US Air Force Updates DAFI 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Department of the Air Force Personnel

March 1st, 2024

AFI 36-2903 rewrite just dropped which, incorporates policy changes from the 102nd Air Force Uniform Board, incorporates all other guidance memorandums and features updated graphics for visual clarity.

The updated policy outlines:

• Religious Accommodation Process
• No-hat, No-salute areas
• Specialized nametag wear for DAF and Joint Chiefs support staff
• Two-piece flight duty uniform
• Bags, to include gym bag, backpack, handbags
• Flight duty uniform policy
• Female wear of mess dress trousers or slacks
• Wear of caps for baldness or hair loss due to medical conditions
• Permanent wear of EPME badge
• Security Forces shield on the OCP uniform
• Beverage consumption while walking in uniform
• Wear of cold weather headbands
• Authorized wear of commercial maternity cold weather outerwear
• Wing commander delegation to approve religious regalia
• Organizational emblems on the back of morale shirt
• Heritage morale patches on the flight duty uniform

It also highlights authorized and unauthorized examples of grooming standards for:

• Tattoo/brands/body markings
• Mustache wear
• Male and female hair standards
• Female nail polish colors and other cosmetics

It also clarifies duty badge guidance, explaining the wear and placement of up to three duty badges on male and female service, semi-formal, formal and mess dress uniforms. Lastly, it clarifies sister service/joint unit patch wear, and provides graduate patch criteria.

The updated DAFI 36-2903 can be found here.

FirstSpear Friday Focus: FS Attends Enforce Tac & SICUR

March 1st, 2024

The FirstSpear team spent the week showcasing new technology & gear to end users at Enforce Tac in Nuremberg, Germany and SICUR in Madrid, Spain.

Continuing its attendance at Enforce Tac in its 11th year, FirstSpear continues to innovate and answer the call of those at the tip of the spear domestically and globally. With over 80 countries in attendance, this year also marked the 11th year of our attendance since the very beginning of the show.

The team also spent time in Madrid, Spain at SICUR leading international security event, that brings together public and private security companies. Continuing to support war fighters throughout the world.

For more information about FirstSpear, please visit

Future Conflicts Demand Flexible and Mobile Command Posts

March 1st, 2024

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Army leaders understand that preparing for large scale combat operations will require commanders to lead on the move with the ability to disperse at a moment’s notice.

Leaders also understand that one size will not fit all for command posts under this new paradigm.

At the Army’s Network Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) in December 2023 in Savannah, Georgia, a panel discussion on command post modernization unveiled plans for CPI2 Next, which is the latest in a series of efforts to modernize existing vehicle-based Command Post Integrated Infrastructure (CPI2) units and provide on-the-move command and control in anticipation of future combat scenarios.

The CPI2 program is integrating network and communications technologies into a variety of vehicle platforms, then fielding them incrementally to units for experimentation and feedback, which will inform future iterations.

While current iterations of integrated command post platforms have proved useful in the field during unit experimentation, a Limited User Test (LUT) with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division (1-2) at Joint Base Lewis McChord, Washington, conducted this past summer indicated a need for a more adaptable, configurable command post with greater disbursement capability. From this feedback, project managers identified two primary concerns regarding the use of existing Command Post Support Vehicles: a lack of integrated power and insufficient wireless network configuration.

“We have to be able to disperse in a moment’s notice, and anything requiring cables or wires that connect to immobile objects will put Soldiers in harm’s way,” said Lt. Col. Herb Gamble, product manager for CPI2.

To address these concerns, panelists discussed solutions currently identified and solutions they will be seeking from industry partners to meet the Army’s goal for a modular, scalable and survivable command post to support Army of 2030.

Beginning in March, CPI2 program integration teams will begin installing generators onto 1-2 SBCT CPI2-equipped vehicle platforms. These power sources will replace the micro grid initially tested as part of the LUT, which still required the vehicles to be tethered to a power source.

“These generators will open up the option for more rapid displacement and emplacement of mobile command posts each time the tactical operations center jumps to another location within the operational environment,” Gamble said.

Sometime this summer, these power-integrated platforms will accompany the unit to their National Training Center rotation, prior to deploying.

“This will be the first time on-the-move command post capabilities will be part of a combined training center rotation,” Gamble said.

To address the wireless capabilities needed for on-the-move missions, the Army will generate a Request for Information to industry to enhance or replace the current onboard WiFi, which works well in line-of-sight situations but will require more robust capabilities to meet Army command post directive to rapidly move and halt in just minutes.

At the same time, the program continues to innovate, and is currently conducting a pilot that integrates command post capabilities into a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle — this time including the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System to enhance fire support missions on the move.

“We conducted an exercise with the Army’s Test Command this past fall to determine the ability of forward observers to initiate a call for fires missions to the command post headquarters,” said Lt. Col. Jonathan Judy, product manager for Network Integration and Modernization. “In the lab we validated we can do digital calls for fire on a Secure But Unclassified – Encrypted network, then verified those results in the field using real Soldiers and equipment.”

As the program shifts to its next iteration, called CPI2 Next, it will focus on including more flexible integrated command post capabilities.

“Commanders want to be able to have the modularity and the ability to change and adapt based on their mission set,” Gamble said. “No command post will conduct operations the same way, because based on your mission set and where you’re located, you’re going to want customized command post capabilities.”

Providing units with modular A-kits for their vehicles and mission-tailored B-kits for the Soldiers themselves will allow for optimal functionality without sacrificing ability to disperse. These kits contain communications devices that will be swapped out according to mission objectives, making them ideal for widespread dispersal.

“All mobile command post development should incorporate both new and existing technologies, including improved on-the move and voice command capabilities, which allows project managers to update existing units without fully sunsetting their equipment, making it a favorable both practically and fiscally,” Judy said.

The Army will continue to seek innovative solutions to address these and other mobile and flexible command post requirements via requests for information this fiscal year, including the potential for interoperability with Mission Partner Environment services in anticipation of combat operations with allies and partners.

“Make sure you give us your biggest and brightest ideas,” Gamble said to industry TEM 11 attendees. “We owe it to our Soldiers in arms.”

By Mollie Ryan, PEO C3T Public Affairs

DroneShield Releases Record 2023 Annual Results, Surging to Profitability

February 29th, 2024

DroneShield Ltd (ASX:DRO) (“DroneShield” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the release of record full year FY23 results.

The highlights include:

• FY23: record contracts and rapidly growing cash receipts

? FY23 $73.5 million cash receipts, up 5x vs. FY22

? FY23 $55.1 million revenue, up 3x vs. FY22 

? 80% of revenues are from repeat customers

? The revenue vs. cash receipt difference mostly due to advanced payments on product subscriptions (SaaS), warranties, as well as grants received

? Largest geographical segment revenue contributions are US at 68% and Australia at 23%

• FY23 is first profitable year, with $9.3 million profit after tax

• Shareprice up 64% over 2023 (vs 9% for ASX300)

• Cash balance of $57.9 million as of 31 Dec 2023, no debt or convertibles

? Committed supply chain payments of $30 million

• $30 million contracted backlog and pipeline of over $510 million*

• Substantially completed expansion of the team to enable build, delivery and support of materially larger orders

? Completed move to a larger Sydney facility (3x current floor space) in January, plus supply chain partners been rapidly expanding

? No material cost to DRO to move, due to light capex model (heavy machinery work all outsourced) and landlord fitout incentive payments

? Positions the company for $300-400 million annual production capacity

? 115 team members including over 90 engineers

• Favourable environment for DroneShield with rapidly rising counter-drone, defence and security spending globally

? The Ukraine conflict continues to highlight the use of drones on the battlefield, which will continue driving increasing C-UAS orders even after the eventual ceasefire

? Drones increasingly used across global conflicts, including Hamas terror attack on Israel

Full Year Results Presentation can be viewed here:

Annual Report can be viewed here:

There is no assurance that any of the Company’s sales opportunities will result in sales.

Rheinmetall to Supply the Bundeswehr with Skyranger 30 on Boxer Platform – Order Worth Almost €600 Million

February 29th, 2024

The Bundeswehr has tasked Rheinmetall with another important air defence project. The Düsseldorf-based Group will soon be supplying the German armed forces with the Skyranger 30 mobile air defence system. Worth €595 million (including value added tax), the contract encompasses delivery of a prototype and another 18 series production vehicles. In addition, an option exists for a further 30 systems. The prototype is to be delivered by the end of 2024.

Just last month, the Bundeswehr entrusted Rheinmetall and its partner contractors with developing a system for short- and very short-range air defence known as the NNbS, in which the Skyranger 30 will constitute a key component.

An essential part of the NNbS, the Skyranger 30 is embedded in the German government’s European Sky Shield Initiative, in which Germany, acting within a NATO context, has assumed the role of lead nation in ground-based air defence in Europe.

The Skyranger 30 bridges an acute existing capability gap in mobile air defence. The system constitutes an optimum combination of mobility, protection, flexibility and precision, making it a match for new challenges in the short- and very short-range threat spectrum. A hybrid solution, the system’s turret combines the highly effective 30mm x 173 KCE revolver gun, surface-to-air missiles and the necessary sensor suite, all on a single platform. The Skyranger 30 systems earmarked for Germany will be armed with Stinger missiles. Depending on customer requirements, the system can be fitted with various modern guided missiles such as the Mistral, Stinger or special C-UAS missiles.

A meticulously thought-out combination of different effectors, excellent mobility, a large elevation span and state-of-the-art sensors enable autonomous as well as networked operations. Thanks to Rheinmetall’s programmable airburst ammunition, the system is especially effective against drones. The compact turret is integrated into an 8×8 Boxer wheeled armoured vehicle.

The first customer is Austria, which recently ordered thirty-six Skyranger 30 systems. Other NATO and/or EU member states have also expressed an interest in the system or are already in the process of procuring it. In December 2023, Hungary tasked Rheinmetall with developing a concept for a Skyranger 30 turret for the future air defence variant of the Lynx KF41 tracked armoured vehicle. Lithuania is also studying the Boxer-mounted Skyranger 30, while Denmark plans to procure the Skyranger 30 solution in combination with another wheeled armoured vehicle.

As recently as December 2023, a functional demonstrator version of the Skyranger 30 underwent successful live fire field trials at the Group’s proving ground in Ochsenboden, Switzerland, proving itself in stationary mode and on the move. The functional demonstrator resulted in important new findings that will make fabrication and integration of the German verification model faster and less risk prone.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation Announces Scholarship Funded by Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund in Honor of John Magness

February 29th, 2024

Tampa, FL, Feb. 29 – The Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF) is proud to announce a $250,000 scholarship grant for the 2023/2024 academic year, generously funded by the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund (JMSF) in memory of John Magness, a revered patriot, and distinguished Special Operations helicopter pilot.

John Magness, whose legacy of bravery and dedication continues to inspire, played a pivotal role in critical military operations, including leading a troop of attack helicopters during the Persian Gulf War and participating in the historic Battle of the Black Sea in Mogadishu, Somalia, as part of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

Tragically, John Magness passed away on February 5, 2023, after summiting Mount Aconcagua, undertaking this formidable challenge to raise awareness and funds for the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, a cause he passionately supported. As an Ambassador for Special Operations Warrior Foundation, John’s commitment to the children of our nation’s fallen heroes was unwavering.

The Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, in collaboration with SOWF, aims to honor John’s legacy by supporting the educational aspirations of students who, despite facing significant challenges, have demonstrated a remarkable commitment to their academic and personal growth.

Both JMSF and SOWF are honored to contribute to the educational journey of future leaders. It reflects a shared commitment to nurturing the dreams of our fallen SOF Warriors’ children and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential.

The Special Operations Warrior Foundation and the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund encourage the scholarship recipients, and all students, to pursue excellence in their endeavors and to remember the strength and support of the community that stands behind them.

We look forward to witnessing the remarkable achievements our scholarship recipients will accomplish and are confident that they will continue to honor the legacy of heroes like John Magness.

Smith & Wesson Introduces New M&P 15 Sport III Rifle

February 29th, 2024

MARYVILLE, TN., (2/27/2024) – Smith & Wesson Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ Global Select: SWBI), a leader in firearm manufacturing and design, announces today the release of the new M&P15 Sport III rifle. 

Designed to perform under various conditions, the Smith & Wesson Sport Series is as versatile as it is reliable. Building on the proven Sport II platform, the next iteration comes equipped with enhancements to increase performance while being offered at a lower price. The Sport III is a gas-operated semi-auto MSR chambered in 5.56 NATO/223 REM, and is offered in 30+1 and 10+1 capacities. Upgrades to this platform include a 16-inch Armornite® coated barrel with a threaded muzzle, 5R rifling, and a 1:8-inch twist that allows for a wider variety of ammo to be used. The barrel, housed in a free-floating 15-inch M-LOK® handguard with a full-length Picatinny-style rail, offers more options to accessorize than previous generations. The Sport III utilizes a mid-length gas system to help mitigate felt recoil when shooting and it also ships with a 6-position adjustable stock, polymer grip, bolt forward assist, and chromed firing pin.

If you’re looking for your first rifle, or just want to expand the collection, the M&P15 Sport III is a reliable platform for a great price. The new M&P15 Sport III rifle has an MSRP of $799 and is available now at authorized dealers.

For more information on the M&P15 Sport III, visit

Enforce Tac 24 – Vertx Crucible Mid Layer Hoody

February 29th, 2024

The new Crucible Mid Layer Hoodie from Vertx is a highly breathable insulation layer 60G PrimaLoft Gold Insulation and Active Vent technology.

Offered in Tobacco and It’s Almost Black in sizes Small- XXLarge.