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Bushnell’s Jessie Harrison Wins IPSC National Title with Bushnell RXM-300 Reflex Sight

Friday, December 15th, 2023

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – December 13, 2023 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, along with Hoppe’s®, the No.1 name in gun care products, would like to congratulate sponsored shooter Jessie Harrison for successfully defending her national title as the top IPSC Ladies Open shooter for 2023. During the 2023 IPSC Nationals held in Smyrna, Florida, Harrison relied on products from both brands, including the Bushnell RXM-300 reflex sight to successfully defend her title from the previous year.

Harrison’s repeat IPSC title closes out her 2023 shooting season which involved multiple national titles including the 2023 Area 8 USPSA Ladies Open title, the USPSA Ladies Open title and the USPSA Ladies Limited Optics title.

“It’s been a long competitive season and I’ve shot with the best ladies in the country,” said Harrison. “They truly push me constantly to be better.”

Throughout her historic 2023 season, Harrison primarily ran a Bushnell RXM-300 Reflex Sight on her pistol. The RXM-300 Reflex Sight gives shooters a large lens for fast and easy targeting and is built to withstand the tens of thousands of rounds competitive shooters fire in both practice and competition.

“Completing a season at this level just wouldn’t be possible without great sponsors,” said Harrison. “Both Bushnell and Hoppe’s have been cornerstones of my shooting gear for several years as their products give me everything I need to compete with confidence and perform at my best.”

Harrison’s 2023 string of victories adds to her record-setting mark of 26 major USPSA wins, making her one of the most decorated members of both the Bushnell and Hoppe’s shooting teams.

Harrison’s continued reign at the very highest level demonstrates why all shooters should turn to Bushnell and Hoppes to help them reach their full potential.

To learn more, visit Jessie Harrison’s Bushnell Ambassador page.

Team SIG’s Lena Miculek Defends World Title at IPSC Shotgun World Shoot

Monday, December 11th, 2023

NEWINGTON, N.H., (December 11, 2023) – SIG SAUER, Inc. congratulates Team SIG professional shooter Lena Miculek for defending her Ladies Standard World Shotgun title at the IPSC World Shotgun Championship; this is the third time Miculek has earned this title, and Lena is the only woman in the world to ever hold the title. 

In addition to earning the top award amongst females, Lena impressively placed thirteenth amongst all standard competitors (men and women), is the only female to ever break into the top twenty at an IPSC Shotgun World Shoot, was the highest scoring female amongst all female competitors in all divisions to include modified and open competitors, and won the ladies standard shoot-off.  In total, Miculek earned a total of three gold medals at the IPSC Shotgun World Shoot.

“The competition Lena put together at the World Shoot was a remarkable performance and we are all incredibly proud of her amazing achievements,” said Tom Taylor Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “Lena’s success in Thailand is a direct result of her hard work and dedication to her training and commitment to her craft.  In addition to defending her title she set a series of lofty goals for herself; she crushed them all and once again raised the bar for females in professional shooting.  It’s an honor to have Lena as a member of Team SIG and a representation of the SIG SAUER brand to the world.”

Lena Miculek is the top multi-discipline professional shooter in the world and is a member of Team SIG representing SIG SAUER.  Lena entered the world of competitive shooting when she was eight years old and was immediately a force to be reckoned with.  At age 17 she won her first World Champion title, and now has 9 World Shooting titles in 5 different shooting disciplines and over 100 championship wins and national titles in the disciplines she competes in.  Lena is recognized in the industry as the most-influential female competitor, and recently used her experience to develop the ROSE by SIG SAUER™ program to help, encourage, and inspire women to take on the responsibility of their own personal safety through education, training and community.

The IPSC (International Practical Shooting Competition) was held December 3 – 10, 023 in Pattaya, Thailand. 

Blackhawk Sponsored Athlete Zach Rodman Wins Georgia Tactical Games

Saturday, November 4th, 2023

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – October 31, 2023 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 30 years, congratulates sponsored tactical athlete Zach Rodman for winning the Men’s Elite Division of the Tactical Games Georgia Regional Event.

In two seasons of competing as a Blackhawk-sponsored tactical athlete, Rodman has racked up a pair individual Tactical Games wins and ranked seventh or higher two more times. Competing alongside teammates Jared Halbert and Ehea Schuerch, Rodman has also won a team title and finished second and third in two other Tactical Games team events.

A longtime police officer from Indiana, Rodman runs a full suite of Blackhawk gear including the T-Series® L3D holster, Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter, Foundation Series Tac Nylon plate carrier and belt.

“To say I’ve been proud to represent Blackhawk the last two years is an understatement,” said Rodman. “It’s easy to promote and back a company whose products you believe in.”

Rodman uses Blackhawk gear to not only compete at the highest levels in the Tactical Games, but also as an instructor at the Tactical Games Athlete Camp. During the three-day course, Rodman helps train new athletes with course curriculums covering shooting, fitness, and gear.

To learn more about Rodman and the gear he uses in the Tactical Games, visit Blackhawk.com.

Bushnell’s Jessie Harrison Claims Multiple USPSA Titles Using New RXM-300 Reflex Sight

Sunday, October 29th, 2023

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – October 26, 2023 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, along with Hoppe’s®, the No. 1 name in gun care products, would like to congratulate sponsored shooter Jessie Harrison for winning three major USPSA championship titles over the last two months. During her recent string of major USPSA wins, Harrison relied on products from both Bushnell and Hoppe’s to reach the podium.

One of the key pieces of equipment used by Harrison during her championship run was the Bushnell RXM-300 Reflex Sight. Harrison utilized the reflex sight on her pistol in all three matches. Harrison, along with other members of the brand’s shooting team, contributed to the development of the RXM-300. The reflex sight’s large window, robust construction, and ability to hold zero after the tens of thousands of rounds fired during a competitive season, were all key features requested by the shooting team.

Harrison’s last three victories give her a record-setting mark of 25 major USPSA wins. This tremendous accomplishment makes her one of the most decorated competitors in the history of the shooting sports and a highly valued member of both the Bushnell and Hoppe’s shooting teams.

Harrison claimed her first of the three victories by winning the Ladies Open title at the USPSA Area 8 match. Two weeks later, she won the Ladies Open Championship. Her most recent win was the Ladies Limited Optics National title at the championship match held in Ohio.  

“I think everyone who competed in the Limited Optics National would agree that this was the most difficult match we’ve seen in a long time,” Harrison said. “This was the inaugural national championship for the new division. Cold weather plus moving targets and more shots at extended distances certainly proved quite the challenge. But once again, the Bushnell RXM-300 was up to the task, allowing me to make the precise hits needed to win in such a tough environment.”

Harrison went on to say, “Winning my 25th USPSA National title is such an incredible milestone in my career. And I wouldn’t have been able to do this without my incredible sponsors supporting me every step of the way.”

Harrison switched her optic to the new Bushnell RXM-300 reflex sight earlier in the 2023 season. Since then, Harrison along with teammate KC Eusebio have been on a streak of major wins using the new reflex sight.

Harrison is also a long-time sponsored shooter for Hoppe’s. Each year—before, during and after each competition—Harrison depends on cleaning products like Hoppe’s Black to keep her guns running smoothly. The brand’s trusted line of gun cleaning products and accessories has helped save Harrison valued time by reducing maintenance needs and simplifying the entire process.

To learn more about Harrison, along with her favorite Bushnell and Hoppe’s products, visit Bushnell.com

Bushnell Returns as Presenting Sponsor for 11th Annual GAP Grind PRS Pro/Am

Saturday, October 14th, 2023

Largest Precision Rifle Match in Nation Sponsored by Bushnell for Over a Decade

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – October 12, 2023 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, was proud to once again serve as title sponsor for the 11th annual GA Precision/Bushnell Elite Tactical “GAP Grind” Pro/Am. The annual precision rifle match drew more than 350 shooters from across the country and around the globe who traveled to Tennessee to compete in this unique two-person team long-range competition.

Bushnell has served as a presenting sponsor of the match for over a decade, and has been a longtime supporter of PRS competitions. Through its high quality long-range optics and numerous professional shooters, Bushnell and Elite Tactical™ have become trusted names in the precision shooting world. For 2023, the company continues to introduce purpose-built optics that long-range shooters can count on, such as the new Match Pro ED 5-30X56 riflescope and Match Pro ED 15×56 binoculars.

“We always look forward to attending the GAP Grind,” said Carlos Lozano, Bushnell brand manager. “There’s no other shooting event like it in the world, and we love how it  provides an opportunity for so many new people to experience long range shooting. Bushnell has always been focused on finding new ways to grow the shooting sports and the continued success of the GAP Grind speaks for itself.”

On Friday, Bushnell hosted two side stages before the main match began, providing an opportunity for competitors, range officers and volunteers to test out the brand’s latest optics. At the side stages, attendees were able to test out the new Bushnell Match Pro ED riflescope and Match Pro ED binoculars in a modified .22LR course of fire and then test their pistol skills with the new RXM 300 Reflex Sight.

Not only were Bushnell employees on-site throughout the weekend participating in and supporting the match, but Bushnell also contributed several match awards to various competitors and participants. Among these awards were the Deserving Amateur, Deserving Range Officer and Top Sportsman.

Bushnell wishes to congratulate all the shooters who took part in the match and looks forward to joining them again next year at the K&M Precision Rifle Training Shooting Complex in Finger, Tennessee.

For more information on the GAP Grind and to see full results, visit precisionrifleseries.com.

For more information on Bushnell Elite Tactical or to see their full lineup of optics, visit Bushnell.com.

Team Barrett Shines as Justin Wolf Takes 2nd at the 2023 King of 2 Miles with New Barrett Rifle

Wednesday, September 27th, 2023

MURFREESBORO, TENNESSEE — Barrett Firearms announces Justin Wolf and spotter James Archer’s 2nd place finish at the global 2023 King of 2 Miles competition, held at the NRA Whittington Center on September 22-24, 2023. What makes this result even more impressive is that Wolf was 1 of only 3 competitors who successfully engaged all 7 targets, the furthest being 3526 yards in the finals with a new Barrett rifle chambered in .416 Barrett using 500 grain Cutting Edge Lazer Bullets.

Justin Wolf and spotter James Archer’s with a resounding 2nd Place finish at the global 2023 King of 2 Miles competition.

The three-day event attracts the world’s best marksmen and is regarded as the ultimate proving ground for long-range shooting, pushing the boundaries of precision and equipment performance. Of 69 competitors, Barrett represented 11% of rifles competing in the extreme long range event yet reflected 21% of the global Top 14 finalists. Barrett’s competing rifle system was the only factory configured product represented in this year’s competition that typically showcases custom-built rifles.

Wolf said the results were a testament to the new Barrett rifle’s exceptional precision and the promise it holds for the future of long-range shooting. “It’s always amazing to shoot big ELR events like this. The feeling of accomplishment of making the finals and having this success with the new Barrett equipment is second to none.”

Bryan James, President of Barrett Firearms, said: “Justin’s performance with our rifle at the King of 2 Miles competition is a source of immense pride for Barrett. It is a testament to our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in long-range shooting. We look forward to officially unveiling this innovation to the world at the 2024 SHOT Show and bringing the same capability to the hands of marksmen who demand nothing but the best.”

Barrett Firearms invites media, industry professionals, and shooting enthusiasts to visit their booth #10344 or Industry Day at the Range during the 2024 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 23–26, 2024, where they can experience the new product firsthand and learn more about this revolutionary rifle’s specifications and capabilities.

For more information on Barrett Firearms please visit www.barrett.net.

Blackhawk’s Rodman, Schuerch Take Third at West Virginia Team Tactical Games

Sunday, September 24th, 2023

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – September 19, 2023 – Blackhawk®, a leader in law enforcement and military equipment for over 20 years, congratulates tactical athletes Zach Rodman and Ehea Schuerch for their third-place team finish at the Tactical Games West Virginia Regional Team event. Rodman and Schuerch teamed up for the first time at the West Virginia match and were able to reach the podium after a dramatic second day finish.

Throughout the competition, Rodman and Schuerch ran a full suite of Blackhawk gear, including the T-Series® L3D holster with Jacket Slot Leg Strap Adapter plus the Foundation Series Tac Nylon plate carrier and belt. 

“The Foundation Series continues to execute in every difficult environment we compete in, and the West Virginia event was no less demanding,” said Rodman. “Another great item that can be added to any T-Series holster is the jacket slot leg strap adapter. Using it during the match made the holster feel almost non-existent during the ruck event that took us through the mountainous parts of the range. It’s a great piece that any T-Series owner should pick up.”

The West Virginia Tactical Games was the first match in which Rodman and Schuerch joined forces, and both competitors walked away from the event with a new level of respect for their teammate.

“Some things were out of our control and didn’t go as expected, but we fought hard and came back on day two to get the job done,” Schuerch said. “I had an absolute blast getting to partner with Zach for this competition. He’s a powerhouse of an athlete, a solid shooter, and he has a big heart and a passion for this sport and community. He made this weekend the highlight of my TTG season.”

Rodman expressed equal admiration for his partner.

“Ehea was a great teammate in West Virginia. Besides the fact that she is extremely strong, and her metabolic conditioning is world-class, she’s a great shooter and is always encouraging,” Rodman said. “These competitions are a roller coaster throughout the two days you are performing, so staying positive and having a level head is invaluable. I was thankful to have a partner that did both and so much more.”

To learn more about these Blackhawk sponsored athletes, The Tactical Games, or to see the full line-up of holsters and tactical gear that was used, head over to Blackhawk.com.

PROOF Research’s Dynamic Winning Duo, Greg Hamilton and Nightforce Optics Sean Murphy, Win the Elite Real World Sniper Challenge

Sunday, September 17th, 2023

This invite-only, championship for the best-of-the-best scorers of the most prestigious sniper competitions worldwide was held in Refugio, Texas, Sept. 8 – 10, 2023.

(L to R) Sean Murphy of Nightforce Optics, Greg Hamilton of PROOF Research, winners of the Real World Sniper Championship.

Columbia Falls, Mont. (September 2023) – PROOF Research®’s Weapons Test Specialist Greg Hamilton and Sean Murphy of Nightforce Optics take home a repeat win in the Real World Sniper Championship, held at Bridle Iron South outside of Refugio, Texas, Sept. 8 – 10, 2023.

The championship is a culmination of the best-in-class sniper shooters from Real World Challenges, the International Sniper Competition, the Winston P. Wilson Sniper Championship, and the USASOC Sniper Competition. Only the top performers are invited to this elite competition that includes blind stages held both night and day, with a variety of tasks and challenges for the teams.

“The Real World Sniper Championship included multiple curve balls thrown in throughout the stages,” Murphy explained. “Some of the challenges included a trauma casualty simulation, mid-stage changes to the info, and other seeds of chaos thrown in by the match director.”

Murphy participated as the primary shooter using his Accuracy International AT-X precision rifle with a PROOF Research carbon pre-fit barrel in 6.5 Creedmoor. PROOF Research’s Hamilton shot as the secondary using his 6.5 Creedmoor gas gun with a PROOF Research 20” stainless steel AR-10 barrel. In addition to the carbine for the bolt-gun shooters, Murphy used his .223 carbine with a PROOF Research 11.5” carbon barrel.

PROOF Research is a well-known brand within the precision rifle community and is one of the leading barrel brands used by champion competitors in the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and National Rifle League (NRL). Developed to enhance mission success for our warfighters, PROOF Research’s carbon fiber barrels are designed for long-range accuracy, performance, and reliability under any environmental condition.

Find out more about PROOF Research barrels and rifles at proofresearch.com.