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Milipol Paris 2019: Meprolight Will Showcase its Ultra-Smart, Proven Solutions, Developed Especially to Meet the Precise Needs of Global Military, Law Enforcement and HLS Markets

Saturday, November 16th, 2019

Milipol Paris 2019, Paris, France, November 19-22, Hall 5, Stand D067

November 14, 2019. Meprolight – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, self-illuminated sights, and Laser Range Finder systems for military, law enforcement and civil applications – will showcase its ultra-smart, proven solutions, developed especially for these markets at Milipol Paris 2019.

Among the solutions to be showcased at the exhibition are the multi-spectral MEPRO NYX 200 uncooled thermal sight, the MEPRO FORESIGHT that allows the use of a wide range of in-FOV display profiles, and the MEPRO MicroRDS sight, installed with an adaptor for quick installation and removal.

The MEPRO NYX-200 is available in two configurations: thermal channel with digital low-light camera, or thermal channel with digital day camera. Additionally to the known advantages of thermal sights that enable operation in harsh sight conditions such as total darkness, smoke and fog., the combination of thermal channel and digital day camera (DDC) enables the effective use of the sight for both day and night operations, provides enhanced situational awareness eliminating the need to change sights/devices between day and night, and allowing the user to perform tasks impossible with standard thermal sights such as observing through glass windows and facial recognition. The combination of thermal channel and digital low-light camera (DLLC) is optimized for Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and supports viewing IR laser pointers. Similar to the DDC-equipped version it significantly enhances the user’s tactical efficiency and operational flexibility. In addition, both sight versions have a built-in infrared (IR) laser pointer.

That assists in designating targets acquired by the sight’s user for force members who are equipped with a standard image intensified night vision sight or observation system, an integral digital video recorder (DVR) for mission documentation and debriefing purposes, and an optional top-mounted backup red dot sight for rapid short-range target engagement.


The MEPRO FORESIGHT is an augmented weapon sight which provides essential tactical data projected directly on its transparent optical lens in real time and equipped with a digital zeroing mechanism. The sight is integrated with Meprolight’s mobile App (Android and iOS) through a Bluetooth interface, enabling storage and easy upload of up to 10 preset weapon zeroing settings or user profiles. Additional features include a digital compass, leveling, and battery status indications, 5 user-selectable reticle for various tactical scenarios, continuous firmware updates, and a built-in sensor for automatic brightness adjustment.

The MEPRO MicroRDS, offering rapid target acquisition at close distances with both eyes open, is designed for pistols and small arms. It serves as either the main weapon’s aiming sight or as a backup sight for rifles’ magnifying optics. The patented quick-release mounting (MEPRO MicroRDS adaptor) allows the user, if needed, to rapidly detach the optical sight and use the weapon’s standard tritium or mechanical sights. Compact, rugged, energy-efficient it is equipped with a large display window and a clearly-defined red dot. Having easily switchable reticle brightness intensities it can be used in all light conditions, alongside a backup tritium TRU-DOT™ night sight. It utilizes a single CR2032 battery and supports battery replacement without the need for detachment.

Atibal Releases The STRIIKER Red Dot

Thursday, November 14th, 2019

Atibal’s latest red dot pairs innovation with affordability.
Mesa, Arizona, November 13, 2019 – In keeping with Atibal’s history of offering highly innovative optical solutions for exceptionally reasonable prices, Atibal is proud to bring you our first 50k hour battery life red dot sight with a full lifetime warranty, the STRIIKER Red Dot.


Atibal is currently offering a new product special on the STRIIKER Red Dot; get the all new STRIIKER Red Dot for $99 when you use the coupon code: 50KREDDOT1 at checkout.

The STRIIKER Red Dot is equipped with the latest in LED technology enabling longer battery life (50k hours per 1x CR2032 battery) and a more concise red dot. The 2 MOA dot STRIIKER Red Dot is built of solid, one piece construction, a hard anodized matte finish and fully multi-coated lenses. The Atibal STRIIKER Red Dot features 11 brightness settings (2 lowest settings are NVD compatible, highest setting is daylight bright for full sun conditions), 100 MOA of 1/2 MOA adjustments in both windage and elevation, 6 hour auto shut-off, memory recall function, and is waterproof, recoil proof, and fog proof. The STRIIKER Red Dot comes standard with a removable low profile height mount, an available absolute co-witness height mount option and the mounting pattern of the STRIIKER Red Dot is compatible with Aimpoint micro red dot style mounting configuration mounts. The all new STRIIKER Red Dot is lightweight and compact at 3.9oz in weight and 2.4″ in length, is parallax free, has unlimited eye relief, and offers a wide field of view. The lightweight and rugged Atibal STRIIKER Red Dot is backed by Atibal’s Full Lifetime Warranty.

At $119.99 MSRP, the Atibal STRIIKER Red Dot is one of the most affordable 50k battery life reflex sights with a full lifetime warranty on the market to date.

For more information on the Atibal STRIIKER Red Dot, please click here.

SureFire Field Notes Ep. 49: Red Dots on Handguns with Scott Jedlinski

Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Scott Jedlinski of Modern Samurai Project talks about the value of Red Dot sights on handguns.

Modern Samurai Project offers private and group instruction on basic self-defense and firearms. Their specialty is the fundamentals and performance of the use of red dot equipped pistols for responsibly armed citizens and law enforcement.

BE Meyers & Co MAWL-DA Receives NSN

Monday, November 4th, 2019

November 4, 2019 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is proud to announce that the MAWL®-DA (Modular Advanced Weapon Laser – Direct Action) has been issued the NSN 5855 – 01- 682 – 4030. The MAWL®-DA is a high-power near infrared and visible green aiming and illumination laser for individual carbines, precision rifle platforms, and crew served weapons. Deployed with special operations forces and elite counter-terrorism units across the world, the MAWL®-DA equips the operator with unparalleled ergonomics, interface, and performance. For more information on the MAWL®-DA and procurement, visit

Griffin Armament Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts

Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Next Generation, Sniper-Grade, Precision Rifle Optic Mounts

Griffin Armament is a firearm industry manufacturer founded by two Army Infantry sniper qualified combat veterans. Although they are best known for their high-performance signature reducing sound suppressors, founders Austin and Evan have recently leveraged their lifelong passion for precision rifle marksmanship and nearly a decade of notable research and development into a completely new product line, The Griffin Armament Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts.

Relatively featureless optics mounts have dominated the market space for nearly half a century. Contemporary mount design and technology dates back to the mid-1980s. This trend of industrywide complacency has officially ended with the announcement of this new product line from Griffin Armament.

Griffin’s SPRM™ mounts feature a unique patent-pending design that splits the rings on two parallel but offset planes, allowing for the integration of Accessory Interface Suite (AIS™) products on 5 mounting surfaces. This system affords mounting opportunities on both left and right sides, 45-degree mounting surfaces on either side, as well as the top mounting surface to be used for accessory interfaces. Griffin SPRM™ mounts deliver unsurpassed flexibility and utility to the discriminating user. Left-handed or right-handed shooters are equally supported with the SPRM™ mounts and accessories.

At the time of this launch, The Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts are available in multiple heights in 30MM, 34MM, and 35MM ring sizes. Models are available in both standard vertical (0 MOA cant) and cantilever orientations (15 MOA cant) . They are designed to support as many optic and firearm combinations as possible. From rimfire trainers to heavy gas guns, there is a Griffin SPRM™ model optimized to fit your rifle setup.

A heavy emphasis on anatomically correct positioning of optics was placed on AIS™ products, leading to the development of the RAPID TRANSITION OPTICS plates. RTO™ plates position secondary non-magnified optics on optical centerline relationship with the stock comb for comfortable, rapid, targeting with a simple roll of the host firearm. These plates currently support the following optic models: Aimpoint ACRO, T1/T2, H1/H2, Comp M5, Sig Romeo, Vortex Spark, Trijicon RMR , SRO, Holosun HE507C HS407C, HS508C, Leupold Deltapoint, J Point, Optima, Dr Optic, Meopta, Insight microdot, Burris Fastfire, Vortex Venom, and Viper, CMORE STS, RTS, STS2, and Vortex razor. Picatinny RTO™ plates are also offered. Flat mount AIS™ products support a myriad of optics as well as Wilcox RAPTAR, Simrad, and Picatinny (STANAG 4694 “NATO Accessory Rail”).

SPRM™ mounts are manufactured in the USA at Griffin’s Wisconsin manufacturing facility. Mounts are machined on state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC equipment from 6061 T6 aluminum. Manufacturing in-house provides Griffin Armament with the ability to control quality at levels rarely delivered by contract manufacturers. The geometries of Griffin SPRM™ mounts are machined to part datums probed on each part. Prior to machining, costly manufacturing time is dedicated to each part with Renishaw probe strategies coupled with Renishaw RTS set tool magazines. This ensures critical geometries are machined to positional accuracies of +-.0002”rather than depending on human loading accuracy in a much looser relationship to workholding based datums typically found in traditional optic mount industry manufacturing processes. By bringing aerospace industry segmented production engineering concepts and inspection equipment to optics mount manufacturing, Griffin Armament has successfully enhanced the state of optical mount quality. This persistent dedication to quality ensures that the theoretical mount quality and the actual production mount quality are inseparably linked for uncompromised, superior precision.

Griffin Armament’s unwavering drive and commitment toward the transformation the optic mount market segment will continue to serve as the catalyst for future product development. The SPRM™ mount platform was born from a passion for the pursuit of excellence in product development. The next generation of precision optic mount technology has arrived, Griffin Armament Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts.

SPRM™ Features:
• AIS™ (Accessory Interface Suite) allowing the user to mount accessories on 5 sides of the mount body
• RTO™ (Rapid Transition Optic) accessory support – ability to mount Rapid Transition Optic plates to the system for a 40° offset to the primary optic, maintaining identical optical centerline height
• Ambidextrous support
• Individually probed during the manufacturing process for peerless dimensional consistency
• Stanag 4694 Compliant attachment, for precise return to zero
• Utility patent pending to support future technology development in the electro-optics industry

SPRM™ Specs:
• Unibody construction
• 6061 T6 aluminum
• Type 3 milspec hardcoat anodizing
• 12 (qty), 8-40 T15 fasteners for ring clamping
• 4 (qty), 10-32 fiber lock patched T15 fasteners for rail clamping

For more information regarding Superior Precision Rifle Modular Mounts, Accessory Interface Suite products, or any of Griffin’s badass kit offerings, visit their website at

GAO Sustains Leupold & Stevens GAO Protest On USSOCOM’s S-VPS Program

Thursday, October 31st, 2019

Bottom Line Up Front: The Government Accounting Officer has sustained Leupold & Stevens’ protest against the U.S. Department of the Navy Surface Warfare Center Crane Division’s recent contract modification for Miniature Aiming Systems-Day Squad-Variable Power Scopes (Second Focal Plane).

Leupold has “won” but they didn’t get anything tangible from the protest. Unlike many other protests, they won’t be awarded anything. It’s more a moral victory.

On the other hand, Crane won’t be able to pay SIG SAUER for changes to the optics they’ve directed.

Other than withdrawing the contract modification, Crane has not announced a course of action to correct the situation. Possible outcomes are to purchase the optics with a different reticle, a new solicitation, no procurement at all, a new solicitation being issued. Alternatively, SIG may decide you eat the cost of the government directed changes.


In August, optics manufacturer Leupold & Stevens submitted a GAO protest of the U.S. Department of the Navy Surface Warfare Center Crane Division’s recent contract modification published on 18 July 2019, to the internal reticle under Solicitation No. N00164-18-R-JQ30 (“the Solicitation”) and Contract No. N00164-18-D-JQ30 (“the Contract”) for Miniature Aiming Systems-Day Squad-Variable Power Scopes (Second Focal Plane) to Sig Sauer, Inc. For this solicitation, Crane was working on behalf of United States Special Operations Command as their office of primary responsibility for lethality. SOF weapons and accessories as well as Visual Augmentation Systems are procured by Crane.

Leupold asserted that Crane improperly modified its contract with Sig Sauer and that the changes made to the contract were so substantial that the contract should be terminated and a new competition conducted for the modified requirements. The additional funding of the contract modification is so much when added to SIG’s winning bid that Leupold feels someone else would have been awarded the contract instead of SIG.

While the SIG Optics TANGO6T is at the heart of this action, it’s important to point out that the protest has nothing to do with performance. That hasn’t even been actually assessed yet as neither SIG nor Nightforce have delivered any production samples to the government. This is because USSOCOM decided to integrate a new reticle into S-VPS, the Tremor8.

When the program was created, a different reticle had initially been considered, but due to the adoption of 6.5 Creedmoor, SOCOM decided they wanted a bullet drop compensator reticle. Todd Hodnett had envisioned a new Tremor reticle and this was adopted, but in concept only. The reticle was sketched out on a napkin and included settings for 5.56 M855A1 as well as the new 6.5 CM round. Even when the optics had been selected and contracts awarded, the Tremor8 still did not exist. Just recently, months later, the reticle has finally been certified. Now that it has been certified, Nightforce and SIG can integrate the reticle into their scopes and deliver samples to the government for acceptance testing.

In fact, Nightforce has already provided first production samples and they’ve passed Destructive Testing at Crane. They’ve completed the New Equipment Training and Operational Testing earlier this month and should have the Fielding & Deployment Release by early November.

SIG’s winning submission to S-VPS (SFP) incorporated a proprietary wire reticle. While this was selected, SOCOM later decided they wanted an etched, illuminated Tremor8 reticle. Naturally, this increased cost and the government paying for the additional cost of the integration of the Tremor8 into the SIG TANGO6T is what Leupold protested.

Integrated Visual Augmentation System Brings AI to Soldier Training

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

WASHINGTON — The Army is now testing virtual-reality goggles that will allow Soldiers to rehearse combat missions that they are about to undertake.

The Integrated Visual Augmentation System, known as IVAS, will be tested by 82nd Airborne Division troops next month at Fort Pickett, Virginia. The IVAS goggles will allow Soldiers to see simulated images superimposed over the actual terrain.

The Soldiers will wear the goggles and miniature computer equipment as they negotiate obstacle courses, run land navigation and conduct other missions, said officials from Program Executive Office Soldier.

Called Soldier Touchpoint 2, the test is designed to provide feedback to PEO Soldier so the IVAS heads-up display can be further enhanced before 200,000 of the headsets begin to be fielded in 2021.

IVAS has been touted by senior leaders as a “game-changer” for Soldier lethality and a quick win for the modernization priority.

The IVAS headsets are a good example of how artificial intelligence is being used to enhance Soldier lethality, said Brig. Gen. Matthew Easley, director of the Army’s AI Task Force.

Each pair of IVAS goggles has “significant amounts of high-tech sensors onboard and processors,” Easley said at a Warriors Corner presentation Monday afternoon during the Association of the U.S. Army Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Each IVAS headset has integrated AI chips built into the system, he said.

“Those chips are doing visual recognition,” he said. “They’re tracking a Soldier’s eye movements, they’re tracking a Soldier’s hand as it interfaces with the system, and they’re tracking a Soldier’s voice.”

The IVAS headset “uses a customized AI piece” to make it work, he said.

AI will be an enabler for all of the Army’s modernization programs over the next decade, Easley said.

“Each one of those systems need AI,” he said, from Future Vertical Lift to Long-Range Precision Fires to the Next Generation Combat Vehicle.

“AI, as you know, is becoming a pervasive part of our society,” he said.

“Every system that you can think of — from self-driverless cars to ride-sharing applications, to restaurant recommendation systems to healthcare systems — they span every area of our society.

“They need to span every battlefield system that we have,” as well, he said, from maneuver to fire control.

By Gary Sheftick, Army News Service

Update: DSS Procures Over 3,600 BE Meyers & Co MAWL-DAs for Primary NIR Weapon Laser

Monday, October 21st, 2019

October 21, 2019 (Redmond, WA) – B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. is proud to provide ongoing support to the United States Diplomatic Security Service (DSS), and to announce that following selection of the MAWL®-DA as their primary NIR weapon-mounted aiming and illumination laser, over 3,600 MAWL®-DA units are currently under contract with deliveries in progress. The MAWL®-DA selected includes the EC2 End Cap, as well as the AA Battery Adapter for dual power options in support of global DSS requirements.