Brunton Firestorm Lighter

Yes, the Editor owns one and No, he won’t share. Yes, it puts out one hell of a flame, but No, it won’t light above 14,000′. But what the hell, we’ve never been that high. Its ultralightweight and can withstand winds of up to 80 mph. It is guaranteed for one year and utilizes butane fuel.

If James bond ever needed a lighter, it would be the Firestorm. It’s sleek lines conceal its true identity, that of flamethrower. The flame generates in excess of 2000 deg F. Let’s face it, black is beautiful.

Brunton Firestorm Lighter

For more information check out Brunton’s website. But if you want to buy one (and you know you do) get it from the same place as the Editor; TAD Gear. Tad Gear is the Editor’s source of choice for tacti-cool accessories.

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