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SureFire Field Notes Ep 73 – How to Setup a Low Power Variable Optic with Michael Baccellieri

Wednesday, September 7th, 2022

In this episode, Michael Baccellieri discusses how to properly setup a LPVO.

Michael “Buck” Baccellieri grew up in the Pacific Northwest where he started his military career at age 17. He joined the Army National Guard while still in high school, attending basic and AIT, and spent three years as an infantry rifleman. Upon completing a deployment to the Middle East, he cross-decked to the Marine Corps, where he spent four years as an infantryman, assault climber, CWSS swimmer, and Scout in an STA platoon. Baccellieri later returned to the Army National Guard, taking up a slot in a sniper section and, after completing sniper school, moving on to the role of sniper team leader. He finished his career as an instructor at the Fort Chaffee sniper schoolhouse in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Baccellieri now works for Leupold & Stevens, Inc., as the lead optics and firearms instructor for all military/LE training. He fills his time between classes by performing military business development for the Oregon-based company.

Jessie Harrison Claims Back-to-Back Titles with Bushnell First Strike 2.0

Saturday, September 3rd, 2022

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – August 31, 2022 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, is celebrating pro shooter Jessie Harrison’s dominant performances at the recent USPSA Area 5 and Area 3 Championships. Harrison, who is also a sponsored Hoppe’s athlete, recorded back-to-back High Lady titles at two of the USPSA’s most competitive championships.

Harrison won the High Lady title at the 2022 Cheely Custom Gunworks Area 5 Championship in Brooklyn, Michigan, and then went on to clinch the High Lady title at the 2022 Hornady Area 3 Championship in Grand Island, Nebraska. Her latest wins add to an already impressive 2022 season, which includes the High Lady title at the Area 1 Championship and the coveted Overall Steel Master award at the 2022 World Speed Shooting Championships held earlier in the year.

Throughout both the Area 5 and Area 3 matches, Harrison relied on her First Strike 2.0 reflex sight. One of Bushnell’s most versatile optics, the First Strike 2.0 features a large objective lens, brighter daylight settings and a rugged design that stands up to the rigors of USPSA competition.

“In any match, I rely heavily on optics and what I can see,” said Harrison. “The Bushnell First Strike 2.0 gives me a bright, clean edged red dot, that allows me to acquire a sight picture as soon as possible and be as precise as needed.”

To learn more about the First Strike 2.0 or to see the full lineup of Bushnell optics, check out

AeroVironment’s New Mantis i23 D Multi-Sensor Imaging Payload Delivers Superior Daytime Surveillance Performance

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

• Mantis i23 D is a compact, high-performance daytime imaging payload system for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) operations at an extended range

• Features 24X digital zoom video for extended ISR without compromising image quality

• Payload provides 50 percent wider HFOV and more than four times the target detection capability over the current Mantis i23 for improved situational awareness

The Mantis i23 D daytime imaging payload system allows operators to capture ISR at a greater aircraft standoff distance without compromising image quality. (Photo: AeroVironment, Inc.)

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 30, 2022 –AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV), a global leader in intelligent, multi-domain robotic systems, today introduced Mantis™ i23 D, a multi-sensor daytime imaging payload compatible with the Raven® B small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS). An enhanced daylight variant of its predecessor, the Mantis i23, Mantis i23 D maintains its ruggedized design and utilizes the same modular interface to allow for quick and simple swapping between payloads with no software updates required to the avionics or ground control systems.

At 13.4 ounces (380 grams), the ultralight imaging system features dual 18 MP electro-optical sensors and class-leading 24X digital zoom, providing four times improved target detection over the current Mantis i23 payload during daytime missions. Through its advanced suite of sensors, extended zoom capability, onboard processing and digital imaging stabilization, the Mantis i23 D payload allows operators to increase aircraft standoff distance without compromising image quality.

“With the introduction of the next-generation Mantis payload, we have expanded the capabilities and adoption of the combat-proven Raven SUAS,” said Charles Dean, AeroVironment vice president of global business development, sales and marketing. “Customers can now operate their Raven systems at a greater standoff distance than before, enabling eyes-on-target from several kilometers away and reducing the risk of the target detecting or hearing the SUAS overhead.”

To learn more about Mantis i23 D and AeroVironment’s expansive Mantis product line of micro-gimbals, visit:

Crimson Trace – Heavy Recoil Optic

Thursday, September 1st, 2022

Crimson Trace has released their Heavy Recoil Optic.

Featuring a 2 MOA red dot, this new optic is designed to take the recoil of .30 weapons. They claim a 50,000 battery life it relies on their CT motion sensor for auto on and will auto shutdown after eight hours on. Constructed with an 6061 aluminum body, it’s also IPX7 rated.—heavy-recoil-optic

XS Sights Partners with EasyExport to Expand International Sales

Wednesday, August 31st, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas (August 30, 2022) – XS® Sights, manufacturer of the fastest sights in any light, is pleased to announce its partnership with EasyExport to expand international sales.  The EasyExport platform simplifies the fulfilment of international orders to consumers, dealers, law enforcement and other lawful buyers worldwide, and offers these customers XS’s reliable products that aren’t readily available to them in their own countries. 

“We are excited to partner with EasyExport given their rapidly growing network of international buyers and system that ensures the legal sale and reliable, affordable shipment of products to law-abiding firearms owners throughout the world,” said Addison Monroe, Marketing Manager, XS Sights.

The majority of XS Sights’ products are available for sale after signing up for user verification through EasyExport which can be accessed via the XS Sights website International Orders (  Currently, XS can ship to dealers in 82 countries and individuals in 25 countries.

For more information on XS Sights products for pistols, rifles and shotguns, visit

TNVC Launches SuperGain: Newest High Performance Unfilmed White Phosphor Image Intensifier Tubes Available Only at TNVC

Monday, August 29th, 2022

Redlands, California, August 25th, 2022—Over the years, TNVC has been fully committed to making the very best and very latest, MIL-SPEC, duty-ready night vision, thermal, and visual augmentation systems technology available to ALL customers, not just the privileged few. Continuing this trend, TNVC is extremely proud to announce the release of a brand-new product line: TNVC SuperGain Systems.

The TNVC SuperGain family is based on the latest image intensifier tube technology from L3Harris, and is one of the most significant evolutions in Generation 3 night vision systems and performance since the introduction of Unfilmed technology and are available ONLY at TNVC as a new Premium Option for all TNVC customers.

Already in use with the United States military, including Special Operations Forces, these new SuperGain Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifier tubes increase the Luminance Gain (Gain) specification for image intensifier tubes from the standard 40,000-80,000 fL/fc to between 100,000-120,000 fL/fc, greatly increasing the image intensifier’s ability to amplify and collect light, providing increased low light performance and extending operational envelope when compared to night vision systems utilizing conventional Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifiers.

These new MIL-SPEC SuperGain image intensifiers will be available in all TNV-branded night vision systems, including the TNV/BNVG-M Artemis, TNV/DTNVS, TNV/RNVG, and TNV/PVS-14 as well as L3Harris-manufactured BNVD (PVS-31) and BNVD-1531 systems, all with an increased 2376+ Minimum Figure of Merit (FOM) specification. These new units will exist alongside current TNVC offerings, including those with standard Unfilmed and Filmed image intensifier tubes.

***SuperGain tubes are currently IN-STOCK for all TNV-systems. L3Harris systems will be available for Pre-Order***

SuperGain image intensifier tubes have undergone extensive testing both by the U.S. Army at Fort Belvoir and USSOCOM and Special Operations Forces organizations, and are currently being fielded and in-service around the world in the newest, most technologically advanced night vision systems in the force, including the AN/PSQ-42 ENVG-B Advanced Goggle as well as panoramic fusion goggles.

“From the end-user’s perspective, the SuperGain tubes will be noticeably brighter than standard Unfilmed White Phosphor tubes under most conditions and will provide more useable information in extreme darkness. However, I think the most significant difference that users in the field will see is the ability to see deeper into dark corners and underbrush, allowing them to detect potential threats beyond the range of typical image intensifiers. This can be a significant advantage in both urban areas / inside of structures as well as in more rural areas with vegetation and heavy canopy and subterranean operations” said Augee Kim, COO of TNVC.

While many consumers, both government and commercial have been focused on FOM (Signal to Noise Ration multiplied by Center Resolution expressed in lp/mm) as a metric for image intensifier performance and image quality, with manufacturers pushing the envelope of performance through improved methods and processes, Luminance Gain is typically set by the manufacturer.

Because Gain has typically been set by the manufacturers and is relatively stable, its importance to image intensifier performance has often been lesser discussed when talking about image intensifier performance, however Gain is one of the most critically important factors of image intensifier performance, with the “failure” implied in MTTF (“Mean Time to Failure”) of an image intensifier representing a roughly 50% loss of Gain.

“In the past there has been a concern that too much gain could lead to increased and undesirable noise in the image, which can be true with lower performance tubes” said Kim, “however as tube performance has continued to improve, with less noise overall, increasing the gain can increase the amount of useful information provided to the user,” said Kim.

In order to maximize the benefits of the increased Gain, these new SuperGain tubes from TNVC will also feature a minimum Figure of Merit (FOM) specification of 2376, the highest minimum performance specification currently available to the wide market, and with actual average tube performance exceeding that of current USSOCOM specifications.

Not only do SuperGain tubes provide improved light amplification and more information to the user, but effects can be felt on the user’s end as well—the overall brighter image allows the pupil to remain smaller, even in low light conditions where image intensifier tubes begin to dim, effectively improving the user’s vision and allowing them to take full advantage of the information provided by the SuperGain tube as well as reduce eye fatigue from long term use. Meanwhile, neither image intensifier life, nor reliability are affected, with SuperGain tubes being every bit as durable and reliable as typical Unfilmed White Phosphor image intensifier tubes.

“It sometimes amazes me how much analog image intensifier performance keeps progressing,” stated Kim. “In a world where digital technology is rapidly overtaking analog systems, analog image intensifiers are still the very best technology available for night vision and visual augmentation systems. It’s shocking both how much *and* how little Generation 3 image intensifiers have changed since their introduction in the late-1980s.”

“On the one hand, the same basic technological architecture of the Gen. 3 tube and photocathode remains—on the other, the level of performance offered by these tubes versus what was available thirty plus years ago is amazing. Tube performance from U.S. manufacturers has shot up across the board. L3Harris has been able to increase average FOM (figure of merit) performance alone by over 50% in the last six years. With the release of the SuperGain tubes, TNVC is able to offer the most advanced, most high performance, MIL-SPEC night vision systems currently available to our customers—BOTH government and commercial.”

TNVC MIL-SPEC SuperGain Systems will be available in all TNV-branded night vision systems, including the TNV/BNVG-M Artemis, TNV/DTNVS, TNV/RNVG, and TNV/PVS-14 as well as L3Harris-manufactured BNVD (PVS-31) and BNVD-1531 systems, all with an increased 2376+ Minimum Figure of Merit (FOM) specification. These new units will exist alongside current TNVC offerings, including those with standard Unfilmed and Filmed image intensifier tubes.

***SuperGain tubes are currently IN-STOCK for all TNV-systems. L3Harris systems will be available for Pre-Order***

All TNV-Night Vision Systems are semi-custom built-to-order units, please allow approximately two weeks for order-processing and assembly. Existing order changes are on a first-come, first-served basis. Hand-select is available for TNV-systems.

82nd Airborne Troops Test Army’s Next-Generation Combat Goggle

Friday, August 12th, 2022

FORT BRAGG, North Carolina — 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers helping the Army make decisions on its newest program to provide Infantry Soldiers with a mixed reality headset.

Working toward a future when cloud services, squad radios, and necessary combat information can be combined and visualized on a set of futuristic goggles, Soldiers with the 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team are rehearsing combat missions under sweltering 100 degree-plus heat, high humidity, and even a few thunderstorms.

According to Program Executive Office Soldier, the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS) may one day integrate next generation 24/7 situational awareness tools and high-resolution digital sensors to deliver a single platform that improves Soldier sensing, decision making, target acquisition, and target engagement.

Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said during first looks at IVAS, “Remember early satellite phones from the 1980s that wealthy people had in their cars? They were big and clunky and now we have iPhones. It took us some time to get there.”

Capt. Roberto Huie, commander of Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT), 82nd Airborne Division, said seeing the location of all his Soldiers wearing the system is a huge benefit.

“Such a system will significantly improve reaction time for unit leaders who make decisions under the stress of battle,” he said.

The Opposing Force Commander, Capt. Phillip Johnston of Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 1st Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT), 82nd Airborne Division, said the test gave him an opportunity to train his company, with nine separate missions to plan, rehearse and execute.

“We trained at a level of we have not seen previously in the Army,” he said. “It was invaluable to have an outside look into the Company from the Operational Test Command without having the pressure of graded evaluations that normally come with training events.”


Story by LTC Jerry L. Jones Jr., Test Officer, Maneuver Test Directorate, U.S. Operational Test Command

Photos by Mr. Nicholas Robertson, Visual Information Specialist, U.S. Army Operational Test Command

Introducing the Trace Advanced 3-18x50mm FFP with Illuminated long range hunting reticle and capped windage turret from ZeroTech

Saturday, August 6th, 2022

ZeroTech Optics is pleased to announce our new Trace Advanced riflescope, born from the success of the globally popular 4.5-27x50mm, the Trace ADV 3-18×50 FFP illuminated Long Range Hunter (LRH) was designed with long range hunters and shooters in mind. Each feature is specifically designed to meet and exceed the expectations of demanding shooters to give them the ability to put rounds on target with speed, and most importantly, precision.

The ZeroTech Optics Trace Advanced 3-18x50mm FFP LRH utilizes our super robust one-piece main tube, crisp Precision Turret System with zero stop and a precise parallax adjustment that will be sure to keep you on target in even the harshest of conditions. New to the ZeroTech Trace Advanced range is the capped lower profile windage turret and is also mag ring throw lever compatible. Heavy Duty (HD) aluminum flip up covers will protect lenses from dirt and debris that can be folded flat and rotated to open in any desired orientation.

The illuminated FFP LRH reticle is unique to ZeroTech, designed in-house to meet the demands of the long-range hunting and shooters alike. Whether holding elevation and windage for high speed, precision shots or dialing your turrets for long range targets, the LRH reticle is the perfect blend of precision and speed.

• LRH FFP reticle (illuminated)

• 30mm tube

• HD alloy flip-up covers

• Precision Turret System (PTS)

• Capped windage turret

• Zero Stop

• 92% Light Transmission

• Glass etched reticle

• Weathershield lens coating

• Available in MRAD

Model : TR3185FL-IR

Backed by our industry leading AAA unconditional lifetime warranty the 3-18x50mm from ZeroTech is a scope you can count on. ZeroTech – Be Confident