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Construction of SIG SAUER Experience Center Begins in Epping, New Hampshire

May 7th, 2021

NEWINGTON, N.H., (May 7, 2021) – SIG SAUER, Inc., is pleased to announce the official commencement of the construction of the SIG SAUER Experience Center on the grounds of the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

Today, Ron Cohen, President of SIG SAUER, Inc. was joined by Governor Chris Sununu and other local and state dignitaries, for the official groundbreaking ceremony at the future site of the SIG SAUER Experience Center, a state-of-the-art 40,500 square foot facility on the grounds of the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

“SIG SAUER is growing, and we are excited to officially break ground for the SIG SAUER Experience to mark the beginning of another phase of our evolution,” began Ron Cohen, President and CEO, SIG SAUER, Inc.  “This facility will attract visitors to the New England region from all over the world and create new jobs, and we view this endeavor as a true partnership with our state and local leaders that have worked hard to foster an environment where SIG can grow and thrive and are one of the secrets to our continued success and growth here in New Hampshire.”

The SIG SAUER Experience Center will feature the SIG SAUER flagship retail showroom, state-of-the-art indoor shooting ranges, and a high-tech, interactive SIG SAUER museum depicting the history of SIG SAUER, and a one-of-a-kind educational experience for SIG SAUER products, a multi-purpose meeting space and conference rooms.

“The continued expansion of SIG SAUER’s New Hampshire operations with this new construction in Epping is another welcome addition by SIG SAUER to our growing economy,” said Governor Chris Sununu. “SIG SAUER is one of New Hampshire’s largest employers providing a diverse mix of high-tech manufacturing jobs to our workforce, and I am glad to partner with them as they continue to firmly plant their roots right here in the Granite State.”

Design-Build services are being provided by North Branch Construction and architectural design by Cowan Goudreau Architects both of Concord, NH.  Civil engineering services are being provided by T.F. Moran, Inc. of Bedford, NH.

FN Expands Pistol Offerings with All-FDE FN Five-Seven and FN 503 Micro Compact

May 7th, 2021

(McLean, VA – May 7, 2021) Catering to the requests of shooting enthusiasts and FN brand fans alike, FN America, LLC is pleased to announce the release of new flat dark earth (FDE) offerings in both its FN Five-seveN® and FN 503® line-ups, available at authorized retailers soon.

“Today’s gun buyer is looking for variety and options, not just with accessories but with color variants that stand out in unique and noticeable ways,” said Chris Cole, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for FN America, LLC. “FN’s all-FDE models certainly stand out and we feel that these new releases in our signature color give  consumers greater options to further customize, and personalize, their gun and gear setups.”

FN Five-seveN FDE

The original FN Five-seveN®, often imitated but hardly duplicated, has two decades of trusted service with allied armies, global law enforcement and civilians.

Extending its groundbreaking design is a new, all flat dark earth frame and slide. With improved range and accuracy over common pistol cartridges, the NATO-standardized 5.7x28mm, developed by FN, is fired from the chrome-lined cold hammer-forged barrel.

Pinpoint accuracy and minimal felt recoil is standard issue. Equipped with an internal hammer, the smooth trigger with a predictable break further enhances accuracy.

This new all-FDE model, available with 10-rd or 20-rd magazines, replaces the existing two-toned FDE and Black. Existing California-compliant Five-Seven models remain unchanged.

FN 503 FDE

The latest update to FN’s micro compact 9mm pistol, now available in flat dark earth, is inspired by the company’s legendary reputation for battle-proven quality. Setting a new standard in concealed carry handguns, the 503 is more controllable and accurate thanks to a full-height grip stippling and a best-in-class trigger breaking cleanly at approximately 5.5-lbs. The FN 503 is a discreet and comfortable gun that conceals easily thanks to its slim profile. The snag-free all-metal 3 dot sights deliver an instant and crisp sight picture.

To learn more about these latest offerings or explore FN’s full product line, please visit

Tampa Warfighter by ADS Inc

May 7th, 2021

ADS is hosting the Tampa Warfighter on 20 May, 2021 at Armature Works in Tampa. This is an in-person event during Virtual SOFIC.

There will be over 30 Vendors in attendance.

For more information and to register, visit here.

ADS Inc is adhering to local COVID guidelines.

Additionally, they are using these procedures:

• Masks and Hand Sanitizer will be provided

• Social distancing will be enforced

• Equipment will be sanitized between use

• Supplier tables will be distanced by 6 feet

• All areas will be regularly sanitized for a clean and safe environment

Sitka Arrowhead Equipment – Accessories & Load Carriage

May 7th, 2021

In addition to the new garments we’ve showcased over this week, Sitka Arrowhead Equipment is also offering a few accessories and load carriage which fans of the hunting side will be familiar with. By load carriage, we’re not talking assault vests, but rather day packs and duffels.

The Gunner Glove incorporates Gore-Tex Windstopper technology paired with Leather and a Stretch Woven Trigger Finger. Coyote in color.

The Gunner Glove is made in Vietnam so it is not TAA compliant for those of you who take that into consideration in buying decisions.

For load carriage, there’s the Drifter Travel Pack and Duffel.

The Pack and Duffel are made from TPU coated ripstop. The 25L Travel Pack is available in Lead and Coyote. The Duffels are offered in 50L, 75L and 110L sizes but only in Lead color.

The load carriage items are all TAA compliant, having been manufactured in the Philippines.

There is also some cool logo wear like T-shirts and Hats.

Find a Sitka Arrowhead Equipment dealer here.

Don’t forget, during their simulcast FB and IG Live segments at 2:30 PM today, US Elite will be wrapping up their week-long intro to SITKA Arrowhead’s products. They’ll be answering any last-minute questions you may have, but also announcing the grand-prize winner. One lucky individual will be receiving the whole layering system which includes: t-shirt, hat, one fleece, one mid-weight jacket, WWP jacket and pants in a duffle bag.

SSD Exclusive – A Deeper Dive Into The FN EVOLYS Machine Gun

May 7th, 2021

Yesterday, FN Herstal unveiled their new ultralight belt-fed machine gun, the EVOLYS. Here’s some additional information on the EVOLYS we thought you might be interested in.

Right up front it is important to note that the machine gun shown during FN Herstal’s unveiling is not exactly the same as the one that will be offered in the United States, which we’ll explain later on.

Having said that, it is being offered in two basic variants, the Ultra Lightweight Machine Gun in 5.56mm NATO and the Lightweight Machine Gun, a multi-caliber gun, currently in 7.62mm NATO, which can also be chambered for 6.5 CM as well as a conventional cased Next Generation 6.8 x 51mm round. Additionally, we are told the EVOLYS LMG can be adapted to other calibers.

Apparently, EVOLYS has been under development for several years. However, this current iteration is a refinement of a design submitted for the US Army’s Next Generation Squad Automatic Rifle (NGSAR) solicitation meaning that much of the engineering was already accomplished by that point for a similar machine gun. Consequently, the technology is more mature than it appears to those seeing it for the first time. What sets EVOLYS apart form that earlier effort is that there has been a significant amount of user feedback from SOF used in the current configuration. FN America assured us that EVOLYS was not created to satisfy any new government solicitations, but rather is the next step in FN’s line of machine guns, integrating multiple new features.

Conversely, FN has no intention of halting production of their existing designs (M249, M240, MK46/48). They will continue to support those designs throughout their lifespan while the company looks to address current and future needs. With one of every two machine guns on the planet coming from FN, they’ve got a lot of customers to continue to support.

The name hints at evolution and this new machine gun platform will be familiar to anyone who has had time behind FN’s M240 (MAG) or M249 (Minimi). While it breaks down in much the same way, with a receiver, recoil spring and bolt carrier group, you’ll note that EVOLYS features a monocoque construction receiver. Unlike the M240, it’s one continuous piece which helps control weapon weight. In fact, you’re looking at significant weight reduction with 5.5 kg ULMG & 6.2 kg LMG compared to a 7.5 kg M249 and 10.1 kg M240L.

Another interesting note is that there are no operator barrel changes with EVOLYS. They’re so confident in the metallurgy of the barrel that you won’t have to swap barrels during sustained fire. Barrel changes will require tools and about two to three minutes to accomplish.

Speaking of barrels, EVOLYS will be introduced with 14″ (para) and 16″ options, but other lengths may be added in the future.

It uses a tappet short stroke piston operating system with a gas regulator and, like other FN belt-feds, EVOLYS only fires from the open bolt. Controllability and reliability is enhanced by use of a hydraulic buffer.

FN Herstal has stated that EVOLYS was developed from the outset for use with a suppressor and we understand that the developmental team used at least the SureFire suppressors adopted by USSOCOM. Additionally, video shown by FN Herstal during the EVOLYS launch depict B&T suppressors which makes sense as they provide suppressors to FN.

Interestingly, FN also claims that their operating system prevents the gas associated with the use of a suppressor from being blown back into the face of the firer, even a left handed shooter.

Earlier we mentioned that the US and Rest of World version of EVOLYS would differ slightly. For instance, the version Herstal revealed is equipped with a SCAR stock while the US version has a backplate which also facilitates use of an M4-style collapsible stock. Further development of the stock is underway with concepts being evaluated to offer different comb heights without weight increases.

As one FN America executive related, “one hundred years in the waiting, we finally have a side loading, continuous rail machine gun.”

The real magic in the EVOLYS design is the patented lateral feed mechanism which still incorporates a feedtray cover and feedtray, but how they are accessed is completely different than other machine guns.

Instead, the separate feedtray cover and feedtray open to the left, swinging outward toward the business end of the gun. Of note, it can only be configured as left-hand feed.

This design facilitates one-handed loading and has similar round alignment pawls to the Mk46 and Mk48. You can seat the cartridge into the feed tray and the system will guide the cartridge into proper placement.

While belts can still be broken in the event of a runaway gun, FN informs us they have integrated a anti-runaway mechanism into the design. Additionally, the last link is automatically ejected at the end of firing so no need to clear the feedtray.

With the lateral feed mechanism, the top Picatinny rail is a single piece, running all the way from the front of the handguard to the rear of the receiver. This means optics and other enables can be mounted anywhere along the rail without having to worry about a front folding or side tilting feedtray cover. You can mount your optic where you need it and keep it there.

EVOLYS offers single (semi-auto) as well as sustained (full-auto) fire options, selectable at the ambidextrous thumb safety above the pistol grip.

Expect better accuracy than an M4 carbine. FN has regularly demonstrated 1.5 – 2.5 MOA accuracy, depending on the gun’s temperature.

Initially, EVOLYS will be built in Herstal and the company will evaluate US-based manufacturing.

FN Herstal plans to exhibit EVOLYS at DSEI in London in September, but it’s possible you may run into it at a range day before then as interest begins to pick up.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: Fast Rope Mitt

May 7th, 2021

You’ve waited and it’s finally arrived, the Fast Rope Mitt (FRM) is designed to be a minimalist, lightweight tool that can easily be transported on the Professional User and available for Fast Rope Insertion, the FRM can be used with or without the FirstSpear – Operator Glove (OG) and is constructed using the best in abrasion resistant, heat mitigating materials.

It’s cut and assembled to fold flat for transport in a typical Uniform Pocket; the FRM is low bulk and supports Short, Medium or Extended Fast Rope Insertions up to 90 Feet (27.4 Meters). Additionally, the FRM has an advanced two finger pattern that allows the User to rapidly expose his trigger finger to engage a firearm, this method is far faster than actually taking off a glove during extreme situations, the FRM can be pulled partially off and retained around the wrist by the second elastic strap across the back until time has become available to secure in through the reinforced retention loop at the cuff.

This glove is 100% Berry Compliant featuring all American “roper” cow leather and ultra-high performance Kovenex providing greatly enhanced cut, tear, and thermal resistance for Fast Rope Insertions. It’s ultra soft on the hand and double layered in key points with a firmer grain and texture on the exterior of the palm. Reinforced button holes allow for quick and easy carabiner or snap hook attachment.

As you would expect, FS used overbuilt construction techniques with highly advanced materials, all balanced for weight and performance for the most demanding end users. 100% American Made with USA materials. Currently available in S, M, L and XL with more options forthcoming.

For more information check out,

‘Service. Strength. Sacrifice’: Special Tactics Training Complex Dedicated to Fallen STO

May 7th, 2021

HURLBURT FIELD, Fla.— In a split second while on a mission in 2015, U.S. Air Force Capt. Matthew Roland made the last leadership decision he would he would ever make. Without hesitation, he chose to protect his team and give them the best shot at overcoming an insider attack in Afghanistan, sacrificing his life in the process.

To honor the fallen Special Tactics Officer’s actions and courageous leadership, the 24th Special Operations Wing along with friends and family hosted a dedication ceremony in Roland’s honor May 6, 2021 at Hurlburt Field, Florida.

“Today I have the privilege of dedicating the Roland Field Leadership Training Complex,” said U.S. Air Force Col. Matthew Allen, commander of the 24th SOW. “It’s particularly meaningful to dedicate this training site to Matt as he spent years of his life honing his leadership expertise.”

The wing chose to dedicate one of the Special Tactics Training Squadron facilities used for training and assessing Special Tactics Officers just like Roland.

“It means everything to be a part of his legacy,” said one of the young STOs attending the ceremony and finishing the training pipeline. “I think he embodies a lot of what a lot of people in our position are trying to do and why we joined. Guys like him paved the way for us and have shown us an example of who we should strive to be like. We’re honored to be walking in his footsteps and everyone who came before us.”

In the audience were also several distinguished guests, friends and family members of Matthew Roland including his sister, nieces, fiancé, mother and his father, U.S. Air Force, retired, Col. Mark Roland.

“Matthew was a patriot, he believed in his nation and was dedicated to service,” said Mark. “He loved serving as a STO and leading his team. This complex is a testament that he was good at what he did and respected for how he did it.”

Matthew Roland graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2010 and then entered the rigorous Special Tactics Officer training pipeline to earn the coveted red beret. His last assignment was at the 23rd Special Tactics Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Florida.

Members of the fallen Airman’s former squadron watched as the Roland family unveiled the new sign to the Roland Field Leadership Training Complex followed by the Special Tactics tradition of memorial pushups.

“He never quit, he never gave up. Be strong in the face of adversity,” said Mark. “To us, this complex dedicated to selecting and training Special Tactics Officers represents three things that Matthew valued…service, strength and sacrifice.”

As a Special Tactics Officer, Roland was a qualified battlefield commander prepared to lead reconnaissance, strike and recovery missions, as well as a military static-line and free fall jumper, an Air Force combat scuba diver, and a joint terminal attack controller. For his actions during his deployment, Roland was posthumously awarded the nation’s third highest honor for valor, the Silver Star medal, in June of 2016.

“At his core, [Matthew] was concerned with loving and protecting his family, being a leader in our Air Force and living out his warrior ethos,” said Allen. “If there was a hardship, he’d endure it. If there was a burden, he’d help lift it. If there was a challenge…he’d meet it.”

For future Special Tactics leaders, the complex will forever stand as inspiration to the selfless leadership and determination Roland displayed throughout his time in service.

Special Tactics is the Air Force’s most highly decorated community since the Vietnam War specializing in global access, precision strike, personnel recovery and battlefield surgery. Since 9/11, Special Tactics Airmen have received one Medal of Honor, 12 Air Force Crosses and 50 Silver Star Medals.

Photos by SrA Miranda Mahoney and A1C Amanda Flower-Raschella, 1st Special Operations Wing Public Affairs

Birdwell Beach Britches Tac Short 2.0 in Frogskin Camo

May 6th, 2021

Birdwell’s Tac Short 2.0 is made from their proprietary SurfStretch fabric which dries quickly and is super comfortable.

These are back in stock and now is the time to jump on a pair if you want them. They only offer them about once a year. They feature a button fly, take up tabs at the waist, reinforced seat, a button flapped patch pocket at the right thigh, handwarmer pockets and interior mesh pocket.

Also offered in Black, Blue and Army Green, sizes Small through XXLarge.

Wish they’d make them in Tigerstripe. Are you listening Birdwell?

Made in Santa Ana, California.