You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

Sometimes you miss friends, even at the smallest of shows.

22 Responses to “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up”

  1. Zach says:

    It is beyond obvious that you are paid to help Helikon sell on trend shoulder bags under the guise of you never know where they’ll show up. Two in a few days, come on man.

    • txJM says:

      God forbid two people like the same gear brand and follow the same website.

      What’s next? You gonna troll for people who happen to like Multicam and Glock?

    • Get a life says:

      Triggered much?

    • SSD says:

      It’s the same guy, who was in two different places. If you don’t want to buy their wares, don’t. Nobody gives a shit what you want.

      • Zach says:

        Eric, You should care what I want since I have come to your site daily for most of its existence. You often come off as an unpleasant guy, and that is my biggest issue. You chastise us all with your keep it civil and only comment in nice ways yearly scoldings. Hypocracy is s drag. I like Helikon stuff a lot. It is innovative, cool looking, and realistically priced. My issue is why would you not just do a small article on it, but rather sneak it in like it wasn’t on purpose like you did. And the fact that it is 2 different colors is interesting. I am amazed you didn’t call me out for not making enough money to buy both colors.

        • Terry Baldwin says:


          The facts seem to be that the same individual, who apparently likes Helikon products, took two similar pictures in two very different locations. No conspiracy involved. I – like I suspect many others – always pay much more attention to the locations highlighted and not what the guy pictured was wearing or carrying.

          It seems to me that, perhaps unintentionally, you have generated considerably more interest for Helikon bags than SSD did by simply posting the pics without comment. In any case, it is also no surprise that guys who visit a gear blog would query the source of gear they see on the site.


          • Zach says:

            Terry I respect your opinion greatly, but the guy also has a Poland patch which is where Helikon is headquartered. I am not bothered by them getting attention if I have done that. It just really seems like some people talked about getting attention/advertising in a suspect way. I understand what this site is for and I am a kit/gear fanatic. I am also a fan of being strait forward and am not into surreptitious advertising. Maybe I am wrong but much evidence points to me being correct.

            • Terry Baldwin says:


              I respect your opinion as well. I just think that in this case you may have connected two dots that need not be connected. The “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up” posts are often from well-traveled guys who are affiliated with one or more gear companies. That is no secret.

              And, like good brand ambassadors or smart sales people, those individuals may be using the opportunity for some convenient brand placement. Nothing more complicated or “nefarious” than that.

              Maybe this guy gets free or marked down kit from Helikon because he works for them. I do not know. Or maybe he just likes the stuff and buys it retail like anyone else. So, baring any proof to the contrary I will give the guy the benefit of the doubt.

              I have a lot of patches / stickers / bling from countries I have visited and companies I have bought gear from over the years but have no other connection to them. I worked with Polish Forces and their GROM several times in Iraq and Afghanistan and have a couple of their flag patches.

              I have personally worried about this when I have posted a gear pic (and I have) that features any one manufacturer prominently. Eagle Industries for example. I have a crap load of their stuff going back decades because I have trusted their workmanship.

              That does not mean that I have ever been on their payroll. Still, I might get a little terse myself if I was accused of being in cahoots with someone when I am not. That said, by all means keep being straight forward.


        • SSD says:

          I do t take those photos, readers do. And those particular photos aren’t about the bag, they’re about the patch on the bag being in different locations. Those photos are taken on different continents.

          I’ll tell you what’s unpleasant; having some guy complain because he saw the same bag twice on a website with over 23,000 articles.

  2. Zach says:

    Being annoyed because 2 dudes with the same bag standing in the same position with the same kcarf patch is a normal reaction. Someone choosing to show them both is obvious advertising not coincidence. Multicam is overrated and glocks are awesome for the record.

    • Lasse says:

      This doesn’t even bother me, the most nitpicky douchebags of us all.

      And in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of Helikon posts are tagged with advertisers because they do advertise here on SSD. It’s not like it’s a secret. And just assuming that the friend SSD didn’t catch up with at OR works for Helikon, it’s pretty obvious that he carries an Helikon bag.

      Let’s hope you get your long sized shirts and Wildwood camo soon, if not I’ll expect you to soon take away my douchebag crown.

      • Zach says:

        I have never had a stalker before. It is kind of exciting. To infer that I am a d-bag is probably not needed. I was taken away from my mother at age 6 because she would leave me home alone to do drugs and then she pawned me off on my grandmother at age 13 because no one wanted me. I went to 2 schools a year in 3 states as well. So maybe I am not perfect. What happened in your life to make you so mad at me. If ssd wants to advertise your/helikons products just do it in a normal way, don’t play the “look everyone has these bags dont you need one” game. If ssd wants to ride/bait people with crap like this and insane priced stuff then be prepared for people to get irritated. Giving everyone a talk for incivility once a year doesn’t give one the moral high ground. If you can help me get a WildWood shirt in long that would be appreciated.

        • Lasse says:

          I wouldn’t buy Helikon products. They don’t appeal to me.

          You are aware that “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up” posts have been ongoing since they first made a patch? They show up on all sorts of products. Helikon products are probably the least expensive products that they end up on.

  3. Lawrence says:

    SSD runs on revenue generated from advertising? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

  4. Zach says:

    Lawrence, I don’t dig npr. Why did you comment on 2 different accounts? Your last comments make my point. Some are acting like kcarf is about the location and the kit is some coincidence. You are saying the opposite of Eric.
    By the way both guys are likely polish due to the first one’s name and the second one’s patches of Poland and Helikon. The second guy also looks suspiciously like the guy on the web site in the photos of the courier bag. The fact that you work for Pencott and are defending Helikon who sell a ton of their patterns should surprise no one. My entire point this whole time is that Eric is advertising Helikon kit under the guise of kcarf rather than just doing an article on it. Then saying he doesn’t take the photos so everything is on the up and up. I would think maybe he chooses what is on his site. If one wants to advertise do it, don’t treat us plebs like we have iq’s of 80. Everyone can try to defend him if they want, but I would bet my balls a lot of people that come here to see new stuff don’t like a lot about the guy.

    • Lawrence says:

      Sorry, I guess InfoWars must be more your cup of tea then. 😉

      Why 2 different accounts? Cookies.

      I’m not saying the opposite of Eric – I’m defending his position.

      I work for PenCott? That’s interesting. PenCott isn’t a company, its a camouflage pattern. Hyde Definition is the company that developed and owns the rights to PenCott, but I am not an employee of that company either.

      Defending Helikon? Again, that’s interesting – as I didn’t realize they were under attack, or that I had ridden in to their rescue. Not that they needed any defending on this account anyway…. The guys that work there are fans and avid readers of SSD, the company advertises here, they choose to show their appreciation and support for SSD by posting pictures of themselves in interesting places, SSD chooses to show its appreciation for their support by publishing those photos. If you don’t like it, don’t look.

      Thank you for providing THE MOST entertaining KCRF comment thread ever. Truly you have a dazzling intellect, and the mental gymnastic prowess you’ve displayed is certainly of Olympian proportions. :-)

    • SSD says:

      Once again, the kit isn’t the focus of the KCRF posts, the locations are. I know what goes on here. I created this website over 10 years ago.

    • I hate Zach says:

      Eric is a great guy, but I sure don’t like you Zach. How about you do all of us a favor and piss off?

      • Zach says:

        Why don’t you like me. I have made several good points that are hard to refute if you have read all of this. Tell me where I am wrong. Please tell me why he is such a great guy. He seems to be nice to people that are in the industry and the rest of us “need to make more money” and are just idiots.

        • Why I hate Zach says:

          I hate Zach because he’s a whingey cunt. He’s been told by several people he’s wrong and yet refuses to accept reality.

          Why I like Eric. He’s a very nice, personable, helpful man. I’m not in the industry. I’m an actual end user and he has gone out of his way to assist me when I’ve needed assisting, by making introductions. Eric served and understands where to place his resources. He’s said several times that he runs the site to help industry and its end users. I can attest to the truth in that simple manifesto.

          Zach acts like Eric should kiss his arse. The opposite is true. Zach should be thankful he has access to a resource like SSD.

  5. Lawrence says:

    P.S. Because you said you wanted some WildWood stuff, and because I really am nice to a fault….