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Camero-Tech Launches its Groundbreaking Xaver Long Range Through-Wall Imaging system

Thursday, February 18th, 2021

For the first time, military forces, law enforcement agencies and first responders are able to detect live objects beyond the wall from a long range of over 100 meters.

18th February 2021. Camero-Tech – an SK Group member, a world leader and pioneer in developing, producing and marketing of pulsed-based UWB micro-power radar ‘Through Wall Imaging’ systems – is launching its groundbreaking XaverTM LR80 (XLR80) system, which enables detection of live objects behind walls, at distances of over 100 meters. This new capability provides a breakthrough operational advantage in a hostile environment.

Special forces and law enforcement teams conducting urban and rural operations require reliable information regarding hidden live objects to determine the most suitable approach to ensure successful missions and life-saving. Penetrating through walls from a remote location, the XLR80 creates an unprecedented, real-time situational awareness picture of whether there are people present beyond the wall, and if so, how many, their exact distance and their direction of movement. The system is also highly sensitive for detecting unseen micro movements of static live objects. Being able to achieve these capabilities and the high sensitivity, is a game changer in various operational scenarios.

Controlled by a tablet with a simple user interface for intuitive interpretation, the XLR80 features integrated data recording and playback for post-mission analysis, training and debriefing. A dedicate sight is used for accurately directing the narrow beam of the system to the target. The system can be operated by a single user and it is ready for use by a push of a button.

“For the first time, the operator in the field has the ability to see through walls at such long distance,” says Amir Beeri?, CEO of Camero. “We have developed unique technology on which the XLR80 system is based on. An innovative Ultra-Wideband (UWB) sensor supported by patented algorithms and signal processing, provides the user with real time situational awareness while staying safe at more than 100 meters away from the target.”

The new XLR80 system is the latest addition to Camero’s XaverTM family of products, which includes the XaverTM 100, 400 and 800 and has been successfully deployed by elite customers around the world in military, law enforcement, intelligence and search & rescue applications. The XaverTM family delivers significant capabilities in information gathering, anti-terror activities, hostage rescue, anti-narcotics operations, and many other urban operations and missions.

The XLR80 is completely radiation safe by meeting international standards for human exposure.


Meprolight Launches Its Unique MEPRO O2 Red Dot Sight, Featuring Multi-Pattern Reticle for Optimal Tactical Advantage for Armed Forces & Law Enforcement Agencies

Wednesday, February 17th, 2021

The first-ever MIL-SPEC red dot sight with multi-pattern reticle enables the user to switch between aiming patterns quickly and easily for all tactical scenarios and in all-weather/light conditions

16 February 2021 Israel. Meprolight – a member of the SK Group and a leading manufacturer of electro-optical systems, thermal and night vision equipment, and self-illuminated sights for military, law enforcement and civilian applications – is launching the MEPRO O2 sight (MIL-SPEC), offering a breakthrough and significant tactical advantage using , a 5 segment reticle which allows to pre-set numerous aiming patterns, to all tactical scenarios and different ammunition (for example, quick transition between reticles when moving from 300 blackout subsonic to supersonic ammunition).

Users in the defense, law enforcement and HLS sectors benefit from advanced features such as small dimensions, light weight (approx. 280g), and a built-in light sensor and automatic brightness control system that enables clear visibility of the red dot in any lighting conditions – a significant advantage for accurate firing.

The MEPRO O2 sight also includes non-reflective optics without light signature toward the target, for enhanced force protection; a combination of an integral motion sensor and configurable sleep time of 4-8 hours, saving power for extended operation; a new, improved, rugged MIL-SPEC mounting design and a protected three-button control keypad.

“The MEPRO O2 sight is an innovative addition to Meprolight’s ever-growing range of small-arms aiming solutions,” says Benny Kokia, VP Sales & Marketing – at Meprolight. “For the first time, the user can now choose an optimal reticle from four pre-set aiming patterns. Our goal in developing this new sight was to provide armed forces with a significant tactical advantage, through capabilities that deliver mission flexibility and target precision, along with extended operation time”

“Our advanced technologies serve customers across the defense, law enforcement and HLS markets,” says Ronen Hamudot, Corporate VP Marketing & Sales at the SK Group. “We are proud of our ability to apply our solutions to their evolving needs, consistent with our vision of always staying ahead, and providing customers with the exact solution they need to meet new challenges that arise.”

For more information on Meprolight, please visit: www.meprolight.com.

Photonis Defense PD-PRO-Q Panoramic Night Vision Goggle

Sunday, February 14th, 2021

The PD-PRO-Q panoramic night vision goggle from Photonis Defense is the lightest and most compact panoramic NVG on the market today. Designed for Tier 1 operators, Special Operations Forces and SWAT Teams the PD-PRO-Q was designed around a shortened 4G filmless hybrid-18mm image intensifier tube, creating a system that is 33% smaller and 9% lighter than any other panoramic goggle available. By using hybrid-18mm tubes the PD-PRO-Q also gives operators a 104° field of view (FOV) vice the  97° FOV offered by our closest competitor. The PD-PRO-Q is also equipped with Hypersense™ a unique feature that expands the detection range from below 400nm to above 1,000nm, allowing to see and use laser illuminators that are not visible to standard military issue NVGs.  Gain a notable advantage in a multitude of environments worldwide with a system designed for the modern night vision user. *Note: The PD-PRO-Q is only available in the USA from Photonis Defense and a network of distributors.


Butler Creek Introduces New Featherlight Bino Caddy

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

New Bino Harness Offers Versatile, Dependable Optics Protection

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – February 9, 2021 – Butler Creek®, maker of smart, field-proven hunting and shooting accessories, announced today that the company’s new Featherlight Bino Caddy is now available. Made of the same patent-pending breathable closed cell foam material as the popular Butler Creek Featherlight sling, the Butler Creek Bino Caddy offers hunters a comfortable, dependable way to protect their glass in the field.

Butler Creek’s Featherlight caddy comes in three sizes to fit 10×42, 12×50 or 15×56 roof prism binoculars. A three-dimensional top flap keeps out dust and moisture, while silent suede materials and the Featherlight backing help protect hunters’ binoculars from impacts and abrasions. Breathable and cushioned, the Featherlight material is as effective at protecting optics as it is comfortable for users. The innovative slotted foam backer not only allows trapped heat to escape but it also provides additional cushion when used under heavy back packs and other accessories.

Not skimping on comfort or convenience, the Featherlight Bino Caddy features adjustable straps and a quick disconnect harness design for added safety and a secure fit. Easy to use from the truck to the stand, this caddy uses a quiet magnetic closure that automatically engages to secure binoculars. The forward opening top allows for efficient one-handed access to the main compartment as well.

Loaded with extra features, the Butler Creek Bino Caddy does more than keep a hunter’s optics at the ready. Hunters and shooters will appreciate the MOLLE webbing on the front and side of the caddy for attaching accessories. An interior mesh pocket and rear compartment are perfect for small game calls or tags, while the mesh side pocket is great for a small bottle of wind indicator or other items.

The Featherlight Bino Caddy comes in Prym1 MP (multi-purpose) camouflage, Prym1’s most versatile hybrid camo pattern. This particular camo is designed for all-season use, from the whitetail woods to western big game hunts and everything in between. 

The new Butler Creek Bino Caddy has an MSRP of $74.95 for the 10×42 size, $79.95 for the 12×50 size, and $84.95 for the 15×56 size.

For more information on this new product or to view the complete line of Butler Creek products, visit www.butlercreek.com.

N-Vision Optics Announces the Release of HALO-X Thermal Scopes

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

N-Vision Optics is excited to announce the release of the groundbreaking HALO-X product line.  Our latest products combine state of the art BAE thermal imaging CORE with top customer demanded features. All products in the HALO-X line feature high-quality onboard video recording and WiFi connectivity.

The most advanced model HALO-XRF is equipped with an integrated laser range finder. HALO-X is proudly designed and built in the US, making it the ultimate US-made thermal scope available to the hunting market.


BAE 640 x 480, 12 um, 60 Hz thermal imaging core

Upgraded 50 mm F1.1 Germanium objective lens

Field of View 9° x 7°

640 x 480 B&W OLED Display

Digital Zoom: 2x, 4x, and 8x

Built-in Video and Audio Recording

HALO-X eliminates the need for external recorders. Pixel accurate 60 Hz videos are internally captured and stored for later transfer to the user’s PC via USB connection.


The streaming feature permits the user to stream videos over the WiFi connection and possibly broadcast the hunts in real-time to Youtube, Facebook, or any other social media if it is still allowed and available.

Laser Range Finder (HALO-XRF)

HALO-XRF features a built-in laser range finder with a range of up to 1,000 yards/meters.

Rechargeable 18650 Batteries

HALO-X operates on two rechargeable 18650 batteries, providing up to 7 hours of run time (at room temperature).

Zoom Sensitive Zeroing

Reticle movement steps are zoom dependent, which allows for the most precise zeroing.


Eight reticle choices and four weapon profiles allow to choose the best suitable configuration and seamlessly move the Halo-X between different weapons or switch ammunition.  Two offered reticles feature mil spaced subtensions.

USB-C Connector

Standard USB-C type cable is used for user software updates, downloading videos and still images, or powering up the HALO-X with an external 5V (USB) power source.

HALO-X will be shipping in March of 2021 and will be available in 3 models: 35mm lens (HALOX35), 50 mm lens (HALOX50), and 50mm lens with integrated range finder (HALOXRF). More information is available on the N-Vision Optics website.


HALOX35: Retail price of $7,995 (MSRP) / $7,495 (MRP)

HALOX50: Retail price of $8,995 (MSRP) / $8,495 (MRP)

HALOXRF: Retail price of $9,995 (MSRP) / $9,495 (MRP)

Meopta Introduces MeoPro Optika LR Rangefinding Binoculars

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

TAMPA, FL, February 2, 2021 – Meopta is pleased to introduce the MeoPro Optika LR series.   Available in 10×42 HD and 8×50 HD models, these high-performance laser rangefinding binoculars quickly measure distance up to 2,600 yards and 2,950 yards, respectively.

The Optika LR’s premium European optics with HD fluoride glass and Meopta’s advanced MeoLux lens coating deliver exceptionally bright images in low light with maximum resolution and contrast.  Color fidelity is true throughout the entire field of view and the MeoDrop hydrophobic coating ensures a clear view, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

The fast and accurate integrated laser rangefinder features three modes: Auto – which provides continuous ranging of moving targets. Near Ranging – which ranges the closest object in the aiming circle, and Far Ranging – which ranges the farthest object in the aiming circle to ensure an accurate reading in situations where there may be objects in the foreground, such as tree limbs or tall grass, that could interfere with a less precisely calibrated rangefinder. The two distance modes offer an advantage to those who frequently hunt in varied terrains.  Incline data is also measured for accurate angle compensation in the field.

The illuminated OLED display can be set to yards or meters and features four levels of brightness control.   Display readings automatically shut off after 10 seconds to extend battery life. The Optika LR also features twist-up eyecups, dual diopter adjustments, and a low battery indicator. 

The magnesium alloy body and rubber armoring make the Optika LR rugged enough for use in the most brutal terrain.  It is fully waterproof, shockproof, and its optical and mechanical performance is backed by Meopta’s Lifetime Transferrable Warranty. 

Retail Pricing

Optika LR 10×42 HD              $1,499.99

Optika LR 8×50 HD                $1,874.99

For more information regarding Meopta, please visit www.meoptasportsoptics.com.

Nightforce 2021 Catalog

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Check out the new ATACR 4-20×50 F1 riflescope and the new FC-DMx reticle in the 2021 Catalog.


Tony Tarantino Promoted to Director of Marketing at Riton Optics

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2021

Tucson, AZ (01 February 2021) – Riton Optics is pleased to announce the promotion of Tony Tarantino to the position of Director of Marketing.

Tarantino has been with Riton for nearly two years and has over twenty years in the firearms industry, including extensive experience in retail and law enforcement sales, supply chain and indoor range operations.

Tarantino commented, “It’s an exciting time for Riton Optics. I look forward to growing with such a professional team of goal-oriented individuals.”

According to Brady Speth, CEO and Founder of Riton Optics “During Tony’s short time at Riton, he has been instrumental to the team. I’m confident that his experience and work ethic, blended with his fun, social personality will support the continued growth of the department and the company as a whole.”

As Riton Optics continues to push boundaries, there is no doubt that the company will continue its pace as the fastest growing optics company in the industry.