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Solar Tactical AK47 Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload

One of the chief complaints about the AK-series of rifles is that they are not very ergonomic. The Solar Tactical AK47 Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload (MFER) is an easy to install after market product that helps alleviate one of those issues; the lack of a magwell.

Granted, it’s not for the purist, but for those who are looking for a little bit of a mag well to help funnel that magazine in place, the MFER is a great choice. As you can see, it’s easy to install and doesn’t change the overall configuration of the weapon.

The MFER fits all AKM pattern AK47 style rifles along with 7.62 Saigas. (Will not fit the standard Yugo pattern AK.)



2 Responses to “Solar Tactical AK47 Magazine Funnel Enhanced Reload”

  1. Bob McMillan says:

    BTW, that is AK74, not AK47 :)

  2. Mac says:

    Been wanting something like this for a while ! Just the little bit of a lip will help you with reloads like nothing else. It aint much but it’s just enough !
    ULTIMAK, VORTEX SPARK, US PALM (battle grip), Russian sling, Mag funnel.