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FirstSpear Friday Focus: NSNS Carrier Systems

November 25th, 2022

This week, we’re showcasing our best selling Non-Stocking Non-Standard (NSNS) carrier systems.

Taking its name from an old Norse Viking term for a lightning raid, Strandhögg was one of the first formalized battle tactics to use covert infiltrators in advance of an actual raiding operation. Strandhögg was a tactical game changer in its time, just like the technological advances FirstSpear brings forward in this line of plate carriers.

Cut edge-to-edge to specifically fit SAPI / ESAPI / SPEAR plate sizes, the Strandhögg can be worn with or without soft armor panels, depending on ballistic requirements, threat conditions and type of plates used. Maximizing lightweight 6/12 technology and rapid Tubes® Closure Systems, this carrier can be rapidly donned and doffed. The Strandhögg is a streamlined fit and is easily tailored for comfort and ventilation.

Named for the intrepid explorer and cunning warrior Ragnar Lodbrok, the Ragnar Vest and its accessories are suited for a wide variety of roles and circumstances. The Ragnar Vest is covered in loop fabric and can be altered with different cummerbunds. Four special built-in pockets with retention tabs allow for storage of accessories based on situational requirements. This is a multi-mission vest with the flexibility to cover a variety of profiles.

The Sloucher combines many of the most desirable features of both the Siege-R and the Sleeper. Stretch panels on the cummerbund and Tubes closures keep the fit tight and allow for quick donning and doffing. The 6/12 Pocket Attachment System provides a low profile. This carrier accepts front, back and side plates SPEAR / BALCS cut soft armor (not included), MASS accessories and pockets using 6/12, 6/9 and MOLLE / PALS. The sloucher provides state of the art capability to support a full spectrum of operations.

The Sleeper is a stay behind asset and a less visible alternative to more overt style tactical vests. This carrier is designed to be worn over or under garments, as a stand alone vest or in conjunction with other FirstSpear carrier systems. The Sleeper fits US SOCOM SPEAR / BALCS soft armor and SAPI / ESAPI / SPEAR plates, including swimmer cut.

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Airmen Innovate, Ensure HH-60W’s First Deployment

November 25th, 2022


In preparation for the Air Force’s newest rescue platform’s first deployment, Airmen from the 41st Rescue and Rescue Generation Squadrons conducted extensive training to learn the intricacies of the new HH-60W Jolly Green II.

As a result of the increase in training, the 41st RQS expended more of the aircraft’s hoist cables than anticipated, lending to a potential shortfall. A team of 41st RGS maintenance Airmen, however, quickly recognized the need to replace these cables and jumped at the chance to accelerate change and make an Air Force-wide impact.

“Our maintenance Airmen have a won’t-fail mentality and are constantly working to make things better not only for the 23rd Maintenance Group but for the entire Air Force,” said Col. Jason Purdy, 23rd MXG commander.

These hoists are critical to the success of combat search and rescue operations. They are used in high-stakes scenarios to rescue individuals in dangerous or remote areas that aren’t accessible by ground transportation, or if the victim is trapped by fire or water.

Recognizing the need to adapt, the Airmen came together and discovered they could circumvent the supply shortage by using the HH-60G Pave Hawk cables in the HH-60W with only slight modifications.

“We used our subject matter expertise to troubleshoot the issue,” said Staff Sgt. Nicholas Cellini, 41st RGS flying crew chief. “We improvised and adapted to overcome the supply shortage, by using a cable that we know is reliable and the Air Force has plenty of.”

Cellini and his counterparts went to the field training detachment hoist trainer to test and write the operating procedures for converting the HH-60G cables for use in the HH-60W. The process ensured the safe use of the hoist cables by synchronizing the speed in which they extend at the appropriate points of the cable.

The 41st RGS submitted an engineer request and engineers from Warner Robins Air Force Base came to Moody AFB to provide safety checks and approve the process.

With the process approved and implemented, the rescue Airmen ensured the HH-60W was fully mission-capable and ready to deploy by Air Combat Command’s initial operational capability deadline.

“Finding and testing this information and realizing it can work for us is going to make a huge difference knowing there will never be a shortage of cables,” said Master Sgt. Jonathan Holford, 41st RGS production superintendent.

Discovering innovative solutions for unpredictable circumstances is a testament to the Airmen who feel empowered to do so. The Airmen with the 41st RGS said they feel confident in providing creative solutions to these shortfalls thanks to their leadership.

“People say aircraft maintenance is pretty black and white, but some of it’s not,” Cellini said. “Our leadership is open to ideas; as long as it’s safe and we can effectively and efficiently accomplish it, our whole chain of command will back us.”

Holford attributed the success of the organization to this leadership philosophy and the teamwork mentality fostered within the unit.

“We encourage Airmen to solve problems,” Holford said. “We always want to afford them the opportunity to fail, but we fail together; we learn from it and continue to grow on what we learned.”

The mission relies on Airmen’s ingenuity and initiative to succeed, and Moody AFB Airmen have exemplified these traits throughout the transition to the HH-60W.

“I’m very proud of our maintainers for leading the way on the HH-60W fleet,” Purdy said. “Whether it’s been a hoist, a gun system, or a lapse in technical data, our Airmen developed ways to make the entire program better.”

Story Airman 1st Class Deanna Muir, 23rd Wing Public Affairs

Photos by Staff Sergeant Devin Boyer

Omnia Training: Rheinmetall Joins Forces with Raytheon UK, Capita, Cervus, and Improbable Defence for the British Army’s CTTP

November 24th, 2022

Rheinmetall together with Capita, Cervus, Improbable Defence has joined the Raytheon UK led team Omnia Training. Omnia Training is an industrial team that will be bidding to become the Strategic Training Partner for the British Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP).

The CTTP will deliver the Future Collective Training System (FCTS) – a technology-enabled training system that will serve as a surrogate for warfare. It will provide the British Army with the capability to better replicate the complexity of the modern battlefield in training, giving the army the ability to train globally whenever and wherever it needs to. Utilising technologies from synthetic training environments to state-of-the-art data and connectivity solutions, the CTTP will enable the British Army to better prepare soldiers and commanders for operations to ensure the security of the United Kingdom. The CTTP is expected to start in 2025 and valued at £1.2bn (€1.4 bn) over 15 years.

Omnia Training’s expertise spans complex programme management, enterprise transformation, collective synthetic training, digital platforms and data exploitation. It will work in collaboration with the British Army to transform collective training and prepare soldiers for future challenging operational scenarios by creating realistic multi-domain environments.

The Raytheon UK led team includes world class training transformation companies that will provide unrivalled expertise to deliver the Strategic Training Partner role for CTTP.

Jeff Lewis, chief executive of Raytheon UK said:

“We are bringing together a team that has collaboration and innovation at its heart. Omnia Training embraces modern training technologies and methodologies that enhances the common training experience and is focused on delivering better training outcomes for the soldier and commander.

“At the heart of our collaborative approach will be the exploitation of data and connectivity across multiple training technologies. This combination will enable us to deliver a truly flexible and cutting-edge training environment and will help prepare the Army for a range of scenarios that have traditionally been difficult to create on a training ground.”

The CTTP’s Strategic Training Partner will assume responsibility for the existing Army collective training system and infrastructure to deliver collective training, then work collaboratively with the Army to transform this into a fully integrated, flexible training solution and be responsible for continuously improving new army training capabilities.

Richard Holroyd, managing director of Capita Defence, Fire and Security, said:

“We are incredibly proud of our track record in delivering technology-enabled, transformational training services for our Defence customers, which is already helping the UK’s Armed Forces to get better trained people to the frontline, faster.

“Omnia Training brings together an unparalleled team of expert partners with well-established relationships. We’re excited to be part of this collaboration and stand ready to deliver transformed collective training for the British Army.”

Alan Roan, managing director of Cervus, said:

“It is refreshing that a small, medium enterprise like Cervus has been asked to be part of this exceptional team and we think that this is exactly what the CTTP customer has been asking for. We have watched the potential STP partners for several years, through the market engagement process, and have been gently testing their behaviours.

“Raytheon UK stood out as an organisation that always listened and treated us with a level of professional respect so, when they asked us to join the team, we leapt at this opportunity. A truly collaborative environment has been created within Omnia Training, where each team member can excel on what they do best and, for Cervus, this means providing soldiers with the game-changing exploitation of their training data”.

Joe Robinson, CEO at Improbable Defence, said:

“Improbable Defence is delighted to be Omnia Training’s strategic synthetic integrator and proud to be among team members with deep experience in transforming defence capability and superb reputations for collaboration. With a mindset for innovation, we are renowned for our agile responses to user needs and delivering world-leading synthetics. Our track record is one of embracing new technologies and accelerating their provision into the hands of front line users.

As a member of Omnia Training we will bring our expertise in rapid, flexible, low-risk development of a new class of synthetics, that embraces the best of industry, in order to deliver to the British Army the adaptive and ground-breaking collective training system they need to win on the battlefields of the future.”

Richard Streeter, Managing Director, Rheinmetall Electronics UK Ltd. said:

“The Omnia Training team brings together a group of companies with significant depth of expertise and credibility as the Strategic Training Partner for the UK Army to deliver the CTTP programme successfully. This programme represents a huge shift and modernisation to the approach of training the UK Armed Forces. With Rheinmetall’s global footprint and decades of managing complex synthetics design, integration and training capability delivery, we are delighted to be contributing to this fantastic Transformational Programme and addressing the challenges in the CTTP for the future UK Army”

INTRODUCING: A New Exclusive Collaboration between TNVC and Surefire – the TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Tactical / Task Light (HMTL-SF)

November 24th, 2022

Launched at the 2022 Greenline Tactical Night Ops Summit, the TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Tactical / Task Light (HMTL-SF) is an exclusive collaboration between Surefire and TNVC, two of the leading providers of low-light solutions, the TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Tactical/Task Light (HMTL-SF) is an optimized solution for helmet-mounted applications, specifically configured to complement headborne systems and tactical applications. The TNVC HMTL-SF is a “Reverse Programmed” Surefire V1-B Vampire Dual Output / Dual Spectrum Light Optimized for Helmet Mounted Tactical/Task Light Applications with White & IR Low and High settings and hard-anodized in FDE / Tan.

The HMTL-SF is available both as a Complete Light, featuring the Surefire MH31 Scout Light PRO body (M340V PRO Format) as well as a FREE THYRM VariArc as well as a stand-alone bezel that can be used to upgrade existing helmet light setups–or, to “Build Your Own” Custom Helmet Light, with options such as the S&S Precision M-Ax and ECHO Arms Fast Attach Plate with Low-Profile Light Body.

TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Task Light – COMPLETE M340V PRO-Format w/ Free THYRM VariARC:

TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Task Light – BEZEL ONLY / Helmet Light Builder:

Not all new products need to be “revolutionary” in nature–some are simply useful improvements on existing products. The TNVC HMTL-SF is one of those products. With its unique Low to High output setting with both White Light and IR capabilities, the TNVC HMTL-SF is a simple yet elegant solution for helmet-mounted illumination.

Helmet-mounted illumination has long been a standby for many end-users of headborne systems, with applications ranging from tactical tasks such as SSE, navigation, or operating vehicles, as well as administrative tasks such as reading maps, marking targets, or looking for snacks in the backseat. While dedicated helmet lights exist, in many cases, end-users have preferred to adapt various handheld and/or weapon-mounted lights to provide them with much-needed illumination.

The TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Tactical / Task Light is based on one of the most common and popular options for helmet-mounted illumination, the Surefire V1-B Vampire Light, a small, 3v Dual Spectrum / Dual Output handheld light utilizing the Surefire KM1-D bezel. The Surefire V1-B offers a “High” Setting with 250 lumens of white light and 100 mW of IR illumination as well as a “Low” Setting with either 5 lumens of white light or 5 mW of IR illumination. In its normal configuration, the V1-B “defaults” to the “High” setting with the first button press, requiring a rapid second press to enter the “Low” mode. However, while this makes sense in a handheld light configuration, this same configuration can be less than ideal in a helmet-mounted configuration, especially when being used to complete tasks where only a small amount of illumination is needed and excessive light can affect dark adapted eyes or can cause excessive reflection into Night Vision Devices (NVDs).

To address this the TNVC HMTL-SF, however, offers a “Reverse Programmed” KM1-D bezel that goes from “Low” to “High” instead of “High” to “Low,” avoiding the sudden high-output discharge of light while still maintaining the option to switch into the higher output setting when needed. Like all Surefire Vampire lights, the HMTL-SF utilizes the latest bezel design with Surefire’s TIR “Total Internal Reflection” lens design, and can be rotated to switch between White and IR modes without requiring the user to pull forward on the head. Aggressive checkering and finger grooves on the machined aluminum bezel ensure a positive grip while rotating, while stiff, spring-loaded detents prevent accidental or inadvertent rotation. The TNVC / Surefire exclusive HMTL-SF also features a laser-engraved TNVC Logo along with the normal Surefire markings, and unlike the V1-B, the HMTL-SF is also offered in TAN… because tactical.

TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Task Light – COMPLETE M340V PRO-Format w/ Free THYRM VariARC:

TNVC / Surefire Helmet Mounted Task Light – BEZEL ONLY / Helmet Light Builder:

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Continuing our Veterans Day / Black Friday Night Vision Sale, we still have limited numbers of L3Harris High FOM (2376+) Unfilmed White Phosphor BNVD-1531 Complete Kits – IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP “NO NEED TO WAIT” as well as 2376+ CNVD-LRs, and unbeatable deals on the TNVC Exclusive Steiner TOR-MINI IR VPC (v)2 IR aiming laser.

We’ve also added a few classics, including TNV/PVS-14 MIL-SPEC Green Phosphor (L3Harris Filmed – Black Housing Kit Only) units for $2,999 :

As well as the TNV/DTNVS Dual Tube Night Vision System with MIL-SPEC Filmed Green L3Harris image intensifiers for $8,926:

These units feature true, MIL-SPEC production L3Harris Filmed tubes, they are not “Commercial Spec” or “Fallout” or “Blem” units, but full compliant with MIL-SPECs and MIL-STDs for DoD use, and ALL BLACK FRIDAY SALE NIGHT VISION IS BUILT, IN-STOCK, AND READY FOR IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT.

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FROG.PRO Capsule Collection #1 – FUSION

November 24th, 2022

The Italian reference brand for tactical tailoring FROG.PRO® introduces FUSION, its first Capsule Collection.

With these limited edition products, FROG.PRO makes the customer participate in the creative process, choosing his own combination of colors to create a personalized and exclusive look. In fact, the product page allows the user to choose Color #1 and Color #2 from 5 different colors (Black, Coyote 498, Ranger Green, MultiCam and MultiCam Black) resulting in 20 unique combinations. The Capsule Collection #1 – FUSION gives the one time, unrepeatable chance, to have a customized, one-of-a-kind piece of equipment.

The collection includes the popular COBRA Operator Belt provided together with the COBRA Trousers Inner Belt, two magazine pouches for short and long weapons from the “EOT” (Elastic Open TOP) series, two pouches with flap closure from the “VF” series (Velcro fastener Flap) and the newly born Chiron Mini IFAK, younger sister of the Orthos Med Pouch which is already enjoying great success among users.

The Capsule Collection #1 – FUSION will be available on and official distributors who have joined the project from Friday 25th November to Saturday 31st December 2022.

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving to you no matter where you are!

You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

November 24th, 2022

That’s an interesting collection.

Alpha Group Solution Introduces Nemesis Camouflage Brand

November 23rd, 2022

Alpha Group Solution is excited to introduce a new forward thinking line of camouflage patterns. Branded as Nemesis Camouflage, this new brand is based on lessons learned from 70 years of camouflage development and end-user experience.  A little back history…

Owner, Founder and Designer, Clint Hoover is US Army retired. Highlighted service with the Elite 75th Ranger Regiment and Iconic 1st Special Forces Regiment (aka. Green Berets), as an Assaulter & Sniper on an (ODA) Operational Detachment Alpha. He spent a career perfecting all aspects of Special Operations fieldcraft techniques. Followed with time Instructing at the Army’s Asymmetric Warfare Group’s {Combat Applications Training Course} he served as a Primary Subject Matter Expert in advanced combat carbine & pistol marksmanship, Close Quarters Battle and Squad Designated Marksmanship instructor. His final assignment was in lethality acquisitions working capabilities, requirements for US Army Small Arms Branch. Eventually, serving a 25 year active duty career, deployed to over 27 countries in service of National Security Objectives and retiring in 2012.

First, founding Black Skull Tactical Applications in 2013, Hoover has continued to support the US Military mission as a contractor to Train, Advise, Assist the Dept of Defense, Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement personnel and Civilian firearms enthusiasts. Investing a decade working in the developing of multiple camouflages brands, products, research & development, manufacturing, sales, marketing, acquisitions and development of textiles for the camouflage industry. Learning some truth! “Uniforms, gear and camouflage patterns have a progression and a finite life cycle” Almost all current prominent camo brands have been on the market for 20 years or more!

Studying legacy patterns, like the first attempt at disruptive camouflage “Frog Skin” pattern that Marines Raiders first wore in 1942 during the Solomon Islands campaign. Soon after the US Army began development on the 1946 ERDL “Green/Brown dominant” camouflage, the precursor to M81 Woodland pattern. Vietnam period found Special Operations closely identified with wearing the well-known “Tiger stripe” pattern. With the Cold War looming in Europe, the Army continued developing the M81 Woodland pattern and with perpetual middle east turmoil, seeing the development of (DCU) Desert Combat Uniform being adopted and replacing the much older (DBDU) Desert Battle Dress Uniform or “Chocolate chips”. Fast forward to the 2004 (UCP) Universal Camo Pattern disaster, quickly replaced in 2014 with the current Scorpion or (OCP) Operational Camo Pattern.

Clint states: “This is for sure, Warriors from days of old; did not need sexy camouflage to make up for a lack of tactics & concealment fieldcraft. Could you imagine wearing wool tunics, trousers and leather gear?!” Like my grandfather (WWII) and father (Vietnam) before me, they could wear a flannel, jeans and an orange vest and still always bag the game! With current trends in the camouflage market… there is a heavy renewed interest in historical patterns on modern gear and equipment. Some manufactures do not carry some people’s favorite products in their favorite pattern leaving some enthusiast frustrated. Some companies on the other hand offer everything in their camo, making you look like every else!…

I’m the road less traveled guy…. That’s why…Nemesis Camouflage.”

Clint leverages his lengthy end-user experience; coupled to development “lessons learned “on fabric wet printing, sublimation printing, narrow width items, and hydrographic. This along with closely listening and understanding top product manufacturers textile procurement and production concerns. We wanted Nemesis Camo to uncomplicates the overly complicated Macro/Micro pattern theory. During this pattern’s development, implementation of end-user’s interests, popular legacy patterns, modern printing capabilities and limitations, product manufacturing, advanced color combinations, mil-spec requirements and most importantly shelf appeal.

Nemesis Camo is more of a “Macro” pattern. This improves the printer’s ability to maintain or stay on “standard”. The pattern slightly eliminates hard lines with an interlaced feathering of edges, giving these patterns an out of focus illusion. Absolute elimination of directional lines will greatly reduce manufacturing lasers cuter lay out set up time and less waste of fabrics. All patterns are based on a 6 color pattern with predominant percentages in environmental pantones. All pantones have been carefully selected with prior (NATICK) U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center (NIR) Near-infrared reflective testing. Nemesis is easily scaled in size and custom colorized for soft and hard goods such as uniforms, nylon gear, rifles and vehicle wraps. The concept of this new brand (Nemesis) is to utilize a historical pattern look, simplified design, improved textile manufacturing and procurement budget.

The Nemesis Camouflage line-up will initially be available in four variations. For a more “Green” operational environment, the simply named “Nemesis Woodlands” mirrored with an arid environment colorway “Nemesis Desert” camouflage. Also, currently available for licensing “Nemesis Night” and “Nemesis Snow” variants which need little explanation.

While the primary function of a field uniform, it to disguise or to conceal the warfighter, it cannot be overlooked that it also inspires Esprit de Corps and a soldier identity. Instills soldier’s self-confidence, and it can even instill fear in one’s enemy. In a very short period, the Japanese soldiers knew the fierce Warriors in “Frog Skin”, or the MACV SOG Recon Teams in “Tiger stripe” as well as the early GWOT SOF in modified BDU/DCU uniforms. Sweaty, Bloody, Muddy… KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

By blending the past with the future, Nemesis Camouflage will give the future warfighter their individual legacy and advantage to take the fight forward!

For additional information, contact or [email protected]