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SIG SAUER at Eurosatory Exhibition: Hall 6, Booth #E25

June 14th, 2024

NEWINGTON, N.H., (June 13, 2024) – SIG SAUER will be exhibiting at the upcoming Eurosatory Exhibition, scheduled for June 17, 2024 – June 21, 2024, at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre in Paris, France. The SIG SAUER Stand is #E25 located in Hall 6.

SIG SAUER is proud to display and present its innovative defense and security products, including:

Next Generation Squad Weapons, XM7 and XM250 (NGSW): The U.S. Army chose the SIG SAUER Next Generations Squad Weapons to replace the M4, M4A1 and M249 weapons.  The NGSW systems will be on display and featured at the SIG SAUER Eurosatory Stand.

SIG 6.8mm Hybrid Ammunition: The 6.8mm SIG Hybrid Ammunition, designed and engineered to fill a capability gap requiring increased energy on target at range. The 6.8mm SIG Hybrid Ammunition will be on display and featured at the SIG SAUER Eurosatory Stand.

SIG SAUER MCX Rifles: The MCX platform has been developed as the best rifle system in the world.  The latest evolution, the MCX LIGHTWEIGHT will be on display and featured at the SIG SAUER Eurosatory Stand.

SIG SAUER MG 338: A belt-fed, lightweight, medium machine gun chambered in .338 Norma Mag, 7.62 NATO, and 6.8 mm NGSW Hybrid.  The SIG MG 338 is a man-portable platoon level battlefield solution, with a similar effective-range to the 0.5 caliber M2.  The SIG MG 338 will be on display and featured at the SIG SAUER Eurosatory Stand.

Remote Control Weapons Station (RCWS): General Robotics, a SIG SAUER company, is a world leader and premier developer and manufacturer of lightweight remote weapon stations and tactical robotics for manned and unmanned platforms and anti-drone applications.  The RCWS systems and system capabilities demonstrations will be featured at the SIG SAUER Eurosatory Stand.

To learn more about SIG military and defense products visit sigsauer.com/defense.  


UNITY Tactical Expands FAST Modular Accessory Suite With FAST PRO Clamp

June 14th, 2024

FAST™ FTC OMNI Updated for Additional Compatibility with Holosun™ Magnifiers
BROUSSARD, LA. (June 14, 2024) – UNITY™ Tactical, a designer of components that integrate tactical systems and optimize the human factor, announced an existing product update to the FAST™ FTC OMNI and a new accessory addition to its FAST Modular Accessory Suite.

The FAST FTC OMNI, which flips the magnifier to center for stowage, has been updated to now also accommodate Holosun™ HM3X and HM3XT magnifiers. Originally launched in 2022, the FTC OMNI was previously compatible with various magnifiers from EOTECH®, Sig Sauer®, Trijicon® and Vortex®.

The FAST Modular Accessory Suite now also includes the FAST Pro Clamp, which replaces the two-bolt rail clampallowing a SureFire® Pro light body to attach directly to the side of the mount. The light body can rotate up or down on the clamp for preferred placement.

The Pro Clamp is primarily designed to replace the two-bolt rail clamp on RAXIS™, allowing the end user to mount their light up front next to the laser, which is positioned on top of the rifle. In this use case, the light can fold up into the open pocket directly between the B.E. Meyers® MAWL® and the handguard.

“We focus on even the smallest details so that UNITY products give you an edge,” said Mike Roth, VP of business development for UNITY Tactical. “The FAST Pro Clamp is a small piece that fills a need for a specific use, but as part of the larger FAST ecosystem it broadens the capability and versatility of our mounting solutions. Expanding the FTC OMNI to also include compatibility with Holosun magnifiers does the same.”

The Pro Clamp will also attach to any FAST mount using a two-hole clamp. It must replace the FAST QD Lever, making it incompatible. This is primarily helpful on shorter handguards, such as a PDW where rail space is at a premium. In such cases, users can also utilize the Pro Clamp to mount a KIJI™illuminator using a SureFire Pro body.

The FAST Pro Clamp is made of 7075-T6 aluminum that is type III hardcoat anodized. It is available only in black and includes a lifetime warranty. It retails for $59 and is available for purchase now through authorized UNITY dealers and on UNITYtactical.com.

B5 Systems Unveils M-LOK Vertical Foregrip

June 14th, 2024

B5 Systems, a leading manufacturer of professional grade firearms accessories, is proud to announce the release of our latest product, the M-LOK® Vertical Foregrip. Precision engineered and designed to enhance ergonomics and handling for tactical, sporting, and recreational shooters.

The new Vertical Foregrip offers several key features:

Ergonomic Design: Engineered to provide superior comfort and control, the foregrip features an ergonomic shape which fits naturally in the hand.

Enhanced Grip Texture: The surface texture on all four sides ensures a secure grip even in wet conditions, or while wearing gloves.

Durable Construction: Made from high-strength polymer, the foregrip is designed to withstand rigorous use while maintaining a short profile, without adding unnecessary weight.

Versatile Mounting Options: Compatible with M-LOK® rail systems and mountable forward or reverse. Includes M-LOK® attachment hardware.

Colorways: Available in Black, FDE, Coyote Brown, OD Green, Wolf Grey as well as Multicam®, Multicam® Black, and Woodland.

The B5 Systems M-LOK® Vertical Foregrip is available now for purchase through B5 Systems’ official website and authorized distributors and dealers.

For more information about these and other products visit us at www.B5Systems.com



FirstSpear Friday Focus: Fast Rope Mitt

June 14th, 2024

• 100% Berry Compliant “Roper” Cow Leather

• Double Layered

• Firmer grain/external texture on the grain of the leather

• Softer texture on internal side

Looking for a minimalist glove that won’t burn through your hands during those intense fast rope insertions? Look no further than the Fast Rope Mitt (FRM). Not only does it fold flat for easy transport, but its advanced two finger pattern allows for quick access to your trigger finger as soon as you hit the ground. This fast rope glove puts all other gloves to shame.

For more information, check out: www.first-spear.com/fast-rope-mitt.

DPAA Recovery Team Works to Bring Home WWII Service Member in Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 14th, 2024


A Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency (DPAA) recovery team finished a joint field activity (JFA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 31, 2024. They worked carefully with local officials and the U.S. Embassy to attempt to recover the remains of a U.S. service member missing since World War II. This team, composed of specialists from various fields, is united by a common mission: to bring our fallen heroes back home.

DPAA conducts extensive historical research on each case before excavation. Matt Cheser, a historian working at DPAA assigned to the Bosnian region, emphasized the importance of the work.

“There are still approximately 12 personnel missing from World War II in Bosnia,” Cheser stated. “It is our sacred obligation to bring them home.”

DPAA is committed to providing closure and peace to the families of the missing. To achieve this, each team deploys either a forensic anthropologist or forensic archaeologist as a scientific recovery expert (SRE) to study each case and lead excavations. This recovery team’s SRE, Dr. Laurel Freas, a DPAA forensic anthropologist, has been with the agency for 15 years. She explained how her extensive experience has prepared her for this mission.

“Every field mission I’ve done in the past has taught me important lessons that help me prepare for each new, upcoming mission,” Freas said. “For this mission, the most valuable past experiences relate to traveling to a new country, interacting with local officials we’ve never met before and who’ve never collaborated with DPAA before, and working with the team to bridge our differences in culture and language to convey the humanitarian nature of the agency’s mission.”

Freas highlighted the importance of earning trust and support from local officials.

“On this mission, we’ve been very fortunate to have excellent support from the local health inspector who has jurisdiction over the site where we were working,” said Freas. “I attribute that to the professionalism and dedication of the entire team.”

Garnering support from local officials is imperative to mission success but each mission and case are special and hold their own unique set of challenges.

“On most of my past missions, we were working in remote and isolated areas that are difficult to find, and even harder to get to,” said Freas. “On this mission, we’ve been working in and around a well-known local memorial monument, with all the concerns and sensitivities that go with that. It’s very important that we be conscious of our activities at all times, to make sure we’re always being respectful to the space we are working in.”

To face this challenge head-on and ensure collaboration success, DPAA works in partnership with multiple different organizations, commands, and programs. They acquire short term individual augmentees (STIA), such as linguists, who are valuable assets on every recovery team. Among the team members was U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Nikola Bozic, a STIA linguist who previously assisted the DPAA in investigating this case back in 2022. Bozic’s unique language skills and cultural awareness proved invaluable for navigating the complex cultural landscape of Bosnia. His expertise, combined with the wonderful hospitality of the local officials, ensured the entire mission ran smoothly.

“Growing up in Bosnia has had a profound impact on how I approached various situations during our mission,” Bozic shared. “My deep understanding of the local culture and customs has allowed me to bridge the gap in understanding how the local community perceives our team’s efforts. This understanding has been crucial in navigating sensitive conversations and building trust, leading to more successful operations.”

To gain a better understanding of not only the language but the cultures and customs, linguist such as Bozic undergo extensive training in their backgrounds. Bozic received further training from the Air Force Cultural Language Center, specifically through the Language Enabled Airman Program (LEAP) and eMentor language training.

“This training has equipped me with practical skills for current and future DPAA missions or partnerships,” Bozic noted. “It has underscored the importance of cultural understanding in our missions.”

Prior to 2022, Bozic never thought that his training would contribute to such an operation.

“I was initially unaware of what DPAA does,” said Bozic. “However, after participating in DPAA missions, I can confidently say that these were the most fulfilling experiences of my military career. These missions allowed me to contribute to a noble cause and help bring back our missing service members. If given the opportunity to be part of DPAA’s missions, I highly recommend seizing the chance to do something that you will remember positively for the rest of your life.”

Bozic is one of the many linguists invited back by DPAA to increase mission success. He, like other STIAs, returns because he holds a deep belief in DPAA’s mission.

“It’s a noble cause dedicated to locating and bringing home the remains of missing service members.” Bozic said. “The tireless work of DPAA signifies its commitment to fulfilling the promise made to our service members that they will never be forgotten or left behind. This dedication offers reassurance to families that one day, their loved ones’ remains will be located and returned home.”

Freas echoed this feeling, stating, “I feel incredibly honored and privileged to be a part of DPAA and contribute to the Agency’s mission. I am proud of the work we do to provide answers to the families of the missing.”

As the DPAA team continues its work in Bosnia, they carry with them the hope and determination to bring closure to the families of those who served and sacrificed so much during World War II. Their efforts are a testament to the enduring promise that no service member will ever be forgotten.

See the full image gallery here:  Bosnia and Herzegovina

By SSgt John Miller

Bundeswehr Orders Another 1,515 Military Trucks from Rheinmetall out of Special Fund within Framework Contract – Order Value Over €920m

June 13th, 2024

Rheinmetall has been commissioned by the Bundeswehr with a further delivery of 1,515 logistic vehicles, 265 of which are protected swap-body systems. This is another call-off from the framework contract for swap-body systems (WLS) signed in June 2020. This large-scale call-off is largely financed by the Bundeswehr’s special fund. In addition to the vehicles, the Bundeswehr’s procurement agency, BAAINBw, ordered 500 swap-body platforms to serve as interchangeable load carriers and 500 tarpaulin / roof bow setups. The call-off is worth over €920m gross. Delivery of the vehicles will take place in the second half of 2024 and will be completed by mid-November 2024.

“The extensive call-off from the framework contract, financed by the special fund shows the high relevance of Bundeswehr logistics in the conection with the turning point. By delivering all vehicles by the end of 2024, the special fund is helping to directly equip and strengthen the logistical capabilities and sustainability of the armed forces,” explains Michael Wittlinger, chairman of the management of Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH. “With over 4,000 vehicles delivered since 2018, our HX-series military trucks are now an essential component of the Bundeswehr’s logistical capabilities and underline the importance of Rheinmetall for logistics.”

In June 2020, the BAAINBw concluded a framework contract with Rheinmetall until 2027 for the delivery of up to 4,000 trucks with swap-body systems, of which 1,008 have already been delivered. The swap-body trucks join the successful project of Unprotected Transport Vehicles, or UTFs, and expand the Bundeswehr’s fleet of vehicles from the military HX family. The swap-body system’s core equipment is the hook-loader developed by Hiab. It can lift and set down the swap-body carriers in the Bundeswehr in virtually any type of terrain with no need for additional handling equipment. As an alternative, the vehicles can carry a swap-body platform or a container via a standardised 20-foot ISO interface. 

A large share of the swap-body trucks for the Bundeswehr will feature an armoured cab, substantially enhancing crew survivability and sustainment as well as the tactical flexibility of logistic units and formations. Swap-body trucks are used primarily for supplying combat formations with bulk consumables such as ammunition, fuel and water.

Both the swap-body systems and UTFs are based on Rheinmetall’s robust HX family of vehicles. Designed from the outset for military use, they assure excellent mobility even in rough terrain. Moreover, the widespread presence of the HX family offers major advantages in terms of interoperability and logistics, particularly during multinational deployments. At present, the user nations include, among other nations, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Denmark. Together with the Bundeswehr and the armed forces of Germany’s partners, Rheinmetall is eager to continue writing the ongoing HX vehicles’ success story. 

GiantMouse GMF1-XL Wins Best Imported Fixed Blade

June 13th, 2024

East Lansing, Michigan, June 12, 2024 – GiantMouse is proud to announce that the new GMF1-XL, which launched last Thursday, has been awarded the prestigious “Imported Fixed Blade of the Year” at the 2024 Atlanta Blade Show. This accolade marks yet another significant achievement for GiantMouse, following our GMF4 taking “Best Factory Fixed Blade” at Blade Show West last October, and the GMX taking “Overall Knife of the Year” last June in Atlanta.

Building on the legacy of our beloved GMF1, the GMF1-XL is the much-anticipated larger version that you have eagerly awaited. The GMF1-XL offers the same exceptional ergonomics and utility as its predecessor but steps things up with increased size and enhanced features, making it a formidable companion for all your everyday carry needs. This model maintains the sleek, compact nature of the original GMF1, but boasts a larger blade and handle, as well as handle scales in either brass or green canvas Micarta for improved functionality and grip. The lanyard hole at the back and a strategically placed front hole not only provide a better grip but also add to the knife’s artistic appeal that GiantMouse is known for. For those who prefer a skeletonized handle, the scales can be easily removed, allowing paracord to be wrapped through the holes for a custom, tactical look.

The entire GiantMouse team extends a heartfelt thanks to our supporters and Italian manufacturers for their unwavering commitment to excellence. “This award is a testament to the passion and craftsmanship that goes into every GiantMouse knife,” said GiantMouse CEO Jim Wirth. ”We are deeply honored to be recognized once again and remain committed to delivering top-quality products that our customers can rely on.”

The recognition of the GMF1-XL as the Imported Fixed Blade of the Year at the 2024 Blade Show is a proud moment for GiantMouse and an affirmation of our pursuit of innovation and quality. We are grateful for the continued support from our community and look forward to bringing more exceptional knives to your pockets.

For pricing and full specifications on each variant, visit www.giantmouse.com/collections/fixed-blade-knives/gmf1-xl

Introducing the HYDRA Survival Package (4 Caliber Kit)

June 13th, 2024

The ultimate all-in-one tactical solution combines four popular calibers into a single, versatile system, providing unmatched adaptability and performance for any situation.

Hermon, Maine (June 2024) – Hydra Weaponry, Maine’s largest firearms employer, designers, and manufacturers of the truly modular MARCK-15 Hydra® Weapon System, is proud to announce the launch of the HYDRA® Survival Package (4 Caliber Kit), the ultimate all-in-one tactical case for firearm enthusiasts and professionals. This innovative package combines four popular calibers into a single, versatile system, providing unmatched adaptability and performance for any situation.

The HYDRA Survival Package includes:

9mm Hydra Rifle: Utilizes your choice of Colt Style 9mm SMG or MP5 magazines, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

Hydra 5.56 Conversion Kit: Features a 16-inch 5.56 Barrel, complete Hydra Modified Bolt Carrier Group, Hydra D-Fender D-Ring for enhanced reliability, and an AR Mag Well.

Hydra 7.62 x 39 Conversion Kit: Comes with a 16-inch 7.62 x 39 Barrel, Hydra Enhanced 7.62 x 39 Bolt and Firing Pin (EAK) installed in the Hydra Modified Bolt Carrier, Hydra D-Fender D-Ring for enhanced reliability, and an AK47 Mag Well.

.300 Blackout Barrel Assembly: A complete 16-inch .300 Blackout Barrel assembly, ready for immediate use.

All magazines for each caliber are included in this comprehensive package, ensuring you have everything you need right out of the box.

Each component of the HDYRA Survival Package is meticulously test-fired before packaging, guaranteeing top-notch performance. The rifle is equipped with full-length and carbine-length rails and is compatible with Mlok, Keymod, and Picatinny rail inserts for maximum customization. Weighing 20 lbs. and measuring 30 x 15 x 5 inches, the tactical case is designed for portability and durability. MSRP $3,499.99 – $3,639.99.

An FFL (Federal Firearms License) is necessary for purchase. All federal and state rules apply. California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York residents must select state-compliant options.

For more information about Hydra Weaponry’s product offerings, please visit www.hydraweaponry.com or contact our customer service team at admin@hydraweaponry.com or 855-493-7221.