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Rand Corporation – “The American Way of Irregular War – An Analytical Memoir”

August 6th, 2020

“The American Way of Irregular War – An Analytical Memoir” by Charles T. Cleveland, Daniel Egel is downloadable from Rand Corporation.

This memoir explores the strengths and limitations of America’s current irregular warfare capability and provides recommendations for what the United States must do to develop the world-class American way of irregular war it needs. This analysis is based on a detailed examination of Lieutenant General Charles T. Cleveland’s career, the majority of which was spent with U.S. Special Forces, and his experiences in Europe during the Cold War, Bolivia, El Salvador, Operation Just Cause, Bosnia, and Operation Iraqi Freedom, as well as in command of 10th Special Forces Group, Special Operations Command South, Special Operations Command Central, and U.S. Army Special Operations Command.


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August 6th, 2020

Mountain Horse and NP Aerospace Selected for US Navy Maritime Body Armor Contract

August 6th, 2020

LASA LWB III+ IC06 MBP Maritime Buoyant Plate

Mountain Horse Solutions, a U.S. Defense and Mission Critical Equipment Supplier, based in Union City TN, and NP Aerospace, a ballistic hard armor company, have been awarded a four-year U.S. Navy Maritime Buoyant Plate body armor contract framework valued at over $20m.

Mountain Horse and NP Aerospace will supply up to 11,000 of the LASA LWB III+ IC06 MBP Maritime Buoyant Plates, which are lightweight and feature a highly durable waterproof Polyurea coating. The contract framework is for a four-year period and has a maximum value of $20,599,334. Mountain Horse and NP Aerospace were selected due to their ability to meet U.S. Navy strict performance requirements.

Mountain Horse, a key supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces and Government Agencies, selected NP Aerospace as hard armor manufacturer due to the company’s extensive experience working with global defense organizations including Canada’s Department of National Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence. NP Aerospace has supplied over 200,000 body armor plates to British and Canadian Armed Forces, more than 1 million ballistic helmets and armor systems for over 2,000 NATO vehicles used in overseas operations.

Chris Witts, Director, Mountain Horse Solutions, said: “We are thrilled and honored to be awarded this contract. Supplying the U.S. Navy with a top-quality critical safety product, like the Maritime Buoyant Hard Armor plate, is a significant achievement. Mountain Horse Solutions is an expert in supply chain management and prides itself in providing the US Armed Forces with the highest quality and most innovative equipment available. This award confirms the strength of Mountain Horse Solutions’ partnership with NP Aerospace and our commitment to supplying rapid response innovative solutions to the military.”

James Kempston, CEO, NP Aerospace, said: “Being awarded the U.S. Navy Maritime Buoyant Plate body armor contract is a testament to our experience in composite armor technology. Our personal armor has been used by frontline allied forces for over 25 years.  We are proud to be supporting Mountain Horse and the U.S. Navy in supplying our troops with the lightest weight, highest performing, top quality products in the market. The LWB III+ IC06 MBP Maritime Buoyant Plate is able to comfortably meet the ballistic threat required by the U.S. Navy and delivers the wearability and buoyancy required in maritime operations.”

NP Aerospace is a global armor manufacturer with extensive experience in complex, military programs. The company’s body armor portfolio includes a range of ballistic plates to meet demanding defense requirements from NIJ Level III plates for standard military operations to NIJ Level IV plus special threats plates.

Mountain Horse Solutions and NP Aerospace were awarded the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) contract N61331-20-D-0014, as an ID/IQ (Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity) to provide Maritime Buoyant Body Armor (MBP), both in torso and side configurations.

Gerber TRUSS

August 5th, 2020

The new Gerber Truss is an all-inclusive multi-tool, with 17 tools built to the exacting needs of the professional user in a size-conscious design.

Needlenose pliers
Regular pliers
Wire cutter
2.25″ plain edge blade
2.25″ serrated edge blade
Real cross driver
Small, medium, and large flathead drivers
Can opener
Bottle opener
Wire stripper


Diamond Age Unveil Advanced NeoSteel Tactical Helmet

August 5th, 2020

The steel helmet has evolved, introducing a revolutionary, high-performance, ballistic helmet now available from Diamond Age.

McKinney, Texas (August 2020) – Texas-based, materials science and ballistics specialists, Diamond Age, have unveiled their latest addition to the tactical helmet market with the introduction of the groundbreaking new NeoSteel™ Helmet, a modular designed tactical-style helmet comprised of the most technologically advanced metal alloys.

Revolutionary in design, function, and material capability, the NeoSteel Helmet is an evolution in personal protection. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of police and military personnel, including reserves and auxiliaries, the NeoSteel Helmet is the result of years of scientific research and development to ensure a high level of ballistic performance (VPAM-3 + Special Threats) at the lightest possible weight with all-day comfort and balance characteristics.

Diamond Age CEO, Jake Ganor, commented, “We are thrilled to be unveiling the NeoSteel Helmet to our law enforcement, security, rescue, contractor, and personal defense customers. Not since the original combat helmets have we seen such a huge step forward in protective tactical helmets. The NeoSteel Helmet is a metallurgical milestone. It’s what the M1 steel-pot helmet would have evolved into, had it not been abandoned in favor of the K-Pot helmet.”

Diamond Age NeoSteel Helmet with Accessories

During the NeoSteel Helmet R&D, it underwent rigorous developmental testing for ballistic impact and Diamond Age is proud to announce the NeoSteel Helmet offers best-in-class performance for minimal backface deformation (BFD) and impact trauma. Unlike current polymer-based helmets, the NeoSteel is also environmentally stable, providing users years of consistent rim-to-rim protection, without material degradation that would severely compromise protection performance.

“We’re confident that the NeoSteel Helmet hits the mark as the world’s toughest combat helmet. Development of leading-edge ballistic equipment is our single purpose and our testing has shown the NeoSteel to be capable of withstanding tremendous operational damage before its form or function is compromised,” Ganor added.

Diamond Age will soon offer accessories and attachments for the NeoSteel Helmet. Now available in Black, Green, or Tan and in Medium or Large/Extra-Large for an MSRP of $195.00. 

Bushnell Now Shipping Powerview 2 Binoculars

August 5th, 2020

New ‘Do It All’ Binoculars Built for Durability with Modern Exterior Design

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – August 4, 2020 – Bushnell®, an industry leader in performance optics, announced today that it has started shipping the Powerview™ 2, an evolution of their popular Powerview line of binoculars that have offered industry-leading value for over a decade.

A versatile, general-use binocular, Powerview 2 models feature an aircraft grade, aluminum alloy chassis built for durability without adding unnecessary weight and bulk. Each model sports high-quality, soft-touch black rubber armor and brushed metal texture finishes that give it an eye-catching modern exterior design and superior ergonomics.

Available now for purchase at prices ranging from $39.99 to $79.99, Powerview 2 fits within nearly everyone’s budget. The line offers compact, mid- and full-size options in roof or porro prism configurations ranging from 10x to 20x magnification. This wide assortment provides multiple options for any outdoor adventure.

Multi-coated optics provide a clear, vibrant image, even in low light. The focus wheel is designed for ultra-smooth performance, allowing the user to quickly focus on the subject and get exceptional definition. All Powerview 2 binoculars have an adjustable diopter, and come with soft-touch rubber armor that’s textured along the sides and on the bridge for easy handling and a confident grip.

Powerview 2 binoculars are available in the following configurations and prism systems: Compact 10x25mm folding roof prism, 16x32mm folding roof prism. Mid-size 10x42mm roof prism, and Full Size 10x50mm Porro prism, 12x50mm Porro prism and 20x50mm Porro prism. All models have fold-down eyecups except for the 10×42 roof prism model which has twist-up eye cups.

All mid and full size Powerview 2 models are tripod compatible. Available accessories include a tripod adapter and bino harness. For more information on this new line of products please visit www.bushnell.com/binoculars/powerview-2

Safran Optics 1 ECOTI

August 5th, 2020

The Enhanced Clip-On Thermal Imager or ECOTI from Safran Optics 1 adds a thermal overlay to the image intensified (I2) NVD scene without modification of existing hardware. It also offers HUD (Heads Up Display) capability that provides real-time, geo-referenced navigation/route execution. When used with Android devices, the NVD becomes a remote display for identifying teammates, targets and route points.


Air Force Special Warfare Career Fields Update Entry Requirements

August 5th, 2020


Air Force Special Warfare has refined its rich history of Assessment and Selection for entry into the special tactics and Guardian Angel career fields.

A&S is a character-based process that is indexed off of physical performance and mental fortitude, but fuses the cognitive domain to build a unit of action–an agile and adaptive operator. A&S is a high performance system designed to prepare operators for uncertainty, to embrace pressure and improve their crisis management abilities.

“No inflection point, we’ve been doing this for 65 years so this isn’t new to us,” said Chief Master Sgt. Jamie Clark, Special Warfare Training Wing command chief. “Our A&S has always been about developing the operator, a problem solver, not a specialty. Let’s not mince words though, it starts and ends with grit. At the very core, our A&S is a talent management process designed to build an Air Force joint leader to project airpower in combat, humanitarian and gray zone operations.”

In January of 2019, the wing revised its previous A&S into a single, more comprehensive process designed to push and test the upper limits of a candidate’s physical, mental and cognitive abilities. The course is four weeks long and aspiring attendees consist of pararescue, combat control, special reconnaissance, combat rescue officer and special tactics officer candidates. Previously, candidates of these career fields attended different initial entry courses such as the Pararescue Indoctrination Course or Combat Control Selection Course.

“In the past, combat control and pararescue candidates went through the Indoctrination Course together,” said Senior Master Sgt. Lopaka Mounts, A&S superintendent. “Bringing combat control, pararescue and now special reconnaissance back into the same A&S ensures candidates are evaluated along the same guidelines for trainability, suitability and durability.”

This A&S is no different than other special operations career fields across the Department of Defense. Its task and purpose is to ensure candidates have the requisite attributes to operate in any environment under extreme conditions, either individually or in small teams with limited to no support infrastructure. Stress is levied on candidates to simulate and inoculate them to high-risk, reduced signature and politically sensitive situations they will face in their careers, so attrition is expected.

“There is always going to be stress put on candidates in this course because we need to ensure they are able to perform. Therefore, attrition is unavoidable,” Mounts said. “The physical and mental tests throughout A&S is purposeful, anchored to and meant to ensure our candidates meet mission requirements. Candidates should come to the course ready to crush the standards that are in place.”

The goal has always been readiness and lethality while increasing operational placement and access, as well as range and maneuverability to operate in contested and noncontested environments. In essence, it’s about preparing the environment, which is what the Air Force envisioned when it created GA and ST. A&S is the mechanism to achieve this goal.

“We’re extremely proud of our GA and ST lineage and history. A&S is vital to what we represent, why wouldn’t it be? It’s the benchmark experience of who we are and fight for,” Clark said. “Our goal has and continues to be to position the Air Force to be successful, to create an unfair fight so we win. This is no more evident than the ultimate sacrifice paid by some of our heroes like William Pitsenbarger, John Chapman, Jason Cunningham, Scott Duffman, Scott Sather, Andy and Sean Harvell and Bill Schroeder.”

By 1st Lt Jeremy Huggins, Special Warfare Training Wing