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Heavy Drop

Lots of guys get to see heavy drops from the ground, but it isn’t as common to see what is happening inside the aircraft as a vehicle or other cargo is released out the ass end. One second it’s there and the next it’s gone!

Got any good heavy drop stories?

11 Responses to “Heavy Drop”

  1. Pctech37 says:

    I was like, oh, a small bag, I was expecting something like an Abrams! Then I’m like – what’s that rope – WOAH that’s fast. I want to – and don’t want to ride in that at the same time. Must be some really amazing tracks for those kind of take-offs.

  2. Charles says:

    Guess the parachute is HUGE.Is it?

  3. Rich says:

    Doesn’t it seem like everytime you heavydrop a HMMWV you spend at least a day in the motorpool fixing ball joints, etc?

  4. ZM says:

    …and then fun part is when the Jump Master jumps up and says, “GET READY!!!”

  5. Paulie says:

    Master rated USASOC JM here. You need a HEAVY drop with pallet chasers going off the ramp.

  6. Megan Irvine says:

    Yes, that was really interesting, seeing it from *inside* the airplane. Thanks for sharing!

  7. chris m says:

    well when i was in charge of dropzone recovery seen a few humvees not have the chutes deploy and burn in. always fun to see the shocks come up through the truck. also one time while on the ground the unit who was jumping after us didnt have any heavy drop so we were on the DZ cleaning up about 0130 at night. i hear the C-17 go over so i watch with the nods and i saw 3 door bundles get pushed out and then a 4th that starts tumbling. huh whats wrong with that one. well by the time i figured it out it burned in about 30 feet from me yeah mock javilin package allmost got me

  8. Peter Raneri says:

    We’re a subcontractor for prime contractors within the DOD/Military. Our Speciality is Contract Sewing & Cutting Services for Light to Heavy Duty sewing and what is being used in this video is the A-22 Cargo Strap that we are building for AirLift Command. We use them to sew a military spec webbing known as a Type XXVI web and when we are finished the final product has a 45,000 lb break strength for holding up the cargo that they drop out of C-17s.