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OpEx 23 – Morningstar Strategic Services

Monday, June 5th, 2023

In addition to security advisory services for government and the financial sector, Morningstar Strategic Services offers a variety of high end equipment solutions in Canada including Torraka cold weather clothing from Sweden as well as Stone Glacier.

They also specialize in precision target engagement and are the Canadian agents for Nightforce as well as being affiliated with Accuracy 1st Canada which offers Accuracy 1st courses on a 360 deg range in Western Canada.

Rampart Range Day 23 – InfiRay Outdoor

Wednesday, May 31st, 2023

InfiRay Outdoor had their range of thermal optics on display including the Thermal Imaging Riflescope Holo HL25 which features a 12 ?m 384×288 sensor.

It is Pic Rail compatible. Above you can see the 2.69”AMOLED display screen which has the capability of Picture in Picture display with the target at 2x magnification.

It also can integrate a laser range finder on the side Pic Rail and 32GB of Built-in Memory to store screen images.

This and other products shown at Rampart Range Day are available for unit and agency orders in Canada and the US through Rampart.

Antimatter Scopeswitch

Monday, May 22nd, 2023

From the creators of the Flux Defense Raider comes a new company and new product.

From Antimatter Industries, the Scopeswitch is new type of optic mount allowing your offhand to control the zoom without taking it off the handguard.

SOF Week 23 – Thales Soldier System

Thursday, May 18th, 2023

During SOF Week, Thales showed their Soldier System concept. They’ve got quite a bit of experience working on various Future Soldier programs throughout NATO but rather than showing an entire system, they were discussing individual systems which can be used alone or all together.

Rather than concentrating on PPE, they are offering an ecosystem which will work with any equipage to make command and control and sensors more useful to the individual Soldier. This allows them to be more adaptive to a wider range of customers, particularly those who are looking for niche capabilities or do not want to make a wholesale change.

We’ll start at the top and work our way down.

Quad Night Vision Goggles – These should get a lot of notice, if for no other reason than aesthetics.

However, there are other reasons to take note. First, it’s 100 grams lighter than other systems on the market. Second, it has a 126 degree field of view. Their main competitor has a 97 degree FOV. But, you’ll have to wait. Final versions won’t be available until 2025.

Heads Up Display – It’s a simple monocle device to display data from the End User Device.

IS1500 GPS Denied Navigator – Currently at TRL 6, this device utilizes bread crumbs and can reference them to correct errors.

Gun Shot Detection System App – Compatible with ATAK, it displays information from the gunshot detection system.

Pre-Shot Detection System – Although they didn’t go into details, this system looks for potential shooters.

XTRAIM Sight – The XTRAIM weapon sight we previewed at SHOT Show is now in production.

The operator can select direct view, full IR view, and outline mode. XTRAIM offers 500m target recognition with 250m PID of a man sized target. Those ranges are extended to 600m and 320m respectively when used in conjunction with a 3X magnifier. Here’s what the screen looks like in outline mode.

It features an uncooled sensor with 12 micron pitch and 640×480 resolution. Additionally, the operator can configure it in conjunction with a clip-on night vision (I2) sight.

Sophie ULTIMA handheld thermal imager – They displayed one other item. Although not worn on the Soldier, the Sophie ULTIMA handheld thermal imager is a cooled, 4-in-1 handheld target locator weighing 5.5 lbs. It can identify a tank at 6 km at night and at 7 km during the day.

In addition to a day capability it adds MWIR and their patented VisioLoc system offers GPS-denied Cat1 targeting. The VisioLoc Resilient Positioning Navigation (RPN) system uses an embedded goniometer combined with Geographic Information System (GIS) data. You use the camera to capture three points of interest and the system will determine your geo-location within five minutes.

Development of these systems continues, with new capabilities constantly under development. We will keep you posted as additional information becomes available.

First Look – Aimpoint FCS14

Friday, May 12th, 2023

Aimpoint unveiled the latest iteration of their Fire Control System line of sights for use with crew served weapons at SOF Week in Tampa, Florida.

The FCS14 Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight (DURS) is designed to be used on multiple weapon platforms such as M240, M2, Mk19 and even M3 Carl Gustav as well as future systems.

FCS14 is a Direct View Optic which and incorporates a laser range finder and can be used in concert with helmet mounted Image Intensification (I2) night vision systems for low light work. However, you may notice something new on the FCS14 not seen on previous models and that is the Dual Sensor Attachment mounted to the top which is a thermal and CMOS day camera unit. The DSA is powered by FCS14. The DSA offers optical zoom and ranging and firing reticles based on the system’s ballistic calculations. This firing solution compensates for speed, tilt, terrain angle, target range, atmospheric pressure / temperature, and propellant temperature.

Liemke Introduces German-Made Luchs-1 and Luchs-2 Thermal Optics

Wednesday, May 10th, 2023

San Antonio, Texas (May 9, 2023) – Liemke, a leader in high-definition thermal imaging for hunting, is pleased to introduce the premium Luchs line of thermal optics. Made in Wetzlar, Germany, the Liemke Luchs (or Lynx as translated in English) incorporates the latest in thermal technology in these versatile devices that can be clipped onto any daytime riflescope or used as a handheld monocular. 

Fast and quiet with a startup time of only five seconds for both Luchs models, and a standby mode for immediate activation, the Luchs-1 has a 35mm lens with heat signature detection range of up to 1,750 meters while the Luchs-2 has a 50mm lens with heat detection up to 2,500 meters.

Luchs thermals have a whisper-quiet calibration procedure with a rapid refresh rate of 50 Hz and are easy and intuitive to operate. Both models feature a 1024×768 OLED color display and a 640×512 12 µm VOx sensor for high contrast and detailed images.  The Luchs-1 delivers a large field of view of 22 meters at 100 meters and an image that completely fills within the daytime riflescope at 2x magnification. The Luchs-2 has a field of view of 15.4 meters at 100 meters. Two image modes provide optimal detail rendition in varying weather conditions and there are five color modes, including an Extra Dark mode setting for glare-free images at night.

Easy and intuitive to operate, the Luchs thermal units have internal memory of 32 GB and a Wi-Fi function for live streaming via an app. Users can capture photos and videos of their hunt on the internal memory even while streaming live, and these can be transferred later via USB-C port. The built-in rechargeable battery has a run time of up to 9 hours and the three-position switch – On/Standby/Off – can be used to extend battery life in the field.

“Liemke is the top thermal optics brand in Germany, and the new German-made Luchs line raises the bar even higher when it comes to quality and performance,” said Jason Evans, CEO Blaser Group USA. “American hunters will recognize and appreciate the premium Made in Germany construction, advanced thermal technology, and high-definition performance the Luchs thermal optics deliver. Aptly named after the lynx, the Luchs-1 and 2 models deliver outstanding thermal night vision for hunters.”

Settings are easily adjusted on the Luchs units, and the hunter’s preference is saved when the device is turned off and available every time the device is restarted. The tough, shock-resistant aluminum housing is rain and dust protected in accordance with IP67, and the objective lens is protected by a scratch-resistant Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating for extra protection in the field. The Luchs-1 weighs 20.5 ounces and Luchs-2 weighs 22.4 ounces.

For more information, visit LUCHS-1.


Luchs-1           $5,554.00

Luchs-2           $6110.00

RGB Spectrum Mission-Critical Video Solutions Continue Industry Momentum in Military

Monday, May 8th, 2023

New Product Innovations on Display at SOF Week with Partners Samsung and DTI (Deployable Technologies)

Named Best Monitoring Solution Winner for 2023 ‘Govies’ Award

Secured Million Dollar Customer Wins in the Aerospace and Defense Sectors

ALAMEDA, California – May 4, 2023 – RGB Spectrum®, an industry leader in mission-critical video for real-time decision support, today announced its continued market momentum for its mission-critical solutions for defense, aerospace, and military applications. These include a new joint product innovation, an industry honor, and a series of customer wins.

RGB Spectrum is a pioneer in visualization solutions and builds and supports video distribution, display, and recording systems for global organizations across various markets. Specifically designed for these include technology platforms such as C5ISR, flight simulators, and command and control operations.

Partner Innovations to Share at SOF Week
U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has partnered with industry to host an annual conference in Tampa, FL, for over a decade. In 2021, it expanded the event to a broader convention for the entire SOF Community, creating SOF Week. The first rendition of this modified format takes place in Tampa from May 8-11, 2023.

RGB Spectrum will partner with Samsung in booth #243 to showcase the power of our processing solutions and our deep integrations with the tactical mobile team to connect and streamline communications from C5ISR to secured spaces, wheeled and tracked vehicles, tactical operations centers, and wearable tactical gear.

Behind the technology, RGB Spectrum’s Zio video wall processors power Samsung Display LED technology including The Wall All-In-One and 8K QLED Video Wall Signage. Paired with RGB Spectrum’s Zio Mobile Application on Samsung tactical mobile devices, the solution delivers unique capabilities for secure video resources and network access across domains.

Also, during SOF Week 2023, DTI will reveal a live mock-up of its Deployable Edge Network Suite (DENS). This rugged, secure communications case will incorporate RGB Spectrum technology and displays from Samsung. Visit DTI’s booth #L401 to see more of this concept come to life.

Industry Recognition
Furthering its ongoing growth within the military sector, RGB Spectrum is pleased to announce that its Zio Video-over-IP Platform has won Gold for Monitoring Solutions at the Security Today ‘Govies’ Government Security Awards 2023. The ‘Govies’ honor, representing a broad spectrum of industry voices, encompasses the world’s best in government security technology and its achievements.

Ongoing Customer Momentum
RGB Spectrum works closely with several customers to deliver military solutions and ecosystems, including the Missile Defence Agency (MDA), Dept. of Homeland Security, U.S. Border Patrol, NASA, U.S Secret Service, U.S Veterans Administration, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Marine Corps Quantico, and on flight simulators.

Here’s a few details about recent wins:

• Our IP codecs are the de facto standard for pilot training. They are deployed in flight simulators for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, P-8 Poseidon, F-22 Raptor and V-22 Osprey aircraft, the Global Hawk/Triton UAV, and the Apache, Kiowa, Chinook, and Blackhawk helicopters.

• For the F-35, we provided a complete signal distribution and recording solution. Our codecs are installed in each of the simulator’s pilot pods. Feeds from image generators and video cameras are encoded, distributed, and recorded, including avionics, out-the-window imagery, target acquisition, navigation, and weapons control. Decoders in the Instructor’s Operation Station (IOS) and the After-Action Review (AAR) facility are used for real-time access and debriefing.

• Our networked video platform is deployed on the U.S. Navy Littoral Ship (LCS) Fleet. From the LCS bridge to the combat information center (CIC) and throughout the ship, the Zio platform distributes critical information for command and control and tactical decision-making in the battlespace or area of operations.

“We are delighted to partner with Samsung and Deployable Technologies during SOF Week and to be recognized for our Zio Video-over-IP Platform by Security Today.” said Bob Marcus, CEO, RGB Spectrum. “We continue to work with the military technology sector to produce innovative solutions and ecosystems and work closely with our key partners to design platforms that address some of the military’s most comprehensive challenges.”

To learn more, visit RGB Spectrum at SOF Week 2023 with Samsung in booth #243 and Deployable Technologies in booth #L401 from May 8-11, 2023, in Tampa, Florida. Or visit

D1x Makes The Transition From Vehicles To Operators

Monday, May 8th, 2023

San Diego, CA, May 8th, 2023 – Torrey Pines Logic Inc. (TPL), the leader in electro-optical devices for the military, announces that D1xTM Laser Detector, the Personal Laser Warning Detector, makes its transition from vehicles to operators.

Helping to keep our military safe when they are in theatre, D1xTM, a passive laser warning receiver, protects operators from snipers, UAVs and many other battlefield platforms.  

D1X™ is a passive laser warning receiver. It is designed to detect, and coarsely locate laser emissions in the field, from laser pointing/illuminating devices and rangefinders. The device enhanced safety and survivability for today’s battlefield environment covering all classes of commercial and military laser devices.

D1X™ will alert its wearer of laser emissions in visible, nearIR and SWIR through selectable audible, visual, and tactile feedback. The device can also be connected to a management system or provide laser warning for a defensive aid platform via USB C port.

To protect operators from attacks, a sensor can be used and integrated into various battlefield solutions to enhance safety as well as mitigate friendly fire incidents be alerting the operator of incoming laser emissions. D1X™ has an extremely low false alarm rate with a typical response time of less than 50 milliseconds. The system can be used as worn front of back or attached to a helmet.

Dr. Leo Volfson, President, Torrey Pines Logic, commented:

“What could be more important than the safety of our military in theatre.  The new Personal Laser Warning Detector, D1X™, will allow operators to feel safe when they are put in dangerous situations. We are delighted to be showcasing our technology at SOF Week and would be pleased to welcome SOF Week visitors to our booth”.

Please visit us at our booth #L76 at SOF Week 2023, which takes place at the Tampa Convention Centre in Tampa, FL from May 8-11, 2023 or visit our website: Home – Torrey Pines Logic