate and relay positions of interest to supporting forces.”

The Stalker has multiple interfaces, including RS-232 and USB for data exchange.  The system utilizes three observation modes: Direct View Day Optics, Low Light CMOS Optics, and LWIR Thermal Imager.

Quantico Tactical Showcases ATAK Enabled Gear from Safran Optics 1

Friday, July 10th, 2020

Aberdeen, North Carolina – July 9, 2020– Quantico Tactical®, the largest North Carolina based federal contractor, is proud to showcase ATAK enabled devices for the dismounted soldier.

Quantico Tactical® has been a longstanding partner with Safran Optics 1. Together these two companies are teaming to offer the latest in Android Tactical Assault Kit, ATAK, enabled devices. ATAK is an app-based technology that identifies and views teammates, targets, and route points. Operators can also see points of interest, such as terrain, topographical elements, and even weather.

The Optics 1 Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager, ECOTI, provides unmatched detection capability and situational awareness by adding a long wave infrared thermal overlay on the user’s night vision device, NVD. The ECOTI is a low power consuming thermal sensor that mounts to existing NVD’s.  The ECOTI has a Heads Up Display, HUD, that provides real-time, geo-referenced navigation information.  When combined with an Android device, the NVD becomes a remote display for identifying teammates, targets, and route points.

The Optics 1 Enhanced Clip-On SWIR Imager, ECOSI, is bears the same physical design as the ECOTI, yet provides short-wave infrared, SWIR overlay on to the user’s NVD.  It helps see out-of-band short-wave infrared items like strobes, markers, beacons, and other devices. The ECOSI also integrates augmented reality through the use of ATAK.

“ATAK is a game-changer for properly relaying information,” said Rett Vandenberg, C4ISR Category Manager for Quantico Tactical. “Having the right devices that connect via ATAK can dramatically change the battlefield.”

The Pocket Laser Rangefinder, PLRF25C, is a reconnaissance, surveillance, and targeting device, also by Optics 1 that provides accurate distance and angle measurement. The PLRF25C is a small, lightweight, and ruggedized laser rangefinder that connects via Bluetooth® to wirelessly transmit distance, azimuth, inclination, horizontal distance and vertical distance to a target. The ATAK unit will automatically populate the target location information on the ATAK map.

Further Faster Designs – Rapid Access Panel Bino Case

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

Manufactured from 500D Cordura, the RAP Bino Harness combines the ability to keep your binocular at the ready with discreet access to a pistol or other items. The panel is Velcro pile lined, and opens from either the top or side access points.

Additionally, the harness features 4-way stretch side pockets for quick access to wind meters, etc.

Available in Ranger Green, Ranger Green/Wolf, Ranger Green/Coyote and MultiCam from