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SKD Tactical – Veteran’s Day Event

Starting at Midnight CST on 11/11/16 SKD is running a 24 hour site-wide sale in appreciation of our Vets!

If you’re a US Military Veteran, please use the discount code “THANKSVETS”and enjoy 15% Off site-wide. This is an honor system discount- if you are not a Vet, please don’t be a douchebag and refrain from using this code. If you are a Vet, please accept our gratitude for your service.



6 Responses to “SKD Tactical – Veteran’s Day Event”

  1. Pooper says:

    These folks lost me as a customer when they ran “grabamericabythepussy” as a promo-code.

    Strange to see that they honor sexual assault with a 25% discount, but only offer 15% to thank Veterans.

  2. Wardog says:

    They changed it to MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN later. I know because I got in on the deal late and just missed it as I was about to checkout.

    How about cranking it back up to 25% off for the Veteran’s Day Event, SKD?

  3. SKD says:

    Pooper, if you don’t like our choice of words that’s one thing, but “honoring sexual assault”?? You have offended me sir, and it is clear that we’re speaking different languages. I respect your decision to stop dealing with us, and it’s for the best that you don’t continue to subject yourself to our brand of humor. All the best to you and yours.

    In case there was confusion for anyone else about what the meaning of our discount code was, SKD in no way, shape or form condones or advocates sexual assault or violence against women in any way. It was a double entendre about how Trump’s presidency gives people like us hope that he can reverse the pussification of America, while poking fun at those who thought his locker room banter was beneath anything they’ve ever joked about among friends.

    • Invictus says:

      Look, no one thinks you guys are advocating or condoning sexual assault. But it isn’t a stretch to say that by repeating some heinous shit said by an asshole makes it seem okay for other assholes to say shit like that.

      I like your group, have bought a number of things from you all over the years, and have always appreciated your professionalism and service. This just seemed out of character, and in bad taste. Lance corporal behavior from SNCOs, if you’ll forgive the jarhead metaphor.

      I’m glad you changed the code, and explained your reasoning, even if I don’t agree with it, and I wish you all continued success.

  4. SKD says:

    Wardog, if it were up to the warehouse they’d shut down all sales for the next month because not only did our website crash, but they got crushed with thousands of orders. The “We President Now” Sale was conceived at 2am and executed that same morning, whereas the Veteran’s Day sale was planned well in advance and the discount was fixed. We’ve only ever done a 25% off sale once before in our company’s history, and that was 05.02.11. Thanks for your service.